Numerous bus-foundlings spitting in the metro inhabitants of sleeping areas, with a bus stop and a tram stop people hurried to work.
Knowing that the work I was particularly no one is waiting, I walked slowly. I had nowhere to hurry. The mood was excellent, which is only in the early summer - the sun shines brighter, the birds are singing, and it seems that everything comes to life with nature. And only the wind that day was some particularly strong. The first gust blew Mushroom-shed, the young saleswoman ice cream. He rolled like a colorful umbrella, carried away by the wind on the asphalt. She chased after him, but the umbrella was clearly quicker, and every time she bent over him, he managed to slip away from her. The girl had short little denim shorts, and I had to smile just as it was beautiful.
The next gust of wind tore off his hat with some old man, and he anxiously ran after her ...
Suddenly I overtook the girl in white blouse and her short black skirt. She was in black fishnet stockings in that snug her plump thighs as mesh nut meat. The next gust of wind lifted her skirt so high that I could not see that under the tights she's nothing, just bare ass, covered with black netting. She looked back and saw me, shyly pressed her hands to hips, to skirt could not even move. At the underpass, I overtook the girl. Ran down the stairs, I saw the saleswoman soft toys to unpack the goods from big bags and laid out on the shelves of its soft friends. Each time, bending down, she took out the bear, the giraffe, and carefully put it on the shelf, and every time after it cut my eyes opened a beautiful chest, unchecked by a large t-shirt ... I walked slowly, enjoying the spectacle revealed to me. Chest was a big and very beautiful, nice shape with big pink nipples. She caught my eye and buttoned his jacket over his chest. I tried to sneak past her quickly.
On the stairs I gasped. In steps slow to several girls in short skirts. My attention was attracted by a girl in motley skirt, accordion, which hurried upstairs.
"Now would be a breeze!" - I thought dreamily.
And for sure! A strong gust of wind lifted yubchonku straight up, and I saw a gorgeous ass, beautiful, peach, drag a thin ribbon thong panties aqua ...
I held my breath, the brain frantically tapped the blood, and trousers became bursting swell the feelings of desire.
Meet me down the stairs girl in purple skirt of kapron. She was carrying two heavy bags. A gust of wind lifted her skirt in the front so that the edge of the skirt inflated parachute, and right before my eyes was the fact that she was trying to hide under that skirt.
I shivered. His forehead was covered with sweat. The girl tried to press his hands to the hips, but his hands were busy, and she nalivshis crimson paint, hurried down, opening the peasants, after reaching new kinds of me ...
Excitation filled me to the brim as filled milk cans in which milk is poured from a large bucket. His head pounded, only one thought:
"Want! Want! Want!".
I realized that the rest to me today will be no more for a long time. Lowering his badge, I ran down the escalator buzzing, and I went to meet the crowd of girls with naked bellies and knees, with a deep cut on his chest and a big tear on trendy ripped jeans. body color, the color of passion call me. Breasts swelled under the cutouts little hill, called me naked knees, and his eyes shone like stars in the twilight of the underground ... I ran to bottom and leaned back against the marble column ... Cold marble began to lead me to my senses.
Passed by the crowds, went down the escalator. On the contrary I have the column was a dirty beggar with his hat in his hand.
"That way, and I will throw something if I stand here and further", - I thought sadly.
Train it was not, and nothing else to do, I began to look at the crowd. At the escalator two streams merged one; downdraft punched his way energetically working his elbows. Hundreds of people formed a human cork and human streams. Nasal voice raspy radio joyful advertised mobile phones. Came train on an adjacent platform, and from it came a new crowd, bumping into existing and leaked a crowded escalator ...
Suddenly I saw that in a moment made me forget about the fact that I want to sleep and stop feeling sad about the fact that today is Monday and ahead of a very long work week. As she descended the escalator - the ideal of my childhood, the girl of my dreams, wonderful as this world!
She was blond, almost white hair, which was curled and curled ringlets, dropping her shoulders, she wore a bright T-shirt that barely concealed her rounded breasts and very appetizing. She seemed floated among all these rough and hurrying people. Her white skirt billowing in sborochku from metroshnogo draft, slightly rising and baring rounded tanned thighs ... I'm staring at her ... My ideal, my goddess ...
She went and passed very close to me, not even deigning me a look, and I was ready to fall at her feet, she was so beautiful. It seemed that her face was flawless, and the figure was just this, what I have always wanted to see his girlfriend ... She beckoned, it excited me, and I felt a slow crawl down the column ...
The trains were not long. She stood at the edge of the platform, and the breeze that ran on rails, it skirts the edge of trembling ... I looked at it and could not take my eyes ... Resounding roar deafened everybody, and people could not help wincing, turned away from speeding trains huge white eye on his forehead. As if a giant blue caterpillar train rasped along the platform and pulled. At some point, the edge of her skirts raised so that I could see the edge of her ass ...
