On the territory of the sanatorium were four houses in four floors, in the middle of a flock of another building, as it turned out hospital, was also access to the river. Arriving at his house, I was told that there is no vacant seats and given a choice of either a room with an older woman or a man. Of course, I chose a room with a man, because I not stand these old women. There was nobody in the room. I immediately lay down on the bed and lie down for a bit, looking at what's around. He entered the room a nice-looking man in white shirt, white trousers willows. We met, he told me where it turned out that he is leaving tomorrow. I was pleased. On the first day I went for a walk wherever possible and only returned to the room later. The man was asleep and I too fell quickly and immediately fell asleep. In the morning I was awakened. My neighbor was going. When he was going to our room included two more. They were friends of my neighbor and his name was the last day of notice. He agreed and invited me, begging. I rested but eventually agreed. We chose the narrow beach away from the resort, the food and the men laid out, I went to swim.
When I returned, they already had a drink, we began to celebrate. We laughed telling jokes. But here is one who was sitting on the right put his hand on my thigh. I pretended not to pay attention. Then he began to stroke my side, and I pushed him away. Again he put his hand on me.
-Get your hands! 'I said, and pushed him away.
-You Th ohrenela? Guys help!
Two at once ran and grabbed my hand. Then they twisted and began to keep, so that I was lying on his stomach and his head was at the height of the waist.
-Well Th slut bring us pleasure - and with one hand he held his chin and the other began to unbutton his pants.
-Please contact us do not need to ...- I said, but I just twisted my arms so that I ached. And I realized that I do nothing.
In front of me seemed sluggish and wrinkled member who showed no signs of life. Valera, as he was called, ordered to suck and took both hands behind her head, pressed her to his cock, my lips rested against his cock, and his nose in the crotch. Two men twisted his arms and I had nothing left to do but to obey him. From a member of the smell of urine and something else not very pleasant. I began to gently lick it and then took it into his mouth, began to suck. His cock began to grow little by little and after some time he was upright and slightly twitching. Valera took me by the hair and forcefully shoved a member of my mouth so that I choked. He quickly began to fuck me in the mouth. His scrotum struggled on my chin. He began to speed up the pace and uttering a cry, he thrust as deeply as possible has become a member of the finish. I was struck in the throat hot jet of sperm and I began to cough. He was not paying attention, he pulled out a member and masturbate his hand finished on my face. My face became hot cum flow down.
I was exhausted, and they took advantage. They put me on a blanket belly up and pulled his pants Valera sat booty directly on the face, hands and squeezed his legs. I'm in the nose hit the sharp smell of shit, besides, he sat down so that his ass was on my lips. He had sent back to move back and forth wiping his ass on my lips. On my lips left a bit of dried shit him not, he rubbed my face. I just sobbed.
Suddenly I felt like I was removed from the melt and spread his legs. Then someone began to touch my vagina, pushing the hand folds. His fingers began to penetrate into the interior.
- She's a virgin! 'Said someone.
Then I felt someone's hot cock began to slowly enter into the vagina. I had not had sex so I was terribly hurt, and I began to moan. When a member of the half came at me, he abruptly drove it and I shot through terrible pain.
- Shit there so much blood!
And he began to drive into me his penis. Meanwhile, someone has to touch my chest. He took off his swimsuit and Tal lick my breasts, biting nipples.
I felt that a member of the vagina tightened, and the man began to move faster. And I began to pour hot jet of sperm. He did not come out of me, and all pulled into the vagina.
-Guys I overturn it in the ass hochu.- said one of them, and they quickly got up turned me. Behind me came a man took off his pants and I saw an incredibly big cock which swayed from side to side. He took me by the hips and put it on his knees. Then poslyunyaviv finger drove me in the ass from what I screamed, but to me from the front came a man who fucked me in the vagina and inserted into my mouth cock was fucking me. His cock was covered in semen and in my blood and I had to lick it all.
Behind the man stuck his finger in the anus and put it to the penis. I was very afraid that he pushed me razorvet.On bit, but not a member of voshel.Togla one hand he took me by the hip, one hand guiding member sudden impulse drove head of the penis into the anus.
-And-and-and-and-and-a- it with nothing incomparable pain. He became a member of a little push in the ass. It felt like I had everything broken. So I feel like my gut obtyanuli hot flesh which began to move back and forth. He immediately began to speed up the pace and I felt his scrotum slapped on me. After a few minutes he tensed and began to drive much in me his penis. I could no longer stand on his hands since his thrusts made me stronger grasp of the veil. And here in my gut I hit the hot jet, then the second and third. He stuck his dick and my legs flowed sperm trickle. He walked in front and inserting my cock in her mouth to suck ordered. His cock was all in the semen, which I began to swallow. I have been unable, and fell on the blanket issuing from the mouth member.
- Okay guys went, this whore is enough.
I heard they came and went. After lying 40 minutes I started to get up. My head was buzzing, burning ass and vagina had a terrible itch, the more it was still the smell of shit. I barely got up and went to the river like a drunken obmytsya. Entering the water, I began to wash everything that they left on me. After washing, I went back. And I saw that the blanket was all in the semen and blood stains. I threw it into the bushes and began to look for a swimsuit. I got dressed and walked slowly toward the resort.
- We need to find the police - one thought was in my head. And I remembered that the police should be in every big beach. And I went to the nearest beach.
Going to a small beach, I began to look around. He was only two families and more young people, but the police did not. I walked along the beach. I was all-steel watch and suddenly I saw UAZ standing near the beach in the shade, and he was a policeman to me. Approaching me, he grabbed me by the hand and led her to the car. I immediately began to say that I was raped, but he continued to guide me. Opening the door, he put me on the front seat and in the back sat another full policeman.
- Well che get drunk again? - he asked.
- Yes, like no, she says raped.
- Girl, what happened?
- I was raped by three over there (and I showed the direction).
- And they raped you? - And then they laughed.
- Sense? - I do not understand.
- Well, what they do with you? - They began to laugh again.
- How they mock me.
- Tell us more what they have done to you - they looked at each other and face have remained a smile.
- They fucked me! - I could not stand it.
- Well go to the department - said the man, who was sitting behind the wheel.
We closed the door and turned around and went in the direction of the sanatorium. After passing him, he turned to the right and left on the asphalt road. On it we drove for about twenty minutes. We stopped at some small town. There we went for about five minutes and there was a two-story building, around which there were a few cars. He stopped and told to leave.
- But I'm in a bathing suit. - I said, taken aback.
- Do not worry, there is understood by all.
I looked around to go with them into the building. To the left sat on duty and was on the phone. He did not pay attention to us. We passed a long corridor and stopped at the end of the corridor. One of them knocked on the door and walked one. I waited a few minutes and came out of the door, he said to go, and he went back with a friend. I went into the office. It was a spacious room, the right was safe with the cabinet, to the left was a table on which lay a mass of some documents, and in the middle of a large table sat a full, strong body in the form of an investigator.
- Sit down, - he said, pointing to a chair standing near the table and looked around me from head to toe.
I sat awkwardly covering her knees.
- Do not hesitate, I ordered to bring you some clothes, and yet they will let us see what happened - and he took the paper from the table.
- Here, take and write a statement specifying in detail what happened.
I took a pen and paper and began to write everything as it was. At the door someone knocked.
- Come in.
- I brought everything you asked for, - said the one who brought me.
- Lay and leave.
- Dress pozhajlusta, and go have a smoke.
He went out and slammed the door. I walked over to the table and began to understand everything that was there. They were translucent with lace panties, a bra, short mini skirt, tights and T-shirt. All these clothes seemed strange to me, but because there was no way to walk in a swimsuit was worse. I quickly dressed and all sat down on the chair. The study came investigator examined me sat a few seconds back. I continued to write, and noticed how he looks askance at my feet trying to look under her skirt. I quickly finished writing and handed him a leaf. He took it and began to read.
- I have to check you.
- How?
- Need proof and you can be anything.
- Like this?
- Well, maybe remnants spermy.-and he stood up.
- Where do I go? - I asked.
- Why go somewhere - he said, and picked up the phone dialed.
- Expert in my office.
A few minutes later came into the office the man in the jacket.
- Yes, what you wanted?
- It is necessary to examine the girl, she was raped.
- Well, sdelaem.- and he came up to me.
- Dmitry exit.
The investigator looked at the expert and left the office.
- Lie down on the table.
- But...
- Nothing strashnogo- he said, coming up to me began to search.
- The investigator - he shouted.
The study ran investigator.
- What happened?
Then from the pocket mini -yubke expert pulled out a small bag of something white.
- Well dope, honey.
- It is not mine, this garment yourself brought me out my swimsuit and I pokozalos on the table ... (oh my bathing suit was not there).
- Well 4 years imprisonment.
- But it's not my - my heart was pounding, and I was all filled with fear.
- Well, what do we do, we write the report - said the investigator sat down at his desk.
- Please contact us do not, well, please: I'll do whatever you want.
- All?
- Yes ... - and I began to cry and felt like a child who nashkodil.
- Then dry your tears, and do according to all that I say, and then soldered four years.
- Well, - and I began to wipe tears.
- You remember the whole sexual experience with the hold, and we will repeat it here, okay? - The last word he uttered very loud, so I roused.
- Please contact us not only that ...
- Nothing, just have fun.
They came together and began to stroke her ass and breasts. The investigator raised edge of the skirt and began stroking between my legs.
- Get on your knees!
I knelt down and saw in front of me and unbuttoned his pants appeared semi risen member. It was already then krupnovat member with a red fleshy head. He put my cock in her mouth and sucking said. I took his hand and began podrachivat trunk and head began to suck. After some time a member of the rose, and the investigator began to move her hips. I noticed that the right expert is sitting and taking a cock jerking him looking at us. The veins in the penis sldovatelya became tense and I knew that it would end. And one jet sprayed my throat, I pulled out a member and began to swallow all. Lick with all members, I got up and he told me to lie down on the table in the abdomen, so that dangling legs. I obeyed. Front approached the expert and took me by the hair began to fuck in the mouth. And behind the investigator she raised her skirt and tights and panties dangling began to feel. I felt he was to insert his penis into me. That was not so painful. He immediately entered into me and became strong jerks fuck me. He could hear how his balls slapping on me. They both fucked me in tact. Expert natuzhilsya, sticking out my cock began to cum on your face. I tried to catch a sperm jet mouth, but it is bad succeeded, and my face was to drain several streams. He sat down on a chair and looked at us. The investigator began to accelerate in my bosom struck a jet of hot cum. He began to pour into me and I felt that there is no end or edge. They both sat down on a chair and looked at me.
- What others too need to relax.
- Come hither all.
Expert pulled his pants and walked out the door, and returned after a few seconds, but not alone. With him came another five people, including the two men that brought me. We came up to me and took two hands and having broken them pinned to the table. One walked in front and inserting the penis into her mouth began to fuck me, went back the other and dropped his pants, too, began to fuck me. They were finishing me and changed. When I began to fuck the last two exhausted and I fainted.
I woke up alone in the car in the back seat. The car was traveling somewhere. I sat up a little and saw that we were going in the direction of the sanatorium.
- Well, maybe a snack.
- Come on, and I was hungry.
It spoke those cops who brought me. They stopped and went somewhere. After a while they came back and opened the door gave me a sandwich and a drink. I am pleased all ate and waited, when they will eat.
- Well you ed, but I still have fun with it.
- A member is not swollen at you.
- From this not swell.
He opened the door to me and sat down, and the other cop started the car and drove off.
- Come on, I want it, suck me - and he pulling me to him began to unbutton his pants. I understand that they want from me and taking a businesslike penis in her hand and began to pull him to suck. I already do not care at all because I was a whore, that fuck who he wants. He took me by the hair and began to push in a member as deeply as possible.
- Yeah bitch, yes .... and he was strongly pull the hair.
- Eat every drip ... he began to finish releasing my head. I began to catch each jet and lick penis.
After all, they took me to a sanatorium and ordered molchat.Vot so I rested.
After the wedding, my wife and I moved temporarily to the mother-house. The wife of one month left in the session for two weeks, and I went to work, working in the ambulance. Twenty-four hours on duty, two wandered around the house with nothing to do. How is stepping down for a day in the evening, I returned a few hours later due to the fact that the car broke down, and our team has decided to meet the next day for repairs, and on duty left submenu loner.

