From memory surfaced manly face Vaska: proud dimpled chin, straight nose, thin lips, expressive gray eyes, blond, slightly curling hair. Masha stopped, wiped away a tear ascended and moved on.
Memories are not retreating: I remembered how they Vaska waved his tractor on the lake - something that is seven kilometers from Khokhlovka ... They were then embracing on the beach, we watched the sunset ... and each other ... and then Vaska somehow in a special way gently looked at her, and between her legs as if someone had lit a flame, caught his breath ..
Mashkin hands themselves drawn to his crotch ... Buttons! Who invented to make pants with buttons! But behind the barrier. Vaska somehow one touch brushed off her sundress, and off their pants. Sweet languor increasingly embraced Masha, rising from the perineum and covering the whole body ..
- Rather cute! Rather, enter me .. so! Yes! Yeah! Yeah! Yes-ah! ...
Masha woke up from the memories and looked around: all the same road, blurred by rain, leading from Khokhlovka in Vyzhskoe. Weight proportion of the rural vet it brought it here at such a time: in Khokhlovka Fedor cow give birth a couple of calves, that had to stomp. Vas'kin Muscovite is already half a year without two wheels - first engine go haywire, then for a long time could not to find an approach Igoryok minder - fell into a long binge, an infection .. And then once in the morning the wheels were missing. Yeah .. would Vaska, this would not have happened, but in the grave cute 6 years as the ... The tractor from the bridge fell off his, said that was drunk, but not drunk, he never drank! I do not drink!
Masha suddenly realized that he had long wanted to write. Before Vyzhskogo another three kilometers to go, and on the road in both directions can not see anyone (still, in this weather at 8pm!). You can be sure to sit straight on the road, but Masha, shame it is not clear who on the empty road, down the hill down to the dense undergrowth, and pushed through the thicket. Having found a suitable place, she sat down, raised his cloak and lifted her skirt. There was a murmur of warm splashes sometimes fell on thin ankles, it's done.
Then, from the depths of the forest came a rustling, followed by a crash of breaking twigs. Someone's coming! Mary jumped up, nearly finished writing, and quickly headed back to the road. The sound of rapidly approaching, Mary quickened her pace, almost ran. Heart pounding, often frequently. Crack sounded quite behind, Mary turned around and tried to scream, but instead came a scream from the throat only some inarticulate sob. Something gently closed in on the car waist and rushed toward branches that whatever it was, but it dragged Masha somewhere deep into the forest. Masha, finally, after all screamed, but hardly anyone could hear her screams. In the eyes suddenly darkened, and Masha fell into oblivion saving.
...Vaska first just gently kissed her pussy, and then stuck his tongue between her lower lips and began to lick her there. It was nice, and Masha, feeling flared up in her fire, helped her husband, legs spread comfortably. Language immediately went much deeper, Masha softly moaned ... inside was hot and humid, she whispered:
- Vaska, honey, come on, come soon, I wanted it so long ago ...
Vaska, smiling, turned her on her stomach and helped to stand in knee-elbow position. A moment later, his cock filled parking vagina and began to move inside. But that was not all - the front went to Masha Igorek - minder, took up his rather big, too, as it turned out the instrument and plunged his mouth into a car, and so deep that even Masha was potashnivat. At the same time, someone took up her ass. It was not clear, since the back was John, and nobody else there could not have been, but nonetheless something slippery and hot Mashkina slipped in the ass and pushes it faster and faster. Never before experienced such Masha never Vasya, the former her only man not allow himself to such vulgarity ... and it alerted ...
Masha woke up and immediately regretted that awake - sleep was much more pleasant and innocuous: something resembling a huge centipede writhed on top of Masha. Four tentacles pressed the unfortunate woman to the ground, but something thick translucent from under the belly of the nightmarish creatures pulsing, trying to pierce Masha between the legs. Masha in horror squeezed his legs, trying to prevent it. It could hardly - after this dream was all mokrenkaya Masha and the creature was incredibly energetic. Then, out of the belly of creatures erupted some mucus. This mucus ran down semitransparent

I decided to share with you my great secret.

His future wife's mother, Irina, I first saw the code once I was 20, and she 44 years.

He came to get acquainted with the bride's parents, saw her and immediately sunk specifically for life. Irina smart woman! Face, figure, slender legs ... It's very, very impressed. I was particularly impressed with her large breasts. These, you know, the 4th buffer size, stick forward as two bombs and tremble when walking. Mommy so I was delighted that I began to think about her often and dream in their erotic fantasies. And more and more serious and more serious.

The relationship we have developed with it immediately good.

She is a woman intelligent, educated, modest and even shy. Very affectionate and kind. To me always treated very well. She wanted to give birth to her son, but gave birth to two girls. My wife younger. Relations were warm with her from the first day. After the wedding, I began to call her mother, she did inogda-- "Seryozhenka - son." And I always thought to myself, "Yes," my son, "you knew how I want to fuck you, Mom."

The farther away, the more my passion for Irina Vladimirovna grew.

I direct suffering from lust. It wanted to fuck her, but dare to take this step could not. Afraid complicate family relationships, a scandal or something else. I did not know how she would react to my proposal fuck. It all seemed so right then, unapproachable, although some 20 meters I felt a sense of her attention and rasprlozhenie me not just as a son in law. There was something in her behavior, in looks, in words, in a manner to conduct a conversation that I was attracted and excited. Only much later I realized that it was this way of flirting, very thin and veiled.

I think at first it was just a nice attempt, but a mature woman to attract the attention of young male to

to feel more beautiful and attractive, but not an old woman.

She knew that she was beautiful, she talked a lot about it, but once again, to hear it from a young son in law, and even better to feel his interest in men, it was necessary for her. This kind of narcissism, and narcissism. And after this it veiled flirtation turned into a sexual attraction.

Ten years (note 10 years !!!) we walked in circles next to each other. Over the years I tried several times to tell her how crazy her wish. He even wanted to drink, and when he was drunk obovsem tell her. But damn hesitation I always slowed down.

And then everything happened quickly and prsosto. Now a shame that not ventured into before.

I was 30, and Irene '54. She certainly aged over the years, but has become even more beautiful. It refers to the type of females that age do not lose their sex appeal, but rather become even more desirable. There is usually compared to a good, aged cognac.

