Output is good because it can afford what denied on other days. It begins so that you can sleep as much as you want, and what I use. Then everything goes quietly and slowly, and the current issue of the type of breakfast and clean the room discreetly conceal the time. But there comes a time when in front of you opens a large selection of what to do next. I found myself in this position around noon. Here also I remembered that today Trainer asked her priyti.Konechno, wanted to lie or go for a walk, or, in extreme cases, play music and read. However, the opportunity to be a girl had its advantages. So extortion recent fluctuations in the direction of idleness, I went to meet me gosti.Adari vigorous activity. It has already been collected exit. In a beige trouser suit, makeup and hairstyle laid Trainer looked ledi.- this passage. Today we have a lot to do, - she warned me srazu.- What happened? - I. We will alert you sooner legalizovyvat.Vse not understand. Seeing that I am at a loss, Adari became obyasnyat.- In this world you - Valentine, and you have the relevant documents. That's right - Konechno.- As Valentin for your documents you can have a relationship with official organizations that they nuzhdayutsya.- I have all the documents and birth certificate ... - For you now this is quite enough, but Valya officially does not exist. She is right. I can not, being Valrisoy use certificates and certificates Valentina.- We are ready to organize your image of a girl with a high social level, which will go out into the community and make the necessary contacts. You will have property and wealth. But all of this requires you to be registered here and had the documents. That's what we zaymemsya.- Yes I'm only sixteen, what other documents - no one does not know how many years of Valais. So add it parochku.- Is it possible -? Have all agreed. It is necessary to take photographs and meet with someone, and you're not ready yet. Even Valley not stal.- I forgot about etom.Adari descended on me with his activity as lavina.- Come into the room, and then - in the shower dush.- And why? - I ask I. doomed Valya still neat girl - smiling Adar pushing me to komnate.Vot so did not have time to cross the threshold and have to listen to the hints in the thick obstoyatelstva.Prevraschenie require a lot of moral costs, as I practice was not enough, and yesterday I felt Valentin more than ever - Oksanochka tried. I had to strain, but I moved to the image Valrisy.Ya listened to him. Strangely, for some reason, I do not really feel like a little girl, although the body is the same. Previously, everything changed immediately. What happened? The body of a girl's room Valrisy, Man clothing. We undress and hide our dear Roller out of sight. I have to be a girl, otherwise there will be lining and I go publiku.Halatik found in the closet. I wore it on the naked body, and finally felt like it. His men's clothes folded pile and shoved into the far corner. Procedure. I looked in the mirror. Beauty. Here are just a hair out of order. It is necessary to do hair. We'll have to start from scratch as last raz.Dush it turned out the way and I came out refreshed. Trainer was still at home, and I went to my dry hair. Sitting on a chair in front of a mirror, a hair dryer and set to work. It turned out badly. Most likely it is necessary to turn out the habits and skills, and this means we must often prodelyvat protsedury.- like you have? - I asked Adari.- Sushus - I told ey.- Vizhu.Ona came, took the hair out of my hand and started on my head. Under her skillful hands hair ordered and received the amount, so it was nice smotret.- Now let's have decided kosmetikoy.Adari justify his appointment my mentor. She made me the most to paint themselves. My clumsy attempts to constantly adjust it, correcting the excess, the shortage of a cosmetic product applied to my hand. Ends pointing beauty Adari herself, but I realized something, and the next time I can do myself. The great thing - practice. A new feature for me was pointing fingers at my manicure. My first reaction was negative. I've never done this, and the idea that all of this will be, when I'm back cushion, shocked me. But the mentor does not argue, I already knew. She sawed nails and neat strokes caused lacquer. While the new acquisition to dry, Adari pulled out of the closet the next set of clothes. Dress it also made me very. There has been less of a problem. Panties covered sex, stockings fitted a leg, dress lay close to the body. Bra was absent, because they do not fit the dress. It opened up my back, stomach tucked in the front, two tapered strips used to be covered breasts that go for the neck. As a result, I felt almost naked, but when Mistress put me in front of the mirror, she saw that the dress gives a strong effect, especially in sexual terms. Before me was a candy, barely covered wrap. I twirled in front of a mirror, looking at himself from different angles, and were satisfied. As I got obuvki sandals with high heels. A few straps hardly concealed foot and open for everyone to see the leg in stockings, which further attracted attention. In general, everything was directed at the fact that I was attractive and sexy, and so as not to stand out my young age. The final touch was a perfume that gently Adari caused me to various places, including in which I did not even ozhidala.- Now you're ready - summed Trainer. - You could even wear earrings - but seeing my sad face, she added. - Next. We're wheeling over chasa.A I did not notice that ran time. All this fuss with coloring and guided marafeta takes a lot of time. It is understandable why women do not have time to get together quickly. Adari brought two bags. One gave me, but the second took a cell phone and dialed nomer.- skills. Pulls. Five minutes? Horosho.Srazu second zvonok.- Peter is Sonya. Thank you. I hope that agreement remained in force. Of course. We will soon come. Before vstrechi.Ya also considered a new thing. It was a small women's handbag made of leather with a lock in the form of a heart, on a long thin strap. Inside it was pustoy.- Why did she me? - I asked I. 'You're a woman, - suggested Trainer. - Put back the necessary ... What veschi.- - which you may need. Handkerchief, comb, lipstick, powder compact with a mirror ... it ... the money ... - she took out of her purse and two bills passed mne.Dve hundred. I-old did not have that kind of money in the hands. In my daily life, I dispensed by the pocket money, which gave parents. And they could not afford so much. So I learned to balance their needs with available resources. Now I was once again at a loss: "What to do with them?" And from that kind of money in Adare that it can afford to trust the girl two hundred - Here's your cell phone - she gave me another phone?. - There's already got my number, so you can contact me at any time. Poshli.Ya quickly threw in her purse listed things and followed Adari. Where to put her purse? He threw the strap over his shoulder and dropped her handbag. She clung to the waist and had to hold his hand, as the band strove to slip off the shoulder. With bare shoulders. Feeling naked body and dangling handbag, do not cause feelings of delight, but I have to this privykat.Na street was empty, but I still feel chills on bare skin. Gradually I began to cover the nervous jitters. The first time I went out in such a way, and it seemed that everyone was looking at me, recognizing the roller and pointing the finger at this phenomenon. The terrible state, even despite the fact that I tried to convince myself that nobody knows me and everyone sees a new side of the street turned devochku.So car drove up and stopped us. Adari opened the back dvertsu.- Sit down. The dress does not pomni.Ya climbed into the car, holding the hem of her short dress. Bare knees lifted her up, back immediately felt pile seatback. It is good that they are not leather, but it would immediately stuck and would have to go all the time, leaning vpered.- Good afternoon, Madam, - I greeted the young man at the helm. I recognized him. He was at Zora, when we went there, and he was called Skill. It was he who called for Trainer telefonu.- Good day, - he said ya.Adari sat on the front seat beside Skila.- Hello, Hello Adari.-. Poehali.- Where? - He asked, moving from mesta.- By fotografu.Okazyvaetsya, I will move with comfort. There will be no need to shove in public transport to get to the desired stop, and then from her walk. I will carry like a queen. Why not? My new status of the hierarchy is sufficiently high, at least as compared to Adar, and skill. How high is another question. But this question must be solved in order to know for sure, and not be surprised by the primitive to the other cases. Each position should be to benefit. Then we return to the question about the lack of information about how informatsii.Istochniki Valrisy surrounded my minimum. Or rather just two: Adar, which is not willing to share their knowledge ... and I can ask her badly? We must also know what to ask. The second is Viktor Yushchenko. Here we also have an unclear picture. He wants to get me information about Valrise, and what can I tell? The truth of their situation? Probably it is not worth it. So it should be interested in something else. My message is that Valrisa in this world, he was struck. He obviously did not expect this. Therefore, I have something to share, but you have to be careful. It would not hurt to meet him yet arrived raz.- - notified Skill, parking mashinu.- each one of us can wait - Adari opened dveri.- Obyazatelno.- Valya, go - this is mne.Ya to get out of the car. This area I knew bad couple of times passed. There was a studio. That's where we're going. Adari goes ahead, I followed her wake. Around people. Men throw evaluating and simply curious glances at us. Ugh. Why not? Young, healthy, attractive girl in an open dress, with slim legs, why not take a look. Flattering. So I'm really beautiful and what to pay attention to me, only underlines my appeal. You can be proud of themselves and to take the views of as an estimate krasoty.My went into the studio, where a couple of people were, and the young girl at the table, showing the photos to one of the visitors. Adari immediately drawn toward the shtoram.- One moment, - roused the girl. - Where are you -? We are waiting for - calmly replied Adari. - Peter invited us to probu.- Yes, yes - often just a girl. - Please pass. He waits vas.Kakaya another sample? We need to take a photo for documents. Trainer disappeared behind the door, and I had no choice but to follow her. We were in the studio. The darkness of the room, placed Jupiter, the heavy velvet draperies, tables, chairs, flowers and other working anturazh.Iz corner little room seemed a young man, probably under twenty-five. Adari leaned toward me and whispered: - Peter. Photographer. Very good ... and not just a photographer. I advise you to look prismotretsya.Chto mean? What for? Ask about this I do not uspela.- Hello Sonia. Every time you look in a new way and each time is better predyduschego.- Hello, Peter. This Valea. I'm talking about it you govorila.- You and girlfriend the same charming - he came up to us. Sport-built, self-confident, unfettered, friendly. These men need to please women. Like he told me? Like a man? I have too little experience to be somewhat confident, but the feelings of disgust, I do not feel him. - Good afternoon, Valya.- Good afternoon. You have a beautiful name: Valentina. It reminds us that you can punish and pardon lyubovyu.Temperatura his cheeks rose, signaling the tide of blood to them. I blushed, embarrassed ... by komplimenta.- Eats, pardon, - I remember the dilemma with a comma from the cartoon, which came in handy. At least I thought so pokazalos.- Please accept my gratitude for such a courtesy. I am sure that once you do not indicate that you are beautiful, and the fact that more and photogenic, you know - No - honestly I. Then I had the great honor to open it to you first. Sonia, this is a big mistake, that she does not know about etom.- I know that you can turn the head of some words. But we need to make a very mundane thing - Adari returned us to the goal posescheniya.- Is it fair. We want to create beauty, and we are forced to deal with a simple tirazhirovaniem.- Any pictures can be done with the soul - like Adari.- Of course you can, but it is not aesthetically pleasing. You, valentines, be sure to take a picture ... it is necessary so to show himself freely, uninhibited, to see yourself as you are beautiful. Do you mind? The offer was unexpected. I looked at the tutor to support the search, but she only smiled slyly, giving the opportunity to choose myself. And what would you do? Why life is not straightforward and requires constant choice? How good to go on the same track, and not dwell permanently at a crossroads. Walk and walk without thinking ... The monotony is also not the best gift. Boredom and hopelessness become a companion of life, and then, like manna from heaven will wait for this very junction, which can change your life. I'll be at a crossroads, and bad not meet these branches? All you need to measure. So why not choose it if I did not harm? I and most will look at ourselves storony.- Horosho.- But first, Peter, you make photo for documents, - intervened Nastavnitsa.- inferior to you and look forward to a continuation of - a young man walked to a chair and lowered white screen serves as a backdrop. - Proshu.Ya sat on the proposed site, and leaned on the back. Peter installed the camera, Adari straightened my hair and moved to the side, watching the scene. I have already had a couple of times removed, so I stretched, straightened her shoulders, made a serious expression litsa.- Smile, Valya - asked Peter. - It's not your last fotografiya.Ton, with whom he said, seemed to me ridiculous, and touched my lips smile. The young man seized the moment and flared vspyshka.- Now once again - he reloaded the camera. - And do not be angry at me neither, neither the camera nor a bird that is now vyletit.On really knew how to do their job. I smiled again, which was followed by a new vspyshka.- And the last time - for the third time asked Peter. - We will then choose the most beautiful, and then you just do not give documents - leave as a poster - another flash lit up komnatu.Molodoy person completing dexterous manipulation kameroy.- now turn from the gray of everyday life to the joy of creativity, - he went on to say. - Valya, here you can see the cube down to earth? To approach tuda.Adari glanced at his watch Peter, we do not have much vremeni.- Sonia, you cut me without a knife, - begged the young man I'm just warning you, you have roughly about poluchasa.- Understood, understood. I will do everything quickly and accurately. Valya, help me. I know you have a good serdtse.Poslednyaya tirade made Adari laughed loudly. I, too, was fun. I went to the specified elevation, covered with maroon cloth. Peter already installed osveschenie.