He was holding a jar of honey and honey in izmokav finger licking ego.A asked him if they had no fresh bread, on what he told me there is a surprise for me, dipped his finger in the honey and take up to my mouth asked me if I want to honey.
I somehow instinctively opened my mouth and finger appeared in my rtu.Ya began with sasyvat honey with a finger and the guy are risen me and slid his finger back vper¸t, like fucking me rotik.Tut came buyer and he otsranilsya from me.I stood rooted to the spot .He told me to wait and he will give hleba.Ya was as though I was not, then I wanted to get it just wanted to surrender emu.I then suddenly a guy around my waist and held her took me into the back room, saying that there is a fresh bread.
He pointed to the racks at the bottom, and said that I can choose lyuboy.Ya leaned over and put her ass on the pokaz.Ya felt he eats my ass look and remained in that position for a little while wagging the Ponte can not vybrat.On approached and as casually leaned on my ass while I do not need srashivaya Do I pomosch.Ya said nuzhna.On was attached to the backside and I Pochuev he rested his cock into my popku.I there was a moment I both stood zameshatelstva.My She wagged her ass and he wipes chlenom.O platitse lifted and began to caress her ass and I was naslazhdalas.Otodvinuv panties he entered a finger into my pussy, thereby finger I sosala.Ya slightly spread her legs and waited for what would happen next.
The boy began to fuck me with his finger, then two, I stood and enjoyed moaning in takt.On guided his penis and began to shove me, but unfortunately I was not too wet and he was very tolstym.Mne was sick and I refused him .Then he took from the shelf oil and smeared his fat cock sat on a chair and gestured for me to sit on nego.Mne was terribly interesting and exciting proiskhodyaschee.Ya raised platitse and sat on his lap began caressing hand evo chlen.Mne seemed that he never climb with me, but also excited ochen.Ya gently sat down on his cock and then quietly squatting is getting immersed in his menya.Oschuscheniya were breathtaking.
It seemed to me that he will break me, but my flesh demanded that I swallowed it vsego.I here I am on it, I felt that he filled me completely, I did not think about, talk about his big chlene.Paren taking my ass began dvizheniya.U light in my head all dimmed, I wanted to fuck me, and fuck this big chlen.Neznayu as it lasted pitching for chlene.No force someone grabbed by the hair and turned his head stuck my dick in rot.Mne was vseravno how many, I do not think that will happen to me now, I was fine.
I've jumped on the healthy limb and sucked someone's esch¸.Tot that I had in my mouth in my mouth fast enough and I finished swallowed spermu.On walked away from me and I saw the dull eyes, it was an older man who looked like a Caucasian .Because ears unfamiliar rech.Paren stood holding me firmly by the poku without removing a member and put it on a bunch of meshkov.On lifted my legs parted ih.Ya only shouted "YES", he began to peck me his stvolom.Ya not quite remember how many lasted and it's all as it was, because that lost pamyat.Kogda woke up I was lying naked on meshkah.Telo was dirty and kleykim.Naydya platitse I put it on and went into the magazin.Tam were seven people of different ages and Caucasians was one among them looked podrostok.Oni smeyalis.Podrostok at me and came to me and holding out a loaf of bread, said in a commanding voice, that I come tomorrow at the same vremya.Ya grabbing bread ran domoy.Bolshe I have not appeared.
And, frankly, I enjoyed it. I often began to represent Lena with another stranger. I imagined how he enters it in her little pussy. "Go where no man has gone before", of course except for me. How touching her firm breasts, squeezes it. These thoughts led me into a state of great excitement. Dreaming about it, I began to love my wife more and more. With each passing day more.

Once, when we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and pretty drunk, I shared my dreams with Lena. Probably, I would never she would not be able to tell this, but we have drunk brandy made themselves known and erased the boundaries of my embarrassment. I thought she would take it with hostility, and even afraid of such a reaction, but to my surprise, his wife's reaction was quite nice, nice to me. I said I would very much like to see her in bed with another man, that it excites me. To which she admitted that sometimes in her head, too, there were thoughts about sex with a stranger, that these thoughts and excite her. - But I'm always afraid to tell you about it, afraid that you're against. I kissed her. I felt that my dick is already excited to the limit, and already struggling to fit within my jeans. - No, darling, I do not mind, I only! Let's try to think of something - of course, my dear, we'll think of something - she said.

The result of our conversation was the stunning sex with a memorable orgasm, so that we tired, we immediately cut down.

Waking up in the morning, we had breakfast as usual, took a shower, but none of us did not even brought up the subject of yesterday's conversation, and it is not worth it. After all, we have therefore agreed on everything. Everything was as before, to our conversation. Day followed day. Night after night. Only occasionally in the evenings we raised this topic. Lena told me how to want to be had. I told how I wanted it to. But the realization of our desires interfere with work. We both waited for summer vacation.

And finally, our time has come. We long ago decided that I would go on the coast of the Black Sea, which will be able to translate their dreams into reality. Decided to go by train, simply because the way to travel, in our opinion, he was one of the most romantic, and the price was much cheaper than a car.

And here it is, our train, our car. The street was unbearable heat. For my wife, it was pre-bought by us, her short, tight-fitting summer dress, which emphasized her slender, well-built figure. Her nipples stood out quite noticeable (no bra, no panties, at my request, Lena did not put them), and the length of the dress lightly covered delicious ass of my wife. This form attracted the attention of a strong half, which led me into a state of mild but constant stimulation. When we entered the compartment, we found that the two places are occupied by men, in the form of thirty years. Thus their "beds" have been arranged one over another. Accordingly, our too. Lena went to the first tier, on my second, over it. The men were fast asleep and did not even notice our presence. The situation was soporific, and we, with their preparations for the trip slept very little that day.

After a fairly short period of time we have, without undressing, fell asleep. When we woke up, we found the absence of our fellow travelers. But the things they have in place. Leaving travel bags, we went to the restaurant car, where they were seen. Ordered red wine and a couple of salads, my wife and I started the meal. Andrei and Dima, that was the name of our travel through time and sat down with us after half an hour the four of us were talking, laughing, going to the "you" and stronger drinks. I often catch views podsevshih us guys on the chest of his lover. My friend has long been sad, but on the contrary - vengeance announced his presence. Conversation, we realized that, it turns out, we all eat a vacation at the same place and even more so, in the same private camping.
- Guys, let's get back in the compartment? I just have a little drunk - apologetically, said Lena. We all supported it and staggered trudged "home."

The light in the compartment is not burned. Andrei and Dima stripped down to their swimming trunks and went to sleep. I followed their example. Lenka, hoping for the twilight, dropping dress, lay down and covered herself with a thin sheet. All were in complete silence. I heard my wife began to snore. But it was so hot that it is, after a time, perhaps arbitrarily slipped off her sheets, thereby exposing her beautiful body to adapt to the darkness of the views of our new friends. Understanding that it is now more likely to stare foreign men, excited me to the limit. But after a few minutes I began to snore loudly, pretending to sleep, giving free rein to Andrei and Dima.

It has been about ten minutes, but no response from them was not. Dima began to snore. And I already wanted to upset their inaction, he suddenly noticed that Andrew, who was on the first tier, obviously playing with his cock, staring at the bare ass of my wife. It was heard that his breathing became more frequent and louder. He apparently arrived in a state close to an orgasm. At this point, Lena, muttering in his sleep, turned on its side. Thus, her ass was at arm's length from the Andrew. I imagined what a wonderful kind is now opened his eyes. This kind of could not initiate, could not fail to attract. It took about three minutes. Andrew fell silent and looked at me. I loudly nozzle, continuing to pretend soundly sleeping person. Satisfied that I was asleep, he stretched out his hand toward Helen and gently touched her buttocks. She did not react. My wife really fast asleep, and this is clearly liked Andrew. Then, emboldened, he began to stroke one hand the ass of my wife, the other his overexcited member. His instrument was quite large, about 20 cm in length and 6 cm in diameter. This is clearly more than mine, though Lena never complained and always had a full, rapid orgasm. Watching this, I was approaching the peak of excitement.