It was a holiday and we got together as a family, my wife and daughter-in-law, and, with the mother. Drank well, mentally we sat and chatted. I normally looked at Ira and in my head "ferment hops" How good it is, damn it !!!.

And then came the moment when we stayed at the table together. My wife pulled the dirty dishes to the kitchen, in-law went to the toilet to piss.

And suddenly I (mine even did not expect from myself) suggested jokingly Irina drink brotherhood. She agreed to a fun wine.

They drank and then I gently, very, very, very gently kissed her lips passionately !!! I was delighted by the fact that Irina is not pulled back, did not pull away, I did not turn away, and responded to my kiss !!!. I just "blown away"! I pulled her to him and sucked stronger, with the tongue.

She did not resist and respond the same. I grew bolder and put his hand on her breast. I dreamed about it a long time ago. It is she so big, lush, heavy and hot. Heard she sniffs the nose and served to meet me. It was priceless !! She was excited !!

Unfortunately we scared. Returned in-law, the wife came and we continued to feast. But after all I have already blazed with passion. I frankly and lustfully looked at Irina, and she modestly hid his eyes.

For two days I was not myself. He knew that two days in-law daily duty of protection, then Irina is one. Determination and scored after work came to her home.

She opened the door, made the astonished eyes and immediately began to talk about any nonsense, but it was clearly embarrassed.

I decided to "take the bull by the horns" at once, without hesitation.

He came up, hugged, hugged her. She paused, stood and looked away. I tell her:

- - Do you think it was drunk with us?

- - Of course - she says.

- - No, - says-Ira, I want you for a long time, I dream about you. I'll go crazy with you.

She looked at me and quietly grusno he says:

- - Do not lie, I'm an old woman for you.

In response, I tighten her to him and sucked so much that she went limp first, and then wrapped my arms around his neck and hung on. Sucking like mad. It so much fire! so much passion! A hungry female! I was stunned. So much I dreamed about it. There, in the hallway, she removed her robe. The body of her stroke, the stylus. What a gentle, hot !!! Bra pulled up. Her breasts fell out, flopped on his stomach, swaying. Wow! They are her hefty, hanging almost to the navel.

Areoles big as saucers and small nipples, red and stick.

I began sucking them in turn. Ira moans, his fingers gripped me. Nipple biting, but they are wrinkled, curled hardened, became hard, rough. Irina rolls his eyes, sobbing.

The rest was a blur. Yes, you probably know how it is in great ecstasy and excitement. How to get to the bedroom I do not remember. I remember already that Irina lying naked on the bed, beautiful as a goddess. I took the jersey, pants with shorts pulled together, bloated dick jumped and swayed like a spring. Riser awesome, iron. Dickhead so swollen that I thought would burst from the tension.

And I liked how Ira looked at him and groaned.

So impressed by the female.

I went to Irina sosemsya. I told her about the stomach and crotch hot dickhead be afraid, she moans and pushes the legs slowly. I touched up by hand and stuck it on the floor of the trunk. The feeling and the impression fucking !! Mother-planted! Mother-stuck in your pussy cock !!! From the thought almost finished.

This is a celebration of the soul and body !! When the end of my staring at her, Ira gasped, back arched, nails dug into my back. The thrill her my dick fell. A vagina Ira turned narrow and short, right in the uterus rested. Entrance to the vagina as a ring I pulled taut trunk.

I thought: "Damn, as it laid ahead of time not to end.

Narrow, damn, how virgin. It is necessary to hold out "That's amazing, apparently the woman gave birth twice and pussy so narrow. Probably it dragged in this time. Probably a little of its dryuchili.

I stuck to it all his cock up to the eggs. I feel like the vagina to the uterus and pulled the trunk for dickhead rubs. It is an indescribable thrill! Can you imagine how much I was worth the effort to keep obkonchatsya immediately. Guba himself bitten, so patient, restrained semen. Irina hands grabbed me, moaning:

" Do not rush. Gently "is evident felt the huische well.

I tell you frankly - no spectacle on earth more beautiful than a naked mother-in-law lying in front of you with your feet wide apart, shamelessly c rasscheperennoy by a pussy and you're it (pussy and mother in law) fuck !!!

He looked at her, he could not get enough. She lay with her eyes closed, his head tilted, his face an expression of indescribable buzz and simultaneously suffering expression. These sweet flour. Prioltkryla mouth and moaning quietly, plaintively. Handles a sheet crumples. I lifted her legs higher and fuck the entire length, but netoropyas as requested, slowly feeling. The uterus is hanging inside, rubbing the barrel, driving me crazy. The vagina is narrow, already creaking at the dick. Then I feel lighter slid.

Vagina expanded excited, opened. I see Irina grease allocated, slime covered member, he slid easily. I quickened the pace. Fuck her, watching as her buffer from the navel to the chin fly, slap. Fucking spectacle. I'm her fingers and took her nipples pulled vebya both reins. Ira groaned: "It hurts so." I pull and it is already harder dryuchit, abruptly. Pussy start slurp. Irina stont louder sobs, screams. I have in my head one thought: "Just do not finish now, if only to not finish." I make every effort which could.

Already fuck for a long time, and would have to finish it right. Well I also do not iron. Anger even took, I think, "Cut it out already a bitch,

finish your whore. " She moans, groans, ass podmahivaet, and is not going to stop. I then raskoryachishsya her legs wide, she lifted them right up to the shoulders and began proebyvat its rough, deeply to the uterus and alleys, has become stir in pussy. Then she brightened, began to cry out, to a meeting of members is pushed herself, sobbing, her lips biting himself.

Then, suddenly he gasped, stopped, tensed, froze for a few seconds. I feel like her stomach twitching, shaking ass and thighs. Then Ira makes a loud groan, cry and starts to twitch all over in convulsions. Here it is orgasm !!! Victory!! Yet squander mother-well.

Concha Lapushka. Well done!

Ira jerks, screams, vagina spasm, a member gripped me and declining waves. The uterus is reduced, I turned to my prick pressed and pulses. Then I relaxed, Lord. I finished it in the womb. This gave a powerful jet that Irina even flinch under her pressure. She merged her big portion of sperm in pussy and collapsed beside him. It is to rest in bed, caught her breath, then turned to me, pats on the back, kisses and whispers in his ear: "Thank you my dear, my love." Fun This mother-in-law tells me! Ohrenet possible!