- Now we will do a couple of shots of instant photos that you have seen that I do not cheat, and anything carried with them - he took the camera and pointed it at me. - Valya, relax, behave naturally, which is located as you udobno.A that it was natural for me? I myself still do not know, but, established by Peter the atmosphere was light and relaxed. How to behave girl or woman? Will start to show your charming figure, taking the most seductive poses. We behave as we, too, want to show off. I sat on the cube, leaned back, his hands leaning back, crossed her legs. I clicked the shutter and crawled out of the machine box pictures. Peter, looking, gave his tutor, and he began to get menya.- Now we have imprinted side Turn your beautiful head toward me, a little tip ... Well, - click and Adari received the second photo. - Let's change the posture. Lie on lokotochki, fear not, there is enough space. Lift up her pretty foot and put on the cube. Smile ... Well done ... Then indicate photographer, I felt satisfied. A strange feeling, considering that beneath me was a tough surface and abandon the position itself. But she allowed to show my legs. And I was pleased to show them. The third picture came out of the camera. The young man took her hand and waving toward nam.- can appreciate - and he handed me his snimok.Na it, I looked amazing, though now on a magazine cover. Enhancing the feeling of pleasure, it suggests that I do not mind to sit on. Mistress approached, gave me the first two shot, taking in exchange for the latter. In these photos, I looked impressive: from enlistment views sitting on a cube. Нервное возбуждение пробежало у меня по телу.- Вы кудесник, Петя, - выказала свое восхищение Адари.- Образ Вали вдохновляет, Соня. Я сейчас возьму другой аппарат и сделаю снимки, которые будут лучше, чем на этой бумаге. Их можно будет выставлять.- Это вы перебарщиваете, - заметила Адари.- Наоборот, Сонечка - преуменьшаю.- Вместо комплиментов, лучше поторопитесь.- Бегу, - он скрылся в своей комнате.Адари стала поправлять мне прическу.- А тебе нравиться, - заметила она мое состояние.- Угу.- Возбуждает?- Кажется, - я ощущала, как краска заливает мое лицо.- Не смущайся. Ты красива, а возможность продемонстрировать это - всегда возбуждает. От этого только выиграет твоя прелесть. - Слова Наставницы только подлили масла в огонь моего удовольствия.Вернулся Петр, неся две камеры.- А вот и я. Валя, вы готовы показать себя?- Готова, - почти с радостью ответила я, отмечая одобрительное подмигивание Наставницы.- Чудесно. Давайте начнем с нашего постамента, - он указал на куб.Я направилась туда, решая заодно как лучше предстать перед объективом. Вспоминались движения моделей, их позы, взгляды. Получиться ли у меня такое? Я ведь не хуже их? На фотографии я выглядела почти, как и они. Кто мне мешает делать то же самое?Сядем на постамент, колени в бок, руки свободно ложатся на поверхность, наклоним голову… Щелчок. Покажем ножки… Повернемся, сместимся к краешку, ноги расходятся, коленки вниз, голову вверх… Щелчок. Подымем руку, запустим пальцы в волосы, смотрим прямо в камеру… Щелчок. М-м-м… Сядем прямо разведем ножки… Что там у нас видно? Click. Поднимем ногу, поставим на постамент… Интересно, трусики видны или нет? Click. Встаем, повернемся спиной, ногу на куб, поворачиваем голову, пытаемся заглянуть в объектив… Щелчок. Петя смещается, хочет сфотографировать сбоку. We wait. Click. Руки на грудь, голову назад…Щелчок. А-ах… Я действительно возбуждаюсь. Грудь налилась, залезаем обеими ногами на куб, прогибаемся… Щелчок.- Умница, - хвалит меня Петр. - Ты прекрасно чувствуешь позицию. Продолжай девочка.Да я девочка и слегка ...на взводе. Расставим коленки пошире, ручку на талию, вторую на плечо, головка наклонена… Щелчок. Сядем на ножки, рука с талии на коленку… Щелчок. Теперь сдвинемся в сторону, ножки изящно согнуты возле меня. Надо опереться, а то упаду, голову вниз, волосы спадают волной… Щелчок. М-м-м… Вкусно… я еще и сексуальна. Наклоняемся вперед, становимся на четвереньки… Щелчок. Прогибаемся… Щелчок. Подымем ножки… Щелчок. Опускаемся на ноги, руки остаются на месте, и я почти касаюсь грудью пьедестала… Щелчок. От удовольствия, я облизываюсь, медленно… Он успевает подойти и сделать ряд снимков.- Заканчивайте, - доносится голос Наставницы. Я только почувствовала вкус позирования.- Еще несколько кадров, Сонечка, - фотограф не отрывается от искателя.Поднимаемся, сидя на ножках, коленки смотрят в стороны, пальчик в рот, затуманенный взгляд, рука придавливает грудь. А-а-ах…- Ты только посмотри, какая экспрессия. Какая энергия. Валечка, вы никогда не хотели показать свою красоту?- На что ты намекаешь, Петя? - интересуется Адари, подходя к нам. Она обнимает меня за плечи и спускает с куба.- Я говорю о красоте тела. Истинной, всепроникающей, сводящей с ума красоте женского тела…- Какая патетика.- Ты только посмотри, как от нее идет волна женственности, как она хочет показать себя… в естественном виде.- Этого у нее не отнять, - Наставница поглаживает меня по плечу. - А что ты предлагаешь?Я только успеваю переводить взгляд с Адари на Петра.- Я предлагаю попробовать более откровенный фотосеанс, показать всю женственность, энергию, сексапильность, красоту…- Очень откровенные фотографии?- Вы увидите, насколько это будет великолепно. Гарантирую полную анонимность, распоряжаться этими фотографиями будете только вы.- Решать, конечно, Валечке, - и Наставница хитро смотрит на меня, мол «Что ты скажешь?».И когда я научусь не теряться? Адари опять все свалила на меня. Проверяет на сколько я… Сниматься обнаженной…- Вам надо попробовать, Валя, - уговаривает меня Петр. - У вас есть все данные, вам это нравиться, у вас есть желание и вы получаете удовольствие. - Он тоже это заметил. - Вы просто рождены быть настоящей женщиной…В глазах Адари смешинки. Она знает, какая я «настоящая женщина». Мне тоже стало весело от этого замечания. Но ведь мне было хорошо, я хотела показаться, раскрыться… Насколько я раскрепощена в этом плане? А ведь Валентину никто не знает… А раздеться и позировать… М-м-м. От одной мысли об этом по телу пробежала дрожь и отозвалась в паху. А что скажет Наставница? Бросаю вопросительно просящий взгляд на нее, но та лишь… улыбается. Одобряет? Что?- Я… не… против, - выдавила я из себя. Адари моргает, будто поддерживает мое решение.- Вот, - он достает визитку и ручку и пишет на обратной стороне. - Это адрес моей частной студии. Я буду рад вас там видеть… Мы могли бы туда сразу пойти. Я угощу вас по дороге. С вами можно появиться в любом месте и быть в центре внимания.Адари забирает визитку и передает мне вместе с сумочкой. Маленький намек. Открываем сумочку и кладем в кармашек.- Мы сейчас по делам, а вот попозже… Подумаем… - лукаво отвечает наставница.- Вы играете мной, - притворно вздыхает Петр. - Но ради вас я готов терпеть… и ждать.- Дон Жуан. Мы, в самом деле, спешим.В сопровождении молодого человека, выходим из студии. Петр нас провожает до входных дверей.- Соня, вы деспот. Вы прекрасный деспот: как для мужчин, так и для Вали. Дайте ей попробовать вкус настоящего чувства. Валя, вы только расцветете еще больше, вы почувствуете новый вкус жизни…- До свидания, искуситель, - Наставница протянула ему руку. - Надежда умирает последней.- Красоту надо беречь и холить, - Петр поднес к губам кисть Адари и поцеловал пальчики.- До свидания, - в свою очередь протянула я ему свою руку.- Я буду надеяться, что до скорого, - он поцеловал пальцы и мне.Сама я, будучи Валентином, никогда не целовала руку или пальцы, но, увидев как это проделывает молодой человек у Адари, захотелось попробовать… как мне их поцелуют. Мягкое прикосновение губ к коже, тепло губ, сама ситуация и внимание вызвали теплоту в груди. Мне с каждым шагом становилось интересно быть девушкой, красивой и сексуальной. Вернемся ли мы к Петру? Скил вышел из машины и открыл нам двери. Адари посадила меня на задние сиденье и… устроилась рядышком с другой стороны.- К «Бабочке». И побыстрее.- Постараемся, - ответил Скил.- Ты вела себя превосходно, - это уже ко мне. - Ты начинаешь чувствовать вкус секса. Если так пойдет дальше, скоро ты сама сможешь все делать, - она похлопала меня по руке. - Давай, поправим тебе прическу, а то ты ее растрепала.Школьница, которую похвалили за хорошие отметки - вот как я себя чувствовала.- Сейчас мы встретимся с неким Павлом Дмитриевичем. Он должен обеспечить нам разрешение на открытие нашего клуба, но у него есть сомнения по его поводу и его владелицы. Я выступаю в роли твоего агента. Он захотел увидеть тебя, так что будь внимательна и любезна. Понятно?- Да.- Ты у нас выступаешь как Валентина Васильевна Спокусова. Remember Me? - «Без меня - меня же и крестили». - Прости, не было времени, а теперь все пошло по инстанциям. Тебе восемнадцать.- А насколько любезной надо быть?- Это зависит от тебя. You do an excellent job. Будь сама собой, но разговаривать о деле предоставь своему «агенту».- Уяснила.- Сиди, стреляй глазками, и держи ушки на макушке.- Угу.- Ты прелесть. Петр прав - от тебя идет настоящая волна желания.Все хвалят и хвалят, так что самой вериться. Если дальше пойдет так же, то я и не захочу возвращаться к Валику.«Бабочка» оказалась небольшим, но уютным кафе, с раздельными нишами кабинками, где можно было уединиться. Когда мы вошли, Адари осмотрелась и направилась к угловой кабинке. Там находился мужчина в возрасте, по крайней мере, по моим меркам. Он встал, приветливо улыбаясь.- Сонечка. А я вас заждался.- Добрый вечер, Павел Дмитриевич. Простите, мы немного задержались.- Ничего, ничего. Вы не представите мне Вашу очаровательную спутницу?Мужчина, движением руки пригласил нас присаживаться, чем мы и воспользоваться. Мне уже надоело постоянно придерживать сумочку, и я с облегчением положила ее на стол.- Это и есть та самая загадочная Валентина Васильевна. Павел Дмитриевич.- Приятно познакомиться, - одарил меня мужчина взглядом и улыбкой....- Взаимно, Павел Дмитриевич, - ответила я, изображая радость на своем лице.- Мне приятно вдвойне, поскольку такая красивая молодая девушка еще интересуется и инвестициями.Комплименты, комплименты, комплименты… Их приятно слушать, но они бывают такие скользкие… С этим придется смириться, я ведь все-таки девочка, и мне придется их выслушивать на каждом шагу. У меня нет практики по реагированию на эти комплименты, а придется ее набирать и быстро. Если обыкновенная девушка привыкает к своему положению постепенно, то мне надо спрессовать это время в мгновение. Наставница права: чтобы жить в образе Вальрисы и не вызывать у каждого недоумения, мне надо учиться. А как же мне вести себя сейчас? What answer? Попробовать быть девушкой? Надо же набирать когда-то опыт, и сейчас подходящий момент. Надо быть раскованной, естественной, не стесняться. Если что сделаю или скажу не так то можно списать на женскую натуру…- Не только инвестициями, - отвечаю загадочно.- Вот как?Добавим намеков.- Вы сами заметили, что я молода и привлекательна, так что мне интересны и другие прелести жизни.- Приятно слышать, Валентина Васильевна, что женщина остается женщиной в нашем суматошном, насквозь деловом мире.Что может ответить богатая дама? Что деньги - мусор? Инструмент?- Мне нравиться удовольствия, а деньги помогают их получать и надо следить, чтобы они всегда были.Кажется моя тирада вышла за пределы… Как он внимательно на меня смотрит.- Вы правы. За деньгами надо следить, как и за их поступлением.- Меня очень интересует вопрос поступления, - улыбочка оппоненту. - Особенно как женщину.- Я совсем не против обсудить этот вопрос с вами как с женщиной.Намек на что? На вечер при свечах для двоих? И постель как финал романтических отношений? Мне еще рано, надо переводить разговор к Адари.- Было бы приятно. Однако я больше доверяю, когда такие вопросы обсуждают специалисты, - жест в сторону Наставницы. Сколько мне еще выворачиваться самой? К тому же меня начинает поджимать естественная потребность.- Деловой подход. А что же предпочитает обсуждать сама молодая женщина?И в самом деле, что? Вышивку? Наряды? Поэзию?- Есть много тем, которые мне небезынтересны.- Возможно, я смогу их затронуть, особенно если вы дадите мне подсказку о своих предпочтениях.О, черт! Он загоняет меня в угол. У меня только одно предпочтение - поскорее бы ты отстал. Дай ему подсказку. Какую?!! Самому искать надо…- Самое главное чтобы был интересный и умелый собеседник.- Если вы согласитесь уделить немного внимания, то смогли бы оценить мое умение.Все-таки свидание. До каких пределов? Когда и как? Мне не хочется сейчас этим заниматься. Я просто не готова! Наставница как в рот воды набрала. Надо тактично выворачиваться.- Вы меня интригуете.- Вы еще более загадочны.- Моя загадка не так уж и неразрешима.- Я расцениваю это как шанс?- У каждого есть свой шанс.Это уже начинает мне нравиться. Куча недомолвок и попытка завлечь меня. Словесная игра, которая должна окончиться ничем.- Я попытаюсь его реализовать.- Все зависит от вас.- Обещаю привлечь все силы и средства.Надо заканчивать обмен намеками и перевести разговор на деловые рельсы.- Соня, надеюсь, вы сможете договориться с Павлом Дмитриевичем о средствах?Извините, отчества не знаю, поэтому обойдемся фамильярностью. Если уж такой прямой намек не пройдет, то и не знаю что делать.- Конечно, Валентина Васильевна, - вступила в разговор Адари. - Павел Дмитриевич, как видите, мы держим свое слово.Мужчина неохотно оторвал свой взгляд от моей фигуры, чтобы перевести его на Наставницу.- Да, Соня. Предлагаю сделать заказ, пока мы будем беседовать. Что вы будете пить?- Белое вино, - не задумываясь, ответила Адари. Мужчина вопросительно взглянул в мою сторону. Повторить заказ Наставницы? Из всех названий алкогольных напитков я знала несколько марок водки, коньяка, пару названий красных вин и шампанское. Вином мы практически не баловались, отдавая его девочкам.- Шампанское, - выдала я традиционный, по всевозможным произведениям, женский напиток. Не водку же заказывать?Павел Дмитриевич подозвал официанта, с поразительной быстротой появившегося у столика, и сделал ему заказ.- Я так и не понял смысла и цели этого клуба.- Я же вам рассказывала об этом. Это будет двойной клуб, объединяющий две категории населения:. молодежь и так сказать взрослую.- Мне не нравиться совмещение таких понятий как молодежь и стриптиз.- Вы неправильно толкуете понятие «для взрослых».- А как же его трактовать? - удивился мужчина.Мне тоже было интересно. Свои планы Наставница мне не раскрывала, и теперь я могла услышать о них немного. Но меня подпирала другая неотложная проблема.- Молодежь интересуется не только танцами. Многие задумываются о своем будущем. У нас в клубе они смогут познакомиться и общаться с представителями более старшего поколения. Они станут членами клуба, приведут туда своих друзей и будут иметь возможность продвигаться по социальной лестнице внутри клуба.- Это для молодежи, а чем вы привлечете взрослую аудиторию.- Тем чем они увлекаются: общение, уединение, развлечения.- Понимаете, всем сразу будет бросаться в глаза сочетание - молодежь и развлечения… для взрослых.- Это на первый взгляд. Вы знаете, что и у молодежи и у взрослых много общего, особенно в развлечениях?- Не задумывался.- Моя подруга проводила исследования. Хотите, она вам все расскажет в деталях? Она как раз свободна во всех отношениях.