My cock stood like a long time ago do not have standing. I put my hand on him and began to perform reciprocating motion. Meanwhile, Andrew vain did not lose time, his fingers already getting to close to the crack of my beloved and stroked her outer lips, occasionally gently touching her clitoris. By doing these movements for a few minutes, Andrei ceased to satisfy themselves. He plunged the first one, then a second finger into the vagina of Lena. His breathing became louder and more frequent. I felt like a couple of movements and I'll finish. At one point, Andrew stopped and made a soft, barely audible moan, rapidly run down to your stomach. At the same moment I had finished. He pulled on his trunks and lay on his back, soothing her breath. A few minutes later he snorted. I have not been able to sleep. I thought about what had just happened before my eyes. And it was perfect. But after a time, I do not remember how I fell asleep.

I woke up from my wife's voice. - Guys, wake up. We arrived. It's time. - Dima first woke up, we followed him with Andrew. Lena was standing near the window and led her hairstyle in order. - Well, get up the same Sony. - She repeated. - Or do you want to miss - all quickly began to gather and have a couple of minutes, everyone was ready to leave. Whistle wheels, the train stopped.

It was about 10 am. The weather was wonderful. No hint of rain, not a single cloud in the sky. The four of us standing nearby approached the taxi which delivered us to our campsite. After paying, we came to the fence. It was a pretty nice place, resembling a small, not quite thick forest of trees among which, there were a few houses. My wife and I have visited here two years ago. We really liked this place for its tranquility. Yes and living conditions us more than satisfied. In each house, two rooms. In each of the rooms, separate shower and toilet. Only the kitchen was common for two rooms.

- What is the number of your house? - Dima asked. -Our Fifth "a", and your - I replied. - Well, you just imagine yourself, this is the fate, too, our fifth "b" - was delighted Andrew. But they would know how this news pleased me, and a new wave of excitement swept over me. We came to the house and went to the rooms.

When my wife and I were alone, I decided to talk about what happened that night.
- Do you know what happened after we returned to the coupe?
- No, I immediately fell asleep. I missed something, my dear?
- You know, after you have undressed and went to bed, you have a few minutes, opened. I noticed that Andrew was staring at your ass, and his hand began to play with his cock. And after a while he was stroking you, your buttocks touch your pussy, not for a moment forget the friend of his crotch. Then he went into your fingers ... and, in this, I stopped.

Lena stood slightly open, felts surprise, toli surprise, his mouth, and her face slowly blushes. I took her hand.
- So, after a few minutes he had finished, and I had finished almost simultaneously with him. You know, I liked it.
- I see - Lena smiled, grabbed my already risen a member. I ran his hand between her legs and realized that this story is not like me alone. Her pussy was pretty wet. She sat on the bed, pulling me along. I approached her and kissed her on the lips. - Honey, come on, we defer making love at night - I said. - Of course you are right. After all, our desire to become stronger. We moved the beds together, as we have already done it two years ago. And they began to unpack.

- That's it. Now you can go to the beach, - Lena said. We took the bathing suit and went. The sun was hot. Our bodies are basking on the hot sand. Periodically, we ran into the water to cool off. Again, take a sun bath. Still summer - this time of the year. It took about three hours. We changed clothes and went to the bars located nearby. After ordering a glass of beer and barbecue, we sat down at a table under a shady tree.
- I'll show him - suddenly, for no apparent reason, said Lena. I knew right away what was going on.
- You're about Andrew? - Well, of course about it. If you do not mind?.
- No I do not mind. You know how I feel about this. We drank some beer, eat barbecue and, slowly, strolled toward the house.
Returning, we knocked on their friends, but they are not at home. We had tea together. The sun gently tickle us and we decided to get some sleep.

We woke up by a knock on the door.
- Enough to sleep, the neighbors! You wake so all summer - with a laugh in his voice said Dima.
- Already half past eight. Gather and send us a walk along the coast. Ten minutes later, we were ready.

At the water it was very warm. A warm summer breeze caressed our bodies. We walked slowly, still on the warm sand of the sea. The atmosphere predispose to romantic relationships. I kept Lena's hand in his. All we are constantly talking, joking. Having developed enough, we decided to eat and drink wine. But the people in the bars was so much noise, loud music ... And tonight we did not want this. I wanted peace and quiet. Having bought a couple of bottles of red wine and a few servings of barbecue, we decided to go home and sit in the kitchen.

I went to our room for a small tape recorder captured us with Lena from the house, and turned on the loud music.
The first toast raised Andrew. - Friends, I propose to raise this glass of wine with a beautiful lady of our acquaintance. Dima was second, and away we go. Andrew did not take his eyes off my wife. She glanced at him. I talked to Dmitry, it turned out, he served in the MDR, which at the same time I served. We reminisced about funny situations that occurred during the service, and indeed, it was quite pleasant and interesting to talk to. - Can I invite your wife to dance? - Andrew asked.
- Yes, of course, dance, - trying to seem indifferent, I said. They got up and started dancing, something quietly talking. We Dima went to a small loggia smoke. It's about saying something, but to be honest, when we were already pretty signature, and I badly remember what he said. Through the window could be seen dancing. Andrew, like last night, did not waste time in vain. His arms hugging his wife from the waist down. He apparently has realized that Lena without panties that beginning to excite me. Meanwhile, his hands went down below and he stroked and squeezed the buttocks of my wife tidy. We entered and finished his. Andrew and Lena had already returned to the table. We poured by the glass remaining wine and the conversation quickly laid them. Dima, he apologized, bowed, citing fatigue, and proceeded to his room.
- Maybe even buy a bottle of wine? - Andrew asked, looking at us.
- Yes, you can - very drunken voice said wife.
- You want to, but I think I'll have a smoke, and follow the example of Dima, I'm just dying to want to sleep. And you go on, - I said. I went out to the loggia, and prepared to look after the developing events. Lena stood up and walked to the recorder to rewind the tape to her favorite song. Andrew came up to her and put off, put his arm around her, slowly began to raise their hands to her abdomen to his chest. He gently cupped her breasts and began to knead them, while not forgetting to pay attention to the already strained teats. Lena slightly tilted her head back and began to rub his ass for a long time standing, a member of Andrei. The street was dark, so I could not see. A moment later, he pulled away from my wife and sat down at the table. After waiting a couple of minutes to my cock I took its normal state, I went and wished a pleasant pastime, had gone to sleep. At least, so they thought.
- Come for the wine? - I heard the voice of his Lenka. Then it was quiet, and finally slammed the door. They left. I immediately got up and, a minute later, he went after them. I was hoping that they would stop somewhere nearby, and, most likely, will be engaged in sex. Moreover, two years ago, in search of new sensations, my wife and I in this very grove found arbor, away from all houses and had a wonderful time there, enjoying the amorous games. I walked toward her. My intuition did not fail me. Coming closer, I crouched in the bushes, a few meters from the gazebo. Everything was in full view. They stood in the middle of the building. Andrew kept my wife in the ass, and, slowly, stroking her and their lips have merged in a long-awaited passionate kiss. His cock through shorts, rested in Lenk pubis. They were standing and kissing. Their breathing became louder and louder, more and more often. And, at times, it seemed to me that I hear how much their heart beat. He went to her excoriate, resting a member in the ass and started kissing my neck of his wife. She began to squirm in his hands and moan softly.