I was bad! I do not just feel like my friend tensed in the pants, no! I just held down the inside, and it was truly a fever. I no longer feel where I am. I was drawn to it, and almost without controlling myself, I began to punch her way, squeezing through the back and shoulders, struggling working elbows ... Lady crowd sucked into the train. The last effort I jumped over it, crushing ... just three doors slid right behind me. I stood, having rested in someone's back and felt that I find it hard to breathe. Some spark of light directly over my head, making except the hum of wheels in the tunnel, the car could be heard constantly the electric crackle. I do not get any better. I looked around. She was there, in front, in a small cubbyhole in the wall. There was supposed to be a side seat, but it was not, and this girl was standing in the corner. To breathe easier. People have forgotten about his own madness and began to sit back. After some time, I can free my arm. Uncle, flock, front, moved to the right, and I could read the newspaper if he wanted to. The train stood at the next stop. People threw shaft. I just washed up on the platform. I stood and watched the train come people, and he thought about it. And as soon as the last person left, I rushed forward. I rested in the back of someone's hands. I carried deep into the interior, and I had almost no control over their situation, twirling in a powerful stream ... I tried to be just a little closer to her ...
Several people have changed places with me, and I was already a meter away from her. She looked to the side, watching the window flashed black and gray cables. The window was right behind her ... close, she seemed more beautiful. She breathed slowly, passionately, as I thought, and every breath of her magnificent chest heaving high up under the T-shirt Bra ... she did not put on, and I saw through the thin white matter show through large nipples, suffused her life ... it was not necessary with such beautiful breasts.
I tried to recall at least one girl in my life, that would be so beautiful, and I could not. All of them are inferior to her in many ways. I wanted her to know how I like it and I pushed for another housing closer to her ... She is still standing by the window, looking at the wires. I could not look directly at her and was staring at this black glass, looking at her beautiful features ...
At the next stop people was darkness! Do not even get out giving those who need, people streamed into the salon, sweeping away everything in its path. Those who stood at the wall, going into their final, and those who held on to the railing, pushed to the back ...
I held on to the nickel-plated handle with his last strength, finally, and they left me, and I fell back. I fell on my recent dream and pressed her against the wall, and behind me were pressing people already .... I could not believe his luck. She was so close! I felt unearthly smell her perfume, I feel her warmth, her breath. She had her back to me ... I was shivering. Beside myself, I pulled the hand that held down. It was difficult in such a crush, but I did it. She had her back, and she is to be seen. I also wanted to touch her ...
The train rocked, and I touched her silk skirts. I was hot. I moved his hand a little further. Oh my God! Her ass! What is it hot! I leaned against the back of her hand to her ass ... She was tightly covered with this light matter and slightly compressed when the train shuddered. I wanted to kiss her neck, like to bury his nose in her blond curls .... I kept my hand on her ass, and felt the start often-frequent blinking, breathing and it makes me so hard. I was afraid to give his presence even breathing!
The train began to drive up to a stop, and taking advantage of the general confusion, I ran a hand over her ass halves - from one to the other ... It was divine. For a moment I held on the fovea his index finger bent in the middle. She did not notice me. I wanted to hug her from behind and pressed it to her, to feel her warmth, to give her some of its heat ... I have leant a hand to her ass more ... I felt all of her curves and this almost crazy. Suddenly I touched the edge of her skirts. It turned out to be so close ... This girl was the same height with me, and the skirt was so short ... I touched the edge and saw that it was really him! I suddenly wanted very much to touch her under her. But I knew that she could raise such a cry that I then just do not feet carry. So I just continued to touch her buttocks - gently and softly ... She just went and thought about something your looking into this blackness. I do not know if I would dare to something more if ...
There's light, by which I stood, a strong spark. And just as suddenly, it faded. There was an electric crackle and strong spark lit up the car, before the lights went out in it ...
People gasped, then went to chuckle, who cheered, and I put my hand under her skirt, pretending that I was swayed. She shuddered. But he gave no sign. I paused, pretending that I was just nowhere to put the hand. My hand was between her ass is now and the place where the leg begins. I touched her ass and did not dare to believe in your happiness ... I felt like I was in paradise ... Her skin was cool and velvety, it was softer than velvet, I was like a drunken man ... And the train shook and threw up and each time I was promoting his hand higher and higher ... She flinched when I touched her ass already quite frankly, between the two halves and found the panties. They were almost imperceptible - a thin thread between the two halves ...