Еще один намек. Адари действует по своему плану, со свойственной ей или им, если учесть Зору и компанию, манерой. Кажется, я услышала достаточно, чтобы понять общее направление. Мне надо решать вопрос своего организма.- Было бы интересно выслушать ее, - заинтересовался Павел Дмитриевич.- Сейчас я позвоню ей.- Извините, - вмешиваюсь я. - Мне надо отлучиться.- Вы нас покидаете? - спрашивает мужчина. Адари вопросительно смотрит на меня в манере «Что случилось?».- Нет, что вы, - выдаю смущенную улыбку,... поскольку и самой неловко.- В дамскую комнату? - Наставница оказывает мне своеобразную услугу, заодно напоминая о моем положении.- Да.- Вон там за углом, - участливо указывает мужчина.- Спасибо, - я встала из-за стола и хотела идти искать эту самую дамскую комнату.- Валентина Васильевна. Сумочка, - напомнила Адари.Зачем мне в туалете сумочка? Мне там надо организм разгрузить, а не заниматься инвентаризацией. Но под взором Наставницы хватаю упомянутый предмет.- Спасибо, Соня, - захотелось ей досадить.Отходя от стола, успеваю заметить, как Адари достает свой мобильник.- Я ей сейчас позвоню, - продолжила она разговор с Павлом Дмитриевичем.Мне же надо пройти еще одно испытание. По привычке взгляд тянется к нарисованному человечку в костюмчике и букве «М», но сегодня у меня другая дорога - дверь, в которую я ни разу не заходила в общественных местах. На ней красуется буква «Ж» и стилизованная дама в платьице.С ожиданием неприятностей открываю дверь. Silence. Вхожу и закрываю. Слава богу никого. Большого отличия не наблюдается, правда и сама «дамская комната» не поражает размером, пару кабинок, раковина и зеркало. Я процокала каблуками по кафелю и скрылась за первой же дверцей. Стандартный унитаз. And what do you want? Массаж с подогревом? А как же садиться в облегающем платье? Подымать? Не так все просто. Платье не хочет свободно перемещаться, необходимо стягивать на талию. А оно не помнется? Потом разберемся, у меня давит изнутри. Еще эта сумочка болтается, только мешает. Трусики на бедра и попкой на унитаз. Расслабленность, звук струи и чувство облегчения сливаются воедино.Ух. Одно дело сделала. Промокнем проверенным средством, бумажку в урну, трусики на место, подол вниз. Теперь можно и осмотреться, нет ли складок, но лучше это делать уже не в самой кабинке. Останавливаюсь перед зеркалом и начинаю проверять. Все вроде бы в порядке, никаких явных следов не видно. Зато надо подправить локон. А это не помада размазалась? Сотрем пальчиком.Звук открывающейся двери заставил меня вздрогнуть. Внутри все оборвалось. Вот крику сейчас будет!!!Вошла женщина среднего возраста.- Простите, - она прошла мимо, почти не обратив внимания.Я же девка!!! От расстройства готова ударить себя по лбу. Это мой туалет, и то, что я здесь нахожусь вполне естественно. Quietly. Раз, два, три, вдох, выдох. А теперь вперед. Неспешной походкой возвращаюсь обратно. Адари и Павел Дмитриевич потягивают из бокалов и продолжают разговор. Перед моим местом стоит широкий бокал с золотистой жидкостью - должно быть шампанское.Я усаживаюсь за столик, но Павел Дмитриевич и Адари не прерываются.- Это может быть кажется легким, - говорит мужчина.- Мы всегда готовы помочь, - заверяет его Адари.- Со своей стороны, я сделаю все, что от меня зависит.Я взяла бокал в руку и посмотрела сквозь жидкость на свет лампы у стойки бара. Лучи отразились от пузырьков и замигали яркими звездочками. Я поднесла бокал к губам. Мне нравиться первый глоток шампанского. Он имеет свой особый вкус, не отягощенный алкоголем и кислинкой.- Этого вполне достаточно.- Хотелось бы все-таки иметь гарантии.- Мне кажется, что вы имеете уже гарантии.Разговор протекал в той же манере. Для меня он не имел смысла, так как я не понимала о чем идет речь. Поэтому я переключилась на шампанское и рассмотрение обстановки. Обзор был ограничен стенками нашей кабинки. Но в поле зрения, находилась половина стойки бара, и одинокий парень, потягивающий коктейль через соломинку. Я следила за ним и отпивала по глоточку из бокала, оставляя на стеклянной поверхности след от помады.- А вот и моя подруга, - возвестила Адари.К нам подошла на вид молодая женщина, одетая в жакет, под которым была блузка, и облегающую юбку почти до колен с разрезом на боку. При каждом шаге разрез позволял увидеть ее бедро обтянутое нейлоном. Мужчина, не скрывая любопытства, рассматривал ее. Большие очки и папка в руках создавали ей образ школьной учительницы или ученого. Надо заметить, что это было миловидная ученая.- Леночка, познакомься, пожалуйста, с Павлом Дмитриевичем.- Добрый вечер, - произнесла она тихим грудным голосом.- Приятно познакомиться.- Как я говорила, он хочет ознакомиться с твоими исследованиями по совместимости пристрастия различный возрастных групп к развлечениям.- О, это очень интересная тема, - женщина подсела к нам за столик. Она положила папку на стол и обратила все свое внимание на Павла Дмитриевича. - Если у вас найдется время, я вам покажу кое-какие интересные моменты…- С удовольствием, Лена. Можно вас так называть?- Да, пожалуйста, - она так мило ему улыбнулась.- Я думаю что, Леночка сумеет убедить вас в реальности нашего проекта, - так же мило одарила Наставница улыбкой мужчину.- Всегда готов выслушать доводы в пользу хорошего начинания.- Думаю, ее доводы будут весьма весомы и эффектны. После этого мы сможем продолжить наше знакомство, если, конечно, Валентина Васильевна не возражает.Они все смотрели на меня. Отказать? Agree? Отмолчаться? Увильнуть?- Я всегда готова иметь хорошие знакомства, - повторила я улыбку остальных женщин.- Мы созвонимся, - пообещал Павел Дмитриевич.- Обязательно, - отозвалась Адари. - Позвольте откланяться.- До свидания, Соня.- Приятно провести вечер, - ответила я, по примеру Адари вставая из-за стола.- До свидания, Валентина Васильевна.Когда мы вышли из заведения, я вздохнула с облечением. Наконец закончилась эта вечеринка, на которой мне пришлось поволноваться. Скил помог нам сесть в машину и занял свое место водителя.- Куда теперь? - поинтересовался он.- Это зависит от Вали, - заявила Адари. - Она сегодня поражает своими возможностями. Я не ожидала, что ты сможешь так разговаривать с Павлом Дмитриевичем. Мне даже интересно было наблюдать за тобой и его реакцией. Еще немножко и он был бы готов сделать что угодно, для того чтобы уложить тебя в постель.От чего краска залила мое лицо, от похвалы или возможности лечь в постель, я не поняла. Может от того и другого сразу. Вот только что я должна решить? Что еще задумала Наставница?- А что зависит от меня? - поинтересовалась я.- Петя, фотограф, предложил тебе позировать для него на частной студии.Ах, это! Я почти забыла об этой просьбе. Откровенные съемки…, обнаженная натура…- И ты ...была согласна, - добавила Адари, пристально смотря на меня.Да, я была согласна… тогда. В данный момент особого восторга это предложение не вызывало, но в то время я была заведена, мне нравилось показывать себя. Откуда все это берется? В своем обличье Валика, я не могла испытывать такие чувства, трепет от чисто женского поведения. Так откуда во мне появилось женское начало и довольно сильное, если судить по моему поведению. Я чувствую и действую как девушка, не давая себе отчет в этом, а когда начинаю сознательно что то предпринимать, веду себя как парень. Получается, что подсознательно я Вальриса, а сознательно Валик, словно подменили меня на подсознательном уровне, включили Вальрису… Стоп. А ведь я включала ее рефлексы, пыталась получить ее навыки. Может это оно и есть? Вальриса помогает мне? Дает ощущение, что я девушка? Дает ее ощущение, чувства и поведение? А сознательный уровень не устанавливается, так как отсутствует один из элементов… как его там?.. не помню. И Вальриса не может заместить Валика полностью, оставляя меня одного распоряжаться женским и мужским началом.- Ну что ты скажешь? - вывела меня из размышлений Адари.Вальрисе это нравилось, я чувствовала это. Почему бы не продолжить, ведь это ее сущность, пусть и не осознанная…- Я согласна.- Прекрасно. Я думаю, это будет хорошим уроком. Покажи Скилу адрес.Визитка. Она у меня в сумочке. Я спешно ее расстегиваю, достаю карточку и передаю водителю. Тот посмотрел адрес и кивнул.- Я понял, где это, - и отдал визитку мне обратно и завел двигатель. Я спрятала карточку снова в сумочку.Тем временем Адари достала свой телефон.- Петя, это снова Соня. Только пришла?... Подходит?... Я рада. Как насчет твоего приглашения для Вали? У нее есть время и она согласна… Сейчас… Она никуда не уйдет… Подождет… Обязательно… можешь мне поверить… Договорились… Я знаю… Уже краснею… Сейчас приеду и сможешь поцеловать… До встречи…Наставница отключила телефон и спрятала его в сумочку.- Сегодня ты первый раз показалась другим людям и ведешь себя естественно. Посмотрим, насколько ты можешь быть раскованной. Не боишься?- Нервничаю, - призналась я.- Все правильно. Но чем быстрее ты попробуешь, тем быстрее привыкнешь. Тебе это пойдет только на пользу.- Лучше бы не спешить.- Все надо когда-то делать в первый раз. Если есть возможность, лучше ее использовать. Ты так завелась на съемках, что мне не хотелось останавливать.И когда Наставница ошибется? Что я могу поделать, если Вальриса спрятана от моего разума. Отдаться на ее реакции? Прислушиваться к ее чувствам? Пожалуй это будет по женски, отдаться на волю ощущений. Только не подведи… Пожалуйста. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Спокойное дыхание, грудь приподымается при вдохе. Я самая лучшая на свете: красивая, стройная, соблазнительная… Наслаждайся … доверься сама себе… ни о чем не думай…Очнулась я, когда машина остановилась.- Вот этот дом, - указал Скил.- Готова? - интересуется Наставница. - Или лучше отменим?- Нет, - решаюсь я. - Do not. Идем посмотрим на что я способна.- Это тебе подходит, - одобрила Адари.Мы выходим на улицу. Дом, перед которым мы стоим, обыкновенное жилое пятиэтажное здание, с тремя подъездами.- И куда нам идти?Ах да. На визитке должны быть указаны точные координаты. Я снова достаю ее из сумочки. Оказывается, сумочка пусть и неудобна но необходима. Где еще держать так называемые «карманные» вещи. У меня на платье карманов нет, и сумочка заменяет их. Она является дополнением к моему наряду, является составной его частью.- Номер семь, - читаю с визитки.- Крайний подъезд. Только какой…Нужный подъезд оказался первым же, к которому мы подошли. Пришлось подниматься по лестнице на третий этаж. Адари без колебаний нажала на кнопку звонка возле седьмой квартиры. Электронная трель, донеслась из-за двери.Ждать пришлось минуты две. Дверь отворил сам Петр.- Я рад, что вы согласились помочь нашему бедному искусству. Проходите, пожалуйста.- Не такое уж и бедное, - возразила Адари, заходя внутрь. - Особенно если учесть чем вы занимаетесь.- Вы не представляете насколько сложно преодолеть стереотипы и доказать где красота, а где предвзятое мнение.Мы оказались в прихожей обыкновенной квартиры. Это вызывало недоумение, поскольку нас зазывали все-таки в студию. Может быть, понятие «частная» включает в себя возможность использования в качестве таковой простой квартиры?- Почему же трудно? Красота всегда была популярна.- Но многие считают, что красота быть неэтичной.- Это зависит от понятий. Некоторые выражение с приставкой «красиво» не всегда соответствуют красоте как таковой. Например - «красиво бить» или «красиво разбиться».- Но это же искусственная конструкция, выражающая чувства определенного индивидуума. Стоит заметить, что этот индивидуум практически не развит духовно. Нас привлекает естественная красота, а что может быть естественнее красоты женщина. Она всегда выступала мерилом этого понятия. Почему же тогда ее тело не может нести красоту?- Браво, - аплодисменты Адари были легки и неслышны. - Вы можете написать по этому поводу целый трактат.- Мне достаточно воплощать свои идеи в реальность.- И скромность. Вы превосходите самого себя.- Надеюсь, что оцениваю себя достаточно объективно и могу предоставить свои возможности для вас.- Тогда вручаю вам нашу Валечку. Надеюсь, в ваших умелых руках она сможет показать ту красоту, о которой вы так красочно говорите, - Наставница подтолкнула меня к фотографу. Мне пришлось сделать шаг к молодому человеку.- Вы просто ангел, Соня. Сначала Вика, теперь Валя. Меня просто хочется разорваться на части, чтобы успеть поработать с ними.- Не спешите, Петя. Я же обещала вам, что она подождет вас.- Это и спасает меня. А как же вы сами, Сонечка?- Спасибо. Я понаблюдаю. Тем более на троих вас точно уже не хватит, - добродушно рассмеялась Адари.- Ваша правда. Валечка, как мне лучше выказать свое восхищение вами.- Лучше всего фотографиями, - нашлась я сразу.- Тогда пройдемте, - не смущаясь, он обнял меня за талию. Меня чуть не дернуло сбросить ее - я же не привыкла к такому. Но это Валик не привык. А Вальриса? Надо отвлечься… Когда я стала рассматривать обстановку, то оказалось, что Вальрисе не против, когда ее обнимает обходительный молодой человек.Мы прошли по коридору мимо закрытых комнат, свернули за угол, и оказались перед… вторым коридором. Петр уверенно ...вел меня вперед. Через платье я чувствовала его руку легко направляющую меня.- Сюда, Валечка, - он открыл дверь и ввел меня внутрь.Это была самая обыкновенная комната, а если выражаться точнее - спальня, поскольку наличествовала довольно большая кровать. Возле нее пристроилось кожаное кресло. Дальше стояли тумбочка с зеркалом и стул с резной спинкой. Стены были увешены различными тканями, скрадывающими строительства. У противоположной стены размещалось хозяйство Петра - осветители и столик с различными принадлежностями для фотосъемок.- Я здесь осмотрюсь, - донесся голос Адари.- Хорошо, Сонечка, - согласился фотограф. - Валечка, проходите, - и он подтолкнул меня к кровати. - Я сейчас подойду.Итак, я осталась одна без Наставницы. Специально или нет сделала это она? Это было уже все равно. Мне предстояло самой справляться с собой. Крутиться, вертеться, выставляться напоказ, раздеваться… А сумочка будет мешать, ее лучше положить… да вот хотя бы на тумбочку.Дожидаясь фотографа, я уселась на кресло, нога на ногу, сверху поставила локоток и подперла подбородок ладошкой.Постель наверное для горизонтальных поз… Или не только? Делают ли здесь съемки и сексуальных сценок? Антураж вполне подходит. А ты хочешь поупражняться? Сиди уж, великая совратительница, ты и любовью заниматься не умеешь… но было бы интересно попробовать. Помнишь, как Оксанка мечтала об этом. Есть что-то возбуждающее в развращенности и открытости, даже от мысли о сексе возбуждаюсь, того и гляди потеку…Петр возвратился, неся камеры для съемок. Он бросил на меня оценивающий взгляд.- Не шевелись, - потребовал он, включил осветители, ослепившие меня, нацелил объектив и стал фотографировать. - Выше головку, красавица… Не жмурься…Его лампы бьют в глаза и он еще хочет чтобы я не жмурилась. Попробуем раскрыть глазки…- Хорошо, - продолжал командовать Петр. - Откинься назад, разведи ножки… опусти голову, взгляд из бод бровей… на меня, на меня…Я полулежала в кресле, демонстрировала ножки и призывно смотрела в камеру.