- Please, close your eyes and lift the handle up - broke away from the kiss and whispered Andrew. Lena dutifully obeyed. He took hold of the bottom of the dress and began to take it slow.
- Oh, what are you doing with me? - Lena whispered. The dress fell to the ground. A moment later fell shirt, shorts and underpants Andrew. He came up from behind and started kissing her neck first, then slowly kissed all back, sinking lower. At this point I gave up and pulled out his penis from his pants and began to masturbate, looking at everything. Andrew kissed every centimeter of my beautiful wife's body.

Kneeling down, he asked to place feet wider. My, and his view has opened wet, oozing slit Lena. He sat down between his legs and began, at first barely touching, licking her deeper and deeper plunging his tongue inside. His wife let out a prolonged, loud moan, but he did not stop kissing lips sex, suck clitoris. He slowly began to rise, and now kissing her belly. He kissed her breasts, nipples, meanwhile, one hand clutching his buttock, the other stroked the inside of the thighs, sometimes touching the wet, hungry for his cock, pussy.

- I want it, want it now - Lena whispered. The thought that now my wife is fucking another man, I rapidly finished from her moans, barely restrained, not to moan, but my dick or something to drop, on the contrary, he was eager to fight. Now, I even thought that he was no less a member of Andrew. In the meantime, he kissed Lena's lips. Her hands stroked his body.

- I can not endure, come on - she asked. He picked up her clothes and a bed for quite a large table in the gazebo. Lena lay on her back and dangling his legs, spread them as widely as possible. Andrew came up to her and, holding my wife's breasts, gently entered her at full length. Lena bent and gave a loud groan. He moved faster and faster. The wife no longer restrain herself, she moaned and screamed with delight. Andrew, too, groaned, periodically making sounds resembling the roar of the beast. Lena stood up in his arms and hugging her neck lover hung on her, and her legs wound back Andrew. He walked away from the table, still fucking her. She moved, as much as possible cuddling clitoris to his stomach. I was sitting in the bushes, masturbate, looking at his penis goes into the vagina of my wife. A loud cry of delight broke from the lips of Lena and broke the silence of the summer night. She huddled in a stunning orgasm.

Immediately I groaned and Andrew. I could not resist and I, but, thank God, I have no one heard. He put Lena on the table and kissed her gently on the lips. - Thank you for this wonderful night, I never with anyone not well was - Andrew whispered. He lay down beside her and pulled her against his chest. they dressed and went for a wine in a few minutes. I returned to the room and pretended to be asleep. Soon his wife and Andrew returned, but did not drink, kissed and wished each other good night. Lena came in, looked at me, but I have not filed any kind that does not sleep. She took off her clothes and lay down beside him. I heard this wonderful smell, the smell of a woman who had just had sex. I do not remember how fast, but I fell asleep.

Waking up in the morning, Lena told me about what happened last night. I describe everything in detail. I was excited again, and we made love. Then I finished the way for a long time did not finish, if not ever so finished. - Thank you for everything, darling, - she whispered. - I love you.

This story led to change our outlook on life. We still do We perform these things, and I am grateful to life, to have such a wonderful wife. To love each other, we became only stronger, and sex became much more frequent and more passionate.
My wife, Andpea - in all its 35 well potpyasayuscha. Dark red hair, green eyes, gorgeous, ivory skin and a fantastic body (90C-60-88). Of all the people I've ever met, it is closest to the ideas of nudism. After we got married, I realized how much she loves to walk around the house without clothes or soveshenno barely covered, as far as possible, and I loved it.
One day, I was returning home from work and went to the front door just with a guy that carry a newspaper. A nice, sweet boy, 15 or 16 years; We greeted each other and he gave me a newspaper. At the same time, Andrea dramatically opened the door and stood in the doorway, completely naked! Face newsboy blurred into a grin as his eyes looked at the great body of my wife. Andrea slammed the door, and the guy was left to stand on the porch smiling from ear to ear.
When I entered the house, Andrea was still red and said she just wanted to meet me and did not imagine that Tommy can stand there. I was a bit excited this whole scene and kissing Andrea, let his hand touch her crotch. To my surprise, it was a thoroughly wet! This sudden demonstration on the threshold of her excited, as well as me.
Tearing his lips from mine, Andrea said:
- David, I'm so hot! I want you to tpahnul me right here!
And I did it. Right there, on the floor in the hallway.

Two weeks later, the computer system at work has failed, and we are soon freed. As soon as I walked up to the house from the bus stop, I saw two bicycles on the steps of our front. Absolutely could not imagine who they might belong to.
Opening the front door, I immediately heard moaning from the bedroom. Trying to be as quiet as possible, I slipped out and crept around the house to see the bedroom window. When I looked inside, I saw Andrea lying on his back, legs spread wide. Tommy, paperboy, was sliding his thumb and tension member in the vagina of my wife, and friend Tommy, thrusting his penis, which was even more in her mouth!
After they left, I went back to the front and let himself in. Andrea took a shower. I went into the bathroom and told her what I had just seen. She immediately began to beg me not to be angry and promised that more of this will never happen again. To his surprise, and for her, too, I told her that I was angry a little, almost not jealous and just burning with desire.
Once in the next hour, we fucked up frenzy, Andrea told me everything that happened.

The next day, after Tommy saw Andrea naked at the front door, was a pay day for the newspaper. Andrea was barely dressed - only one of my shirts, which was buttoned a few buttons - but invited Tommy and his friend inside, anyway, until she would get the money. She said that Tommy had seen her naked before the day really made her feel uncomfortable, but now she's got real pleasure from being greedy, hot looks of two young men groped her body. When she could not find anything less than twenty-dollar bill, Tommy said he did not cmozhete change, but maybe Andrea would prefer to pay "another way."
Andrea said:
- Thank you for the offer, boys. You can look back later, and the money I will have.
At the same time, Tommy's friend grabbed Andrea from behind and tumbled down on the couch, still holding. Under the jacket she was completely naked and wet from the fact that they teased lightly, and Tommy, pulling out his penis and began tpahat her almost instantly. She said that it happened so quickly that she did not even have time to scream, and after a few thrusts of his cock, her anger and resentment turned into a passionate desire, and she began to ask Tommy tpahat her so much and so deeply as he could.
When Tommy came, I began to undress his friend, but Andrea said:
- Let's go to the bedroom, where we will be more comfortable.
She said that they were both so good and full of desire, that this afternoon she fucked them twice. And since then they have to come every day.
I told Andrea that would be prudent if the next day to stay at home and hid in the closet when Tommy and his friend will come for their daily fucking. She gladly agreed.

The next day, when the doorbell rang, I hid in the closet. Andrea opened the door in the same shirt that was on it dressed in the very first day. She unbuttoned her navel and the length of it all was barely enough to cover the red hair on her pubis. I could slightly hear them talking and laughing, and finally, then, Andrea invited the boys into the bedroom.
Andrea came into the room, took off his shirt and lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide. I perfectly see her, already wet, vulva.
Tommy got on the bed and in one motion, walked the entire length of his penis in her vagina. While Tommy was fucking my wife, his friend was beside the bed, his Drach eregirovany member with one hand and grabbing another big breasts Andrea. After a couple of jolts, Andrea pulled up it on himself and his cock slid into her mouth.
The only stop in this fucking and sucking was when Andrea took out himself a member of Tommy and got on all fours. At the same time she asked a great rhythm, and it turned out so that when one member was a member of her vagina, filling her mouth with the other. Several times the guys tpahali it such a delightful way. The last time Tommy fucked her like a dog, put his hand between her legs and massaging finger klitop. Andrea was such a strong orgasm that I thought she would lose consciousness.
When they finally left, I came out of the closet and asked Andrea if everything is okay with it. She said yes, and asked me to tpahnut it because he wants to see what it feels like when her vagina fucked three different members of the same day. Needless to say, that I willingly fulfilled her request vulgar!
When we finished, I asked her if every afternoon was so rapid.
She smiled and said:
- A more rapid. I felt a little shy, because you looked after me!
I knew what to do. I wanted to do it. A long time ago I wanted. I bent down and touched his lips Natashkiny lips. It was not even a kiss. Just a touch. But her lips parted to meet and then I gently cupped their own. Soft warm, they dutifully echoed the gentle caress, then escaped themselves passionately caressed. I've already let Natashkiny elbows and hands taking her face reveled in sweet kisses. And she did not remain in debt, and every kiss her back podhl¸styval me and I could not stop.