I opened the gate drove his car into the garage and walked through the house. I am thinking that t¸scha sleeps decided not to disturb her, and immediately went to his second floor. Having ladder, then heard a conversation from the bedroom Tiffany. I quietly sat down on the bottom and walked up to the open door of her bedroom. It was a light, and I thought she was talking to someone on the phone, but then I heard someone's a male voice. Opposite the door of her bedroom in the hallway was a large closet with mirrored doors, and they could clearly see it and what that guy sitting next to her, and even embraced her. The guy was twenty years old. T¸scha my rather magnificent forms and woman have long crossed the barrier "berry again," sat in a nightie-clad on a naked body. And this fellow put his hand between her legs, something whispered to her ear. T¸scha then took off her nightgown.

Guy stroked her pussy and sank to his knees. She leaned back legs spread in up¸rshis hanging over the sofa carpet. man crawled between her legs and her head started to lick her pussy. Once the man stopped her licking it rolled over and knelt in front of the sofa, boy quickly took off his pants and sent his cock between her legs. It can be seen immediately stuck because they do not pristraivayas started fucking my t¸schinku. when he went into the excitement, I noticed how his balls slap her in her pussy she fingered forth his hand between her legs.

I realized immediately that this young person is fucking her in the ass, so even with such pressure. t¸scha ten minutes later it began to moan moan moved more like a cry, then to moan, but such that I already started. Concha thought I had finished fucking in the ass. That's t¸scha. The guy continued to fuck her even with two or three minutes, and sticking it into the full depth of stopped, grabbed her hips from everything began to fill her sperm passage. I quietly went to her and lay down to sleep. In the morning I went to work until t¸scha still asleep.
A few minutes later it began the strangest thing - Galya completely lost the will. This strange drug made her doll, to obey every word. She was well aware of all that was happening to her, but she was absolutely indifferent. She implicitly perform all team owners, and only when the order was not clear or perform it was just physically impossible, she froze, staring at one point. Generally it "brought" to the owner's son, this 16-year-old noobs Peter that he "gave way out teenage hypersexuality, not subjected to risk of acquiring genital perversions and sexually transmitted diseases", in the words of his father, and simply - not to fuck with anyone. First Peter treated her with care, as expensive toys, fingers gently touched the genitals, caressed and squeezed his chest. Then he grew bolder and began to use the Galia for more interesting purposes - ordered to masturbate his penis. He lay on the bed in his room and sat down in the chair and gave the orders:
Galya, come to me.
Galya, kneel.
Galya, unbutton his pants and belt.
Galya, pull panty elastic.
Galya, pulled out a member.
Galya clasp his hand.
Galya, higher, Galya, lower, Galya, faster, Galya, slower ... Gal Gal Gal ... ...
Sometimes the excitement he forgot to say her name before the team - if she ignored the order. First he patiently repeated the command, and then began to get angry and beat her on the cheeks.
Peter life "greenhouse" boy - he did not see the dirty magazines and tapes, he did not speak with friends "about it" did not see how parents are engaged in sex in her bedroom. So the first time he did not know how else to use Galya. Naturally, it will soon become boring monotonous such fun. Now, he planted at Galya between his knees when, for example, reading. Then he got sick and then have to connect the imagination. To thrust his penis into the vagina to the girl why Peter was afraid. Then he got the idea to fuck the doll in his mouth. He stood up on the bed and called to her. He ordered to remove pants, shorts. Then he paused uncertainly and commanded: "Gal, open your mouth." She cupped her head in her hands and pulled her to him.
Galya. Close the lips.
Galya, stirring language.
Doll did not move. Then Peter thought, and said:
Galya, move the tongue from side to side.
Galya, move your tongue back and forth.
Galya, suck.
After a few minutes of this game, Peter violently ended in the girl's mouth, with the strength hugged her head. Cum spilled from his mouth to his chin and chest Ghali, then Peter said: "Galya, swallow" and she obediently swallowed the remains, and then licked by the host team.
Peter soon began to take her with him into the bath, where ordered to wash it and lick the whole body. He played with it very often - he liked to thrust her fingers in the crotch, teaspoons, candles. Moving back and forth in a thick wax candle in her vagina, Peter saw that it secretes mucus cloudy with a pungent odor, and felt that his cock stiffens. He noted that of the Gali breathing quickens when he does so. Previously, Peter did not occur to her that she, too, is experiencing the fun of these games, and now he wondered. He fumbled Galina crack, watching the reaction to his actions. Once he bent low, considering the red shining folds and pulsating mound clitoris, and suddenly he wanted to taste the female juices. He liked to suck Ghali, he finished several times. He ordered her to suck his cock, while he licked her crotch.
With unusual toy amused not only Peter.
His mother was a cold secular lady, quite boring in life and in sex. Her husband Edward is clearly not enough that she could give. When his wife and his son was leaving to her aunt in a neighboring estate, he is almost the first thing told to bring "Russian doll". His fun was varied. It usually begins with the fact that two or three times finished Gale in her mouth to blow, and then proceeded to a more sophisticated entertainment.
He put a cancer girl and insert it into the anus. Galya was not screaming in pain and did not resist, so the owner could move into her tight hole with any power and speed. Razdrochiv her ass so he finished Razik, then lay on his back and ordered the girl to squat over the protruding member that up to half of the vagina. Then he uttered the pre-rehearsed team "Galya, change" and she sit up and sit down quickly so that the member entered her in the ass. She jumps up more and more, and soon the owner of roughly finished it. Sometimes he completely exhausted Woman forced to fuck herself a bottle of wine, sometimes at the same time part of her ass.
One day the maid Amanda, peeping through the crack in the door for a host pleasures barely had time to jump over the corner of the corridor - the owner suddenly opened the door and for some reason called her. Pulling panties, straightened clothes and wiping his wet fingers on her apron, blushing, Amanda, came to the owner, fearing that he might have guessed that she spied. But it was not before - he briefly commanded to heat the wine and pour it for some reason, in a plastic bottle. A few minutes later the maid brought wine, and gave the owner again froze, crouching at the door. Mr. Edward walked over to the couch and ordered:
Galya, stand on the couch on her knees.
Galya, face to the edge.
Galya, lean hands on the floor.
Galya Arrange wider knees.
She was now the knees on the couch, on the floor of her hands, her crotch was invitingly open. The owner came over. Held between the lips hand, she sat on the sofa beside her and picking up a bottle of wine. Carefully insert the spout into the vagina of a girl he wiggled them slightly, thrusting deeper. Then squeezed the bottle, and the wine is poured into Gale. When the "vessel" was full, Mr Edward put down the bottle aside and pressed his lips to her cunt. He leaned back on the couch and pulled a little girl to himself. She lay on it terribly uncomfortable position, and he sucked the hot wine from her crotch.