- Закинь ножку на подлокотник… не бойся, не порвется, - это он подразумевал мое платье, которое не позволяло поднять ногу повыше. Пришлось сместиться вбок, к противоположному подлокотнику, чтобы выполнить его желание. - Руку на спинку. Excellent. Теперь вторую ножку… ножки вмесите… сама перегнись…Была какая-то своя прелесть выполнять его команды. Что он еще захочет? Подтянуть ноги к себе, обнять колени руками, голова на ноги. Почти скромница. Следующая позиция - встать на колени на кресле, повернуться к нему спиной, прислониться к спинке, смотреть прямо… Перегнуться через спинку, не сильно - ага попочку вперед - смотри и снимай.- Молодец, - похваливает меня Петр. - Вставай-ка с кресла, девочка. Покажи себя во весь рост.Можно и во весь. Ноги вместе, коленку вперед, рука на талию, какая я соблазнительная, даже самой приятно. Приподнять подол платья? Выше? Еще выше? Так скоро и трусики покажутся… Но ведь ты сама стремилась к этому… Разве тебе не нравится? Лично мне приятно показывать себя…- Ну, девочка, подойди к кроватке… покажи свои прелестные грудки… опусти-ка верх платьица. Только не спеши.Момент истины. Переходим к раздеванию. А мурашки то по тело от волнения бегут. Застежка у нас сзади. Подымем наши красивые, шаловливые ручки, заведем за шею и нащупаем застежку. Одеваться мне помогала Наставница, она и застегнула платье. Теперь надо самой. Пальчики не привыкли, сразу не справляются, но упорство всегда побеждает. Вот и поддалась.Концы разошлись, Груди почувствовали свободу и стали наливаться от ожидания открытости. Я стала медленно опускать руки, прижимая к коже ладонями ткань платья. Когда они достигли моих грудей, захотелось сжать их и почувствовать истому напряжения. Ладони опустились на грудь, обхватили мои холмики, и я надавила. Мурашки наслаждения охватили тело и отозвались в голове. От удовольствия я зажмурилась и застонала. Для меня это было неожиданно, через свой стон я выливала свои чувства - это было естественная реакция организма и… Вальрисы.- Отлично, - одобрил Петр мои действия, - Продолжай дальше в том же манере.Понравилась моя чувственность? Ты тоже возбуждаешься от этого? Меня это заводит.Опускаю руки, открывая коричневые пятачки сосков. Кончики сосочков остренькие, им тоже нравиться то, что я делаю. Вот и обнажена наша грудь, призывно выставлена вперед.- Опускай ручки… скрести и на бедра… Смотри на меня, соблазняй меня.Я так и делаю: придерживаю платье, во взгляд вкладываю все свое желание быть открытой и доступной.- Не останавливайся, снимай платье.Он не отрывается от своего фотоаппарата, но я уверена, что нравлюсь ему. Поддеваю пальчиками края платья на тали и начинаю медленно стягивать вниз. Сейчас я его опущу, и ты увидишь мою фигурку. Платье растягивается на бедрах, но я продолжаю его тянуть вниз по моим округлым формам. Показался верхний край трусиков, оголилась попка. Платье уже не обтягивает мое тело. Отпускаю материю, та скользит по нейлону чулок и мягкой кучкой накрывает босоножки.- Прелесть. Повыгибайся, девочка, покажи свое тело, - просит Петр.У меня красивое тело. Ставлю ногу на носок, коленку вперед и в сторону, прикрывая вторую ножку, Одна рука вдоль свободно опущена вдоль тела, а вторую ложу на голову, улыбочка, взгляд из под ресниц.Выпрямляюсь, ложу руку прикрывая грудь, выгибаюсь, откидываю голову назад, прикрываю глазки. Давление на грудь отзывается истомой.Подымаюсь на носки, обе руки за голову, выставляю грудь вперед.Неудобно стоять. Ноги путаются в платье, надо было его убрать. Сгибаюсь вперед, подгибаю ноги, упираюсь руками в колени, смотрю прямо в камеру. Видишь какая я? Я прелестна и сексуальна. Язычок выскользнул наружу и начал облизывать губы.- Одно удовольствие тебя снимать, Валечка, - Петр опустил камеру вниз. - Забирайся на кровать. Dima! - кричит он в сторону коридора, а сам не отрываясь, смотрит на меня.Что, не можешь оторваться? А мне ни капельки не стыдно. Why should I be ashamed? Моего тела. Оно красиво в одежде и без нее. Оно хочет восхищения и ласки. Подымаю ножки одну за другой и освобождаюсь из мягкого плена материи платья. Надо бы его убрать, зачем ему лежать на полу.В дверях комнаты появляется еще один молодой человек. Лет под двадцать, одетый в расстегнутую рубашку и спортивные штаны.- Да?- Скачай, - Петр отдает ему свою камеру.- Сейчас, - Дима исчезает вместе с фотоаппаратом. Петр берет со стола второй аппарат.Я успеваю поднять свое платье, украшавшее мое тело и перебрасываю через спинку стула.- В кроватку, в кроватку, девочка, - командует он.Как-то двусмысленно звучит, но меня это не волнует - здесь только я и он. Сажусь на край кровати. Залазить в босоножках?... Непривычно, могу выпачкать постель, да и сама тоже вымажусь.- Может быть разуться? - спрашиваю я.Своим вопросом, озадачиваю Петра. Он отрывается от своей камеры и смотрит на меня.- Ладно, снимай, - решает он.Нагибаюсь и расстегиваю ремешки. Грудь провисла, волосы обрамляют лицо, закрывая боковой обзор. Сбрасываю босоножки и залезаю с ногами на постель. Чулки немного сбились. Ничего, мы их подправим, чтобы были ровненькими, без складочек, эффектно оттеняли ножки. Откидываюсь назад, Уперевшись руками в постель, Ножки согнуты и смотрят коленками вверх, немного наклоним для красоты.- Становись на коленки… прогнись… покажи свои грудки.Ах, как мне нравиться показывать себя, вот так откровенно, без стеснения.- Расставь ножки пошире, ручки на голову.Фото становятся все откровеннее. Why not. Для этого я здесь и нахожусь. Надо будет, и трусики снимем. Now what? Наклониться вперед? Руками на постель? Bend? Я на четвереньках, открыта со всех сторон, и он пользуется этим, фотографирует и сбоку и сзади.Теперь надо опустить голову ниже, только попка к верху…Повернуться на бок, голову подпереть рукой, ножки согнуть…Лечь на спину, нога полусогнута…Приподняться, выгнуться…- Трусики. Снимай трусики, - следует команда.Хотела - раздевайся. Are you afraid? А ты через боюсь. Покажи свою прелесть, свою скромницу. Сама знаешь, что это всех заводит и тебя тоже. Вон как щекотка возбуждения побежала по телу.Цепляю резинки, приподнимаю попку и стягиваю трусики на бедра. Подтягиваю ноги и снимаю трусики совсем и отбрасываю их в сторону. Какая сладкая раскрытость… пьянящая развращенность… не просто лежать обнаженной, а показывать себя. Я возбуждена и совсем не прочь получить удовлетворение.Опираюсь на локоть, подтягиваю ногу, и с вызовом смотрю в объектив…Откидываюсь на спину, подымаю ноги скрещиваю, прикрывая ими свой интим…- Разведи ножки, девочка, покажи киску…Я раскрыта. О-ох, как растет напряжение!!! Сжимаю груди руками, чтобы немного его снять и истома отдает в голову. Хорошо… Стало легче, и дало возможность расслабиться. Ладонь опустилась на живот, а вторая, скользнула к вверх, коснулась губ. А они раскрыты. Провожу, едва касаясь, пальцем по краешку, открываю рот и палец проникает в середину. Я обхватила его губами как леденец. Это тоже смотрится эффектно. А губки у меня тоже чувствительны, как приятно сосать…- Погладь свою киску, - просит Петр.Может быть, еще и побаловать с ней прямо перед тобой? Однако рука коснулась вторых моих губок. Да я там вся мокрая!!! Но заняться собой я не успеваю.- Подыми ножки… выше… покажи мне ее…Мне уже нечего скрывать, смотри, снимай мое достоинство. Я развожу ноги в воздухе как можно сильнее, сгибаю в коленях и ставлю ступни на постель. Эта растяжка также приятна, как и ласки.- Покажи себя, - требует Петр, - встань на четвереньки.Переворачиваюсь на живот, подаюсь назад, Моя попка в центре внимания, ее дырочка и моя прелестница - они открыты.- Раскрой ее… пальчиками… пальчиками…Я подчиняюсь, так как мне приятно, и новая волна мурашек пробегает по телу.- Не дурно, - раздается голос Наставницы. - Тебе не кажется, что неплохо было бы их вдвоем поснимать?Меня это немного отрезвило. Я развернулась и легла бочком на локоть и согнула ноги. Что они хотят теперь сделать? Кого поснимать?Для Петра это предложение было таким же неожиданным, как и для меня.- Вдвоем? Кого ты имеешь ввиду?- Вику естественно, - рассмеялась Адари. - Ты же жаловался, что не можешь разорваться, вот и сведи их вместе. Будут позировать вдвоем.- Это идея, Сонечка. Умничка, - затем он крикнул в коридор: - Дима! Зови Вику! - затем снова повернулся к Адари. - А сама не хочешь?- Сегодня без меня, - развела она руками.- Жалко, - изобразил сожаление Петр. - Втроем было бы красивее.- Критические дни.- Вы меня звали, - в комнату вошла девушка. Стройная, изящная, привлекательная, на взгляд как Валентина, и, как не удивительно, Вальрисы. По сравнению со мной она была одета, так как на ней были лиф, трусики и туфли.- Викуля, присоединяйся к Валечке.Без лишних слов, девушка расстегнула свой бюстгальтер, и отдала его Адари. Изящными движениями она стянула трусики. Как и я, она присела на кровать и, пользуясь одними ногами, сбросила туфельки. В результате она оказалось более оголенной, чем я, так как на мне были еще чулки.- Стань возле нее, - командовал Викой Петр, - Выгнись, покажи свои прелести.Девушка так и сделала. На четвереньках она перелезла ко мне за спину. Вид полностью обнаженной женщины меня взволновал. Я хотела повернуться, чтобы посмотреть за действия Вики, но оклик Петра остановил меня.- Валя, не двигайся.Что девушка делала, я не видела, но Петр активно работал своей камерой.- Отлично… Еще… Выгнись… Повернись… Голову назад.Сзади меня постель прогибалась в зависимости от того, какие позы принимала девушка.В конце концов, Петр приказал подняться и мне. Пришлось встать на колени. Вика прижалась ко мне со спины и обхватила руками талию. Впервые ко мне в образе Вальрисы прикасалось обнаженное тело. Оно было теплое и мягкое. Прикосновение оголенной кожи будоражило, вызывало чувство близости с прижавшейся Викой. Я ощущала, как к моей спине прижимаются ее груди, к попке - ее пах, как ее руки скользят по моей коже.- Приласкай ее, Вика, - доносится голос Наставницы.Прикосновение обнаженной плоти, рука скользит ко мне на лобок и накрывает его, другая - подымается по телу и сжимает грудь. Напряжение распространяется от мест соприкосновения и распускается маленькими очагами блаженства. Мое тело воспринимало и отзывалось на ласку, и я ничего не могла с этим поделать. Моему возбуждению нашли применение, и мне было приятно ощущать себя в чужих руках.Вика сжимает пальчиками сосок. It is so pleasant. Накрываю ладонями ее руки, откидываю голову назад, закрываю глаза, прислушиваясь к своим ощущениям. Щекой чувствую ее мягкие волосы и тепло ее кожи.Девушка губами касается моей шеи. Тепло ее рта и языка обжигает меня. Пальцы внизу раскрывают мою прелестницу и касаются внутренней стороны губок. И тут со мной происходит невероятное: мышцы вагины сжимаются и тело пронзает наслаждение, и вырывается наружу со стоном. Меня охватывает слабость, так что я чуть ли не падаю.- Она течет, - докладывает девушка остальным.- ...Займись ею, - доноситься голос Наставницы.- Хорошо, - соглашается Вика. Она пальчиком щекочет меня внизу. Когда тебя ласкают, то восприятие намного отличается от того, что ты чувствуешь, когда делаешь это сама. Оно острее и непредсказуемо, и поэтому желаннее. Внутреннее напряжение сбивает дыхание, делает его прерывистым и частым. Тело жаждет ласки и подчиняется рукам партнерши, а я сама наслаждаюсь своим возбуждением.Легкими нажимами Вика разворачивает меня к себе лицом. We look into each other's eyes. Девушка касается моей груди и скользит ладонью вверх почти до шеи, отрывает, руку и касается пальцем моих губ. Легкое нажатие, и ее палец поникает ко мне в рот, дотрагивается до языка. Я обхватываю его губами и пытаюсь удержать, но Вика вытаскивает палец и облизывает сема, пробуя меня на вкус.Ее взгляд продолжает гипнотизировать меня. Вика снова начинать ласкать мою грудь. Я знаю, что они чувственны, но чтобы вызывали такое вожделение от такого легкого прикосновения, от скольжения вокруг соска… Когда она наклоняется и касается языком, моего сосочка, я не поверила что это такое блаженство. Вся моя грудь один большой источник наслаждения. Вика знает это и нежно ее ласкает. Я отдаюсь на движение рук… языка… губ… Вокруг ничего нет, кроме этой пьянящей ласки. Мне кажется, это будет вечно…Но девушка отрывается от меня. Открываю глаза и встречаю ее взгляд. Вика легким нажатием между моими грудями, заставляет лечь на спину. Я подчиняюсь ей, так как не могу сопротивляться моей напарнице. Она ложиться рядом, прижимается своим телом, касается меня своей грудью, такой же мягкой и возбуждающей, склоняется к моим губам и проникает ко мне своим язычком. Я отвечаю ей. Мой организм требует этого, хотя я знаю, что она женщина и что сейчас она займется со мной сексом. Мне надо отдаться, нужно разрядиться, и тело ищет этой разрядки, туманя разум возбуждением от наслаждения.Пока мы играем языками, Вика ласкает мою промежность рукой, а я расставляю ножки, открывая себя и давая доступ моей насильнице. Та принимает приглашение и разворачивается в ту сторону. Я вижу только ее спину, но зато чувствую, как девушка начала ласкать меня в самом интимном месте и чувствительном месте. Ее язычок проворен, мягок и настойчив. Он теребит мои губки, разводит их, проникая внутрь, облизывают бугорок с клитором. И снова меня сводит внутренней судорогой наслаждения, а громкий стон позволяет выразить чувства.Вика удерживает меня раскрытой, и я расслабляюсь. Через пару минут стараний Вики следует еще одна судорога… затем еще одна… и еще одна… Они идут периодично, вызывая блаженство, увеличивая возбуждение, наполняя энергией.Мне надо что-то делать, выплеснуть свою энергию, выразить свою благодарность. Рядом со мной, попка Вики, ее округлые ягодицы. Рука тянется к ней и начинает гладить мягкую упругость, передавая мою нежность. Девушка словно чувствует мое состояние: она встает на колени, переступает через мою голову и снова склоняется между ног, возобновляя ласки.Мы находимся в классической позе лесбиянок - 69. Передо мной ее кошечка, с разбухшими губками, с блестками сока, выступающего между ними. Девушка тоже возбуждена, и я могу доставить ей удовольствие. Обхватываю ее за ягодицы и прижимаю к своему лицу. Я стала повторять то, что делала Вики со мной, и узнала, что и от ласкания партнерши тоже можно получать удовольствие. Мои судороги сбивали меня. Каждый раз я отклонялась от с

It all started about 11 pm when I itch to pull a couple of times to your favorite girl. Fortunately she has her own apartment. I went to the house of his beloved, knocking at the door, no one opens. Floor 1 from her, so go round the house to stare into the kitchen and start to smile. At the table sits my drugan, well, I think, now popyu beer, then a couple of sticks and throw Druganov'll guzzle vodka for the meeting. But I thought to announce the arrival of his knock at the window, I notice oil painting, druzhban so tenderly puts his hand on her breast. Well, I think they arrived. I thought I'd drink a beer, and will have to face to beat. The mood immediately became zero. Christina (my girl) the same did not keep up, climbed into his pants, then pulled caressed unit of underpants and took in his mouth. I stand watching this picture, then a member of my drugana more about 27cm, and it is his zaglatuet so that some eggs are visible. I always complained that my 20cm completely well, or does not take the baby to vomit immediately pulls, and there is nothing nedavitsa the contrary, as the ice sucks and smiles. I noticed they did not (same evening!) Stand watch. I lit a cigarette and think what to do.