Her hands touched my waist. At first hesitant, but as the kisses became hotter, girl smelela. Here are her palms slipped under the shirt, touched my skin crawled up the back. Natasha clung tighter to me. Through the thin fabric, I felt a gentle elastic chest. I slid her hands on bare shoulders, gently put his hand on the tight ass. Hugged her, giving the girl to feel how strong my desire. She momentarily looked up from my lips, put her arms around my neck and then slapped my mouth with a kiss. I grabbed the elastic tighter buttocks and grabbed her into his arms. Natasha did not lose her tightly clasped me with his strong thighs. She was a petite woman, and not heavy, also a passion of mine gave me extra strength. I stepped to the unmade sofa and sat on it for a Woman dropping into his lap. Without saying a word Natasha pulled off my shirt and undershirt. The touch of her hands to my bare-chested was inexpressibly pleasing. Sweet shiver ran over the body, when the thin fingers touched my nipples, squeezed his chest.

My hands moved with taut buttocks to the waist. I pulled up an easy T-shirt. House Natasha almost never wore a bra and her small breasts young so seductively swaying under the thin clothes, and sometimes I was hard to look away from the protruding nipples through clothes. Now I have seen these little pink tops strong young breasts and could not believe that it's finally happened. But Natasha did not let me admire them. It knocked me on my back and again took possession of her lips my. She apparently liked to kiss, but I did not mind. In addition to her passion kisses added heady sensation of touch her naked breasts hard on my chest and close contact with my girl's pubes poured force tearing out by nature. Apparently the girl was also nice to feel the elastic bulge in my pants, because I felt like she was quietly beginning to rub his crotch on her. I caressed the tender skin of her back is still not daring to get under her sports pants, but Natasha herself all predetermined. She suddenly looked up from my lips and leaned forward breasts hanging over my face. Now I can enjoy plenty of these charming mounds. I kissed, licked, nibbled the delicate skin with hard tops nipples. I have seen, I felt from my caresses they became more and more dense. She gently rocked from side to side giving me the opportunity to devote equal attention to each of their delicious roundness. At the same time, do not hesitate, I snuck under Natashkiny
Nadia is very curly and flexible girl. As a child, she was involved in gymnastics, so it can easily do the splits. The truth is now it is not very successful. I always envied Nadina figure, and is often seen as the boys stare at her sweet, a convex butt or breasts (but even more looking at my chest).
One came up to us Tamara Mihalovna, our teacher of Physical Education, and offered to go to the pool in the evening. It can lead us without tickets to the swimming pool, after its closure. You will be able to swim one. We agree with Nadia because things get a ticket it was very difficult, and now this freebie!
Late in the evening, taking with him swimsuits, we met with fizruchkoy and went to the pool. We were met there by a woman that kissed when they met our fizruchku cheek. It was a beautiful 45-year-old woman, with red hair, big breasts and beautiful, though faded face. I recalled it no longer mistress of the brothel.
In the locker room, we undressed and went into the shower, taking the swimwear. But fizruchka said that we do not need:
- Naked swim fun, and men will not be there.
- But we hesitate - we answered.
- They will all be without bathing suits, and if you go in bathing suits, it will be bad form - said the red-haired lady.
We looked at each other and decided to Nadia that go without bathing suits. When else will have such an opportunity. When we wash, I noticed some strange looks at us fizruchka throws. We also really looked at her with interest. Not every day you see a naked prepodovatelnitsu. Tamara was shotenkoy with short hair. Her figure was typical for ladies 40 years.
Lush breasts, big ass and had a small tummy. Both were above us on the head. Fizruchka and red lady already showered, and we still do not, then a lady came up to us and said:
- Girls, let me help you - and me a washcloth rubbed on the back, by the pope, on his chest. I was all red, up¸rshis hands on the wall, and stared blankly at the Nadia, and she covered her mouth so as not to zasmeyatsya. When the lady started to drive his hand over his crotch, I stopped her and said that on herself. When we showered the lady took us to the pool, holding her waist.
The pool had about 30 people all female. From the same shy youngsters like us to adults respectable ladies. Many frolicked in the pool, some sitting on the benches and rested. It was a solid female screeching and hubbub. In the pool it was not deep. Edge had been rubber and slightly hard. Along the edges there were some boxes. Nadya and I immediately got into the water and began to indulge. Then I felt someone stroking my ass. I turned around - it was a girl, aged around 25, brunette, trimmed by kare. She was as tall as me, but more frail. Her face told me something reminded French films. She sometimes swam to his girlfriend and something spoke, glancing at me. Her friend was taller, blonde with slightly prominent jaw forward. Then this French swam to me a couple of times, and at all times paw for something. Nadia amused. She loved to play the fool, imagining herself a lesbian and pinching me in the corner. It can be seen in my stupid face when I hesitate, because the Nadia always amuses. The truth seemed to me that this
Strangely, the girl in our time on such trifles do not pay attention, but I was raised pretty old-fashioned. Trolley bus jerked, as always at peak times, so I immediately felt something strange in the way with me pressed stoschy next man. I must say, like happened to me several times. These types of jitteriness suitable victims, and I was always too shy to protest. I usually just pass away to another place, but today it was impossible, too many people. We had to stand and silently endure. At first he just cuddled up to me, I felt an impressive mound, rubbing on my buttocks. I do not see his face, as his eyes afraid to tear off the floor. I had no idea what he looks like.
Then, seeing that I do not mind insolent, his hand was on my thigh, the beginning of its stroke and clamping the skin in his hand, moving upward slowly. It has been eagerly seeking his fingers crept up to the edge of the skirts. He tugged at her and then climbed further. His hand has penetrated between the buttocks, veiled only by a thin strip of silk panties. I was ashamed as never in my life. I, not knowing in the life of even a single man stood in the public transport and allow yourself to touch what is alien to the peasant. And at the same time, it began a little zaovdit me. None of the others did not logadyvalsya that I was almost raped in front of them, and by that, I was even more ashamed.
His fingers pushing the symbolic barrier crept further and came across a crop of curly pubes. He slowly began to stroke the folds of flesh. Mneya has never touched or there is a draw hand (well, except for my own of course). Caressing the delicate skin on my lips potepenno he parted them, and a moment later shoved his finger into me completely. I was numb, though before that she could not say anything. Feeling his fingers inside me was delicious. And then he began to move his hand. I instantly wet and he smirked triumphantly at my back. His finger slipped inside me, like a wound. He changed the pace of movement, began to describe circles on my clit. I felt that soon I can not help it. Strange that I stirred up so fast, perhaps even played a role and the fact that none of the others did not know what we're doing. And then at some point, he jerked his hand and tore her panties. Tper and this symbolic barrier has not stood in his way. Emboldened, he prehvatil hand and pressed me to her breast, gently lifted my skirt in front and fully launched his paw into my pussy. Legs apart, he whispered in my ear, I listened as the body no longer belonged to me. Movement became intense. He penetrated me and in return heard squish of my perevozbuzhennoy holes. Thank God that the trolley is noisy, and no one hears, flashed in a blur thought. He went a step further and launched a second hand under my shirt. I shivered with desire as his hand went through my waist and went up to his chest. She's quite small, but very delicate. Fingers are clear nipple and began to pull it off. I was going crazy with excitement, his fingers slipping
me faster, fingers twisting and pulling the nipple, stroking his chest, and I felt that I will soon be over. I sat down a little bit and start podmahivat extent allowed trolley packed with people. And then people started to leave. Squeezing past us, they moved a couple in our cabin end GDSs by the window stood four chairs, forming almost a separate compartment.