Sometimes the owner was unable to get fucked, and then he just read by candlelight, standing on the body of a naked Ghali, laid on a white cloth on the table. Hot wax trickles ran down her body. Sometimes he dined, expanding on her body the food, both dishes. Sometimes, pinned a piece of meat on a fork he had not dipped it in saucers, and held between the labia Gali - he liked the spicy taste, which gave her the meat juice. In general, there was no end amusements. But mostly he just fucked the toy in different positions, in the ass and vagina, juicy, long lasting. Of course, it happened that Peter caught him in the act. He returned with a horse-riding earlier than usual, and, passing by his father's room, saw the maid, who stuck to the hole, behind the stall ass. Peter wanted to yell at her, but noticed a stir under the blue uniform skirt maid. Looking closely, he noticed that Amanda masturbating vigorously. Peter was funny, he approached her quietly, and without saying a word, close up slap on the rump. Amanda stood up, broke and fled, frightened. Peter decided that his father probably just changed clothes, but then he was curious, and he leaned over to the hole. Through a tiny hole, he saw his father plays with his toy. He already knew. What dad enjoys Galya - but never seen it happen. The game was in full swing. Over the next half hour Peter had finished twice and learned a lot of interesting things. The same evening, he was locked in a room and decided to try everything.
Pretty soon, Peter mastered many ways to have fun. Galya often stayed in his room for several days in a row.
In the fall of his father decided to send Peter to college. Doll Galya was decided to send him - must be the same boy somehow discharged and relax from their studies. Especially since the college was only for boys, and his father seriously feared that his child be confused with any servant or village wench. Amanda is also sent with it - take care, take care, and keep an eye at the same time.
Peter liked in college - he's got a lot of friends, most of them were older than he was two or three years. In addition to Amanda, and two or three young ladies maids, but the sisters of the local church in the area was not a single skirt. Therefore at night under a blanket recall "former" and those who have had no experience, it seems like it could be. Naturally, in conversations every cheat yourself "experience" five times more real. Peter did not have such problems, and it was not interested in talking about "heifers" - some seriously thought he was so gay. Soon it began to annoy him, and, besides, he thought that should be shared with friends. On Saturdays, students often gather in the "bachelor" in someone's room, and next weekend, Peter called to his friends, promising a surprise. All agreed that a surprise - it is surely extracted somehow a bottle of liquor, and gladly agreed.
Peter decided not to split hairs with theatrical effects, and when we all gathered, simply commanded, "Silence!" And then, "Galya, come into the room." In the silence there was a creaking door, and there was a girl in a charming lace shirt - vest that barely reached her to lush priests. She walked to the middle of the room and stood, turning toward the host. Just a few minutes there was silence, broken only by rapid breathing six guys excited to the limit, and then followed by a sharp moan and friendly laughter - someone broke down and finished. Peter simply said: "She will do all she would say, like a doll. This gift from his father. " Nobody did not go into details - everyone wanted to try more. At first it just laid in bed and hug from all sides. Six pairs of hands rubbed, crushed. , Squeezed, plucked and rubbed her chest, abdomen, legs and genitals. Then someone asked, "And take in your mouth," Peter grinned. All suspended gesture, knelt over her head, and expertly controlling, giving the exact command, forced her to make such a blow that would have failed to achieve even experienced London prostitute. Roughly finished, he demanded that Galya licked his penis and the scrotum. Thereafter, all tried at once, and some of them, and two times in a row. boys admiration knew no bounds. Then Peter said, "Well. Who was the first fuck her really? ". All fell silent and looked at Eton, a guy who was older than everyone and most talked about a wide variety of achievements in sex. Smug grin, he commanded Gale lie across the bed and swung his legs to the floor by sliding them apart. Doll obediently complied with all orders. Eaton was poked her, but Peter stopped him: "Fool, it was there all dry: razdrochi first" Eaton awkwardly rubbed her slit. The rest of him not to hurry - no one really did not know how. A few minutes later, Peter pushed the other, leaned toward the crotch Ghali, clung to his mouth. Some could not help gasped, others willfully grinned. After a few seconds nimble tongue work Peter felt that lye Galya beginning richly moisturized. Then he walked Eaton and nodded: "Go ahead!". He approached the girl. Put her penis into the vagina, I twitched a couple of times and finished. Eaton blushed. Comrades laughed, but saw that Peter had not even smiled and kept quiet. Following Eaton Galya fucked one by one all the others, except for the two guys who took one time and they are not members of a rose. Again, after Peter, who remembered how he learned, no one began to laugh. This evening, in fact, happened more than anything interesting. Peter showed different poses, explained, demonstrated. Intoxicated with their own importance and development. On Saturdays, we are now going to only him, and he soon realized that was not missed. Tell your friends about the toy. Traditional fun soon all tired, and students began to come up with a variety of entertainment. Toy played cards, and organized tournaments on the art of doll management, inventing ever new poses, in the end, just fucked in every hole until exhaustion. Most liked Peter Gale go in the ass at the time when one of his friends was fucking her in the vagina. It was terribly inconvenient, but both liked to feel like members of their contact through the thin partition. They included two members in one hole, they fuck her bottles, bananas and toes. Somewhere produced the Kama Sutra poses and tried everything described this wonderful book. Soon Ghali was not enough - and wanted to have sex with this partner sane. First, in the course went to the maid, who were only too happy to have some fun with the boys. Then Peter and his friends went to the third year of college, and they were allowed to go on vacation. Most often they went to London the whole company, which produced the full furor among vysokosvetskih girls. Nevertheless - Galya did not forget, it still was a favorite amusement. When Peter graduated from college and went to the long-awaited promise of the father of circumnavigation, he decided to send Galya home. When he came back six months later, in the house it was not. And he never asked her about the Father.
- And a lot of the girls in your harem? - I asked sarcastically. - No, it's not me ... It's you know ... It fulfills Masha debt. You do not think she is not a whore contagious. She is so modest and virgin ... at all ... and beautiful ... It's not expensive to be! Hmm, well. Developed kid, though. - And how old is your Maschke? - Yes, it is already 16. And she's not my all, my boys were sent. Do you want to - you can just see her fuck other. It's free, you can ... Do you want to see? It's out in the house in the basement.