Then it turned out that I was worried for nothing. It turned out that this is her first orgasm for a long time given. Further, the second and third stick, she headed out quickly, easily, like grogh throws. You can imagine what fun it is.

We began our sexual relationships, secret meetings. There was also a difficult period when Irina was tormented conscience before her daughter tried to stop our meetings, but after all was restored, doubt and anxiety vanished. When she realized that in this situation, everything is just win and nobody suffers and everyone is happy, she gave herself completely love, sensuality and sex. All very nice so far, but we fuck with her for seven years.

I would like to tell you about their amazing discoveries during our first meetings with Ira. For me, anyway, they are amazing. For example about Irina pussy. Rare in her design, I think this rarely see. Or that the first time in her life she was sucking dick in me. Amazing !! Baba '54 !!!

I was shocked. And it ofigel when he learned that her cancer to me nobody tore !!!
Well, a certain proportion of attraction, of course, was beautiful ... will not name, but everything is in place - the average muzzle, breast good, strong (bra is not fundamentally), buttocks plump, shapely legs ...
Bitch, though, first-class ... very plausibly pretend to be a virgin - do not touch! Do not make a joke! If someone happened to dance with her at corporate parties - held at the Pioneer distance, God forbid, to cuddle! Colleagues, meanwhile, began to slowly fade. Newest ukovylyal heavily on his bandy legs, our fat chef, finally leaving immediately poskuchnevshey Lyubasha bunch of some documents for copying. So we had stayed together and ... it diligently performed the task chief, and I scored a job, it looked furtively from behind the monitor. Look, dressed up ... calico skirt, short, blouse, tee shirt rather emphasizes than hide sandals even removed ... In short - it was something to see. I do not know from the heat or from boredom, I started to suffer the question - is there a general on Lyuba's panties? On the one hand, it seems like a decent girl should wear pants, but on the other ... in this heat all can be .. I got up, walked around the office, came to the place of Lubin, and languidly asked ...
- Lube, said some of the girls, when it is hot, do not wear panties ...
Luban paused and, without looking up from his work, asked ...
- It is you to anything, Anatoly?
And then I have suffered ...
- Yes, that's, I think, that you have a shortage of underwear, or rather, his complete lack of!
What's happened to her !!! Firstly, she blushed, and secondly, quite shrill tone told me many interesting and new that I was struck by her awareness of, well, etc. Carefully listening to her, and to bear an appropriate pause, I asked politely ...
- I understand that the panties, after all, no?
- It can, your wife hanging around without underwear, would have followed her! Tomorrow I'll tell the boss about your indecency! Incidentally, in the US for harassment in the workplace is sent to prison!
I confess, then I could not resist ... the mention of my wife, and brought me to prison, literally, in a rage! I came close to Luba, and abruptly put his hand under her skirt. I must say that I find the panties had ... a very conventional, but still they were. Her reaction was instant ... wag thighs, she got rid of my hand, and I flew quite a heavy stapler, which I did not have time to dodge ... Not that it hurt, just a shame somehow. So I decided to get angry ... Luba grabbed by the hair, I pressed her head to the table ...
- I'll show you how to throw a treasury equipment! I love you life something to learn!
She struggled in silence. Suddenly, I noticed that Lubin's face is right in front of my fly. The thought had not yet had time to take shape, and the term began to rise. I have it fairly large, and in the excited state in the clothes fit poorly ... Not really thinking about their actions, I unbuttoned his pants ... Lyuba immediately stopped struggling with horror looking at swinging the nose of the male organ, then jerked a couple of times, and, realizing that I was not going to let her go, she whispered ...
- NO!!!
- Yes, Luban, yes ... - I was adamant - Suck, girl, suck ... Open the mouth!
Luba struggling gritted her teeth, and began to try to shake his head, twitching especially when the member touched her lips.
- Please do not! I can not! I did not even once! It's so embarrassing!
With his free hand, I lightly slapped her face. She froze. Member once again rested her lips, clenched teeth prevented. I struck again. Mouth opened ...
Suck it, do not know how, had to work for himself. Is excited by the painting itself ... lips tightly gripped the head, a droplet of saliva in the corner of the mouth Lubin ...
She mumbled something, and not pulling member, lightly put her hand to me in the stomach. I stopped, and then ... Then I felt a timid touch of tongue in my head, then more boldly, then a circular motion, rhythmic sucking ... Suddenly I noticed that the hair is holding a girl symbolically, that one of her hand podrachivaet my dick at the bottom, while the other gently touches the testicles ... I sat on a chair (Luba member has not released), she stood in front of me on my knees and sucked with gusto! I slightly bent and reached for her ass, he stroked Kripen'ka buttocks and lifted her skirt. Panties were so-so, called Thong. Lyuba, without stopping to suck, just arranged the legs, and I slipped a finger striped panties with her cunt ... Oh my god !!! She was completely mokrenkaya! She tried to move her ass to meet my finger!
I took out a member of the Lubin rotika (as she reluctantly let him go !!!), I put the girl with cancer, and head held authority over the excited lips sex. The girl squirmed and moaned. Spent more - the effect is the same, and then the hot whisper ...
- Want! Want! Come on, come on ..
I gently introduced. Moreover, once the full length .. Luba breathed ...
- Ah, how sweet ... !!
Virgin, of course, she was not, but a girl's vagina had its walls ... very densely covered my dick, but he slid easily thanks to a huge amount of grease. Luban something muttered actively podmahivala suddenly accelerated her movements became sharper ...
- Yet! Yet! Darling, just does not end! Not now!
Smazochki running down the inside of the thighs. Lyuba had finished. The orgasm was violent ... arched back, his head fell back, breath left ... I planted an exhausted girl on a chair, she gratefully kissed my head, ready to explode, a member, and then gently took it in his mouth ... That's where it happened! Lyuba, not removing a member, choked slightly, raised her eyes to me, swallowed, and began to be happy to suck the last drops.
This, here, is history. I should add that we are now with Anyone - best friends. In public, it is the same stervochki, but when the two of us, and no one sees us, my penis is instantly in her skillful mouth ...
What can I say about myself ??? At that time I was pretty hudovat true figure was with some elements of sportiness, many people like J Well the truth the way it should be, so the spacecraft sport I started with 5 years J and continues to this day. Yes, but the story is not about me, or rather not at all about me ... So
The street was Autumn. Trees only began to change its color. A breath first colds, began to fall the first rains ... disappeared from the streets a short girl's skirt, I joined the student life. Often he spent his evenings in the student dormitory. But you do not believe it, but anything other than playing chess, watching and could not be there.
Now, perhaps, is to go back for another year and a half ago ...
I was in one of the city schools, who had just started his career in private educational institutions.
So, if we were two 10th grade, I was in
Today, she was in a red business suit with a short skirt risky tight her hip and cool just as hiding the slender long nozhki.Uprugie, moderately large breasts, tempting bulge collar elegant jacket, causing some envious glances desyatiklasnits flat-chested.
Today's session was unplanned and took place late enough, when the rest of the school is almost empty. Lidia (the name of the teacher) confidently approached the teacher's desk and sat down at his usual mesto.Ona not immediately felt something was wrong, but now look carefully circling class she caught some general nervousness and clearly excited gleam in the eyes of her uchenikov.Odnako not given time to comprehend proiskhodyaschee.Vnezapno literally the whole class stood up and a few seconds later, Lidia was literally plucked from the table a strong grip of strong hands starsheklassnikov.Tolko now to the teacher's voice finally came back and it was imperative she tried to calm uchenikov.No tlko only the first sounds escaped her lips as her mouth was firmly and tightly pinched someone's hand, and she was horrified to hear the crackling rip off her clothes a variety of hands.
Just a few seconds it took an eager and curious high school students to expose their prepodavatelnitsu.Ved it as much time teasing them, making the dream of what is hidden under her clothes, which finally matured and strengthened the desire to see it all nayavu.Zazhataya dozen hands were covered by a teacher stydom.Ona fear and humiliation felt like her body slide the palm of her students strong and tough feeling hitherto unprecedented in reality the body is mature zhenschiny.Kto with the force squeezed and twisted are large and tender breasts with pleasure watching while shudders while uchitelnitsa.Chya the same hand, though clearly maiden decisively penetrated between her slender legs, and enthusiastically began to dig there, feeling every skladochku.V this burst of total issupleniya, Lydia felt like slid toward the palm, closing her mouth.
Dressed as a rule, in a sweater and jeans tucked into boots, or short, do not hide shapely legs, suede skirt. On top of this - thick shaggy dark brown coat with a hood, with clasps in the form of tightly sewn straps with buckles instead of buttons, drag a wide belt tight, and the same shaggy, only gray cap - ear flaps. In this form, she seemed a little clumsy bear.
I lived in a student dormitory near the institute, it is - at the very edge of the city, almost a kilometer through the wasteland of the final bus stop. This occurred to build in the middle of this wasteland sixteen-tower unusual architecture, I do not know, but it was in her she had a studio apartment, she inherited after her parents' divorce and complicated, multi-path exchanges. The unusual and, I would say, foolish plan was that the elevator went ... only from the second floor. In terms of the tower it was almost square. A heavy door included stints in a fairly large empty hall, from which went quite a long corridor, the end of which was a staircase width of about 3/4 the width of the corridor on the second floor in the elevator hall. Along the corridor ran a closed timber housing the battery, which was very comfortable to sit. This fine tree battery ended at a blank wall for the stairs and under the stairs was tightly boarded up entrance to the basement.
Generally, the area where she lived, was considered one of the most rowdy in the city.
In any case, the evening lonely girl will almost certainly take over the breast, which came to an end, at least a thorough bashing often passing into hard sex. However, the other girl, who grew up in the area, could take themselves for breast liked the guy and patting good, to pull out from the heart.