The boy, who was sitting at the window, stretched out his neck and at first could not believe my eyes svim. I stood in front of the seat slightly and sat down on the chest okinuvshis standing behind me abuser (although I would not call it so). One of his hands was hidden UE skirt, second hug the chest under the shirt. In general, what we did not sotavlyaet no more secrets. However, only those passengers who sat in the coupe svoebrazny. From others I covered the back of my newfound lover. He assessed the situtsiyu, invited them to take part in watching and slowly pulled on my skirt to the waist. Given my position, my deepest holes were visible and involuntary observers benefited situtsii, just enter in their eyes. And there sat two men, boy teenager kotoroyj first all noticed the girl a little older than me. They all watched Interest obscene scene unfolding in front of them. Girl sotrela at me with contempt, but it only fueled me even more. I'm not embarrassed about anything, I was so excited that I did not care who and how to look, I just wanted to, he did not stop the movement, I wanted to finish. He lifted his shirt and now I was standing almost naked in front of everyone. The skirt got off at the waist, a T-shirt he was holding the neck, opening for everyone to see my tits and pussy. He continued to caress my clit, running into me three fingers and the fourth thrust into the anus. Then he said, Enough dear, if you want to continue, then deliver and please me. With that he pulled his fingers out of my vagina, cancer of bent me, so that I almost fell and I had to lean his hands on the window and stuck all over his rvzmaha yaldu, and it had turned out to be rather big. It seemed to me that I was tearing apart. Blood mixed with secretions, ran down the legs, and he continued drilling my insides, getting to the uterus. I stood in the aisle between cancer passengers, my boobs were twitching to the beat of fuck me the peasant.
The boy, who was sitting near the window, broke down and held out his hand and began to stroke my chest, then bent down and stared at her teeth and tongue. The men exchanged glances joined with him, squeezing his chest and stroking the clitoris. Only the girl looked at me like I was the last whore, so I feel right now whore and a slut. Just think that in the morning I was still innocent as a child, and now back incessantly pushed huge cock to squelch entered into me, then heard a powerful slap (his eggs reached my flaming crotch) and out, and then broke. It seemed to last forever. He pulled my butt handed to me to stick as closely as possible, though, and so, it seemed, got me to the uterus. The pain was quickly replaced by pleasure, I started podmahivat timidly at first, then with some sort of animal enthusiasm. I mated as a cat, I did not care at all but satisfaction. Pleasure continued to grow and at the moment when the trolley stopped jerking, he made a last push and hot jet of sperm scored in my entrails. I finished. After a moment, he pulled out a cock and dropped my skirt down, I pulled the shirt itself. He came out en this stop, I drove to the following regaining consciousness. Without looking up at the contemptuous staring lasciviously grinning women and men, I came out at the next stop and went home. If anyone is interested, and then we can continue ..
Finally, he heard the sound of the opening door. Alena beamed. Now Andrew saw her and immediately forgive. After all, in the morning he had not even kissed her when he left. She stood in the hallway in erotic pose, leaning his elbow on the wall, and his head on one side.
The husband did not come alone. With him was his five most bosom friends, with whom they spent a lot of time together. Together went to barbecues, on vacation, in the movie. Alena little confused. Of course, she got used to it, but not to such an extent that she could afford to see themselves in such an intimate way she felt clothes. It is somewhat confusedly looked at her husband, but then realized that it would be better to put on a robe.
-Alyona! - Called Andrew. - Come to me, my fish!
-Andrew, I'm not dressed ...
-I said come here, - the voice of Andrew became some sort of metal.
Alain turned and walked into the room. It is suitable, but it is not going to show a friend of her husband all her charms. Alyona was not sick, but very shapely breasts, smart ass - her she always paid the most attention when engaged in a sports hall - and rather narrow waist. Actually, ass especially liked all her men. And her husband as well. He always demanded of her that would Alena took with him anal sex, but this kind of sexual pleasure she did not recognize, because her husband always refused, what really angered him.
On the threshold there was Andrew, and he looked very unhappy.
- I told you that you had was me! Again you do not listen! I'm your husband or anyone! We want to see you! - He bellowed.
Alena was scared the first time she had seen her husband so. However, trying not mean she replied:
- I said I'll get dressed and come. Do not shout. I'm not going to show off in front of your friends in the stripped state.
- And you do not need us in another state!
With these words, Andrew grabbed Alain's arm and dragged him into the hall.
- Andrei!
The husband pushed her into the hall. On the chairs and couch sat five of his friends, who looked at Alain burning eyes. These views are literally stripped her. Alena they did not like. She felt very stupid and most importantly, she was scared.
- So, this woman was rude to me yesterday, her husband and a man - said Andrei, who was standing behind her. - I believe that these women should be taught. Explain who is the boss in the house.
- And yet we have seen no submission today, when the woman in front of other men afford to ignore the desire of her husband - Bob said. - It is also impossible to keep so!
What: - Alain did not understand what was happening. She stands in the middle of the room, around her 5 men with lustful glances now. - Andrei...
Everything happened very quickly. She did not even realize what was on the floor. Cheek as if burned. It hit her husband with all the dope in the face. He had it not hit well.
- You bitch! - He roared, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her closer to his face - you do what to say. They. And I. If you're going to scream or resist, sorry. Understood me! Not me, not my guys joke with you bitches will not be!
- Andrew, that: - Alain was unable to say a word. Everything seemed unreal. She was just in a panic. - Andrew, what are you doing, let go for that, Andrew.
- Shut up, whore! - Andrew's eyes flashed so that Alain swallowed the words.
She lay there, frozen, on the floor, while her husband was getting out with your friends and the camera.
- And now, that'll do what we want. Do not even utter a word or start a fight. If you decide to, I'll do here, - with these words, Andrew took a huge knife expressively looked at his wife - I shove it to you first in your n *** do, and turn there, then in the ass and in the same Turn. Do you believe me?
Alena looked into her husband's eyes and knew that he believes that in this she had never seen. She nodded.
- Excellent. Now you otsos¸sh all my friends in turn, well otsos¸sh qualitatively what they might like. And just try not to try. They're my guys are they necessarily tell me.
Alain did not believe. Suck his friends ?! All 5 ?! Of course, she does blowjob and her husband and other men with whom met, but she always solved itself, she wants to do it or not. And then ... It is not for anyone not experienced sexual interest, on the contrary, friends of her husband she liked as a friend of her husband, she had not seen any as a man who could even please her.
- Andrew, I can not, I can not - then Alain began to cry - enough, Andrew, Andrew, do not, I'm afraid, Andrew, do not, please! You can not, I do not believe the Andes.
She nedogovorit, because at this very moment Sanya hit her in the face. Alain gasped and at this very moment he put his dick in her mouth and put his hands on his head. Holding the hands of the girl's head so she could not escape, he began to fuck her in the mouth. Apparently, Sanya have not washed the taste of his cock was awful, the same as the smell coming from his hair in the crotch. But Alain could not help it. She realized that to resist is useless, because there were 6 people, 6 healthy men.
- Suck, bitch, now she suck !!! - Commanded Sanya. - And, damn, that I like to dick!
Alain started working language as she could. She was very scared, she did not fully understand what is going on it with her. At this very moment, someone came up with Zadi and began to take off her clothes, unceremoniously lapaya it all over the place, which only can be. Men's hands squeezed the breast, with clearly not thinking about how hard they are doing something, pinched in the ass. Kind of a defenseless girl who will do what they want and not piknet even men excited.