The couple in front of windows, in the meantime, do not miss. Buddy put it on the kitchen table and taking off his shirt and on her robe sharply drove dick. At this moment, I wished I do not have with a fotoaparata. These photos can be sold for big money. Christine already tears flowed from his eyes, and druzhban naprigayas not play for about 20 minutes, will drive the nipple on the tonsils, then more accelerated pace, even here I heard the little girl begged. But druzhban seen drinking vodka is not enough and it all these screams were a damn. After 10 minutes he took a member of the swirls, Kristina has turned whatever he finished it vrot, but he yanked her cancer and went to hell without even brushing hole Vaseline. Yelp, kicking, trying to hit him nothing helps laktёm. Grabbing her by both hands and accelerate the pace of druzhban finished. Slamming on her ass, he lit a cigarette and slapped a joke. She is! meanwhile, all lying on the table, unable to get up. According to the shin tichёt face grimaces at him, but can not do anything. Finished his, he got up. After throwing it on the floor, so that would pripodyav member she was at her eye level forced to get out all the shit that stuck to elde. As he left, he heard a lot of words about yourself mate.
All this time I stood and thought. I froze and finished his last cigarette decided to let it be a lesson to her, turned around and went back home. Since we slut melts in 2 days. I just said that she was dissatisfied me in the bed, smiled and left. I do not know she knew that I knew what had happened or not, I do not care, but many more have told me how fucked this fool. Then I only regretted that not opened his public house and did Christina very cheap whore. Get Rich would unlikely, but would love to get nemeryannom :-)
Otvyan friend! Apostasy as a fruit of the tree of moёgoi fertilize the flesh that under your feet, passing my body.
I do not want you and do not like at all!
And not even so, my speck that the middle of the mighty trunk.
Is not lowered to such meanness, that would be me again in his arms with you.
You Square and turned aside in their thoughts.
Let indulges you debauch the worm that came out of the grave and sucked passionate fellow, once ...
You leave me alone!
Do not verbosity - all said ... You got it! without embellishment, and I ... one sitting, suffering in his eye, and without you - not to regret ... Now more than ever, even though he was before only to ignore flattery -zhelanie play on honesty, suffering and sorrow, what would only benefit for yourself to get that impression has only been used to boast to anyone with whom to show off - to show prowess?
But, look in the mirror shard ... - you will see that from you and there is nothing to take: wrinkles - aging all comes closer, bald patches on the head and abdomen, and hips ... temyshtsy tumbled through the gum already.
? So who is a friend Why are you looking back - not relations -shower meetings of yore ... you gain peace? ! ... But I'm sorry -New: You! only dream ...
I'm tired of dirty fag -igrushkoy be a toy in your rukah.Ya man! and pride - not mite in my dusheI FUCK I'm not, not a prostitute, pimp il woman; not a sinner, a bum or a villain ... Fuck you fuck! I'm not a slacker, but there is no need for the palaces, the ... BELIEVE!
I lived alone and live as before without you, and without love for drugim.No, and now? Whether you will wait for death? Probably yes! and I will odin.Pustoy jug was filled with passion and life poured into him spolna.A you? I do not understand: where is the happiness ...
IT in me! and in the joy of it.
I went to bed. Well ... you really ostavaysyaodin, il with someone drugim.Schitay for happiness! No ... I do not schastya.Ya be like before - unsociable.
I - one, no sorrow and grief to me the joy of the spirit ... blessed life and not scurry, not idle talk ear -I only with him joy and comfort.
Farewell! Do not bother, I look -prosit and call.
I want one ... I want to stay and, in vain, do not have time to steal.
He came to the restaurant at six, and it still was not. After waiting a bit, I began to worry that she did not come. "Damn it, what had happened to this woman? Detained at work, at home, something happened? In the morning everything was in order. I call, ask? No, it's all her terrible character! The unpredictability of the Russian economy! You never know what she throws. With so hard to break into a business trip, and now, please? What if she does not come? On the drive you crazy!"
Trembled with rage fingers pulled a cigarette from a pack, lit it. A longing look took on a nearly empty room - there and the door. Won it? It seems that the Almighty heard the prayers! Sharply, as if a gust of wind, the door swung open and he literally breathed the heat: in the doorway stood a tall blonde in a dazzling white breathtakingly short dress. She tinkled softly and rolled on the parquet empty salad bowl - it dropped the run past the door and stumbled waiter at the next table, two skinheads mafia-type guys come off their plates and stared at the newcomer.
They left the restaurant and went to the second floor of the hotel. The hallway was empty, and empty hall with table duty. She pushed him to the couch, which stood in a secluded corner, again he looked out into the corridor, and embraced by the waist, pressed her entire breast. "What she does? It was decided to surrender right here? Lost her mind!"
"I just CURRENT, a moment - and the finish, before reaching his room. To hell with all of it!"
He raised his head, listening. No voices, no knock on the door. Floor seemed to be extinct. "Of course, there is no guarantee, but it is all so well formed, it would be possible to try. You never know, maybe because no one will. It is foolish to miss this event"- He thought, feeling in the crotch groping hand and weakening with every passing second. Then she pressed her hot mouth to his half-open mouth in surprise, and his longing boy rushed towards her.
"Wow! She's under the dress there is nothing! Daring! For this, and love! No, I lied, not only for this".
Just to prove this thought she fell to her knees, pulled out a member, which has already been fully prepared, tightly closed her lips around a hard and hot rod. Twisting his lips exactly leeches sucking, licking and biting penis. Calming her, he stroked her hair with your fingers, making no effort to seize the initiative. But this sensible restraint excited her even more.
"Oh, what an insatiable! But, what is it? This someone is coming! It should be washed off!"
He patted his partner on the shoulder and made a movement with his hips back, trying to get a member of his mouth. But it was not there! She squeezed her lips, making it clear that would not let go. Panicking at the same time enjoying, he began podmahivat, hoping that will have time before? At this point, they saw a young cleaner, almost a boy! She did not stop there.
"And, let the looks! I feel good, why stop? Let staring, it turns out, it raises even more!"
She began to work more vigorously mouth, lips, tongue. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner in the hand did not take his eyes from them. He face showed that he badly as you want to join the couple. But they did not look in his direction.
"The couple left the restaurant. In this white dress I immediately had his eye. What a good bitch. And hot! I also need to find yourself a girlfriend!"
"Pretty boy, just absolutely green. Will go anywhere in the toilet and will work hands. Sorry, my friend, this woman I share with anyone not going".
He was about to finish, when she suddenly let go of his cock and sat up, looked at the cleaner and laughed. Then he pulled the dress from her shoulders and bared her breasts. Getting up knees on the couch, she straddled a member, and he captured his lips to her nipple. She introduced the barrel into the vagina, and the cleaner thought it must be very hot, wet and tight. A man worth considerable effort to restrain herself, she threw her head back and moaned. The boy nervously shifting from foot to foot, and she noticed that his penis is literally bulging out of his trousers. Then he looked back and smiled, struck a partner all the weight. His solid, long beak-barrel came literally to the end, and she began a frantic leap, rushing to the goal that was waiting for her at the end.
"I was beginning to forget what her vagina. I never thought that it does not bother, when they look at it?"
"Deeper, deeper, more! Pierce right through me! I want it all came to me! Fuck, fuck!"
They finished at the same time, being in seventh heaven unprecedented pleasure. Two bodies, as if compressed with a hot explosion of emotions. Even for some time, they could not razyal embrace, although I understand that it is time to leave, you can not linger. Silence rang bell over the door of the elevator. They turned their heads and saw the cleaner goes into the elevator. He turned and looked at them with a pitiful smile. Only then will they razyal embrace and straightened his clothes. By the elevator came to embrace. He pressed a button and while the lift down, gently kissing her cheek, lips and neck. The cab stopped, the doors opened. And it is gentle but firm hand pushed him into the elevator.
- And how? .. - He only had time to shout.
- See you tomorrow at the same time, - she said, and closed the door.
Returning to her, lovers do masturbation. Everyone was thinking about something else, knowing that the other doing the same.
"Hurry to see it. It is necessary to take a shower and go to bed. And then tomorrow comes?"
"Almost nine! my husband will come soon. Rather go to bed and bainki. And then tomorrow comes! .."