Despite this, it is almost always returned home alone and late enough and whether it luck, or hoodlums do not climb into a deserted place, but no excesses it has not happened.
We did not manage to get close very. A couple - three times to go to the cinema several times a walk on snowy evening city. The complex and numerous course, approaching the last (5th course!) Exams did not leave much time for fun. Since the beginning of December, we have not seen. Session, and then pre-diploma practice in another city, the very preparation and protection of the diploma, with the distribution of hassle, as it was necessary, to work fully occupied all the next seven months. I confess that I do not often thought of it. Not to mention the fact that it was not trying to look around the institute. (Phone she did not have to call her, I could not.)
I met her by accident, after graduation and distribution of regular signature in a long queue
On any romance, however, and the speech could not be - in this sense, it is the distance complied with (I did not try to catch on, just felt), besides she was of age and older, and adults, in the sense that there was in it some special dignity, pride, and I was 21 years loafers - the last student in the girls mind, the internet, computer games. To me it seems almost treated like a child, like a man without perceiving.
And I liked it. The interest however was very sexy, the difference in age, I spit (and fucked postrashe).
At first, I just sometimes amused himself, dreaming like kiss her, hug her waist, bury my face in her brown hair. Then she began to occupy my thoughts. I remember every time he looked at her, he could not fight off the desire to kiss her on the mouth - such juicy, plump.
It was amazingly good way. It looked good - soft, smooth skin on the face, soft shoulder-length hair, a small nose and beautiful blue eyes. Flexible waist, shapely legs, high breasts. Graceful hands, the fingers are thin and long. Plus domestic virtues, which are very clearly visible - femininity, intelligence, pride - complete the picture of bodily perfection. And we get a woman with a capital letter, interesting, strong and beautiful, which is not only begin to enjoy, but also to feel respect. Of course she had fans. More precisely all the guys in the office were established. She was able to be on equal terms with everyone, with all friendly and welcoming, but one is not particularly stand out. Her adored and admired. In the chief engineer had been with her a little more intimate relationship, but there are all the cultural, vzaimnouvazhitelnye relations between two smart people.
This was Ira and for that I love mature women even more than school girls - fucking beautiful body is nothing compared to the feeling of owning a strong and proud woman. But why
Dark and scary. Hop out of my head and Nastya timidly looks around. Neighborhood familiar with 10 years of living, there's food, there's a bakery, a school and won. School ... How bad associated with it:
- You fool! Once again, do not give written off - fuck the bitch!
- Sarosti hymen to be?
And all of the start. This chicken and fuck does not want to. With local punks not want squeamish Nastya. The legs are long, straight, delicate alabaster skin, soft hairs on his head, black, and sponges ... These plump, slavnenko, pink.
Such beckoning and slightly capricious. How many times school lads wanted to drive their cocks and warm them up there in the soft folds. But Nastia was not given. How often the guys looked after her, oveyanye scent of her perfume, sweet as candy, saw in time with the movements of the elastic ass and beautiful breasts, which is so eager to crumple, throwing the girl on his wand ... and green eyes, languishing, expensive cosmetics. Not a girl, but a fairy tale. So like Sasha and his zhadko punks fuck her, make sucking their flesh, carrying out his soft tongue on the bridle, on the head, vnih to moshenki ... all five of them, in every hole ... But it was not possible. For Nastya came Dad, Dad brought Nastia, Nastya did not walk after school. And Sasha was a garage where they often fucked classmates, not squeamish girls such as Nastya was a rug, where they end up where they broke more than a dozen gentle tselochek and where it is always vital sapah unbridled sex.
Last call, wine, vodka, beer, blackstrap. Nastia went with them, but not for long - soon to come pope Nasty and put her in his jeep to take home. Nastia wore a skirt in red flowered blouse, seductive legs obtyanuli expensive tights. "Nastia ... give me happiness" And, then, she had never drunk alcohol. Razvezli beauty, oh razvezloooo ... she went home on foot, and the fire was burning in the stomach of port wine, vodka and cheap snacks. And in front of a garage! Sashka's garage, while Sasha and his shoblu members itch - I want to fuck. Here Nastya.
- Oppp !! What people! At this time of day, and without a guard ?! Nastya? You're Lee?
- Aaaatvali ...
- Saw?
Sasha grabbed ie hand
- Now I'll show you what happens to those who do not listen to the Pope and drinking dirty serf boy
They dragged her to the garage and someone stuffed soft sponge gryazkoy oil trayapkoy.
Nastia began to weep and moan, twisting and spoiling tights. Dear ... Sasha spread mat and spat on him
- I can not, with the best offer. Your Majesty - fuck sluts are here and those who are not worthy to be cancer. You're worthy, I think, yes guys?
All approvingly confirmed that this ass is possible to insert, but not time. Anastasia Food and dizzy from the smell of gasoline and sex.
- But I just can not to fuck your ass - it would be disrespectful to you ... and suck such Kralj not make, right?
Boys took over the game and Sashka nodded.
- In fact, I first introduce you: Nastasia Fyodorovna! She entertained us today-a
He went to Nastya and wanted to kiss, took a rag, but Nastya legnula him and bitten on the lip.
- Soooo ... I thought you ladies! And you, Nastasya ?! You are not a lady ... and those who do not lady fuck on the mat ... Let's
Nastia brutally pushed on the mat and she hit her head. This rope was listen - Nastia tied hands and feet to the old garage beams. Chest heaving furiously, legs splayed. Sasha came over and rudely shoved her hand under her skirt.
- You're not wet? Strangely, it gets whores.
He felt her clit and delicate silk sponges, rare hard hairs ... She tried to squeeze the legs, but the rope is not mended. Nastia was moaning in pain.
- But you play the virgin ... speak the truth
His finger got into her soft hole and manage for a while there.
Guys were laughing, looking like floating in front of her mascara. Another wanted to break blouse. but Sasha siege
- I am the first!
Sasha slowly took off his pants and underwear. He lifted his crying Nastya skirt and blouse torn and pinched his chest. Tone stood up and he approvingly opohlopal her cheek
- Bitch. yes you did potechesh soon I suppose!
He took the nipple vrot, rubbed on him and bit his tongue. Gentle column, slightly brownish, has never been in the mouth or in the hands of Man. It was clean and pristine.
He spat on his hands and between her legs Potrero
-So. Now we dumate s what you mokrenkaya
Nastia squirmed and tried to scream, but she again shoved a gag. Ropes are not allowed to soprotivnyatsya. Sasha took off his shirt. His cock was ready to break into the next, but the best, play the virgin. He held her head between sexual sponges. Nastia moaned. He slowly introduced to a member of a centimeter, enjoying the way it hugs the head virgin plenochka. Sasha stared at her hips and thrust one jerk all his 19isantimetrovy member. Nastya bulged eyes and groaned. But he did not stand on ceremony with her and began to move very bystoro. Guys around already shoved his hands in his pants and potrepyvali its strong fellows. Nastya ralivalas tears. She had nothing to delast - it is at the mercy of thugs, she's one of them bitches. Guys like members of the team took out and began to finish at Nastya.
- Sasha, not tired?
- Yes, the guys opened - it's our turn to have some fun ...
He pulled out of her her boyfriend and was replaced by another. They fought it all one by one, and ruthlessly zhetsko as sluts tear. They stick their fingers inside her and pulled her nipples. Nastya was silent.
- She was bored ... nada entertain
They were trying to get into her vagina alone, ikhi rubbed their heads against each other, bringing pleasure to each other. There was blood everywhere.
- Cancer it! - Sasha skomandyval
ITS untied and put cancer on the hood. Anus was well-groomed and soft. Someone awkwardly thrust his cock. Nastia has not moaned and did not resist.
- Shoroshim whore will suck.
- No! Good bitch fuck in all the cracks simultaneously.
- exactly!
Someone crawled under Nastya and put it in my dick hole, someone in the basement of her ass, the other shoved in her mouth and mashonki members. According to the team, they began their frantic pace. Detente in the mouth, discharge in the ass, relaxation of the uterus - Nastya all full of sperm. Sasha gave her a backhand on the shack
- Suck need better!
Nastya taught to suck. She was stuck on the queue chlevy mouth, deeper ... it again flogged all soctavom, tearing holes, and she could not help it. So the night passed. Dad probably came after her. By the morning of the garage came investigator wanted Nastya, but seeing her naked, smelling of semen, he could not resist.
- your turn, comrade - concluded a satisfied Sasha.
When we dragged her to the basement, she was still unconscious. Joey almost pounced on it not at the same time, but I stopped him with a sharp blow. Joy, whining to his feet, but I did not dare to answer: with my height in a seven-foot and 240 pounds, I can afford not yet such treatment.
The girl was extremely good. I spotted her about three weeks ago, when driving past the Lyceum. A gaggle of schoolgirls vyporhnuvshaya out the door, immediately attracted my attention. But she stood out among them not only the most resonant voice, but also the most appetizing forms. Lolita - so I called her by association with Nabokov. Day four I heard someone call her name: Pamela.
Along with Joey, we have installed on duty near the school. We know not only the start and end of the sessions, but even then, what lessons she strolled, and which lingered longer.
Most of all she liked gymnastics. And not even the object itself, and the teacher - high blue-eyed athlete, easily perform on the bar most intricate exercise. He especially liked it when his pupils were trained on the uneven bars: more than once we are together with Joey watched through the window as he priobnimaya another supple waist, helps its pupils.
In Joy at such moments his eyes bloodshot, and I'm sure that's when his mind matured plan, carried out by us later.
On Friday, I parked the car as close to the school (before we left it for three quarters here, not an eyesore to others), and at three o'clock in the afternoon went to the building. Having waited until the girl came out of the door, I called Joey's on the mobile phone and said that he was ready.
We scrolled this scenario several times. Seven minutes later, Pamela will say goodbye to their friends and turn on the path towards the house. Go to her no more than three minutes, through a grove, where he will meet Joe and a small portion of chloroform. When the girl turned off, Joey hides it in the trunk of the car, put off her panties and carefully check the contents of the school bag.