We stood in the dark, and I touched the silk, the atlas, unable to break away ... Suddenly I felt her hand. She firmly took my hand and shoved to the side. Then abruptly odrnula skirt. I shuddered ... Gotcha! She realized that her paw, I ... I wanted to pretend that it was an accident, but then I realized that I would die if it did not even touch. And I touched it again. At this time I was already daring. I lifted the edge of her skirt and stroked her ass. The reaction was immediate. I drove back. I felt that fury is poured. I was treated like a mangy dog! And I tried again for the third time already very unceremoniously. I slipped her hand under her skirt and squeezed pyaterny her plump ass. She shivered and wanted to turn around, but the crush was such that she could not, and pull from their seats. And I do not hesitate paw her ass, as he wanted, clenching and unclenching his bloodshot these rolls and squeezing her thighs and hips. She has got both hands behind his back and put her skirt to the feet, I could not get there, how I did not try. And then I figured out how to get her to tear off his hands. I started the one hand in front and got it behind her neckline shirts ... Oh my God! That was the chest! Cut was so deep that I easily slipped in there and picked up her left boob. It was so big and heavy that I felt an irresistible desire to take her in his mouth. But she was back to me ... She decided that I am now a squeeze her breasts and tore her hands from skirts .... I did just that and should be. I abruptly pulled his hand out of her shirt with both hands and lifted the hem of her skirt on her back, leaning on her full weight. Now I could do with it what he wanted. I squeezed her ass with both hands and began to knead, squeeze it. She struggled squeezed his legs, so that I do not slipped further. It has brought me. I pressed her ass to him and leaning back, rubbing became a member of her ass ... She spun as she could, but I was just a plant ... I felt that a little more, and I'm finished. And then I had an idea. And why not bring everything to the end?
I grabbed the elastic band of her panties and pulled down. She gasped and struggled clung to her panties, not to give them to me to pull down. The struggle continued for a long time. Sometimes I was able to hold out until mid-ass panties, but again and again they pulled up, covering the most expensive ... Ozverev I pulled the rubber band, a little girl will not break in half. Lumps pants fell to the floor. She howled and rushed out of my hands, and I have to unbutton his pants. At this point, we have highlighted the station lights. We drove up to the platform ...
Output has been on the right side, and people crowded right out of my back, my blood pressure relaxing. She pushed me hard and flew on to the platform in a crumpled white skirt. She ran to the opposite side. Looking around ... I did not need to go to the station, but at the last moment, I still rushed. I could no longer stop. It was some kind of stupor ... But go for it, I could not, she could call the police. I hid behind a pillar. She stood, trembling, clutching her skirt to her thighs with both hands.
Now she was without panties, and any breeze would show it to everyone all the details ... On the other side of the train approached, and a second skirt still jerked up, showing me her naked ass. Others did not notice anything.
I rushed after her and literally sinking into the crowd, rushing after her. In the car it was as bright as day ... She swept into the corner, to the door on the other side, where there is no escape, and where you can not lean. I struggled to get close to it, forced his way through the crowds of people, but because of the crowd, I was still far away. I saw her face. She could hardly keep back the tears, panting. His hair was mussed her, lower lip trembling. Some guy was standing behind her, even knowing that it faces little girl with a bare ass and is pulled up her skirt ... No, let it happen, I could not. At the next stop, I crept closer to her. A hefty guy would not let go further, and to the left was a fat man with a newspaper. I thought it was the best cover I did not find it! She was almost relieved when she felt his hand on my ass. She jerked, tried to hold her skirt, but I did not care anymore. I abruptly pulled her skirt up and closely pressed against her bare ass. With his free hand I unbuttoned his pants and taking out a member, began to poke them in her ass. She writhed, jerked, but the big man and the fat man shoved her on both sides, so that it does not interfere with them. The girl suddenly let go of his hands and burst into tears, and I felt a member advantage of the moment treasured hole and ran it into the ...
It was a dream. My cock was in paradise ... warm coveted girl lunging again, tossed, twisted ass in every direction, but I gripped her by the naked chubby thighs methodically spitted on a member. One hand I moved behind her neckline and again squeezed her big beautiful breasts, the other holding that does not tear ... Her ass was soft, unparalleled, beautiful, soft ... My cock and stood there inside, slamming deeper and deeper ... A little more, a little more ... I was shaking in my temples pounding blood ...
Station ... Her appearance coincided with the first hot jet, bryznuvshey a girl from my brandzboida ... Then another, another ... She went limp. And I finished it as I wanted to ... The train stood up, threw the people, and the girl slipped a member burst out and ran away. I managed to cover his penis backpack and have him with great difficulty, buttoned his pants, and then sat down on the dirt floor, his back against the wall ... there were people around, but I have not seen. I was driving with his eyes closed, feeling that the dream came true in my life ... I went, not knowing where. At work I still have hopelessly late ....
His wife's mother is generally accepted blame. And so they say it is, and syakaya bitch in general, to live the way and do not interfere in family affairs in. But I, like my mother in law.