One day, he almost completely lain on the bed. Unbridled nights are always long knocked him out of the rut. I was no exception and the hangover the day, a shower, a morning jog and breakfast only pushed coma. He fell on the couch watching television young man lain on it until the evening. Finally, the stand made it bouncy trill call, someone was at the door. After rising and shaking off any passages that nervous sleep, he opened the door. On the threshold stood a young sozdanie.- Hello! - Exclaimed the girl. and added a little wary - I think I do not vovremya.- No, there is no passage. He protested the young man. I'm just a little ... uh ... I do not find the words, he would have all kind of showed nedoumenie.Vrode familiar face, and how it was associated with a hungover visions. Slender figure ... increasing it up to her chin, she slipped into the apartment. It was only the smell of her perfume, he realized. Katya, met at the club. He drew her confident sensual movements on the dance floor. It is fully merged with the music, obeying its predatory rhythm. Then there was a bar, a small green pill, migrated from his mouth into her parted lips. The laughter, the smell of her eyes, there was something he wanted to photograph her ... He led her into the hall, which was actually located studiey.- you here, visiting - he suggested. - But I do give myself to poryadok.- Yep - agreed sozdanie.- Want coffee - Da.Spustya few minutes a young man standing on the threshold of the studio with two cups of fresh brewed coffee. He stood admiring the girl's figure which is interested in its digital SLR Canon. Finally, she felt his eyes and turned around, he grinned to her - your coffee girl came over and took the cup from his hands!. She wanted to step back, but he held out his hand and drew her to sebe.- Hey. She breathed into his grud.- I remember your scent - he nuzzled her crown - and not only - a free hand slid down her spine.- We spill coffee. The girl raised her head and looked him in the eye Not on your nelly - he saw them in amusement, and clung to her responsive gubam.Kogda they broke away from each other, that would be a breath of air, their bodies pressed against each other even silnee.- We seem to be going to spend it and fotosessiyu.- We conduct. He fends off the young man. - Photographing the process even more intimate than sex and more intense. It is very important, sincerity and ponimanie.- You say it all - it's just my podhod.On lifted her chin and pressed his lips to the outstretched. She lowered her lashes, enthusiastically kissing. His hand rested on her chest, and he felt under a thin sweater on it nothing. Seamlessly enjoying her elastic compliance, he found a firm berry nipple howled and mentally. She was sweet and groovy. The creation of a particularly enjoyed, closing her eyes, she was thrilled at his hands. From oblivion she left, feeling the tension in his hips, jeans clearly something narastalo.- Hey - she pushed off his shoulders. Shining eyes glowed from podlobya delight - what are you doing Her cheeks burned, she was beautiful?. With boyish cry, he ran for the camera. The model is seated on the window sill, thwarted a last kiss, and that the shutter clicked. Becoming light, change clothes and make-up, which includes music, the mood created. Finally, he caught another shot, he said: - UV, and lowered the camera, - Let's take a break, and then I have nothing that I vizhu.- zhe.- It flashes by - he dragged her to tea and smoke kuhnyu.Vypiv they just looked at each druga.- Drink - he handed her a glass of brandy. She threw him a questioning look, but he only nodded ey.- Go to the bathroom and take a shower - The young man gave her another job. - I need you wet, so just wipe the head and body just pat. I'm going to prepare is studiyu.V room he took off background, exposing the bare concrete wall. And I moved to the opposite wall piece kovralin, which covered the same concrete. He needed contrast, harsh light. Outside, it was getting dark, but he still decided to lower the blinds. By the time there was a girl dressed only in one towel, everything was ready. He ominously looked at her, and took off his denim shirt - dress here eto.Poka girl changed clothes he frowned otvernulsya.- All - creation was puzzled by his nastroeniya.Nichego without explanation, he silently sat her down on the concrete. Put a classic pose, when seen naked girl and at the same time nothing vidno.- Do pained face, as if you cheated loved one. I want to see undeserved bol.U girl lips quivered, eyes gone somewhere down in storonu.- Otlichno.- Now Feel proud of yourself, you are strong and independent, he is not worthy tebya.Podborodok slightly raised, lip line became firmer. Minute hurt anything - she knew her worth. "The baby, born actress"- He thought. He needed only to follow the light and shoot, shoot, shoot. She moved her body while playing, as if to be in sight of the lens was more natural than for her to suck his thumb. He could only throw her winning light and teni.- Now show me the desire. Inside you is a fire do not hide it. Any man who you want to be yours, conquer ego.Ona collected in a fist on his shirt, shook her mane of matted hair and looked at him through them. Those eyes, he clicked the shutter, rushing to capture them. Delicate and at the same time rigid and show meanwhile continued. She bit her lip slightly, and added in the eyes of innocence. It was a naked plea. Only a camera in his hands gave him the power to restrain. The girl went into the role, and continued "seduction". Turning his back to the wall, she got up on her knees. Looking at him hungrily she pulled the shirt up floors exposing his ass. Slowly, inch by inch she opens her body, invitingly, almost contemptuously looking at him, she knew how much he is weak. I knew all his thoughts in relation to its body, and they definitely liked her ...- Fuck me. A little voice in his head exploded like grom.Emu seemed to hear the beating of his serdtse.- I want you to fuck right menya.- so zdes.- Kid, put his hand on his kisku.On grabbed the camera catching every its movement. She caught his shirt with one hand, and lowered her hand down to the very source of his desire. Without taking his eyes off him she asked: ...- You want me to caress yourself - Da.Ona bit her lip and moved his fingers even lower?. By the very hearth. When the fingers lay on the bud, she closed her eyes. With a barely audible groan, she plunged the middle finger into the fold. She felt no concrete stiffness or coolness of the evening. Nothing mattered, only the male gaze burned her and her own desire. She wanted to feel the taste and she put her fingers to her lips, her intoxicating desire. She felt free and happy in their freedom. With one hand, she had to hold the shirt up to show all his audience. He was right, it is also party to the process. The hand slid to his chest, weighing her soft elasticity, touching aching nipples, then down again. Stroked between her legs, on if men knew what is sometimes hidden hunger, which treats the cache. Her fingers oglazhivaet crotch strip located over the hot bud, measured the distance from the other, very close, holes. Then, unable to hold back any longer again plunged into the slot. More and more. Her body swayed forward thrusts his hands. Then she broke down and fell back to the floor. Bent at the knees to the camera head, she continued representation. By the fingers of his right hand, who sought deeper, she added, the left fingers that fluttered above the surface. Her mouth fell open, pubis became painfully twitching fingers fluttered all the faster above the vagina. The realization that she was being watched at that moment, gave the girl an extraordinary thrill. Featuring itself such an animal in a paroxysm of delight she found freedom. Freedom to obey nature, just follow your instinct, animal freedom. She felt worthless slave in the harem of the king and queen at the same time, on the throne. That one take and one who takes herself. And she liked it, she plunged into their desires ... The plaintive moan death cry. Hips moved upward arching her body into a spasm of pleasure. Palm pubis covered ledge. Long seconds vzdyblena girl was at the peak of orgasm, illuminated by flashes of lightning. Then she gently lowered to the floor, thighs closed by pinching together the brush. His head leaned back in a relaxed way. No one noticed her eyelashes tears. Her body and soul discharge voltage storm, and rain poured. She burst into tears. After a moment, she had clung to his chest, lifted his strong hands. He whispered something in her ear soothing and gentle. She put her arms around his neck and pulled his lips. Gentle childishly sincere potseluy.- I love you. - That it has risen iznutri.- think I'll tozhe.Spustya minutes, they have fun chatting in the kitchen, she was again dressed in his usual, comfortable, jeans - sweater and sipping tea. While K. dedicated it to all the secrets of buttons and wheels on your zerkalke.- When you show me snimki.- Well ... the first will be ready tomorrow. They still need to process and all otsmotret ...- In the old lecher, he seduced little devochku.- Rather bad girl, something that showed one boy. He reached out and picked it up from the sofa to the pulling sebe.- Yes I am. - She lifted her face to him and made an innocent face. He covered her mouth with a kiss. Hands slid again on a flexible will, causing her body slabost.- I think I've got something I should? -? - You asked me to fuck tebya.- debts to pay. - She lowered her eyes, but at the last moment he saw in them something that might be a celebration ... He pushed her to the side of the hall, and waited until she went to come after him. He put it in its place against the wall. - So simple. Standing behind her for some time he did not dare to touch it, then his hands were on her hips, and he clung to her entire body. Hands slid between the girl and the wall covering the chest. The flesh squeezed in jeans pressed into her ass. She turned the head and he stared at her parted lips. He again felt the hardness of her nipples showing through the sweater. Looking up from her greedy mouth, he asked: - Your proposal is still in force - Yes. She looked into his glaza.- Repeat ego.- Fuck menya.On pulled up her sweater. And while with one hand he pulled together, the other eagerly seized her breasts. Having finished with a sweater, he turned his hand to her crotch. Pulling off her jeans, he dropped to his knees. Immediately she fell at her ass, burying his face in the hollow of her buttocks, collecting it in her thin panties. After freeing her feet, he took her popochkoy. Clutching her elastic flesh, kissing the velvety skin, aiming for the center of the elastic hollows and down. There where smelled so sweet. Letting her panties he rose expanding her to face him, that would have to kiss on the lips, hugging her hands. Then down with one hand to touch the breasts, nipples aching to pay attention, to make her shiver. Then the young man suddenly pulled back and caught her eye have their eyes on the zipper dzhinsov.- caress ego.Vmesto answer she only licked her lips, not taking his eyes from him knelt. There's something about it. When the girl standing in front of you on your lap, and you towering over her, stroking her head. Dominance and submission recognition. She pulls off his jeans, then pants. Incredibly stressful rampant horn takes place in a few inches from her face. The young man seems that never before had his penis so not standing, he had a feeling as if he inserted into the rail, so it was hard. Girl in doubt licking his lips, then bows his head and resolved to accept the head in her mouth. The young man could not help but groan, so desirable that moment. He barely holding back his impulse to not move the hips to meet her in her tender embrace. She hugs him by the hips, and again immersed in the frenzy of female desire. Her eyes are closed, it's all in the feeling of something heavy in the mouth. Soft and at the same time powerful uncontrollably, warm and at the same time burning. She tries it to taste, cover the lips, tongue holds. He is alive and sensitively responds to her every touch. Hand it takes up its trunk and moves the skin from his head. Stripping her. The wet, red. She opens her mouth and starts to suck it. Instinct tells her how to move, to walk where the language is covered lips - this beast in its power. With one hand she hugs his buttocks and the other starts in way over his crotch. Lasky become more confident in them there is a certain rhythm, which she swings the pendulum of his desire. Thin fingers slipped into his anus, and subtly moved stroked his back, seized strained cores. Sometimes, breaking the sweet torture, she released his mouth. Blowing on it, pressed it to the person who inhales the thick smell. To then again, with even more eagerly, to drop to his mouth. Finally, unable to bear the caresses, he takes out a member of her captivity, abruptly drops to his knees to kiss her moist lips, takes in his arms and carries in the other room on the edge of the big bed. It pulls off the blanket, and now it is already on the cold sheets and pillows. Hard to breathe, waiting for when he leaned over her to seize that. He turns his girl on her stomach and leans towards her ass. Feet apart. Here it is like a peach, always desirable finally in his hands. It is accepted that ... for her to explore the length and breadth. Tongue, lips, and hands do not miss a millimeter this tempting flesh. Calling it the plaintive postanyvaniya and trembling. The heady scent of her bud tempting him, and then he crouches to his mouth, his fingers teasing, pushing the quivering flesh and gouged. It compresses cams sheet bends her body in painful convulsions. he spreads it over its entire juice crotch. At the entrance to another very close her hole. He found her tongue parted her firm buttocks with his hands, and she told him that the touch-sensitive there. She languished in his hands, biting her lip. No one has it so caressed. He turned it this way and that, getting to the most hidden corners of her body. Her body was fed treacherously towards him, he shamelessly exposing his hole. Kate grabbed his hands pillow, dropping her her head, and even more bent substituting his ass. Thanks to her knees apart elastic hemisphere parted, revealing a close hollow. The temptation was too great that the young man did not use them. His mouth fell at this basin, enjoying its gentle sensitivity. He especially liked going down her tongue to touch her tight holes. Lick the hollow hiding a rose condensed ring. And I feel in response to all the cherished girl freezes captured this intimate caress. Her body was covered with perspiration, a random light of the lantern, ass glistening moisture saliva and juice, which he generously smeared on it. Moisten your finger in his mouth, he gently stroked her close circle. He massaged her elastic ring, seeking her attention and focus it on this finger. And when Kate dutifully froze, he finally entered her. Immersed in her tight hole by two Phalanx he paused, enjoying the sensation of tightness and elasticity of her ass. Katya also stopped, exhausted exhaling as he firmly and at the same time gently into her. Not having time to understand all the sensations of this step, it is already "floated" from the realization that it took the same way. The feeling of amazing content and strained TAM made her bite her lip. He shook and twirled his finger in it, enjoying the elastic resistance of her ass. It was too chilly to go further, and he drew his finger while bending to her ass and let the saliva into its hole. He shivered involuntarily parted licking the edges. This little baby was in its power. Whatever he wanted to do to her, she would give him obediently. Slipping her hand over her crotch, he wet his fingers in her hot juice. Firmly closed their two fingers, he put them to her anus, stroking and soothing her back again penetrated into the ass. Kate bent and shivered. Her head fell back and his mouth fell open in a silent scream, his fingers, stretching her virgin ass penetrated into it until the end. She was shivering, gasping mouth wide open. He went to her head and prosheptal- hurt you - little ... no, do not go ...- so ... - He moved his fingers in her ass and she moaned: - sweet ... He moved his fingers the depths of her body, sipping her elastic ass, making her moan in response shamelessly. She was beautiful rearing on his hand, with his head thrown back and his mouth slightly open in a grimace. Submissive his every movement, she moaned loudly in response to his fingers. Finally he broke down and pulled her over. Lifting her shoulders, he sat in front of a girl. She released his fingers from the ass and threw back his head ecstatically kissed him until he captured her breast. Kate has got his hand behind his back and found it glowing trunk, which began languidly stroking. Until he flunked her on her back, that would be dispersed between the legs swollen cleft find and appoint its member input voltage full-depth, enter into it. The girl is no longer holding back, filling the room plaintive cries until he had her. Without taking his eyes off her face distorted by the pleasure she repeatedly thrust into her own rod. One hand was tight around her shoulders, which would break deeper into it, crumpling the second tender breasts. Immersed in the heat of her passion, he ruthlessly watched it countless orgasms as she tried unsuccessfully to halt its rhythm, embracing him with her shapely legs. Finally, the heat of her bosom, burn through it thoroughly, rolled his spine and exploded in my head, melted ball. He cried when the earth went from under them, even more pressed himself to the girl and dropped her into the abyss, losing consciousness into oblivion.

Hello. My name is Yura. I want to tell you a story that happened to me many years ago in the hot Crimean beach, where I went to rest with his parents.
I was only 15 years old and I was a virgin. Female sex me already being interested, but I was quite shy and not very attractive. My virginity literally depressed me. I wanted to leave with her, that was agreed on almost everything. But all attempts to communicate with the girls ended foolish chatter, in extreme cases - a timid maiden embracing hunched shoulders.
Sometimes my problems seemed to me silly relic of puberty, and for a while I forgot about them. Enjoying the hot southern sun, summer, warmed by the Black Sea, I rushed into the distance, swam away, where the figures on the shore seemed to toy and around you silently and majestically splashed blue abyss ...
And in the marathon swim, I discovered that the same fun with me still divides some. That here and there in complete isolation swam young, attractive lady, apparently enjoying the detachment from all earthly things, as I was. And it lured me forever.
The first thing I got a mask, fins and snorkel. If I could, I would have certainly got scuba, not looking up to look at women's bodies out of the water. Do you know how sexy and attractive woman floating? She swims slowly, gently pushing the water hands as if asking parted before her and give her the way. At the same time she slowly pushes the legs and moves them. Her body tenses and relaxes. Her buttocks are compressed uniformly under the thin fabric leotard. Her breasts swayed slowly from her own movements and water.
All this I saw then, when he began, pretending to study the underwater flora and fauna, dive under floating women from afar to enjoy the wonderful spectacle of seconds from the bottom up and, gasping for breath, come up behind her.
I was particularly intrigued by the three young girls swim together so far that I could hardly keep up with them. They loved swimming late at night, when the cackling crowd of summer visitors leave behind piles of garbage on the pebbles and retracts in all directions. I also loved to swim at this time. I began to secretly watch the trio. They seemed to me older aunts, but now I realize that the oldest was in his twenties. All smart, athletic, tanned and laughing, they flew into the sea running, picking up a bunch of spray and dived on the move. Apparently, they were good swimmers, I do not couple as vynyryali almost half a minute fifty meters from the shore. Exchanging jokes podkalyvaya each other, they apparently pretended that I did not notice - but where I was, fifteen years youngster, understand this? I was pleased to observe their almost naked bodies, and nagleya, swam closer. I knew their names. One, a slim girl with prominent cheekbones and girlish, a fist, breasts, was called Anna, and wore a red swimsuit closed. When it is wet, water could see the silhouette of a dark triangle between her beautiful slender legs. The second name was Lena, she had a separate lilac (very fashionable at the time) swimsuit bikini, which gave almost a full review of its charms in the water - and they were her first class. The third was a looser, Grenadier figure, even a little stooped, but with large breasts and hips expressive. Her swimsuit two narrow stripes of black color covered the massive chest, and one - bikini line between her legs. Behind was a complete overview of the two hemispheres tanned with pronounced muscles, I think she uvelkalas bodybuilding. Her name was Ira. Nevertheless, the company has selected a great, and many times I fantasized about what I would do with them - one by one, of course.
In that fateful day, they swam out quite far and I am emboldened, sailed in 10-15 meters from them. Occasionally diving, I was reserved air and saw their bodies under water for half a minute. I noticed that they were close to each other very closely, and something quietly discussed together, but as I saw it out of the water, I could not hear the words.
Emerging once again, and breath, I saw that they were abruptly rushed from place to me. The faces I imagined a sinister smile. "All! Missing, spotted - I polumal corkscrew and went under water. - Perhaps, sneak off!" But he felt a strong tug of melting back, I realized that retribution caught up with me. Turning around, I dropped the pipe from his mouth, and began to slowly sink under the pressure of a large female abdomen Irene. After a few seconds from the back I hit something and fell off the face of the mask. In raspylvchatom water mist I saw their white faces approaching me. Ira grabbed me by this man's clinch, why I began to get dark in the eyes. Behind, I think Lena grabbed my leg and pulled into the depths. The last thing I remember - this is what clinches Ira moved to a double clinch - she grabbed my legs below the belt, why in any other situation, I would certainly excited ...