I followed closely behind the front door. gym teacher came out of it ten minutes after the girls and went to his "Volkswagen". Looking around, and making sure that we are not seen by the garages, I quietly walked up behind him and left unconscious for a short chop.
Honestly, I was nervous. The man he was strong, and perhaps our idea could fail. But karate skills acquired during my service in the army, helped to cope with the most difficult part of our plan.
Joy was waiting for me at the appointed place. In his questioning look, I replied with a nod. Gymnast transplanted from the back seat behind the wheel, "Volkswagen", we poured in half a bottle of whiskey down his throat, stuck it in his pocket panties our captives and allowed the car off the bridge into the river. Depth was there thirty feet. In the trunk of the car was lying shovel, stained with fresh earth. To police the offense was evident, and we expected that it will close quickly.
Bringing it home and left in the basement, we first thoroughly refreshed (such nerve overload, you know, stimulate appetite), and then went down.
- Well, who's first? - Joey was shaking with excitement. Nervous he type. And dangerous. It should be better to watch him.
- Pull match? - I tried to keep my voice as casually as possible.
Joy looked at me with suspicion, then shook his head:
- No, the old fox, you can not fool me. Kinema coin!
What he is predictable! Said yesterday the army stories about how you can cheat with matches, has done its job. I lazily took out a prefab dollar with two "tails". The coin flashed in the dim light of the basement and quiet ringing rolled on the floor.
- Eagle! - Yelled Joey, who never thinks of "tails" on some stupid superstition.
Well done, boy! You just gave me into the hands of the right to first master this delicate girl's body. With gloating sense of satisfaction that I watched with some dull look, he looks at my bilateral dollar. Pulling a coin out of his hands (not enough, so he guessed flip it), I started to push him out of the basement.
- But I want to at least look - he whined.
- Yet behold, - reassured me, closing the door.
Sitting on the floor, I lit a cigarette. In cigarette today was a special taste. I'm not in a hurry to start his cherished dream, I would like to extend this moment of waiting.
Finished his, I'm Pamela shifted on the bed and chained her handcuffs to the brackets on the wall. Then he took a knife and began to slowly cut into her clothes.
It was delicious. The sharp blade ripped her dress and cut the straps of her bra. Lying in front of me in the same shoes, she seemed to radiate soft matte glow. I always thought that's what a youthful aura, has not yet been touched by the cynicism of adult life.
I'm starting to pull at her pale pink nipples. The feeling that I now I take my virginity this little girl, turns me stronger. God, what a beauty she is! I have not enough words to describe this lovely oval face, the fluffy eyelashes, the lips, the knowledge of which is not yet the sweetness of a kiss male and the other, a no-petting, that flat tummy with a neat crater navel, the slender figure is surprisingly advanced for devochki- teenager:
But my eyes involuntarily and then back to the most beautiful section of her naked body.
Here it is - a voluptuous dream of my youth and my adulthood madness! How many times, torturing himself with erotic dreams, I imagined as a tear off this bud tenderness, ending the first scarlet juice! How many nights spent tossing under the weight of the stifling blankets, goading their nature rough hands! My desire, my passion, my secret thoughts - all that lies before me in the form of naked virgins, which a moment later learns the sweetness of the first women's pain.
My palms are hosting all rougher, feeling the coolness of her skin, squeezing her breasts, running his fingers along the edge of the forbidden fruit, lacked hitherto anyone.
Heavens! She had mokrenkaya: sharp smell of her spread legs driving me crazy. I bend down and begin to lick her wild greed, like the traveler, exhausted by the heat of the desert, nestles close to the ice in the spring oasis.
My tongue flutters in the crease of unearthly delights, I drive them all the more, not limiting themselves to nothing.
And then I could have expected anything but this: She starts to moan! Yes, she moans with pleasure, not yet awakened from chloroform intoxication, but already matured to take a first man.
But no. I do not want to take it unconscious. She must feel that its the first time I get into the bosom of her, breaking the lock intact. I caress her harder and harder ... I've hurt her, but it causes the awakening of my charming prisoner.
Her eyelashes fluttered. She opens her eyes - and meets with my eager eyes, in which you can see a lot. And even more than we would like.
I read genuine horror in her eyes. Another would be: to wake up naked, bound and helpless in front of a strange man: You guessed right, girl: your sex life starts with rape, but not banal male lust, and creative thought two sophisticated minds.
- No!
Oh, she says the word! I feel like holding back the last effort. What has been said on the exhale, with increasing voice at the end, the word for me hotter than the coolest pornographic films, revised in turbulent adolescence.
"No". You could say it's much later and the guy who'd brought you to the point where the denial sounds like a "yes." But it would be next. Not now. The future will not change, but your virginity is almost behind us. And I know how to answer you.
- Yeah, baby, yeah!
I undo his belt and pull together jeans, watching her eyes. I hypnotize her. So look at your boa a sacrifice, confident that it will not escape from the cold-gaze of his eyes.
- Leave me! - She begins to squirm, trying to break free from the shackles.
And then I realize that my dream realized. There has come the moment for which we have all started with Joey, and - I'm afraid to admit it - for which I have lived all these years, from the moment he realized why I have been given this dismal process, dangling between his legs.
- Slut! - I'm quitting it before you begin this exciting movement, old as the world, humanity peers. - Little bitch! You know what I am to do with you?
And for a moment before you break into this hot paradise narrow, blazing suns hundreds between her legs, I hear her cry, full of suffering and farewell to the children's dreams:
- Noooo !!!!
Tears rolling down her eyes, and I go into her sharp, deliberately causing more pain.
Oh, the wonderful moment when the onslaught of male nature breaks plenochka thin, and the blood of his first love! What could be sweeter moments like this?
Raped, torn me, she suddenly dramatically limp, and I understand that consciousness leaves her. But nothing. Now I can hold it for a long time and slowly. I tear off his shirt and leans against her chest her skin. Oh, baby, I is pleasant that moment of unity of our bodies, how I want to go again and again to you, feeling your buttocks vast expanses of the abyss before me.
Five minutes later, she again comes to life. I fucked her in silence, breathing hoarsely, every movement of the adjusting their passion. Yes, right now, right now my seed rush to meet her ...
- Please, not me, not me ...
And she is literate for his age! Well, the better I will finish right in this beautiful body that was my point that ...
- Oh, baby, what are you sweet !!!
This cry escapes me with sharp spasms of orgasm. Yet I never finished so strong, when it seems that leaves the ground.
But it passes. I am still inside her, not wanting to get out of this wonderful body.
- Good for you, baby. A few of the sessions - and you'll be happy to take me and my friend. By the way, I still have not introduced. Hey, Casanova! Come here!
I open the door of the basement, and Joy breaks, almost knocking me off my feet.
- She was a virgin, right? Yes? Well, tell me! - He eagerly pulls off his shirt, revealing a thin, angular body. - About what her tits! You're pulled them, baby, when you begin to have an uncle in all holes!
Joey runs into Pamela like a hawk on a chicken. Pamela was silent, and only starts, when he enters it. And then she turns the face to me and whispers with a wild hatred in his voice:
- I'll kill you, bastard! I swear, you'll be coughing up blood. You release all the guts .. th-th-th!
Joey swung seals her mouth.
- Something she was not talkative in moderation! Better had moaned loudly, it excites me!
He pulls out her cock and tries to come closer to her, to have time to finish the girl's face. But not time. Sperm fountain pulled up, splashing all around, but not Pamela.
I'm excited again. Now I want more.
- Hold her hands!
She resists, but all in vain. I undo the handcuffs, and together we turn over her belly.
- Wow, what her elastic ass! - Joey swung Pamela slaps on the buttocks, leaving them bright red spot.
- Stop! - Screams it. - Well, what else do you need? Let me go!
- Baby, so we just started - I smile, feeling my dick again ready to fight. - Now we are with you Let us anal sex.
She squeezes her ass, trying to close me the way in this sweet restricted area, but I have to drive to a pin with all his might, are already not paying any attention to her resistance.
Just awesome! No feeling can not be compared with it! The muscles of the anus tightly wrapped around my penis, and enjoyment is multiplied by the difficulty of movement. I literally tear her vlamyvayas between these charming halves, still did not know that the Greek fun, which piously excised from the most classical texts. But this - a layer of culture. What, tell me more sexy than this gentle maiden zadik with a small hole, which calls upon those in a jungle madness, where you can get lost, choking on his own lust?
Joy again excited. He can not wait, when I'm done, and therefore begins to adapt there to also take part in our little orgy.
Pamela screaming bloody murder. Her cry is torn in cramped basement walls, drowning out our Joy with hoarse moans of pleasure.
- Yes, you shut it! - I'm quitting, not looking up from his work. I am close to orgasm, but the cries of girls are starting to annoy me.
Joy comes out of her vagina and shoves cock in her mouth neat, who recently shouted curses at me.
Pamela's shoulders shudder: she was crying silently, and continues to cry after we are spewing into it on both sides of the next portion of sperm.
Joy seems to be confused. It is, of course, I expect tears, but apparently reckoned that hysterical quickly cease.
- Well, all the baby - he pats her on the back. - We have already finished. - And a little thought, adds:
- At least today.
Joy wrong. I go down to Pamela about two hours later. She sits vzhavshis in the corner of the room and looks at me with a look a hunted animal, hiding behind the remains of torn clothing.
- Get on your knees. - I'm ready for the fact that it will now start to resist, but she was already broken and obediently performs my order.
- Take off your shoes.
I love it when I sucked off barefoot girl. Somehow I terribly exciting this kind of bare legs, while the charming head moves back and forth, bringing with what incomparable pleasure.
- Suck, suchonka!
She makes a blowjob quite mechanically, without any emotion. I think we got a bit ahead with Joey. I have heard of such cases, when women just quietly slid the roof, and they are for the rest of its life in its own little world.
I'm coming, but the pleasure of orgasm that minimum.
- Swallow, whore! - And making sure that my order is made, I'm out of the basement.