Soon Sanya finished. Sperm was pretty much Alena did not have time to swallow. Because of the still Sanka got on his feet.
- Vylezhu, bitch, - he ordered quietly. Alain dutifully licked.
Before she could finish with this matter as they heard not the voice of a patient:
- Further, bitch, suck on.
After 3 Alena member became sick. So much sperm she at one time had never swallowed.
During the time while she sucked the peasants, and the rest were waiting for their turn built on the table room. On the table there was vodka, snack. At the same time, they ate and drank together fucked the girl.
- Well, then - later he said Cyril, Alain him suck just that - bad. Poor you, it sucks, Andrew. Do not qualitatively. Without soul.
- I'll punish her, - with these words her husband picked up the belt. It was a soldier's belt of thick leather, with a huge buckle. - Alena, get up and lean on the sill. And do not try to yell. You tried bad for my friends, for men you suck bad and should be punished. Every girl needs to suck so that the man was satisfied. We'll tell you what happens to those who are not trying.
Alain was shaking. Stiffly she walked to the window sill. Op¸rlas hands on him. And blinked.
Andrew came back, add the strap 2 e, made of cotton 2-threatening, froze for a moment, swung and hit his wife on the ass. She trembled. On the pope was bright pink trail.
Andrew thrashed it never stopped not for an instant. At the same time Cyril stood by and squeezed her breasts. Soon Alyona already roared out loud and asked it no longer beat. He did not listen to her husband. Belt tirelessly, without a moment's break down on the ass girls. It is not just burned, ass raging fire, its cut and burned.
When the strikes reached 50, Andrew stopped, turned Alain to him and said, looking into the eyes of his wife:
- It was the first lesson, my dear, but that's not all. I said I did not yell, but you did not listen to me. And now we can not stop here.
With these words, he threw it on the floor.
- Boys continue.
No sooner Alain knew it, it grabbed Micha, the healthiest and, according to Andrew, the owner of the largest member of all.
- Well, then, fuck you now a real man. Fuck so that you'll remember for a long time. And do not try to kick.
With these words of Micah abruptly threw his legs Alena. Poslyunyavil 4 fingers, he slipped sharply from Alyona vagina and began to fuck them hard.
Fear Alyona all muscles clenched and Micah action brought pain, but she did not dare even to moan. Yes, and it was pointless. She knew that now they can do with it whatever you like, it can not prevent them or how.
- And now, meet my handsome!
Such large members Alain has not yet seen. Is that in porn. About 25 cm, and so fat that she did not know what the diameter!
- Attention and tugging - ordered Micha.
With these words, he abruptly came into Alain.
Alyona thought she plunged count. She began gasping for air, trying to relax the muscles of the vagina. It hurt terribly. He entered into it for the most eggs, she felt them on her crotch.
Micah liked to see that the girl hurt. And yet he liked what he could do anything, fuck her as you like quickly and deeply, she dare not even squeak. And even if it dares to squeak or start to fight back, it will help to calm her. He liked that he finally does not use these rings, which do not give the member enter the full-length.
After 5 minutes, Alain cried and begged to stop. She promised to suck, try to get out his ass, he just stopped. Micah lying on her and continued his sharp quick movements to anything without paying attention. Finally, after 10 minutes, he stood up with a girl.
Immediately on Alain jumped Vasek. But a minute later pulled back from her and said:
- Shit, Michael, after you fuck her as if in the open window. Neither Che do not feel.
Alain stopped.
- Neither Che, right now, everything will turn out, - said Andrei - she ass virgin. I fuck her there first, the rights of the husband, and then you have already.
Alain could not believe his ears. She is very afraid of anal sex, a friend told her how it hurts. Though then, as they say, all the way through. But Alain zareklas deal with them.
And so now it has simply lost Glowe from fear, and with it the remnants of pride. She began to crawl on his knees and begged her husband not to do so, it has once again promised to suck, ass stay in bed, silently endure if Ionia again want to thrash her.
- You do it all? Good for you, you are already beginning to understand something - smiled her husband - but should consolidate the material covered. You can not refuse her husband. Not with anything. I will teach you now this. Let's go to the bathroom.
With these words, he took the hand of barter, very quietly, and led to the bathroom. He knew that she would not run away. And therefore in no hurry to use force.
Alain cried and begged her husband not to touch her ass. As if still hoping it might help.
In the bathroom Andrew told her to bend down, so that would be visible anus. He took an enema and introduced anus Alena water that would clean the rectum. So he slipped three times. Making sure that the anus of his wife leaves only water, he took her back.
- Get up on your knees, feet wider body lie down on the sofa. And Zamri. I said legs wider, bitch! - With these words her husband abruptly threw Alena legs so that her whole crotch was completely open. - And do not shout loudly. And not jerking.
Alain felt that inserted in the ass - and soon felt the coolness that comes in the stomach.
Her husband poured through a funnel it to sunflower oil.
Then he took her, drenched in butter fingers and introduced them to his wife anus. 2. Immediately After some time, 3.
Alyona was hurt. She felt tense muscles anus, she tried to relax them, but she did not go.
- Freeze! - With these words, Andrew deftly and quickly shoved his wife head of the penis in the ass. Alain arched like a taut string and moaning. Ignoring the groans of his wife, Andrew swiftly entered her ass for the most eggs. At the same time he pressed his hand on the neck of Alyona and thus forced her to lie down on the sofa again.
- I'll help - who volunteered -That. Alyona crushed his neck to the sofa, she could not even move today.
Anus burned with fire, wanting to get rid of the foreign body, which is clearly not suited to it in size.
Alena soon moved to cry, and she closed her mouth. My husband did not keep the pace and he clenched his hands the buttocks of his wife, fucking, while managing to admire the way his cock playfully dryuchit gorgeous ass of his wife, whom he had always wanted, and she never gave him no. Not designed anus tightly clenched member, due to good lubrication of walking back and forth very easily and not by constraint. And Alain skillfully kept his men, giving him enjoy her helplessness.
- Everything dear, - he said later, slamming Alain in the ass - now you have me in all places printed. Guys! Who is it like?
Then Alain did not realize there was nothing, and just stupidly mumbling. Fuck her in twos and threes, Ssali on it and it popped different vibrators in the ass and vagina. Even where it is four in the morning they are exhausted. We removed the camera that captured their every action, raised the table and left.
Alyona Andrey allowed to go to the bathroom 10 minutes kept under a cold shower while rubbed her washcloth and soap, gave to drink, then she chained her handcuffs to the battery and before you go to sleep gently said:
- You can not be rude to her husband.
If you are a woman, I would have lured you to the charm of gallant brashness. If you are a man, you would have called me "buddy" after some talk heart to heart. The thing is that I "own" in any company; the one who, by talking only some half an hour, a friendly clap on the shoulder, he saw just something for the first time. This is because I, like most of you, wear a mask.
But enough preamble, I would like to tell you about my girl. Or rather, that when I realized that I was scum, but it is a whore. And if you are not bothered by the style of my presentation, I will start.
I have never been deprived of female attention, but once decided to put an end to bachelorhood. Although I am not inclined to monogamy, and from the expression "respectable family" order me nauseated, but to have a wife nice and helpful in many ways. At least I thought so at the time. However, here I is not much different from the majority.
I was looking for a suitable candidate for a long time, about half a year, do not remember exactly. It is not paid attention to a young employee from another department. The beauty of it is not so hot, just cute prude. However, it was something that I was, I confess, was hooked: it was her opinion. Just the same the very integrity. For myself, I nicknamed her "Dolly the sheep". I will allow myself here and continue to call it by that name. In general, I think you understand what I mean. The one for which I would become God, all that is true, faithful, loving bitch.