I woke up on a cold wet rug on the sea breeze blown construction of the pier, where the day takes a rest for gymnastics. Here, of course, at this late hour there was no one. On my head was a tight bandage wet, I did not realize what it is. Turning his head to the side, I saw Ira and Lena. They lumped persons privyazvali outstretched my hands dirty with some ropes to sunbeds. Their wet hair dropped drops on my face. From behind me I stepped into a shadow, and I saw Anna. She was completely naked, and it turned out it was her swimsuit was tied for some reason on my head. Her tiny breasts, muscular thighs and narrow, almost no hair, pubic area, forced the blood hit me in the head. I have never seen so close to a naked woman - of course, TV and porno magazines do not count. In her hand she held a small bottle of sunscreen - I saw her the day smeared with thick white cream peeling back. Her eyes burned with a strange fire of desire, I've seen for the first time. Not saying a word, she reached somewhere between my legs, and just now I noticed that my trunks lying on the wooden floor next to the sunbed. She squeezed my cock almost to the pain, I cried, and she let him go. Without taking his eyes from my face, she slowly began to fall on my hips, and I felt like my hard cock gently enters it. It was delightful - he came into her vagina like a knife through butter. Only then I realized that it is abundantly smeared cream there ... She sat on me to overflowing, and I felt for my cock in a hot humid captivity run impulses - as weak current level. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes - and began to move uniformly massaging my cock with her wet innards. I cried - the excitement reached its climax, twitched - and she jumped with me, giving me An opportunity to fill in the hips, legs and sharp lounger sperm splashes ...
I thought that they would leave me, but no - Lena, throwing off my wet swimsuit, jumped on me like a panther and grabbed my cock mouth. I felt her wet mouth, biting teeth, and was in seventh heaven. I have not felt when she jumped on my dick and we rushed to the abyss of pleasure ... Her juices soaked through me, streams flowed in my wearied body, giving it new life. When I finished second, my eyes fell on the mask of Anya's swimsuit, and I lost touch with reality. Only the ever-changing thermal sensation between her legs when the cold wind of the sea gave way to a hot wet vagina (or mouth - I could not make out) regular partner. Muscles Ira-grenadershi squeezed my body real gripe, why he ... pulsed at a furious pace - this pulse transmitted to it, and her vagina throbbed in unison, and through closed swimsuit ears I heard a hoarse cry ... Then I still felt my finger plunged into something wet, stomach proelozilos something hot, someone hit me in the chest - and again the emptiness ...
I woke up with a second in salt water - apparently, I dropped to the pier so that I came to. Someone held me, a completely powerless, hands on, but since it was dark, I did not see. From somewhere came the mischievous laughter. I felt that in the water to me someone put his signature and kicking me. My cock began to swell again by unusual sensations. Something is terribly hot (or it seemed to me from the evening to water the contrast) and swallowed my cock was for him to move. I saw through the veil which vynyrnuvshuyu near the girl's head and realized that it was Lena. She fucked me, choking with water and excitement. I no longer felt the approach of orgasm, and it was just nice to go in the hot female vagina, sucking sea water with every move - sex that gave some fantastic color. From one osoznovaniya that I suddenly left off and plunged into the water. Vynyryat not like and I realized that I was drowned. Someone's strong hands dragged me and coughing, I crawled to the shore.
Absolutely naked at night, lying in the surf, I thought as how people pitched. Even half a day ago, I was ready to give everything I have for one only opportunity to immerse yourself in the soft female body, but now I only care about where my clothes as I get to the nursing home and tell my parents that ...
Svetlana as usual did a blow job in the headmistress's office. In her 32 years we would have already become a head teacher of the school and not the teacher of mathematics, because it works, and blessed the lesbian for 10 years. So she licked pussy headmistress decided to come off and to ask:
- sorry Countess magician I ask for an increase in salary.
- What stopped you bitch, but I'll keep only due to the fact that the communication language you work well. Let's go on
Failing Svetlana continued.
Coming out of the office directress teacher went to his own. There was no longer certain because lessons have ended 20 minutes ago. Svetlana gathered brush up (highlight headmistress was smeared all over his face), but as soon as she got to class Plotok flew Sinichkina Lena from 8b class.
- Svetlana, you are still here and I forgot to handle: oh and quite often lose something in your mouth.
She went without permission to matematichka and the palm of his right under the lower lip. Slowly he raised it to his nose and sniffed (ponila it what it is). Lena took it and licked her fingers with secretions and then came over and began to lick the face Svetlana.
- wh-what are you doing - slightly recovering himself said teacher
- if you can not awake to resist this and do not know the whole school
And Svetlana surrendered, it is fully complied.
Lena sat on the teacher's desk lifted her skirt and pulled her panties. The teacher immediately realized that is required of her and pressed her lips to the girl's bosom and so hard working language of that that in no time the teacher had finished in the mouth.
- thank you - ochuhavshis said the girl and ran out of the classroom.
"Well now it must be pleasing" Svetlana thought and become boring to go home.
- you will not believe that now happened to me: - Reaching home Lenka rushed to his brother 14letnimu
She told him everything, and they agreed to go to her tomorrow.
Svetlana came home and lay down on the sofa. Something like undressing matematichka took the vibrator and began to enter it in the pussy. After 3 minutes of waking up to her ran a huge cable. When he finished Svetlana took the vibrator and handed it to the dog's mouth. He quickly began to lick toy. He is throwing it on the floor matematichka headed for the kitchen then a snack. But when she got up she felt a violent blow from behind and fell to the Cullen, turned around she saw her own dog karapkaetsya on it.
- NO, NO - she began to struggle, but he realized that if he continued the claws will tear it - OH MY GOD OH WHY ALL WANT TO
I THEIR UBLAZHAAAAAA: - at this point the dog entered her
He fucked her without stopping, Svetlana has even started to groan with delight. Filled the insides hostess dog went to sleep.
Ochtnulas Svetlana only at 5 o'clock in the morning, a little bite, she went to work.
Lena and Sasha (brother), as usual went to school in the yards.
- hey kids do not help move something? - They shouted what that woman
- Of course - said Lena
They approached the car from which a woman took kakuito karobka.
- Now take - she gave her children and she took it and went somewhere else to show the way to children.
All entered the apartment and the woman landed pamoshnikov and between them put the box out and catfish
- let's see what's there - offered the county
- let's
They started to open the box and saw in it a plurality of vibrators. Lenya took one and put to his mouth, they laughed about, and suddenly a woman came in and photographed them.
- here, and consume
- what you want from us - scared county
- so much so nothing undress
Children without question took off all his clothes
- and now fuck his girlfriend
Sasha tried to hide her smile but it had not turned out badly. He walked over and put her in her sistritse treschenu. A woman taking pictures of everything.
- that's fine now run to the school - the stranger said this after Sasha had finished.
Mathematics teacher was going to go home after the working day as someone knocked on the door.
- Svetlana - it was a county
- What do you want Sinichkina?
- like what? Fuck you certainly
Svetlana did not resist
- well let's just quickly
- excellent. Sasha !!!
- what else ?! Sasha
- my brother, he would help me
Sasha went and went without a word to the woman. He took off his pants with shorts and sat down on a chair. Svetlana immediately knew what to do, and kneeling down to work. Meanwhile, Lena took her obslyumachev pointer and put into anal matematichki. Less than 3 minutes Sasha rapidly finished in the mouth and his place has replaced Lena, and he took the pointer. Swallowing semen Svetlana started a new job for a few minutes and felt that the pointer was replaced by something thicker. It was Sasha again he was full of energy. We finished it all together.
Sasha and Lena fucked his teacher until after 2 years it has not withdrawn the two of them fucking each other and threatened to show the tape to parents. Then Svetlana and glad enough but that's another story.

Home come in time. It was not yet his wife. "Probably delayed after the concert. They are usually in a narrow range and a cup of tea (meaning good wine or tonic liqueur), arranged listening novelties in the music world. Creative personality is essential chat in a relaxed atmosphere. After all, there are emerging new long-term plans".These Reflections have several uspokoili.Zhena came after midnight, happy and elated. I was already in bed. "Darling, I experienced such a feeling that I would like to share them with you. You dont mind?" I agreed. Wife, getting ready for bed, all he made easily. I did not notice, as it has turned out to be next to me. I held her close. She trembled from unbridled desire. I gently stopped her rush: "You promised to share with me your feelings?"-I Today and listened to great music experienced from it, do not believe it, this orgasm. Did such things happen? Is the music to such an extent able to influence human? -Better Would be if you tell all in order. Then only I can answer your questions. So, I am ready to plunge into the whirlpool of your feelings and emotsiy.Ona gratefully clung even tighter to me. Frozen for some time to gather his thoughts and began to pour out my feelings a waterfall: -So, after the concert, I and my colleagues in our group stayed in the common room. One of them brought a rare musical recordings. And second, he picked up a bottle of vintage rum. First drank a glass, thus noting the good performance at the concert and simultaneously adjusting my upcoming audition. They saw my impatience, but, nevertheless, in no hurry to put the cassette. "Woman, as well as wine, must infuse a certain time. Do not rush. You have to ripen to perception of this music"- He instructed me brought a cassette. Of course, I did not agree, arguing that music can take and without such preparation. But they were relentless. So I had no choice but to submit to their will. Although we are not wasted. We did get an interesting, informative talk, which I had set up a corresponding perception of music. My heart was easy and relaxed. I have not experienced anything like it. So, the conversation and did not notice "drained" all the rum. By the time I really relaxed and was exclusively dominated by surging oschuscheniy.V that moment turned the tape recorder, and sounded charming instrumental melody. These records have to listen to me for the first time. Music terrific! I threw it in the heat and cold. The whole body is completely was dominated by sounding melodies. Then, as I remember, I was invited to the dance. But I just identified "the corner" his consciousness. In fact, he continued to enjoy a swim in the sea-sounding melodii. And in this "bathing" you harmoniously to help navigate your dance partner - I gently put my frazu.-Yes, I remember all the words, which sounded perfectly in time with the music played. I'd rather they voiced in the first person, in order to avoid any distortion was. He has an amazing perception of sounding melodies. He talked a lot and bezumolku, but he did it so subtly and unobtrusively, like playing a musical instrument. His words are not distracted, and kept me at a certain musical wave and excites my inner state. I was for him a kind of orchestra, which he skillfully directed. Words and music, eventually led me to such a state that I involuntarily experienced a state akin to real orgasm. "You do not just listen, your body emits the music itself", -obvorozhitelno Whispered in my ear, my partner. "I think I will be able to calculate the evolution of the situation, which hit my wife - I thought involuntarily. - At the moment, he firmly pressed it to her. And in a unique rhythmic music of his increased arousal naturally infected her. And she, clasping his neck, his body leaned into him. Consciousness is not fixed movements of his hands on her figure: all occurred at the level of sensations. Therefore, the body of his wife obediently responded to the rhythmic movements of the partner. He, mastered all the new territories of her body. She was irresistibly light up longing. And his hand slid down her already naked thighs:" "Your body emits not only music. Your soul is perfectly tuned to the musical wave. You're at the mercy of insatiable passion. And you do not want to stop there wish. You no longer enough just slushat.Muzyka in the whole range of feelings, is in you and excites all your internal state"- His last phrase overflowed me surging feelings. I do not know how it happened, but from my mouth involuntarily blurted out: "Yes Yes! I want it to be entered into me. Do not torment me, help me!" "And he "helped", Fixing his manhood into her vagina expiring juices of love"- I continued my inner monologue. "Ltd!!! How beautiful and easy! I feel the melody is already within you. Incredibly, I give myself entirely to her!" "Still, with such a head of him it looked quite natural"- Struggling to maintain his cool exterior, I continued to track developments. "Then there was the emotional explosion so powerful that force is completely left me". Further, your dance partner in a whisper announced that "lady changes Cavaliers"- Aloud, in the tone of her monologue, I put Ya-Yeah, that's right. But first, he said the words, the meaning of which I was not quite clear, but they are very much caressed my ears. "Maestro, do not rush me, I'm on the verge of explosion .. All !!! My fountain of love filled the woman! Its part of the concert, and I played in full!" He successfully "I played" an office, and I'm with him his emotional ardor exhausted with a vengeance. Therefore, his words "changing Cavaliers" apprehended without much enthusiasm. I simply was not ready for a new upswing. Excited and relaxed, I sat down on the sofa with a sense of complete detachment. Inside, everything was burning. She closed her eyes, hoping at least for a while "disconnect". But my ears continued to capture the stunning new melodies of a musical composition. The body of the soul were not at odds with each other: the body does not need anything else was, and the soul again began to quickly fill with fresh energy. I did not think that sounded musical composition can be so fast to restore my inner potential. Soon the body and lit up. Opening his eyes, .. I gasped. I was witness to such erotic spectacle, which just lost the gift of speech. Second, my colleague, dancing alone, just "He entered into the image". I have always, of course, knew that erotic dancing excite the imagination. But that by such a spectacle I had to re "lose one's head"This is too much. So, what I saw, "completely" overturned all my previous ideas about the impact of these dances at the viewer. From dancer could not tear his eyes admiring. What sort of fatigue !!! In me again all grown rougher. He felt a timely change in my condition, suddenly grabbed me and with such passion spun in a whirlwind of dance, I just, for a moment, lost control over them. Before the eyes of all mixed up. I was involuntarily under the magical influence of rhythmic dance. But such feelings anyone could deduce from equilibrium, just not me. Already in the beginning of the next moment improvizirovat.Ne noticed as she "He entered into the image". My emotional intensity reached the highest limit. My partner ... and this time caught the most opportune moment to bring in new elements dance. He picked me up, off the floor, and began to shake. I lost my orientation. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around the neck of the partner, and feet - his hips, tightly clinging to it with your whole body. The next moment it seemed to me that the music began again to enter into me. According shivered. Before the eyes of all "floated". I lost consciousness". "Still, in a different way and could not be in a similar situation. Moreover, she was ready to repeat their sensations, harmonious and natural, without interruption to the point of exhaustion. And without hesitation, she repeated. All her life she had dreamed of such a "ease" in feelings"- Still keeping calm exterior, I thought, but at heart there was some reason unexplained anxiety. My hearing became lively again to capture the story of my wife: "And there is still more frequent rhythmic beats from below, to give deep inside menya.Emotsii again crowded my mind. Then, like a snake, I began to squirm and eager to jump in his arms. He could not stand my swagger and sat me down on the curbstone, unleashed a flurry of passionate head, why re all mixed up in the mind. True, "the corner of the ear" I could still catch phrase of its first partner: "Bravo, maestro! I admire the dance!" "So, and I, too,"- Involuntarily I thought. And this feeling completely overwhelmed me, surging feelings. Our bodies are simultaneously detonated so emotional outburst that their uncontrolled screaming were ready to shake the entire globe: I am even now, when I tell you about it, sneaking genuine shiver. Condition amazing !!! The sensation is so acute that the impression that between us was an intimate connection, so everything really happened. Nothing like that before it was not with me. And here I experienced a real orgasm! Moreover, twice. And that's a fact". I somehow embarrassed her priznanie.-thee that upset my words? I can see? Or something not said? -Ogorchilo That this dance you danced with mnoyu.Ne not saying a word, we both fell silent. Each of us is immersed in a world of their own feelings. "Why such a strange heaviness in my soul? Is jealousy "awoke"? What actually happened in the intricate maze of our souls? Why is it so hard inside so sound alarm notes? -What Are you thinking? - Breaking the silence, he asked his wife."What did she say? How to make a decision to balance our inner harmony could be restored?" And I opened it faces some private dushi.Zhena first listened quietly. Soon, her eyes became very serious. Then she, like shriveled. And when I finished my story, suddenly I asked: Why did not you say that my feeling is so vivid and sharp, eventually, I experienced through the intimacy at the physiological level -Why? After all, you really experienced a great state of mind, without first preparing to enter into an intimate relationship with any of them. All your senses have been associated exclusively with the music. That's what you just now realized what really happened. And the words are useless. Scope feeling has always been a mystery to humans. But be that as it may, we are seriously damaged his own harmonious aura otnosheniy.Ya-I knew it. Will we be able to restore the sound of our joint music Love? -If Both of this very zahotim.Zhena paused, as if weighing every word. Then a whisper: -At me a really strong impression songs, heard the night before. But our love with you tune incomparable. I really want it to dance with you "harmony Waltz" in heaven, accompanied by our music Lyubvi.Pover, I was very upset that his sensual impulse I inadvertently threw "to the wrong address". Today our stories personally I take it as a serious warning. If we can be with you, at least partially restore the sound harmony of our souls, I will be immensely schastliva.I I "invited" his wife to dance together "harmonious halves". Our impulse was joint, natural and desirable. Therefore, we were able to simultaneously "hear" "harmony Waltz"But in a completely different musical accompaniment. I got the impression that a brass band played for us personally, which were assembled the best musicians from all over the world. We wondered about the nature of our joint experiences, whether it was the intimacy, or spiritual. At this time the mind "rested". The main thing is that in our souls sounded full range of sensations, and the world of universal harmony flashed multicolored paints so that together we want to take off into the sky and the whole world is our favorite dance a waltz. Our feeling is more than "blocked" all previous experience. The wife was subdued me unconditionally, and I - it.