The next day I realized that somewhere got the flu. The weakness in the whole body was such that I did not even go to Pamela, leaving it for the whole day at the disposal of Joy. However, later in the morning, he returned with a very worried look and confirmed my suspicions about the mental health of girls.
- She had slipped off the rails! - Joey slumped into a chair and ruffled hair. - Laughing all the time like crazy, and mutters something about the birds, the sun and grass. I even fuck her properly fails, it is like a rubber doll, and only carries this nonsense.
Together we went down to the basement. Seeing us, Pamela rose from his litter (we no longer tied her) and said aloud:
- I want to pee!
She immediately sat down and began to urinate right in the bowl, where lay her breakfast. Then she began to giggle nervously, shrill voice repeating:
- Birds fly where the sun shines. Where the sun shines ...
Joey, who suffers from pathological cleanliness, paled.
- Look, let's we derive it to the fresh air. Kick in even, God forbid ...
In my mind flashed a vague suspicion, but I have not had time to make it. girl's eyes rolled up and she fainted.
Joey looked dumbfounded as convulsive start to twitch her body. Then he grabbed the girl and dragged her armpits up. In our room, he threw it on the sofa and began to hit hard on the cheeks.
Pamela opened her eyes.
- I love the sun! - It is idiotic shrill voice declared, then tried to get up, stumbled and crashed to the floor, stretched out at full length.
Such frequent falls and would alert us, but we are with Joey, honestly confused. Later I realized that the women's deceit can never be underestimated.
I climbed up to the bar, took out a bottle of whiskey and poured himself a glass. I had to calm my nerves.
- Maybe give her? - Joey asked.
- It will cost! - It is not enough that we regaled her with alcohol. - It is still a minor, her spirits are prohibited. - I neighing of his jokes, but Joey did not support me.
At this point, Pamela began publishing strange sounds.
- Damn! - Joey yelled. - She will now be puke right on our carpet! Bring quickly any package.
- carry it himself! I'm not an errand boy. - I have something haunted in this situation.
Joy rushed into the hall, and I turned around when he heard a rustle behind him. I was late for a split second. My reaction I did not save: the girl, of course, acted out in front of us all this comedy just to get out of the basement. In her hand she flashed a bottle of whiskey, which I did not manage to hide the bar.
In my head a flash of lightning, and I passed out.