Long basement with tightly packed clay floor was pretty trashed some debris, but tolerably well lighted lamps rare. We have gone far enough and went for a turn. There, in a dead end, I discovered the typical picture of a group of teenage debauchery. Through the dense cloud of cigarette smoke stood out quite spartan furnishings - two years Man sat empty wooden boxes for 16-17, and in front of them on the same box there were beer bottles and some snacks. The boys sat in his shorts, and smoking languidly masturbated, probably jaded sex marathon. In a corner lay an old sofa decomposed without legs, on which the main action unfolded.

A look at what. From iron staples in the wall ran the chain, which was planted a young girl. She was completely naked, in only one black dog collar. Her hands were cuffed behind his back with handcuffs. The third of the fun in the basement of the guys enjoyed the mouth and humiliation helpless captive. The girl was on her knees, and the guy sweeping fucked her in the mouth, proudly resting his left hand side and right-surely seizing slave-girl by the hair at the nape.

- Work, work, damn! Suck, bitch! Deeper swallow, huesoska! Oo-oo-oo, razebanaya whore! - Comments flew from his lips continuously and apparently gave him no less pleasure than the ringing circuit, obedient girl's lips and moans of helpless captives. Sitting drew eyes were studying me, but at that moment their friend become the girl cum in mouth, loud screaming and grabbing his head with both hands slave. She did not resist, surrendering meekly to his abuser.

- Shit-I-yad, well ka-a-dcp! - The guy finally finished pour out sperm in her mouth sex toys, pulled out a member of her mouth and release the last drops on the face slaves. And then he ducked his head by the hair down the girl. - Eggs lick, bitch! Most upotelsya I'm with you - the guy snickered smugly, he was supported by laughter and applause at the table companions, and even my guide childish giggle. He raped the girl obeyed meekly and humbly zahlyupala language somewhere in the crotch of his tormentor. sitting at
This story happened to me a long time. I was only 17 years old and in my 17, I had already lost her virginity in terms of sex was a pretty great track record. I bylla "early": in 14 years for the first time took in the mouth from a guy in a month with him as leshilas innocence, and then went through a few partners for three years.

Sexually, I was without complexes and not clamped: happy sucked his guys, even podstovlyala ass. With the girls lick, I was also not averse to, once in the disco tualtele I licked one of his girlfriend so that she almost shouts his music is not blocked.

In general, I was a little girl that is necessary for me and the guys dragged-I itself blond, of medium height, with whipped figure large "standing" breasts and ass in the right place.

In the summer Saturday afternoon I went to our store to buy a couple of trinkets. But selecting the desired gizmos I suddenly found that I had forgotten at home purse. Home return as did not want to and I decided to go on an adventure, just to get out of the store with the goods, who is there to notice?

But when I go to the door, suddenly as if from the ground up a man of 30ti, wide in the shoulders. He squeezed my hand and said quietly:

- Let's go with me.

From fear my knees buckled. I'm like a dog dragged behind him. Muzhschina led me along the shelves in the department staff. Down the corridor we went to a distant room. only table was in the room, two chairs, and what the cabinets. The window was barred.

Muzhschina sat me down at the table and sat down opposite.

- Lay out the stolen-he hissed looking straight at me. Already murazhki the body gone.

And I'm not saying a word got out of the pockets of jeans brooches, lipstick and even some political nonsense.

- Nothing else? - He kept me vzgyad gimlet.

- No, I squeezed out of myself.

- Well, then, I store detective. We filmed you on film. Now I'll make the act, and then you go home, but we leave the passport. When you pay a penalty-200 "green", will receive the passport back.