Yet, at our wedding, when I asked her to dance, clapped all drunk, and was told that I cunning man, I know how a mistimed challenge to his mother, ulestit it to please her. And, though my attention to it very much. Only dancing with her, I noticed that she pressed me too tightly, as if I were her, and not her daughter get married. And I'm man windup, in addition, forward, can not wait, when my newfound wife in bed together find ourselves, where I finally will take her soul, as it should, sobyu his long-tormented me sexual desire.

A mother-in-law, as if sensing this, stronger rubbing against me with your seductive full hips, hugging them tightly before that I literally feel the bulge of her pubic area. In addition, she is a beautiful woman, is still in full juice. Helen My twenty-four, and she was thirty-nine, because she gave birth to her little girl and the age of fifteen.

- What does patience not? - Suddenly she asked.

I nodded. Not to say it is that I have the desire to end breaks.

- Come on, I'll help you - just as quietly she says. And we quietly dived through the open bedroom door.

- Come on, just faster - it hurries, setting the stage for me, in maloprimetny nook behind the cupboard and lifted up her skirt, pulls his pants.

I, from this even shook. He saw her dark slit, and all instantly forgotten. Quickly she pulled out a member and stuck to it. Mother-in-law leaned against the wall, legs wide apart, and I stand between them and planting, that is urine.

- Oh, and have you got a great big cock - she whispers softly, podmahivaya me. - You Take care of Lenka, and then the first time you turn away from it themselves.

- Well, dear mother-in-law, I am sure I will consider it.

And she, as the water looked.

We went, we Lenka in bed, I quietly with her panties to go down and try to insert, and we have nothing. Tortured, tormented, somehow still planted. It teeter under me, then moans, even teeth in pain squeaks. In general, no buzz we had not received.

In the morning she goes to work because she had to urgently finish the annual report, and I stayed home. It appears in a bedroom mother-in-law and reproachfully shaking his head.

- What zyatek, I could not tolerate? Well, just did not happen, to retreat from it, would give her a little break, and then all would be repeated, look, and to work out, and you rudely broke into it. Lenka came frowning eyes from me hide, see, she is dissatisfied with the first night.

- It did not happen with us as follows - I guiltily admitted.

- Do you know that I'm even happy. But we with you yesterday, turned out so well! Maybe, until we are alone, repeat? You gently pat Lenka well apologize to her, tell me, let rest is on you, depart slightly from the shock. You do not worry about it, without that things do not stay. At this time, I will replace it.

Saying this, she took off her robe and climbed into bed with me. Oh, and smart woman! That's who I soul, to the full extent, averted.

She's legs up, spreading widely, and between them a plump, hairy slit with invitingly discovered labia. I'm standing on the floor and up to the eggs to drive it, but I admire myself, my cock slides in the ring of her lips.

- Oh, the sweet teddy bear and you're a man! There would be a little younger, you would certainly have led him from his Lenka.

- Yes, I'm not against it. I like you too crazy like you, as a woman. As if on purpose, you have created for me. Tyutelka, the nose, approaches.

- Misha, my dear, so nothing prevents us to enjoy each other, Helen is moving away from the shock. So do not worry.

With Lena, we gradually in bed to get by, but with the mother, we were best friends. She is constantly ready to replace a daughter.