I woke up in the trunk of a car. Baska buzzed as if it settled a swarm of bees. We went for a long time: at the time I figured that we have long had to leave the city limits. About what happened after my blackout, it was not difficult to guess: the girl met Joey splinter bottle, and then seized upon the phone and found some of his cronies. When the car stopped, I heard a man's voice:
- Pull out the first bastard.
Then I hear the sound of a slap and a cry of protest Joey, then rolling in the wild screeching.
- Wow she trimmed it, - says someone.
- Surprisingly tenacious bastard - the first voice is barely concealed disgust. - Would kick in, and with such a hole in my stomach. Where are your friends gay?
- These are not my friends - indignantly said a second voice. - But Pamela is asked to ... By the way, here they are.
- No, I do not want, do not want to! - Joy squealing.
I close my eyes and lose consciousness.
The trunk flies open, and two burly fellow dragged me out of the car. The first thing I hear - it's wild cries of Joy. For some reason I do not want to see what is happening with him.
- Watch carefully, asshole! - A sharp jerk one of the maypole raises by the hair of my head. I want to close my eyes, but I can not. Without looking, I'm looking at tied to the tree naked Joey. They poured him some viscous liquid on which ants crawl. My friend's body turns purple from the wound where the swarming insects. I heard about this torture, invented by Indians.
- By morning, only bones remain from him, - says a familiar voice notes with ice on my left. Squinting, I saw Pamela. - And you still envy him an easy death - she added, drilling me hating sight.
Someone handed her a huge knife. So only in the jungle with machetes hacked, but I knew what she would do with me. I thought that I would not cry, and perhaps would not have screamed, but it did not cut my dick with one blow, as long nagged him, staring into my eyes.
Then one of those guys that held me, moved me greatly leg under the knee, and gave me cancer.
- And do not forget to knock his teeth out, and then another member of the bite. - This was the last phrase of Pamela, I heard that day.