- But I do not have anything with them, I even forgot the money ... - I had tears in his voice penetrated. That's stupid.

- So let's go to your house.

I momentarily imagined detective comes home with me. Houses strict father and mother. If they find out that the ...

- No, not that, I pleaded.

Detective uhmelnulsya evil:

- Well, all much to steal in stores, but as it comes to reckoning so immediately, "No, not that." Tell me where you live.

And then I decided to show her feminine cunning.

- Look no need to draw up a report. Let's settle for good.

- What is it like? - I asked the detective.

- Let's meet with you tonight somewhere in the hotel room ... you know ...

And I enticed smiled as she could. The main escape from here, and then let me waiting for an idiot.

The detective thought and then again with a grin, said:

- And then pull up the evening? Come on now!

And he began to climb.

- Who? But where? There is no place? - The smile slid off my face.

- Nothing, find, and he came to me and his arms of steel one jerk lifted me from the chair.

I again podkashivatsya our feet.

The detective went to the door and closed the lock on the two turns. Then again he returned to me.

- Well, and you will be? You yourself wanted.

And he grabbed me by the neck.

- Sit on a chair ka.

I plopped down on the seat again unable to squeeze out a word.

The detective began rastegivat his pants, pulled them, then sprinted their athletic shorts. His cock was already standing in all its glory-a large and tasty.

Detective again grabbed me by the neck and literally planted its eldu ... I had nothing to do, and I began to suck.

He strongly squeezed my head with his steel claws, fixing it and just fucked me in the mouth with his healthy member.

- What, pussy bad, did not expect such a turn, he kept repeating, suck, slut.

I am humiliated, sat in full of zamyzganoy komrke and sucking dick this scum, what a shame! I have seen my dad, he would have got a heart attack. And my boyfriend? He can currently be preparing for the session, and even can not imagine that he was raped by Lena in her mouth.

These are the thoughts crept into my head.

Meanwhile, a member of the mouth has been solid as a rock. The head was part of me deep into the throat. I was afraid that my nosilnik going to cum in my mouth - it would be the peak of my fall. But the detective suddenly loosened his grip and pulled eldu from my tortured mouth.

- Get up-he ordered.

I got up.

- Take off your pants and gins.

I obey, and gins lowered her panties, tango and out of them.

- Oh, tango, how cute, he grinned

Then he turned his back to me and put his hand me over to the table, so I found myself in front of him in the doggy position and he was free to contemplate my magnificent ass. Detective is suddenly slapped me on the buttocks hurt

- Well, kabyla, ready to jump? - He continued to mock.

Without waiting for an answer from me, he abruptly entered into me.

- Oh, you have it all wet-happy.

Indeed, while I sucked him, I do not understand why, excited, although it would seem reason for this was not, I'm not a masochist what else!

And the detective began dolbasit me. He broke with all the dope in my deep jerky, fucked me like entrapment animal.

I was so disgusting in my soul, I never have not used as a cheap slut.

Eyes filled with tears a little bit more, and I began to sob.

He, having heard my moans stradalnye even more hardened. In my vagina it is all squished by my selections. And I suddenly realized through the bitterness and tears, that I even pleasant.

It's nice to lie on the table under the blows of a healthy male ...

I did not notice how my cries changed the tone of suffering-they mutated into voluptuous!

- What do you like, bitch detective laughed, without reducing the pace-what are you damn specifically whether in stores steal ...

"Lord, I am damn, fuck me like a cheap whore, and I have a damn" - swept through my mind. But the wave of orgasm and all were coming at some point crammed all my being. I cried out in a loud voice, huddled in convulsions and went limp.

The detective stopped. - I did not know anyone here who dostovlyaet pleasure? - With these words he pulled his dick out of me. I continued to lay unable to move.

Suddenly I felt his finger climbs into my sphincter. Only this was not enough. I jerked, trying to free herself.

- Have you stirred, whore-he hit me with his free hand on the ass, lie, do not rock the boat.

And he continued to wet my anus by my own secretions. Considering that the preparatory work has been done, he began to insert his penis.

Well, that just this afternoon I had nothing to do masturbating in the bathroom tucked himself into the anus of a tube of toothpaste, imagining that it is a member. Now my ass was developed and it was not so painful.

Yes, you did, and ass-fuck otgodal shrewd detective easy going into my ass - yes you even a prostitute by nature. Can you also give money?

And he began to move in me with the same frenzy. Soon, he again scored unabated. I was still hurt, he fucked me wildly asbolyutno.

I involuntarily moaned again-what a bad habit, just really damn kakyato!

His tremors reached myslemogo chapel. Suddenly, in anticipation of an orgasm, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled over. I vzviznula pain. And then his sperm sprouted in me a powerful jet. And with him, I also huddled in orgasm.
- It's not all-rapist croaked, pulling out his penis.

He forced me to lick his opodayuschuyu eldu. From it came the pungent smell and I thought it was so unscrupulous, but the other way because I was not there. I was under hypnosis, suppressed imperiousness that person. I sucked dry remnants of sperm. He held me by the hair, pulling strongly with their obvious sadistic pleasure. Then Detective nakonetsto left me alone.

He dressed quickly and do not let out of the room.

I barely dragging his feet, too, began to dress, wiping panties vagina and ass. We'll have to throw them out ...

I was about to leave, he came back.

- Can I go? - I asked, fearing that he had come up with something.

- No podzhdi, let's talk, he gripped me in a corner.

- You like me? - He asked insolently. I was silent.

- Well Well you are silent all the time, fool. You know, I liked you. I'm with you it was good. And because you like it.

Or two orgasms is so-so?

I was silent.

He started stroking my hair, comb my cheeks.

- You're a good girl. I think you're still capable of many things. Suck you professionally. And in the ass give no problems. You're doing fine.

God, what I damn-again buzzing in my head and eyes in tears kotoroyj times.

- Let go of me, please, I pleaded.

- Well you can go. But tell me goodbye, how to call you.

- Anya, I lied.

- Anya, you're in the jeans I found a notebook and keep it.

I was horrified and tried to find a book in your pocket. In vain, she was not there!

- That's not all. Look back and he showed me the finger somewhere up in one corner of the room. And there I saw a very small priborchik fitted to the wall. Before that I did not notice whether it was before.

- You know what it is? This camcorder. All this time I shot you.

I broke down and wept, huddled against the wall.

- Well, what are you crying, Anya? It still went well. You yourself wanted. Notepad I'll give you tomorrow, call me on the phone here tonight.

He handed me a business card. I automatically took it and squeezed in his hands.

- Well, that's great. Now you can go.

I ran out of the shop, as if stung. He rushed to the side of his house, as if trying to get away from everything that happened to me.

Why, just one hour drops enough for life itself to break out of some bullshit !!! What will happen now? In the evening, lying in the bath, I once again recalled in detail that his rape cattle. And I suddenly wanted to see the video ... my hand involuntarily reached for isterzanomu vagina ...

Coming out of the bathroom, I found a business card.

Sergey hip, detective agency "Power" Mobile Phone Number and Address tive 12. As nibus all settled, maybe even better that it happened. In the end I myself was to blame. I too take liberties with the guys, playing with them like kittens. They found the master and me. Will my lesson.

I dialed cherished figures

In the tube a familiar husky bass:

- Yes?