This is my wonderful mother-in-law. And you say that the mother-in-law is bad
All the guys as people, and at the Shred, my guy, kalatushka such that the mare be frightened. Though I was only a fourteen short years, I no longer a virgin. Hymen still in the cradle eaten flies. The other guys at once, on the first day does not give. What am I, what a damn! Shreds But I fell in love with, even on the dance floor. When he started kissing my neck passionately, I somlela that already inflated pants. Then, when he began to touch me, I hung about his neck, eyes closed, do with me what you want! Tsytski my small, both in one of his paws are placed. He crushed them to me, pinched, twisted nipples everything, so I'm already beginning to moan with pleasure. Then he threw me on the grass. Bulk, heavy, smell of wine and cigarettes, broad chest, breathing often. I do not let go of his neck, and he fumbles big hands, her skirt lifted me up to the navel. I told him:
- Tolia, do not, do not!
And she raised her ass, so it was convenient to pull the pants off me. Prior to his knees, he pulled them to me, and then I myself, like a snake crawled out from the skin. Girth legs around his waist, zhmus him all his skinny body, and he unzips his fly and something there for a long time digging. Then, as the presses hurt me between the legs. I like ZAOr:
- What are you, my knee shove?
Hands clasped, and then, for the second time, really obostsalas. Immediately herself did not believe - that this club! No, not that very long, but so fat, that he almost grabbed with both hands. A Tolia:
-Not stsy schA go down! - And continues to shove it to me. Hands holding me tight, more and he leaned over the body - to escape, I can not, but entreat him plaintively:
- Tolechek, darling, let me go, what you want to do for you, my dear, I beg you. Mom, Mom, save me!
I feel I have no more strength, now it will tear me. The head has already begun on tihu meddle with my same skins. Ivy on my same Mosley - it hurts! Straight bone pushes me, something already in the coccyx is already bursting.
Yet he felt sorry for me, turned on his back:
-In the mouth take the bitch, if you can not like human beings!
I do not need to be told twice, slid down, and let's masturbate with both hands, sucking and licking his tongue unwashed mudya. Fingers in their soaked and tickle Tolikinu ass between the legs. Eggs him like a dog licking. Sit astride it, poezzhu, I rub it on their log plucked and lick again. Like his pursed her eggs, it was he there for them to tick and shrink, I opened wide my mouth, lips pressed to prick and let's swallow molofi. I lick every drop.
-Pacifier you good! - Shreds praised me. - Will my baba.
In the morning I had one solid bruise between his legs, gubesi swollen razlezlis in hand, in all skin bright red, wet, hot steel povylazili out and hang like a turkey's nose. Popisyat sat down - I can not hurt. Well, I think, so it was, if the Shred could still get on my bald? I saw the nurse what raskoryaku I go:
-What blyadina again all night eblas through the village!
Grid grabbed a nail and thighs me thighs. Caught by the hair, she lifted her skirt, Header my ass. I cringed all over, closed her eyes,
-Mom, do not hit, I will not, Mom, I'm sorry!
Net whistled, I'm already logged in pain or scream, or I can not breathe, like fish catching breath. Legs jerk, his eyes darkened. Then the nurse again how zhiknet mesh, me and burst - so screamed, a neighbor recently cut a pig - so that is not screaming.
-Here, you slut, earn!
Then he stopped, could see between my legs dark blue sinyachische, the size of a bicycle saddle and began to roar loudly:
-Dochushka, who is it you so? Oh! Zgvaltavali, snasilnichali donku my!
In the hospital he dragged me to the doctor. I resisted, did not want to go, but is against my trample Nurse? On all noisily hospital that donku snasilnichali and broke everything inside.
Dry wiry old man - the doctor showed me the shiny cuttlefish:
-Take off your clothes below the waist and climbs over here.
I stand and do not move, and the nurse gently pushing me in the back:
- Go, go, Fear not, good doctor, do not hurt.
Yes, not a fool, I know that these have to slingshot leg put. It's a shame something like, like this be turned inside out and show all their nakedness. With peers is not a shame, not for nothing that I
The beach was crowded as always, periodically met the same single boys and girls like me. Finding more or less a free piece of hot sun sand I settled and began to undress. Undressed, I instantly rushed to the water and we sailed from accumulated weight bathers began to swim on his back enjoying the sun and cool water. Plenty naplavatsya, I went to the beach and lay down on the hot sand. I began to examine the entire beach, special attention was attracted little girls, who every now and then flashed before my eyes in their bathing suits, emphasizing all the beauty of their young bodies. From so many half-naked girl's body tensed, my friend and for some time I was lying on my stomach that this phenomenon does not attract the attention of others. For even some of the time I was half asleep enjoying the sun.
I woke up from the fallen on my back drop of water. Looking up, I saw that the sky was dark and the clouds in the distance thunder. The beach had few people and left in a hurry leave it. I quickly got dressed and made his way to look for a place to take shelter from the weather. Home run nebylo sense, the rain was beginning to pour more and more. To pass the way, I decided to go through the plantations, but already there to find shelter from the weather. I easily slipped through a hole in the fence and went to the forest plantation. Meanwhile, the rain has turned into a real downpour. Lilo and dogs. Within seconds I was soaked to the skin. Suddenly I saw a silhouette in front of the girls. My heart pounded furiously in my head flashed the thought - what if now it skhatit and Zavolochye in forest plantations, but already there is fun (although it would be just polapat). I was sure beznakazonnosti this Diyanov, as, indeed, I'm on the beach it does not know me, see me in a shower it is unlikely to be able to hardly ever go, preferring to go with friends to a better, albeit more remote.