... Two days later I was dying, hanging on a tree under the scorching southern sun. They left me here seven hours ago, at dawn. During this time, on the horizon, not a single machine. Opposite me hanging skeleton picked clean - just a showpiece for the study of anatomy. This is all that remains of Joy. Lucky he already otmuchilsya.
Drink like unbearable. I was delirious. In my hallucinations Pamela came to me and gave a drink of ice water, fresh from the refrigerator. I greedily swallow reviver but it pours past the mouth on my feet.
Waking up, I realize that my knees are really wet. But it's not the water. It reopened the wound in the groin, and from it drop by drop the blood flows.
I call death, but she is in no hurry. I start hallucinating again. Dry throat produces nasty creaking sounds. I can not cry. From my chest wheezing rush, and just listen to them carefully, we can see that it is a single word:
- Pamela! Pamela! Pamela!
The sun rises higher and higher ...

Postscript interpreter
* Vim imponere - Latin saying meaning "to use force".
A little about the author. Casimir Dvayter - the identity of the little-known even in his own country. Although where his birthplace, are difficult to understand: by nationality, he Germanized Pole, but writes in English, but do not live in Australia, not in New Zealand. By profession - journalist. The popularity gained after the story "Her wounds." It specializes in most border genres of erotic literature. In Russia, not published.
The carriage slowly approaching the castle. Ol'va sadly watched as the gray sky flying flock of birds. Drizzled light rain, it was dark and cold in the carriage of crude. She remembered her childhood, which took place fifteen years ago in these places.
Then it is a seven-year girl, the daughter of serf workers, few thought about the state of affairs in the world, about what lies ahead of her. His then-owner - she had never seen his master and recalls now only heard good about it. She remembered how she had heard from his mother that his son came from the capital as maids gossiped that it is necessary to wait for new orders, and a few weeks later the mother, having cried, sent her to the city, studying in a college-board. The young owner wanted to have formed a maid and a few semiletok-girls were sent to various educational institutions. Then Olbia disturbed only separation from the mother, and about what will happen to her she did not think.
At the new place, she quickly became involved. According to the documents it was listed as an orphan, the daughter of the deceased officer. There is no discrimination Ol'va felt. Teachers and educators have been good. It differed diligence and good behavior. Science it were easy, it was interesting to learn. Against the background of the other girls, who were of fairly well-known noble families, and if she stood out, it was only for the better. Stately, beautiful, with a gorgeous figure and grace Queen Ol'va reputed to be one of the best.
And only in the last few years of training, it is increasingly thought that it lies ahead. The manor house, the role of workers, at best, a secretary or housekeeper? The last months of training, when she thought about it, Ol'va quietly crying and trying to quickly get to sleep, but in the morning she was again tormented by this question.
And then came the final ball. It must be said that each month she received from the estate of a small amount of money and so passed over the sum that allowed her to be not a bad walk-in closet, where every thing was tasteful. Recent money sewn with a ticket on the train, and with a note where and how much it will wait for the coach. It was a real shock for her. Only yesterday equal among the hosts of this life, the one that with the superiority looked at his classmate - princesses and Baroness now slowly approaching the manor house, where it was just a domestic maid, a thing, a slave ... Oh, the stories of her friends she was well known, how similar they are treated with a maid ...
How not Ol'va wanted to ride home lasted forever, but outside the window of the carriage flashed battlements of the fortress wall. Here otrylis gate of the castle, so the maid carries luggage. Ol'va enters the spacious hall, followed by a silent, austere woman who met her at the door. She immediately draws attention to the silence. Nobody said anything, just nod along Ol'va realized that it is necessary to follow the woman. So they went on numerous hallways and halls to small but comfortable rooms. When brought into the room things, the woman accompanying her coldly explained that it should be treated and in the evening Madame awaits her lord, so it is said, and
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