- Sergey I-I whispered into the phone.

- Anya? - He immediately recognized me.

- You know actually I'm on another-I admitted.

- I thought so. Good thing you called, I spent the whole day thinking only about you.

- I would like to pick up your book and video.

- No problems. Come back tomorrow at 12 tive seven in the evening. I will wait.

- Wear pants, suddenly I do not know why I asked.

- And what, I'm so pleased to remove them.

The next day, at the appointed time I was called to his office, worried by the upcoming. All the same, I am, by nature, damn, I'm just his personal whore ...
There really is bathed two girls, our village Sveta and had come from Moscow to Tanya grandmother, both of them were already 16 years old.
Sitting in his hideout, I have watched over them, bathed them in bathing suits, but I was hoping that after bathing they will become their squeeze and my hopes dashed, I saw how she asks, having got to the shore, went to my side shot panties and bra table their squeeze, I saw her breasts, but I'm more interested in what she has between her legs, and there was a dark triangle of hair, in a while it seemed to me that she saw me.
But I am what is called, has carried, squeeze and dressed, she went and lay down on his blanket, which lay close to their place of bathing, I expect to be doing Tanka.
She came out of the water, went to Svetka and they have something to say, but the conversation I heard, then Tanya, took off her bra, too, has gone, squeezed out, but it went a little to the side and I could not see what she was It does. I was about to crawl out of his hiding place, as any more interesting things was not expected, I heard from behind a light crackling of twigs and as I pulled hard Tanya, so much so that I found myself at her between her legs and could not even move her hands, she asks, too, went, I realized that Sveta noticed me, and now they probably will beat me, but I was wrong. Tanya deftly wrung my hands behind my back, in the city she did, or omitted Sambo, felts judo, I do not know, but the fact that she took me to a place of rest, it is a fact, the pain was strong in his hand, I did not even think about how to escape.
First, they began to question what I saw, I started to say, only got there and did not see any. Tanya said, well now you see.
Putting me on the cover, they swaddled me as a child, only his head sticking out of the covers on. Tanya took off pants, squeezed them and put it on the dry grass, came up to me and said, Now you see? Now I saw between her legs was red pussy, my children's body stirred in his pants. And if you see, tell that to mean all seen that this did not happen, now you're going to kiss her. I tried to twitch, but not useful, Tanya sat on my chest, and I could no longer twitch, Sveta sat beside him. Tanya hastened her pussy to my lips and said, kiss, I refused, then she just started to drive her to my lips, I tried to turn my head, but Tanya asked Svetka that she hold my head, Sveta took me by the ears and I have not I could turn my head, and Tanya, holding my nose and waiting when I open my mouth just slipped into my mouth her pussy. But licking her I did not, Charter suffer with me, Tanya told me that if I am not going to lick her pussy, she just Nass my mouth. That I did not want to, I had to start licking her pussy. Then they released me and told me to be quiet, and then they or anyone nor told.
Last week, I tried to avoid in general all, I was ashamed that I licked at the little girl, if someone or whether from the boys learned to laugh me.
I continued to fish, and one day while fishing came to me one Sveta sat down beside me and began to ask, I liked if I lick at Tanya, I said no, but at night I remembered that moment and I did not seem so in a nasty, On the contrary, I would like to try another one, but I'm afraid of myself to admit it. Sveta told me that if I want her or anyone, nor told about it, and I have to lick it, and I said that it did not give me a lick. She replied that she did not think that I would even lick, she thought that Tanya would not be able to get me.
I agreed to lick her, she took off her panties, lay down and spread her legs, I lay down between them, and first kissed her on the lips, she asks trembled. I licked her lips, and she took me by the hair and pressed it to her pussy harder, I licked her, and she moved me to a meeting that I almost choked, suddenly it all went limp and let go of my head, I asked what with her, she replied that came. Explaining that she fucked me in the mouth, I liked to lick, but what she said almost shocked me, now I'm not just a wee: Liz, I'm still fucked in the mouth, and if someone may be, know, I will be the laughing stock of all the guys, as if reading my thoughts, Sveta said, do not be afraid, because grown men do to women, and there is not something reprehensible. Then we began to talk to her about my fishing, but I had no bite and tell me it was not that.
Sveta asked if I would like it even lick my face became red, I could not see it, but I felt my face burn and shame, and the desire to once again to lick her pussy. She told me to take off his shirt and lay down on the ground, I did so, she sat with me in my time sitting Tanya. Sveta also pulled me her pussy, but I did not resist, I licked her lips. Suddenly Sveta said that I opened my mouth as wide as possible so that I can fit it all in the pussy, I can be more widely opened his mouth, Sveta pressed her harder and suddenly I felt that she pisses in my mouth. I tried to turn my head, but the last time she held my ears and I could not get out, just writing in my mouth, it ceased to do so, hold me, I could not breathe and I had to drink that I had mouth, she said, well, to me it was not so difficult, it will quietly write, but that I have not pulled out, and drank. I no what else to do, she wrote, well, that did not last long, I drank. She got off me and began again to ask, whether I liked it, I said no, and I'm offended by it, and I will not lick it. Sveta told me that if I will not lick it all guys know about what happened here, I realized that I was no where to now on it will go.
She went to the river, not included in the waist and washed her pussy tales to me, so I rinsed my mouth, so I did. Out on the beach, she said she did not try another one, I said that, Sveta said that she wants me to lick her ass, I said, I will not, but she did not listen to me, she just sat back down on my face, I habitually licked her lips, but she moved to the front, and she sat on my bended knees, spreading his hands half their ass she pulled it to my mouth, I licked her into a dark hole, and I liked it, I began to lick it to her, trying to language to penetrate into the depths.
When she enjoyed my caresses, Sveta got off me and told me to undress, too, I quickly took off everything and stood before her naked with protruding pod. Sveta beginning to touch it, I was awfully nice. Suddenly Sveta asked if I fucked someone may be, I said, no. She said she would give a fuck if I lick from not all that she wants, and sometimes will piss in my mouth, I agree to the conditions for me to be acceptable, and so it is all these things with me, and then there is the opportunity to fuck a girl , all the boys would drop dead with envy, but only this, the rest of them would be laughed at me.
She lay down on her side and said that I moved toward her, taking me for my tip, she sent him to, he did not want to go, and I myself, took her by the waist stuck it with all his strength, Sveta already sighed and said, so I did it little by little, I began to fuck her, but quickly ended, as it was strongly overexcited. Taking its starting covered by hair, a member of it, I leaned back and relaxed. Sveta asked if I liked it, I said, yes, very much. Then she said that I had to lick her ass and got cancer. I saw that from her asshole white liquid flows, and realized that it was my sperm, then I fucked her in the ass, I'm forgetting everything began to lick her ass. My tip began to grow again, and I myself stopping to lick her ass straightened and lifted his priborchik to its dark hole. Sveta did not resist, but instead she moved to meet him again, I began to fuck her, have cancer now and taking her hands on his chest, I received the greatest pleasure that I gained his mouth caressing her pi: do and ass. When he finished, I asked her if she liked to fuck in the ass, she said yes, she tried to fuck yourself with your fingers, but a member of it does not compare, and why she does not fuck her in the wee: do, she said she still virgin and will cherish it for husband.
From the very first day he introduced very strict rules. All the boys had to be cut short. We nashellsya one guy who did not want to shear off his long hair and because of this there was a constant conflict between him and the military instructor.
But is not the case, and that the military instructor often thrown to replace other teachers if they were absent and could not hold a lesson. Mabe took up the replacement of any lesson. This is usually turned into what he first 10 minutes just reading from the book the theme you want, and then ask for it. And the answer is correct, it is estimated by one of its only known system. And most of all, if he had a little cut one in what he gave us, the estimates were very low. If the old forest was dark for him, such as physics, we can safely hang him complete nonsense and he had no choice but to put a good estimate, even complete Losers.
He could, for no reason at all to shout, come and hit on the head with a ruler, the one who cheated his neighbor. His character was unpredictable and explosive.
Exit on a small need, it was practically impossible with his lesson. And this is how it once was a lesson in literature and the replacement we put Alexander Stanislavovich. It has been half of the lesson, and suddenly, for no apparent reason, Lera Bryukhanova raised her hand. Ljerka was 14 years old, she was of medium height, with a great slim figure and pretty face. Cute And so that all the boys in our class were secretly in love with Ljerka potions. But the most important advantage Lerkinym Ljerka, was her chest. Boob larger were only Katka Samoilenko, but Katya was very thick on myself here boobs were her great. Ljerka same was slender and looking at her breasts under a blouse, it was possible to finish even just from the sight. It complements it all red hair to the blades and that Ljerka always wore skirts, which further emphasized her femininity and sexuality.
-What do you want?
-Allow me to please leave. (Usually one of the teachers of men could not refuse Lerke almost anything. Even if Lera missed a lesson, it was worth it to go to the teacher and his cute smile at him just smile all the questions reshaly at the same moment)
-What more. The lesson is over, and then go out.
-Well, Alexander S., please I very much want the toilet.
-And I want to fuck very much, so what do I do?
In general, it does not differ Meybaha high culture. He sometimes slipped abusive words when he was very angry.