In the banking College Light Pavlovskaya undoubtedly stand out among their peers. Sexy, beautiful, smart ... and possessed girl. Obsessed in the best sense of the word. She had a dream of the Stars and Stripes. She wanted to study in the United States. How crazy it "I bite into" in English wonk him day and night. In the subway or on the street, during lectures or at home, in a cafe or diner. She used every spare moment to move towards its goal. Even in her sleep she dreamed of American slang and idioms.
This she impressed the new English teacher Andrew Lucinschi. At one time, it is this determination Sveta he did not have to go to graduate school in one of the American universities. And as Lucinschi recently divorced, this cute blonde liked him sexually.
When his eyes involuntarily stopped on her shapely legs and bulging breasts, he lasciviously licking his lips. When he accidentally noticed the white triangle of her panties, shamelessly peeking out from under a short skirt, he imagined her light - the fluffy pubis. Then a member of the teacher once felt cramped in his pants, and Lucinschi-Humboldt blissfully "I wanted" this blonde Lolita.
Andrew waited for the case to become compressed her advisors and to get together with her better in a quiet and calm environment. And once this case is introduced. Light after school went to the Lucinschi and asked him for help. She wanted to find out the meaning of the verb "root for". Andrew told her. Casual conversation ensued. Upon learning that the teacher worked with the Americans and has good American English, it is sincerely delighted and invited him to be her tutor. Lucinschi for the kind of broken, discuss its fees and agreed. Andrew elated ... he was one step closer to the desired goal.
... Light lived in a luxury high-rise in the metro "Paveletskaya". At the appointed hour Lucinschi crossed the threshold of the luxury student apartments. She met him in a black tank top and blue denim shorts, cropped at the most "I do not want".
" We now no one hurt"- She smiled warmly. - " Ancestors piled on the hacienda to celebrate someone's birthday". - " It's good. Now, the same thing but in English".
He immediately began to communicate with her easy and not by constraint, as if they were the same age. Light accepted rules of the game - they have moved on you. Andrew has revealed its weaknesses in English and began to engage with it. Lucinschi saw that she likes to chat with him. Her blue eyes were burning fire of knowledge, she eagerly scrutinizing everything that he said. A teacher of all cast hungry glances at her alluring bare knees, rounded hips, covered with light guns and her cleavage.
After school hours, and Andrew Light passed into the vernacular. In a playful way. Subject called ... " A restaurant". Andrei posing as a solid client of Light - a young waitress. For more convincing Lucinschi suggested the girl make a real cocktail for his recipe ... 1/3 vodka, 2/3 tonic "Schweppes", Lemon juice and a piece of ice. Pupil gladly accepted. It was a clever move ... Andrew alcohol dulls alertness and enhances female sexual desire.
After a few glasses of cocktails in the movement of light appeared looseness, her blue icicles sparkled fire enlistment of young females. The third and fourth glass finally carried her all the psychological barriers and complexes.
Light resolutely turned toward him as if to absorb it with all my coquettishly asked ... "Do you like me?" - "This is off-topic"- Ironically Andrew looked at her. He was triumphant ... a dream come true. - "You have ink stain". - "Where?".
He gently touched her warm velvety thigh, pretending that erases non-existent spot stroked the inside of her thigh. She froze - she was waiting for the continuation. Light leaned on his shoulders and slightly spread her legs ... His hand slid over the edge of the shorts. The index finger penetrated the thin lace panties and plunged into the bosom of the humid and hot. She trembled all over, burning with impatience.
Andrew found a small pea in her yearning crevice and began to pull at her tenderly. Light often breathed, closed her eyes. His gentle manipulation of the clitoris gave her enormous pleasure. Andrew, too wound up - its mighty trunk was torn out. The teacher pulled the zipper on her shorts and pulled them jerk with shorts. He laid the student on the sofa, spread her legs girl.
His eyes appeared well-groomed silver pubis dissected scarlet ribbon labia. In the middle of the ribbon to expire love juices rose bud. Andrew touched the language exuding a specific smell of a flower, and became his skillfully caress. Light began to breathe more often, its flexible slender body was writhing like a snake. Hands she frantically stroked his hair. Her quiet postanyvanie suddenly turned into a triumphant cry. She quickly finished. For the first time in my life. And with all my heart. Sweet languor spread over her body.
In gratitude for heavenly bliss, she dug her mellow, like cherry, mouth to his lips. Lovers merged into intoxicating kiss. He ripped off her top and, like an insatiable child clung to her breasts elastic trim, with relish sucking pink, smelling fresh, nipples. Pavlovskaya thrilled.
Seducer of girls' souls from the shackles of pants and swimming trunks. His rampant horse throbbing. Light sat down on his knees and took his gentle quivering fingers of his flesh. She put her wet lips of his trunk and began to suck him devotedly. Artful pleased her tongue tickled the head of the phallus and penetrated into the channel. She greedily swallowing his horse. The teacher realized that out of all kinds of sex Light prefers oral. So she skillfully and selflessly processed dignity.
Mentor longer liked genital sex. Andrew blonde nymphet again made to lie down on the sofa. Face it. She took over her slim hips, and if the book is widely opened. And the most interesting place. Her furry animal eagerly opened his mouth, and crimson chetyrehguby lightly poked his red tongue.
Andrew barely squeezed his heated cock in her pussy moistened narrow.
"What a delightful narrow vagina in this girl!" - I admired mentor.
Thick club teacher relentlessly and violently attacked close tunelchik student. His term as a powerful piston in and out of tight pink ring, twisting outward and imbedding into his purple and shiny from the edge lubrication. And her burning tunelchik pleasantly squeezed his cock and massaged.
They changed their position. She got on her knees and lay down on the sofa-feeding, putting on display his mighty appetizing ass. White thread on strings boundary separating the two hemispheres tanned. Between them was the alluring chocolate hole, as yet untouched and undefiled. Just below it - at the feet of the folds - sported curls svetlenkih hair and swelling disclosed slot.
Lucinschi thrust his spear into her hot insides and began to torment him with all my heart. It was delightful! His crotch came into contact again and again with its marble smooth and sweaty hemispheres. Her silvery pussy tickled his pubis.
Twenty minutes later, Andrew felt that he did not like to delay orgasm ... he still inevitable. As inexorably and inevitably spring replaces winter and summer - to replace the spring. Orgasm in full already bashed in the door a cozy cave. Light Lucinschi warned about his imminent finish.
"Not in me"- Begged the girl. - "And I will not go into any America!"
"Then, a little patience, kitty"- Gently asked her to Andrei and took from the table oil "Johnson & Johnson".
Andrew richly oiled his dart and her anus. Also smeared with his index finger, and carefully loaded it into the anus girls the full depth. Trainer began to prepare her anus for the hot battles with his stallion. Soon to come with your index finger middle ... then came the turn of longing for orgasm phallus. Red glossy head of the penis, its shape resembles a mushroom, easily disappeared into the ringlet sphincter. After some time, the men's flesh and completely free entry and exit of a narrow brown stars.
The instructor began to pull at her clitoris. She often breathed. "Gate" him "machine" He slid in a wonderful anus back - forward. Finally, "machine" Lucinschi began firing bursts of pearl girl's close gorge. Andrew moaned with pleasure! His cock throbbed and trembled, compressed closely Sveta "chocolate". A white moisture, meals, all permeated and penetrated into the bowels of the anal girls. Pavlovskaya froze for a moment in a stupor, then shivered all over, zaohala and roughly finished. Without feelings she froze on the sofa, feeling incredible relaxation and thrill!
From Andrew, too exhausted, as if out of it let off steam. Teacher peacefully stood on the young student. For a long time he did not feel this heavenly bliss!
Half an hour later seksobuchenie resumed with redoubled force.
...Light was able to apprentice and sex and, especially, in the American language. She successfully passed the TOEFL and entered the Central University of Arkansas, in Little Rock. The bride, a university, but a dream come true! Univer is shtatovskih! The test results she had sent to the United States in a variety of charitable and scientific foundations. And one of the forked grant funds and paid for her first year of study at the university.
More Andrey and Svetlana had not seen. For a time, they communicated over the Internet, and then, when the girl appeared American boyfriend, their virtual dialogue gradually came to nothing.
Well prehistory so to say gray mouse consider myself not a very nice (like a boy) but I did not freak just looks not like at all well, especially friends I have almost no, not to mention the guy but still happened to me something of an intimate nature about what, and tell you, so here is because of my looks at me anybody nebylo (in terms lubvi) but in 13 years in the summer, I was sent to the camp, but I go there nehotelos because I knew that I was there perceive negatively. But there was nothing I poehala.K my surprise a few friends with me girls. In general, they have shown to me and the joy zhizni.kak once we went to the shower together (general, summer camps in all there) we go back three and there is no one (that too weird), girl (Masha and Inna) looked at each other strangely and Inca I shut the door on the latch. Well, I take no particular significance thought shy in general undressed, went to booths (open) and prinimaemdushVdrug I noticed how dechonki sat Napoli and sent a jet of water in his crotch, my jaw straight disappeared, and they told me nezamechali ivsё more would delight on their face. and I stood there and nemogla poshevelitsya.Mashka finished first and came up to them, I mne.Nu rasprosy everything they showed me how it is done and where the clitoris is the first time the Inca sent a shower and Masha kept me because It was impossible to remain calm under sweeping over me vperyvye such sensations despite numerous masturbation inside and we did not penetrate my hymen remained intact, and nothing nebylo because lezbiyskogo we almost nedotragivalis each other (except for the first time when I truncated shown) in the same place I met my first guy we had kissed in the moonlight, and it excites me but he was very timid and the most was the fact that he told me once put his hand a T-shirt would be oh, he knew what they were doing in the shower ..... we came out of the camp to Moscow, I got in the old environment, and up to 16 years, I did not have one at all, and if I were in a completely equipped unclosable periodically I would probably explode, I would like this seksav August, I met a guy in the internet, his name was Misha on the first date he started a me deeper into the park and we had kissed me, he nonexciting soovsem, I even feared that with me something netak. He tselovalsyanetochtoby bad effort but special insert parts then he brazenly lifted my shirt and began to rub his chest me it nevozbudilo and even angry because he rubbed his chest krgovymi movements ... and just as if it showed him power and he acted on shemku I I tried to direct his hand to me nravitsa as I want to, but it worked this nezamechal and returned to "shemku" Then he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his penis, then I saw vpeervye member, and said suck I leaned over and took his instrument in his mouth, nsmotrya the fact that I did it, nama look very awkwardly, he wound up and started to fuck me vrot.No I finish him Ned, probably in revenge for such rudeness to my breasts. But I liked sucking dick .... I'm excited and my pussy was wet we still kissed and parted agreeing hearth vstretitsa in inetevecherom I went into the shower and masturbating so finished 3 times (very unexpected), and he let me, he almost nevozbudil I decided to fuck with him ponastoyaschemu.On myself I do predlozhilV general, he led me to the garage :( spread a Choteau Napoli kissed me inachal undress ... I stayed in shorts he undressed and put me on this blanket, the floor was very cold .. .. put prezik, pulled off my pants and said: - schA your pussy will hurt - and abruptly put to stop ... I cried, it was so painful that I nemogla breathe, then I think it's because my pussy was almost dry, he waited until I "stop dёrgatsa" and began to fuck me, I was so hurt that my expectations unreasonably .on fucked and fucked finished and finished, as I lay staring at the ceiling eyes full of tears ... he was exhausted and got dressed, get dressed told told me - sit rest bitch. I picked up the phone and vyshelminut 10 he went and said - come schA my pyr will be with him ebatsaya could get away but for some reason, remained 15 minutes cheres went an impressive young man smiled at me and I warmed up somewhere in the abdomen ... So guys excite me I'm alright! glad I'm the guy asked Misha to go saying that - we are spravimsyamiha left leaving prezikiSasha (so-called Man) came BR, oh how from neg smell of perfume I just wanted prizhatsa to him, and seeing my zaplakanoe person asked: - This goat has offended you? Do you want me castrate him? My answer was a long kiss. He carried her on my hands to the table ....... That day has come true what I imagined so dolgoVot already gone 6 months and I nebylo young man ... it is hard to be a gray mouse ...
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