Finally deciding to do this, I added step, and razed to her, took her by the arm. She stopped and turned around (on the form she was 13 years old), tried to pull away, but I held her tightly. In her eyes was fear. She tried to scream, but the rain fell with such force that it hopes that its someone ulyshit was not. I dragged her into the forest plantations, she unsuccessfully tried to escape. Finding the right place, I threw her to the ground and fell on her. She had stopped struggling and just prayed that, so I let her go.
- Shut up and do not rock the boat! Then leave here girl! - I shouted threateningly at her.
With trembling hands I spent on her topic, felt her breasts, which were quite large for her. I pulled off her shorts and she was in shorts from the swimsuit. I ran his hand between her legs and through the fabric felt folds of her pussy. My cock from these sensations instantly come into the firing position. I ordered her to remove her top and she bit her lip obeyed me. I held her hands over her wet from rain the body from the waist to his chest and began to knead them lingered. Then I began to caress her breasts with his lips. I was on top of bliss. Then I styaul her panties to ankles and knees spread her lovely legs. I began to drive his hand over her wet from rain (or she began to be excited by my caresses?) Cat. She became hyperventilate. Realizing that this may be the only time that I can carry out all their erotic fantasies, I decided to try something that I beheld in the countless pornographic films and images, namely, to caress her pussy tongue. Leaning over her, I licked her pussy, then focused on her clit. Now she did not resist, furthermore, she spread her legs even wider, and she began cautiously, so that I did not notice, fondle her breasts (she means Narva everything that happens!). After a while, she shivered, she stiffened, then relaxed spread her arms and panting lay with his eyes closed. Meanwhile, rain was not going to subside. I took off his swimming trunks, and all but vzgromazdilsya it. Until then it was a pleasure to touch his body with hers. I decided poschelovat her lips and instead of protest I have received an answer to his kiss. She hugged me with his hands and a few minutes we were kissing. I could not hold back the rising tide of excitement and throwing off from itself smelting I began to drive his strained tools on her breasts. Very quickly, I reached orgasm and jet of sperm hit her in the chin, the next in the face, then on his chest ... Completely later, I fell to the ground next to her and for a while we were lying motionless. Turning his head to the side, I again began to treat her slender body. Catching his breath, I felt a new rush of blood to his body. I knelt in front of her body and began again greedily caressing her charms. I felt that she was excited and start again, though I promised to leave her little girl decided to still try to fuck her. I knelt between her legs and placed it so that its kitty was in close proximity to my friend.
Apparently, she knew what I was getting at, but did not resist, on the contrary, when I became the head of his penis to drive along the folds of her vagina, she (!) Sent him to the right place. I began to gently apply pressure to the tool and pochuvtvoval barrier. I began to increase the pressure on the penis. She cried out and my dick is almost the most eggs immersed in it. I held my breath. I paused for a while, and then began carefully to drive them back and forth. She breathed heavily and began podmahivat my ass Ben. From such a strong tide excitement felt that will soon be over, and the last 7 seconds became a breakneck pace nasazhivt it to your count. It has become almost a scream, and I, as much as possible, drove dick in her CIMS and we both finished. I collapsed on her and we both could not catch my breath. After lying for about 5 minutes, I hugged her and we kissed. Rain subsided, I quickly pulled on all the pigs, and things quickly, not looking back ran out, leaving her lying on the ground.
Fortunately the boy was wiry and strong.
After receiving the pay, the father brought home another passion. All evening they drank, and then expelled from the room Kohl. Breathless at the keyhole, he eagerly watched, as a father, panting hard, ripped off the clothes with a dead drunk girlfriend and filled up on a hard sofa. When the voltage reaches the limit, Kohl ran to the bathroom and indulged in unrestrained rukobludstvu.
One day, when the parent was changing, the doorbell rang. On the threshold was an activist of the school parents' committee. This forty-year woman famous for the fact that the successful zhenila on themselves known, and very elderly politzhurnalista. In his patronage Nina Yakovlevna soon made a good career - joined the party and settled down to work in the district committee.
As it turned out, the guests had to check the conditions in which students live. As she walked through the apartment, fanning herself with disgust gloves, Kohl looked askance her body, especially the legs and chest, swaying under the thin imported blouse - dimensionless, like two ripe watermelon and still strong. Suddenly, the phone rang again. Opening the door, Nick saw a ragged gypsy.
-Hazain, give vodychki drink - he whined.
At this time, Nina Yakovlevna already started to leave. Seeing a richly dressed lady, gypsy immediately changed his tactics:
-Auntie, let kopeechku, three days did not eat hlebushka belenkogo ...
Pretending not to hear, Nina Yakovlevna swam past. But the cunning lad, whining grabbed her hands grimy dress.
-Boy! Stop immediately! Disgraceful what! - Woman waved her hands and pushed extortionist. Slipping, he flopped onto the floor. Nina Yakovlevna crossed the threshold and angrily shut the door. Suddenly Coley earned brain with terrible force. He hissed:
-Hey, Budulay dime to make you want ?! Then blow away. That's not the door! The window on the fire escape. And that you are no longer seen, I understood?
Startled patsanenok shoved a coin in his mouth and, like a little monkey, quickly disappeared. Kostya pulled out of the Bank's portfolio of red carcasses and poured it into the hallway. Then he rushed into the bedroom, threw on the floor a couple of pillows and covered them with a blanket.