After 5 minutes, Lera raised her hand again.
-Alexander S., please allow me to leave. I very much need.
-Be patient. Here I am in the army has suffered, and now you will suffer.
I do not know what to think Ljerka, but she just put the notebook and textbook in his bag, he got up and walked to the exit.
-Where are you going this coming? Mabe rebelled. -I Command you to leave not give.
But Ljerka calmly answered
-This is not the army. You can not make me carry your stupid orders.
-Yes, I love you in a powder erase, stupid snotty.
-Fuck you nafig. Said Lerka and Meybaha passing by, came the class door.
-Well, I'll show you! Skazla enraged Alexander stanslavovich. Having one big step, he was at the Ljerka behind and grabbed her by the hair and then pulled them over so that Ljerka fell on her back.
-I'll teach me to be rude bitch.
Mabe, firmly grabbing her by the hair, dragged her to the teacher's desk, standing at the window.
-Let me go, yelled Ljerka.
-Shut up bitch.
Military director Ljerka dragged to the teacher's desk and let go of her hair. Ljerka rose from the floor and stood up on his feet.
-I complain to you Director.
-Yes, even I memorized. You got me a bitch. I'm in the army like you greenhorns, girls delal.Skazal Alexander S., and all of a sudden, with all his strength struck her in the face with his fist.
Everyone in the class gasped. Mabe caught lying on the floor Ljerka shoulders, lifted and laid on his stomach on the teacher's desk, so it is completely laid on the table face down and only his legs hanging off the table.
-Knockout. He said military instructor and opened a drawer and took out a rope tied his hands deft movements Lerke to the legs of the table.
-Well, what a bitch, you'll know how to argue with me.
Mabe Lerke walked to the back lying on the table. A sudden movement, he grabbed the edge of the skirt lifted her up. On Lerke wore lace panties. Gripping the edge of the panties he pulled them down, and all the boys gasped seen.
We all saw Lerkinu pussy. Labia and clicking between them.
Ljerka already pulled myself together by the knockdown and zakvopla.
-What do you do, let me immediately.
-Shut up, or I'll stop up.
Mabe grabbed a rag, which wiped the chalk and plugged Lerke mouth so that she could only mumble.
Mabe Lerke walked to the back and began to paw hand Lerkinu pussy.
-You're already wet, he said military director and immediately withdrew his hand.
Ljerka stsala. From her pussy trickle leaking urine.
-Stsykuha smelly. When finished Ljerka stsat, Mabe pulled down his pants, underpants and all the girls gasped, seeing his rampant cock.
Holding hand on his penis, military director began to stroke the head of a member Lerkiny labia.
Ljerka probably realizing that it now vyebet front of the class, quickly began to wag his ass.
Turning sharply, I said to two of his murids
- Abdullah Saeed, and our life in the hands of Allah, but we dearly give life in all its glory, are you ready?
- Mr. Ready, guns loaded, our swords are just waiting for the blood of these dogs papists.
-Well, the innkeeper papist, start with him, and will keep the defense at the door. We descend down my friends.
Silently stepping holding swords and pistols at the ready we went down to the pub.
The innkeeper was quite pyan-
- And the emir, join us, we now drink blood gugenotov.-
In the hands of the pig was a rusty sword, and there was blood on it. Looking closer, I saw that he is in krovi- standing over the corpse of his neighbor, lying outstretched legs, with a wide wound on his back.
I knew the dead man, it was not the old man, but rigorist, an expert on the Bible and Aristotle, we often argue, and I visited him at home.
He had two adoptive daughters, or rather the daughter of his late brother, they always participated in our conversations, starshaya- Helen had acute independent mind, she was twenty-five, it was a big connoisseur of Jewish texts, fifteen Jeanne longer listened eagerly, sometimes inserting relevant remarks.
It could be called a worthy man, and if at all you can say about the wrong dog, but it is, in my opinion, was too hard on his players: poor dress, prayer, endless posts. Frankly speaking, it was unduly harsh and stingy. But he was already ...
- He thought he was an honest ligist help him, ha! She brought their hungry whores, so we pozabavimsya-
innkeeper looked stupid with sleep in a corner. There, still as a statue at Notre Dame, were girls.
- Right now come to the neighbors, the butcher and the shoemaker, uh, well, right now we are whores Rastel, stroll, and then paste them into the pussy cola, cut out of the uterus. Damn Huguenot, try our cocks in every hole, before he died!
He swayed and put his foot on the head of trupa- Schass ...
My saber flashed and he was wheezing and covered with blood down beside his victim.
- Quiet - I crushed starting noise of women and on tiptoe ran up to the door- there approached.
Cannonballed it, the door opened
- Hde whore - the room spinning yuloy dropped hog butcher to have dropped down his pants. Right behind him in a dirty cap and halberd, headfirst, he staggered completely drunk shoemaker.
The three of us with Abdullah Saeed and a pair of ductile again swung his sword, and it was all over. A delicious smell of blood and steam room was quiet, just vomited in the corner of the younger girls. The street cries moved on.
I ordered
- Stay on guard if they will shoot a lot, I'll be down. But single chop without sound, run and chop.
Approaching women, I said,
- For me, the top, quickly!
They glancing at the corpses, seeds began to climb the stairs.
The room I drew the curtains, lit a few candles, and turned to the girls, holding hands tightly.
- Do you have relatives or friends that you can trust?
- No, we have no one no- replied Helen,
- Then I have for you, there are two ways, first - I quickly and painlessly kill you, second- I take you both as a wife and you are coming with me to Africa and on to Arabia and .... Shambhala. Decide only fast.
- As a wife? Who are you to decide for us? Why do not we just leave alone?
- I will not leave decent and educated women at the mercy of the crowd cattle, and the better I'll kill you. If I'm responsible for you, then you have to obey me implicitly. And this is possible only if I'm going to master over your bodies and souls. Every word I say to you should be the law.
- I am ready to die, but my sister ...
- I do not want do not want do not want to !! - Jeanne clung to her sister and began to shake.
- If you want your sister to remain alive and consent you-
I amused
Soon I lost all hope. But late one night back sraboty I noticed my neighbor vkompanii her friends, yahotel pozdarovatsya come when he noticed something strange in their behavior, my neighbor was drunk and then it hit me. I walked a little away so we got to the entrance where she said goodbye to her friends for a long time and tearfully kissing and cuddling and began to climb the stairs. I caught up with her and took her pozdorovavschis locale and asking her about this and that started in his apartment. The fact that his wife worked night and Oksyn husband was on a business trip. When she realized where she was, she zaponyakovala but I convinced her that we just drink a cup of coffee with cognac and all. I was in the cheap detective added her sleeping pills mixed with the already drunk brandy and it turn it off immediately.
Here I have to step back and explain. I recently wanted her so many times and it was mentally that I no longer wanted the usual sex, not a lot of patience, and you (the woman so long excite us but kept at a distance) will see how far we can make it.
I gently freed her from the clothes are not paying attention to her simple, but so exciting underwear or her so long ago desirable body, all that I can be satisfied then if now I have all come out, moving her into the bath, I put on her collar, belt and the bracelets on the hands, feet, knees and elbows. All this I designed myself and it, allows to me to give it any position with a different degree of freedom. I stuck her hands to his waist and legs knee bracelets to the collar on his knees drawn up to his stomach Maxim. Taking an enema, I filled it with warm water, and wearing on her head with a long speculum I smear her ring anus cream became quickly enter a tip in her gut at the same time I opened the tap to the maximum so that the jet of water has helped me to realize our plans. And if while I was preparing Oksana she sleepily bormatala something trying to dismiss poorly here she suddenly tried to kick coming to himself, but as you get right say it was too late. I managed to enter the tip to the extreme and pumped expander on the end of it in tight stalled. Now neither he nor water from the enema can not go out with her anus until I depressurised. And finally, this delightful moment her stomach begins to fill with life-giving moisture. Knechno-she has become to recover, though not quite understanding what was happening, began to pull his arms and legs, even tried to scream, but prusmotritelno inserted gag prevented her. I'm in no hurry, I knew that even some 2-3 minutes and the amount of water in her bowels will not bring her the inconvenience that she feels now, and the pain that nastayaschy skazhdym push or attempt to escape will continue to grow, so it shall be otogda she is ready to talk . I carefully IP huge excitement looked at her. I know for myself how painful and unpleasant first enema, because much of what she now will experience (though to be honest gently) I poprobyval on myself because at first I like it, and secondly to know what it feels . And this moment was her eyes were huge as she began to fade so it is always a flat belly swelled considerably and I reduced pressure. Although it poured while only about a liter of water for the first time it's a lot because there are more of her feces and even then it is too tight and rampaged (fool does not understand yet that it is necessary to calm down and relax, and it will be easier Well, nothing time there and it More time to put a personal record for the number of received water. it is a pity not skem arrange tote as-is it a couple of hours can safely take, then there for most of the pain will have to play with the water temperature and additives) STOP STOP STOP not bude get ahead as they say more no evening. we just forgot mine Oksanen. She is filled with Exact time as the ball. AGA its beginning nauseated I shut the water tried to explain sney but that's really the only woman ka came a little relief she jerked back and began to shine through the eyes. Nothing I opened again at full capacity tap oyasnyayas with it. Sweetheart Ochs me if you have not realized fully aware of the situation and can bring you such torment of which you have no idea, When in use, you are faster with this svykneshsya. . I do not have time to finish the pressure made his eyes deloiz proud neighbor, tears running gag through saliva probivaetsya and dripping down his chin, and lo prisposoblenchistva it slowly so as not to shake the water, arching her insides nodding my head ...