Avoid unnecessary details courtship period and meetings, I will start from the time when Dolly had already moved in with me. I took her to him after a couple of months after the first meeting. Paint, though I'm not in a hurry, and it would be the only point on which my girlfriend the first time to make a scene crying. However, I have nothing against women's tears, rather the contrary. I would say, for a woman tears - the best decoration. At least in my eyes.
My lamb was allocated on the general background of hysterical persons, loudly blew his nose into a handkerchief, screaming "you left me" (as if I was something promised) or "give money to abortion, or commit suicide" (as if I were to blame for the fact that they are not protected as it should). No, my Dolly was crying silently, tears streaming down her pale cheeks, and it was so touching that I wanted to bring her to tears as often as possible.
In general, my sheep in all I liked, except for two things. In-1, in bed she was squeezed, and, I would say, very conservative. In-2, too, it was a sheep. You are it, and so, and that, as a sheep is a sheep. Or like a sad dog. Sometimes I hit her, insult, humiliate purely out of curiosity, whether she is able to scream? It turned out, he can. Screech. If your hands to twist harder.
The first night I was trying to reveal to her a whore, but something prevented the girl, despite the dog's admiration in the eyes. Apparently, the cause is a puritanical upbringing. Well, I decided, is full of whores and without it, but for the role of wife, my sheep ideal.
Just do not lose sight of one more circumstance, does not suit me: Dolly job. In-1, my twigs employment had a negative effect on the housekeeping. I believe, the wife of a function - to engage in everyday life. Here I am fully behind the legacy of patriarchy. In-2, after work, especially on a good day for Dolly, she was not such a sheep, and its independence or, God forbid, the quarry was not in my plans for my free servants. And, 3, for me it would be difficult to deny yourself the pleasure once again ve..t his sheep in the eye. Because the ideal woman for me - it's a slut and b..d, however, with the reservation - only for my personal use. And if in bed before Dolly was far whore, but her gentle face with a black eye excited me as much sex with horny maid.
However, the problem resolved itself: come home - not on the table is covered - ve..l eye - went up in the morning - morning saw weeping sleeping with a black eye b..dechku. (After the work day was not out of the question). And raped her in the ass. Oh, I finally heard screaming my bitch.
You ask why she did not run away immediately? Cute kids. All women - potential sadomazohistki, and either we offend, mushtruem obeys them - or they keep us under the heel and sit on the neck, legs dangling, occasionally instructing horns. I do not know how anyone, but I personally myself to the category of clowns do not carry.
The first days of our "family" life, I did not consider for work training devote their slaves (if we call a spade a spade). The wife's duties included: clean my shoes, shoe-me take smb. Shoes off, feet massaged my hands and tongue, cook, serve, and so that would make almost any woman, if you do not want to be abandoned. As punishment I ever corny p..dil his sheep, or are normally used in such business tool in the education of his wife - belt. P..dit wife is better to close it in the toilet or in the bathroom, where it is more difficult to escape, and to avoid the neighbors call the police after striking helpful immediately close her hand fall, let grunts themselves and their spouse / cohabitant in the joy.
As for the technique of attacking, it depended on the tracks with or without. If I wanted to see his sheep defenseless b..dyu, the better, of course, ve..t face without touching the nose as possible. You can also leave marks on the breasts, ass, hands and feet. If traces of undesirable - pridushivanie light, not strong blows to the kidneys, according to claim de ..., wringing limbs or fingers / toes. It is, for example, slightly wrung her hands behind her back - and before you bitch, obedient and ready to do anything, as long as you do not repeat.
But, of course, I p..dil his sheep every day, and at any strong desire or a particularly bad mood, or as a punishment, or even just for prevention and raising his tone. To bitch is not screaming too loudly,
I put porn on full volume. Let the neighbors think they are, that we love each other wildly. Maybe they inspired somehow change the posture missionary to something more advanced.
However, after a month or two, just your little wife p..dit me pall. I wanted something ... more acute, or something. Then I resorted to various pranks. For example, while washing my sex slave splashed a bucket of water on the floor. While it was operating with a cloth back and sat down, crunching juicy apple, from time to time throwing her head sneakers or stub. Sneakers bitch was to bring on all fours in his mouth, and eat up the stub for me. It was also fun to kick her when she least expects it.
Yes, perhaps the most enjoyable pastime for me was to humiliate or hurt once, when my poor lamb least expected. For example, a week of utter idyll. She chirps on the phone with a girlfriend, and suddenly gets a slap in the face. You say - ah, well, this is kindergarten. However, I dare say, it is important not so much what you do, and how, and what with the response. That picture is etched in my memory: it stops for a moment and wiped with a gentle face saliva, becomes again my sheep Dolly. Or is it in my lap, caressing me kisses, I gentle with her than ever - and that's slapped her a slap, I came across it at my feet and unbutton his pants. Or, she meets with the work - and I'm pretty employee. I order to help undress guest, bring tea to our room and left alone, because we have "business talk". I ended up at the same time has one of that process is the invasion of my wife in this zesty time in the room. However, my sheep would not come in without knocking. Because otherwise she would have had to apply ice and crawling in my legs at the guest, to beg for forgiveness.
Oh, Dolly was a sheep in all, in spite of all his attempts to get away - and then I played the role of a repentant sinner on his knees begging for forgiveness. Ha ha, which cost one of my passionate letters with pleas not break my heart sick.
"I love you, you fool!" - So I began my messages.
"Fool, I love you!" - So they ended.
And my sheep innocently believed that the oath mother heart has long been dead - is sacred!
Although I was not able to make his wife a whore in bed, but allow yourself some fun. For example, e..t your bitch ass, being raised from the hottest babes in porn, aloud comparing it with their skill, certainly not in her favor. Or just put his sheep face a magazine with some busty cutie on the cover. Or in the process e..li describe in detail the charm of familiar ladies, fantasy sex with a neighbor, or just with gusto described census occurred
somewhere the other day on the desktop. Or with comely secretary under him. Or blow by just two nymphets, for the ride "free" (naive fool, and you have to be a complete ass, not to take advantage of it).
Sometimes I had my wife related, it is not stripped, but simply exposing bezaschitnuyu breast with pale pink nipples. Biting them to the pain, the cries and pleas of my sheep, I finished especially rapidly.
Soon I came up with another fun - to use his wife's mouth like a latrine. Perhaps there were some attempts at resistance, but a couple of zubotychin instantly reminded of my sheep, who is the boss, lord, lord and god. That's what I taught her to apply to themselves. Especially in crowded places.
Still, "my God" in the mouth of a young attractive woman sounds more pleasant to the ear than the banal "husband." In addition, I have trained bitch to the idea that I did not marry her. And if she gives birth, I do not substituting the passport, like some hick and a nerd. In addition, she was aware of my weakness for pretty women, and should be prepared for the fact that one day I will give to the house of another woman.
Two wives - a prospect I, as a representative of the Eastern mentality, could not fail to inspire. And often I shared with my wife fantasies: here we are on a walk-way - I'm on the left and the right hand of my two pregnant bitches; Here they feed
breast (I must say, helpless kind of lactating bitches, as well as their swollen udders always turns me especially); So I express their milk like a heifer, and then they drink it, each from the other; Here we are in bed - one wife sleeps in my legs and the other with a member in his mouth to suck as soon as wake up. Oral sex early in the morning makes me always somehow more cheerful.
The only thing that I have all this bother, it will feed the two women and to reconcile them in case of a quarrel. No, better sex, which I often sinned in his youth, when he could not choose one of the two.
Somehow my little wife had the courage and denied me sex, citing the fact that he was hurt by her vcherashenego day and p..da after fisting a day before.