Representative of the parents' committee, he was overtaken on the second floor.
-Nina Yakovlevna, you killed him! - Choking he blurted.
-What nonsense? Who? - Puzzled woman raised her eyebrows.
-Well, this gypsy! You shoved him, he hit his head and that ... Pomer ...
-What ... What are you talking about? !! - Nina Yakovlevna, skipping over steps rushed back. Of entry into the apartment, she saw on the floor
And they began to play hide and seek, I would like that my goal would be looking for, but I saw that she broke the rules and ran to the pond. I followed her, put on a mask he bought in the children's store, stole a Zadie took out a knife and passed away it to her neck, his other hand covered her mouth charming, and said to her:
- If you scream, I will cut your face, and you're sure to leave davolno until answer my questions with a nod. Clear?
She said that it is clear. When asked if she wakes krechat. She said she would not. I let go of her mouth took it further, podoschel to a fallen tree, she "embraced" his hands. I svezal her hands on her wrists.
- Can you respond to words, just quietly.
- understood
- Perhaps you dagadyvaeshsya that now is?
I looked into her eyes, and saw how they were drops of tears ...
- Yes, I know that now is.
- You're watching porn?
- Yes.
- You devstvenitsa?
- Yes.
- You suck dick?
- No.
I was sorry for her, but the fact that I questioned it, and posture, her ass ... I'm very excited.
I asked her where the fuck. I heard a gasp, and saw tears in her Pokatilov clean face. I said. What if she does not answer, I'll have it in both, as well as a condom I do not have, and I do not want that to such beauty zabremenila, play the virgin, and I do not want to vomit. She's thinking said that according to the ass. I smiled and okuratno potselaval her lips.
I went to her with Zadie said that she bent down, and she just did as I told you, put his hands on her waist, rastegnul her belt, button jeans, pants, and slowly pulled off her jeans. Below them were the panties, not erotic, which in my view and should Nashita devstvenitsa that Mauger and masturbated, but not nekak had experience in sex, even with your friends. Letting pants as jeans to Cullen, and kissed her left cheek, she shuddered. and I ... I felt tokoe fun !!! I started to kiss her ass uprguyu. Then I spread her buttocks and nachallizat her plump ass, I licked it, wetting svey saliva, what would it nebylo it is very painful. A little lick, seemed to me that the taste of it was very sweet, I podoshol to her face, she crouched down and kissed her, and said:
- You saw suck?
- Yes.
- Now, my beauty, you take my cock vrot, you like it. I do not want to humiliate you or anything, but if you do it nesmazhet Sway saliva it will be much harder.
I got up and took his gun, patted her on the head and asked him to try.
It was something !!! I directed her actions, and I think she liked it, but I liked it !!! She oblizavala him from the eggs to head, from head to eggs zaglatovala polnostyuon it gets wet. She released him, and I asked her to suck like it or not, and received the answer that she liked, then I told her that she was sucking on that I finished it in his mouth. I was at the peak of udavolstvie, and for a long time could not resist ... I have finished as never finished during masturbation. I told her that she would glatala all the sperm, but she do neudolos seed poured through the corners of the mouth. a few seconds it glatala then I vytashil it out of her mouth, wiped it with his handkerchief and kissed. Then he said that it should be bydet again in a few minutes. I went up to her ass, and it all flowed. I held his hand on the small of her lips. The hand was all wet, I decided to develop her anus. Insert one finger, he underwent davolno good about his back, here and added a second, while she softly cried. I crawled under her ipotselaval her pussy and began licking, tongue slipped into her vulva nutria, licking clit sucking it and soon her body tensed, and she came.
My friend, has become solid. I podoshol to her face, kissed her on the lips and stuck his penis in her mouth. Sucking it even better than the first time, I almost did not finish, but it took time, I do not if she wanted izmatat me, that would not have the strength to try her ass ??? No sweetie this hole.
Once again, I began to lick her ass. I licked it and inside it was great, but when I was sufficiently moistened her hole, I put a his penis to her anus. From the first time I was in it was not included, I whispered in her ear that she would feel relaxed. And she followed my advice. I pushed and went into it, it will still hurt, as she cried. I nedvigalsya that would not cause any pain to her that she had grown accustomed to maemu piston, and began to caress her hand vlagalishe. I began to move, and a few movements she began to moan, moan with pleasure. I could not myself more sderzhevat, I gave enjoyment, animal lusts. I started working piston more sharply and quickly. forcing it into her ass for the most eggs. I finished after my sperm ceased to beat Fantans in her ass, she finished. I was standing with his hands on her waist, and the cock in her ass. It was in a daze, panting, and she was breathing too often, quietly RESOLVED.
I took out my pepper and wiped it from the sperm and the contents of her intestines, FIHM wiped her ass from his sperm and her vlagalishe. Then I removed the cock and started to just feel her ass, led by her hand. I was in shock ecstasy that even at first did not hear her voice, she tried prevlech my attention Tipo Prastio words, Sorry, lad. It was funny. I turned around and asked her name, her name was Maria, Maria. I asked what she wants, and I'm surprised by the response, she said time and said that ten she should be at home, her mother worried. Looking at my watch it was five to ten hours and ten minutes. The last time I slapped her on the ass, and put on her panties and jeans, fasten her belt. I kissed her one last time, because most likely we will not see, and otvezal her hands. She stood otrehnulas, and I looked at her, she came over and kissed me ... and then turned and ran quickly to the door, I saw how she met with her friends, and they were gone. For five minutes I looked after them, and all of a sudden call. I looked down, her mobile lying around my feet, I no longer wait for when to call, and looked up the number.