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I have already passed half way to school, you need to cross the road, but I thought, I forgot about it and went ahead mechanically, not noticing anything around. I woke up by a loud cry of the signal and the sharp sound of the brakes. Ten centimeters of me stopped a minibus. I hastened to depart, and the driver thought it their duty to throw a few words in my direction:
- Girl, look where you're going! The machine does not know how to fuck because she only weighs!
By its nature, I could not help but respond to such rudeness, and blurted out:
- The machine can not fuck, it was not taught, but you masturbate even do not know how!
I know what to say stupid, but later did not regret it. The driver turned red with anger, and he was about to jump out of the car that would beat me on the spot, but then he signaled back, and, having got under way, he shouted:
- Well, you got bitch!
I smiled and walked on. I remembered that there are garages nearby, among which are rarely seen human, it was there that I was going to wait until the end of the lesson. And here I am on the ground, I sat down on the concrete slab and nothing better to do decided to check out the biology. But read what was written there, it was impossible to me, looking at a few pictures, again plunged into meditation. Through dreams he heard the sound of approaching cars. I looked up, and froze in anticipation of a major debriefing. I drove the same vehicle, the driver of which I gave a gentle word a few minutes ago. Out of the car came out, now slyly smiling, and the driver headed straight for me. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged her to the car. Shouting was useless around there was no soul. I confess that at that moment I was very scared, this turn of events, I did not expect. He pushed me to the bus, climbed up himself and slammed the door.
- Well bitch, to show you how you were wrong? Look what I can do!
With that, he unbuckled his pants, and there fell out, to put it mildly, rather big advantage. What I said next, from the look monstrously stupid.
- Forgive me, please, I accidentally broke. Let me go, I need to school.
- Well, yes, of course, you came here to learn lessons ... do not make me laugh a little progulschitsa, punished for mistakes, so shut up and be patient while I educate you:
From fear, I could not say a word. He grabbed my head and pushed to its members.
- Suck, not worse.
This has led not only to take into account the one when he almost hit me on the road, my thoughts were busy with pornographic scenes from the movie's new, that tossed me my girlfriend. Porn - was a hobby of mine, and although I myself was still a virgin, sex theory class I knew from before. To my great happiness the driver was not properly dressed and disgusts me. Once his cock buried in my face, I felt an irresistible urge to take him in her mouth and show this Zaznayka that I'm not so inexperienced as he thinks. I was wildly anxious to see the surprise in his eyes, mixed with with what not comparable pleasure. I gently touched the head of the language, as it were, teasing him and then plunged his phallus in her hot wet mouth. The driver grunted and more tightly planted my head on his cock. To save it from unnecessary movements I began to suck his own dignity deeper and deeper. Uchaschaya sucking, movement I began to fumble with one hand already swollen clit and the other was massaging his testicles. Then I took his penis out of his mouth and my tongue slid down to the ground between his penis and testicles. My
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