- Well, - I said. - In that case, I'll take a prostitute.
- That is, as a prostitute, Master? - Pale, my sheep-Martyr.
- And simple. What the wife refuses, happy to make a prostitute. The only difference is that prostitutes do best.
Dolly start to wallow in the legs, crying, pleading and wailing. I calmly opened the paper and began to dial a phone number. Dolly subsided. It seems that this blow was more to her than I could have imagined. Well, so much the better. Maybe this time I'll be able to bring a lamb out of himself. Sometimes I longed to tame the obstinate goat than to see forever humble opinion uncomplaining sheep.
- Hello - I said in a low voice so hoarse that so intrigues the weaker sex. - Me, please brunette with short hair, breasts or triple deuce. Write down the address ...
While I dictated the address, bitch, naked hugs my leg, grabbed my leg and began to tremble like a leaf. When I repeated the number of apartments, I heard restrained sobbing.
- You are not alone? - I asked the manageress of a brothel.
- I? Frankly, not yet, but this woman will soon be gone, in this regard without any problems ... Well, I wait.
I turned to his wife. She rolled on the floor, clutching his head, and the dull roar ihdavala mortally wounded young one.
- Well, will mouse. Get up, do not make a tragedy out of the banal perepiha. You know, I ...
Then she jumped up like an angry wild cat, and, looking me in the eyes burning with hatred look at the distorted face, he shouted in an unnatural voice, like a cave woman:
- Hate you! Damn you!
I do not know what made me cynical smile and then laughed. Giggle unsuccessful, it must be admitted, some lousy, nasty.
- You're not God! You ... you ... you - rubbish!
Her trembling lips just shouted the word, as it already flew into the room. Holding hands over eyes, my bitch whined. I silently walked up to her and unbuttoned his pants, pulled her by the hair:
- Suck, bitch. And otlizhi eggs, h ... ska. What to think of it she could not?
She obeyed. And licking, sucking, swallowing. Soon my balls were wetted with saliva and tears of my sheep.
- Clever daughter - I stroked her hair, as she carefully tried to swallow a member, together with the eggs - the extent of its modest ability, of course. - Now listen to daddy. The girl will come to you to teach his skill. One such lesson - and you'll see how to be a whore to service the client. One lesson, Dolly, and more you do not need.
- You promise, Mister? - I whispered my nipple with a fresh shiner under his eye b..dskim. - It's true?
- Yes, bitch, - a tired yawn, I said, spewing sperm submissive plump mouth. - And now, b..dina, drove for champagne. Now bring whores to choose from, and I have to bring myself up. I'll call you on the mobile phone.
My bitch, wiping the remnants of sperm from his chin, rushed to get dressed. Still p..dit woman holy cause.
Finally the doorbell. After checking the touch chest young prostitutes, I opted for comely blonde. Too in b ... dski shone in her eyes.
And now, after a couple of times I pushed my guest on the cheek, calling his wife. I tell her to change into a robe over his naked body, apply a lady champagne and sit on the other side of me.
And here I sit: on the one hand a painted b ... dv, smelling of expensive perfume, on the other -zhena, in the old dressing gown, with a shiner under his eye, jealously watching every movement, full of frank sexuality, her rival.
- What do you sit? - I shoved my sheep. - Suck is, and we'll talk.
But sucking my little wife continued to jealously watch Putana.
- Why does your wife looks at me like that? Something is wrong?
- And it confuses you?
- Well, there is.
- Then Nassau her mouth. She immediately wiser.
- What do you piss? - Hooker rolled her eyes.
- But so easy.
With that, I took my wife by the hair and ordered Putana relieve her mouth.
- Oh, and can I still drink? For courage, ha ha.
I poured a glass of champagne yet.
Young b..d slowly, expertly, and took off her skirt, long legs apart in front of the frightened faces of my wife, pushed aside the hip black thong.
- Ssy her straight into the mouth, - I commanded.
From rotika whores giggle escaped, and from its sales pisechki poured golden jet. Right in the mouth wife. She obediently drank and choked, choked and drank.
Then his wife began to suck again, and I was kissing on the couch with a prostitute. I kissed it, like a typical juvenile b..d skilfully and provocatively.
- Now, girls, suck in turn. Marina, show my wife how to do it for real.
Jealous, humiliated expression wife so in harmony with the lightly-b..dskim my second h ... nipples, I immediately terminated.
Then two whores standing cancer. And I e..l. One hole, the second one, the second ...
Then my wife sat on my penis, confused at his face, they were moving in rhythm and at the same time caressing the breast at each other with swollen nipples and kissing.
Then - his wife on his back, whore cancer on her, rubbing against her stomach tits, kissing her, "the girl." I e..u hooker in the ass and cum in her mouth to his wife, which fall already disclosed and waits for f ... Doi girls selling their sperm portions. at last
wife licking feces smeared whore
Ha, she did not know at this point how groovy video filmed in my room hidden camera.
After we spent a prostitute to the taxi stand. And here's my little wife, a few hours ago in a fit of rage shouted the word again is my humble sheep Dolly. And into my eyes, his fearful adoring gaze, as if to ask: "Are you happy, Boss?"
Yes, I was happy? I was happy when sending his wife to the store, I met her on the doorstep already with two naked girls, and she ran away in tears? I was happy when I drove her to sleep until the morning on the staircase, and in the morning made throughout the apartment to clean up used condoms? I was happy when she was locked out on the balcony, was to see how I'm doing Cooney her girlfriend?
Was it? .. I do not know. Here she sits tied to a table leg, as I write, is still in the mind of these lines, and suck the big toe. The legs of my friend, whom I lost one night his slave. However, she does not know about it.
Understand, when I quietly get out of the apartment renovated and close the door. And fearfully turned the lock clang, she felt burning on my cheek hit a backhand.
- Now, on your knees, bitch!
My sheep, my sheep Dolly execute the order. And sucking dick in another man, she will represent me. Her face will flow tears. As on that first day, when I hit it. When she could remove my hand and said:
- Please do not do this.
- Do not dare! never! this! do!
My Dolly the sheep then kissed my hand ...
I'm scum, Dolly, and I hate myself for what you did. Dolly, my Dolly the sheep, the sheet is not rewritten. It can only fill a to the end. And then break into small pieces and throw them, Dolly.
...I close the door. I listen in silence. I hear the sound of the impact, and then in a low voice minted words:
- Bitch, on your knees before the Lord.
Slowly walking down the stairs, go out of the door and go into the night. You're the one that wanted my little submissive slut. And yet, you were right, I'm scum, Dolly. And you know, I like it, dammit.
And - if not your submissive gaze made me your tyrant?
And one of my friends introduced me to one 30letnim Negro.
He lived in a hotel, where he worked is not known and much liked white girls. He began to sleep with me and periodically pop me money for it. I even liked it when he fucked me. He had a huge black cock. I loved to suck it. And when he came into my little pink pussy, I was in seventh heaven. My Negro prostitukam thought I was not particularly concerned about that, to please me. He fucked me tightly, I felt his cock tearing my uterus, but getting from this is the best orgasm of your life. Sex with him-it was something !!! But what I want to tell.
This story took place on the 23rd of February. I slept in the room of his Negro. Around 10 am the door someone knocked. My black man opened the door. Behind the door were two pretty tipsy on the occasion ment. They demanded our documents. Blacks with registration turned out all right, but I did not even register. Cops clearly brightened, dragged me out of bed and asked to go with them to the department
I was about to unlock the door and get out into the entrance, when suddenly the phone rang. On the threshold stood Davyd, our acquaintance with EA, I tried to avoid - I terribly navilis his manners: smoking, drinking, swearing and generally through the word bully and a thug. He saw me and smiled nastily, entered the apartment, locked the door and at home went into the kitchen. I was stunned - a nightmare !!!
And in that moment I was not myself. I knew that the beautiful - small, thin girl with a big elastic breast and long silky black hair, and even in this outfit !! ..Koroche, Davyd we talked, drank little, sat. It was quite dark. He looked around me at point blank range and read in his eyes, only one -
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