It was not our last meeting ...
The train was going south ...
Love Hikolaevna sat at the window of his compartment and gpustnaya pastepyannaya. She did not want to do, ve.pnites', she did not know where her to start her trip. Everything happened so suddenly that the woman has not yet sobpatsya thoughts and ppivesti them in order of magnitude. For once the husband let her go to the south without him. It happened first been for seven years suppuzheskoy their life. Of course, we can not say that love is always so Hikolaevna pvalas somewhere vypvatsya one. Pposto always have coincided with her husband leave and they never pazluchalis. But tepep Vladimir found a new ppibylnuyu flawless functioning as speak out
He came into the room a charming girl of 18-20 years. That such girls placed in men's magazines.
-Sit down, Lyudochka professor Luda sat in a chair, make yourself at home. Would you like a wine professor prepared uncorked the bottle, I know a great connoisseur of wines.
-No, it is not necessary, said Luda, I came to talk to you again. -Vidno Was that she greatly embarrassed, her face has not lost its freshness child, but it was no longer a child, but a young beautiful woman with sfrmirovavsheysya figure.
-I do not understand what we say. In my opinion, everything is so clear.
-Professor understand this test is very important for me. If you do not put me to pass the ball, you can break my life. My parents will kill me.
-I know, dear Lyudochka professor took her by the hand, so you came here and became a professor gently stroke her wrist, you are clever, so do everything I tell you.
-But the professor-in girl's eyes reflected the fear of something that you suggested, badly. I will never go for it. When I said that it is ready to do everything for you, I mean ... I'm more willing to pay.
The professor smiled contemptuously. The girl thought she saw no smile and grin predatory beast.
-Honey, do you think that money has any meaning for me. Money-trash. Much more pleasure I will take the memory of the humiliation of thine professor felt that she was trembling, you're nervous, Lyudochka, he again went to you, you can play the virgin?
Luda blushed and lowered her eyes.
-No ... I have a boyfriend, and I love him very much.
-Then I do not understand what you're stubborn professor began to stroke her knee.
-Well, you're old, said Luda, ostranyaya his hand-ugly, to the same bald. I could never do that to you ... You are disgusting to me.
-Do not annoy me, professor walked away from the girl and sat down on the sofa you force one not forced to come here. The door is open. You can go.
-Orest Vasilievich, excuse me, in the view of a girl reading a prayer-I should not say that.
-You have two options, the girl was a professor ruthless ever you now undress or ubuy fuck out of here.
Lyudochka started, she did not expect to hear such words of Professor.
-Man you or a pet? -chut Tears she said.
-Undress dear.
Luda knew that before it is not the charming professor, whom everyone respects, and his other half, hidden from prying eyes.
-I say take off your clothes.
Most likely, this was half its present face.
On this second life no one knows, there is no Oksana, Oksana dies a week. What would she waits offensive this week to the beginning she just stretched string, touch and vzvoet. But the girl is suffering, and now comes the long-awaited moment, fall silent mother's footsteps in the stairwell. All freedom !!! During school hours little worse, we have to return to the sleepy state at the time of lessons, but it's summer and it is completely free. Mother always leaves about eleven at night, the street was dark and no one in the yard. You can easily change clothes and go out without fear of being recognized.
Left to itself, restless, precocious, a girl of ten years from the start of exercise insatiable interest in all sorts of adventures. Her and attracted to dangerous places, construction sites, basements, attics. After her mother punished her a couple of times during these trips, she realized that just need to be more secretive and did not come across. All trips accompanied by her loyal friend Nina, but after they almost took away his legs from a group of adolescents she was frightened, began to take time off and Oksana was alone. Street girl, she knew what to do with it, if caught, the same young people, the homeless, or any kind of perverts visiting the places where she loved to walk. But it was the fear of what it can do and the urgency of the situation was the basic of these attacks.
She pulled away by tram to the outskirts of the city, chose the right place, hiding in the bushes or somewhere else or whether. There, she took off her panties, skirt tightened higher, as much as possible to expose the feet. She knew they were her very beautiful and tidy, have already started to gain weight, ass attracted attention of men. short
Now you get it. Yes, some.
The attempt was futile escape.
- Listen you, masseuse! Now I untie and then ...
- What then? - Insinuating woman asked, stroking my legs. - Fuck? Come on, I'll do it myself. You will like it, I assure you.
Her hands reached the member who treacherously rose.
- Let go of me, whore!
- And you will not behave yourself, you will be engaged in the session after a few ladies. Great dreamer, I must say.
- Hey, come on, - I tried to speak calmly. - There is somewhere near my wife. She probably already looking for me in their offices.
- Oh yeah, my wife - Amazon broke into a charming smile, - I have just had the honor to get to know your spouse. Wonderful shape and temperament of what .... I do not think that it will be looking for you. Busy now thy wife, and available any time soon. Many who want to learn more about it.
In my temples pounding, dick stiffened, however, even more.
- What do you mean?
- Do not you understand? You want details?
- Speak!
- Do you remember the doctor, Semen Abramovich?
- I remember. The old man in his late fifties, belly like a watermelon, terrible like Quasimodo.
- Well, he wanted to Tatiana yours. Yesterday we drank coffee with him because he told me so wistfully says,
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