She came to him and not because really, I wanted to see him, but because she only wanted a book with stories Zoshchenko.
Romka opened the door for her. What a sweet! .. Buttons eyes, slender fingers, delicate wrist, sexuality and beauty in all its essence. Say hello, we sat down to drink tea. She slowly swallowing unusually delicious scalding droplets. The conversation was as always crazy. Words strokes went on his colorful canvas: memories, laughter, traitor-true dream.
-Why do not I met you before him? - Narrowed blue eyes looked at her lair truth.
-Roman, it has no concern to us: we parted, and you are no longer communicating, -perezhitki past, painful injections memory.
Familiar a long time ago, very good friends. Talk about anything can be: philosophy and sex, literature and painful condition during menstruation. Before them was another man-Igor: her former lover, his former friend. How many redone, retold in the apartment ... And remember, every night, leaving a tired Igorka in the arms of pillows, she ran to the Roman, to listen and talk, talk, talk ...
The words dissolve in the air, furtively pressed against each other ...
In Romka - friend Lena. The girl of his life. The first time something like a feeling. The enthusiasm, the sudden rise above the earth everyday life ... Lena ... Her love, warmth. Somewhere over 1,000 kilometers from home in Moscow in a huge house with a cat, a computer and favorite daughter.
-He Storyteller - she says - a wizard ..
Romke tells about Moscow, about feeling, about the role of a cornered animal in the narrow space, its irrelevance here and there, the magnificence of the capital and the pain from the scantiness of its existence.
Romka shows All-Lenk, Lenk, about sexual intercourse always after large amounts of alcohol, the desire of the feelings of right and justice ...
-Why are we not together ??? - Ask each other's eyes - why everyone has their own life, their weaknesses, joys and grievances?
She - a dream to return to Moscow ... but now - merge with Romka in the kitchen with plaid wallpaper, smoky, stuffy ... a moment in eternity.
He has in mind a phone call in Lenkin city, and at the same time not to let that which is near, whose high voice rises to the ceiling.
She smiles and looks at himself in the mirror - how good takes off his jacket. Romka freezes in his tracks: Well what a nice .. and forget that he had promised her home!.
Familiar bed, which became almost native smell of pillows. everything happens by itself. Memory like destroying a whole chunk of time, the transition from the kitchen to the room on the bed. The foregoing instantly forgotten. Romka shakes her close to his chest and whispered:" Do you have Kolka and I Lenka ..." And she was trembling in his hands, feeling desired for a moment, for a moment.
Night infinitely long dances, mixing around the world.
Hands swans arched, legs bent slightly apart, knees as the hills. Eyes closed ... Oh, what a cervix ... Warm, fine, beats her narrow vein. His fingers stroked her shoulder, clavicle, luxuriate in a hollow chest ... girl, sweet girl, how to hurt a girl ...
-You know, Rommie. I wanted you. I was with Igor, and wanted you. Fill in you yourselves, be in you. We are one of you, and with him the two balls in billiards: fucked and fled. one in the hole, and the other to the other, waiting for a new blow cue.
-My girl, my dear, I so wanted to break his face in blood when he hurts you did. but I could not regretted a fool ... I was thinking about you, about how it would be great to take you with me somewhere in the mountains to be alone in the whole world.
Lips tend to his lips, drinking, lick. Hand woven under unimaginable angles. Romka slender body hugging, kissing his knee, narrow foot, toes on the right foot. Raking it all, dissolving in it, it bends in an arc ... Treasure you such a treasure ... She melted like wax in his hands. He caressed her stomach with her long fingers. Lips like bites into the juicy pulp of apricot, juice drinks, biting off piece by piece. Inhale her scent, holding the nostrils to the sticky skin. She plays on the tongue of his body surface, looking for something, which tends with his whole being. And her lips again tortured lips exquisite torture, and body weave subtle lace pleasure. The body into the body, thigh regard hip, long fingers dissolved in silky skin. Marigold dig into her small needles. Spine stiffen, pulling, like the strings on a violin, passion plays them bow. Blue eyes sink into the abyss of green squares. Prestressing veins, breath revels breath. Wiring in the polyhedron fingertips caressing hands. Tummy-pulp of grapes, the smell is intoxicating as the wine. Chest heaving a rock bared, shoulder tastes like seawater. An arrow shot from a bow pierces the body absorbs the heat and the quiet is not the whimper, not a scream.
And he drinks the scent of her flesh, sinking in its infinite tenderness. Bubble a stream of desire. Language dancing semicircles on wet skin. Dazzling delight creates a sweet languor.
Roma presses her to him: involving, incredibly beautiful, tickles her pyatochku.
-You know, what are you, my girl? No words ... Treasure ...
She falls asleep, smiling and raising his pointed elbows; asleep in his arms, tangled hair spread on the pillow. Romka lying with his eyes open almost until dawn, guarding the resting her vehemence hands.
Day hits the glass bells light. She stretched, straightens his shoulders. Roma wakes up at the same time with her and laughing, feeling this is a coincidence. Kiss creates a memory-consuming desire for power.
All day they spent together: walking, jumping, confused passers-by. Besides them in this world no one is there. And suddenly...
-Do not you think all this is a mistake?
-No. And you tortured conscience?
They again talked about everything: from philosophy to sex.
-When two people love each other, they become one and treason can not walk and talk. You can not change myself. But it is only in an ideal ...
...- You know, we are like a pair of ...
And it was over. She took Zoshchenko and returned home. Buried his head in the pillow, she realized that that was all. She was very sick.
On the threshold of the apartment they were met Romkinoy angry mother. Romka entered the apartment first ...
-How long can you run on the slut? Again you smoked in the kitchen ... I'll call Helen and tell her everything ...
And you, you look at yourself? Since when was the girlfriend of Igor spend the night in my house, eh? I ask you ... What are you doing here?
Words repel each other.
-Mom, I did not sleep with her ...
After Romka went to see her. He has a cat clawing at heart.
...-Explain to her that we parted with Igor.
-Still, it is unfair to Helen. And do not cry, please, and then I feel sorry for you. I would really like you to be happy.
Tears of pain, resentment, thread, which was cut short ...
...She called Romka a week.
-I'm sorry, - he said dryly, -we should no longer see each other. We - wild children and should not be together.
-We will remain friends?
-No, It is Immpossible.
-What you so affected?
-I called Lena ... And yet, listen Igor loves you very much, and once was my best friend. I can not. Forgive me. I have become a different person. And you, it seems to me, too, it would be worth thinking about how you live. I like you, you're cool, but we each have their own life, their weaknesses, joys and grievances. It will be better this way...
You know, Roman, if I knew how to love, I would have loved only you.
I say: - Debauchery your cool!
They, of course, lying bitch!
No: just even all whores
I used to consider for the people!
They're women at
Gulnut not accustomed to joking!
Any woman for Roma
Always fresh, as the sounds of thunder!
I am still ready to forgive them in the world
If only they were even!
Men - not the gifts of heaven,
(I do not exclude myself)
All potebiteli those charms,
What heaven has sent as a gift!
Any woman - a goddess!
(Only because I have a vagina ...)
And as if we did not fight the nose,
Without them, we would have lived terrible!
And so anytime, anywhere
I sing songs about the pussy!


Oh, that's so sad? - so long ago
I did not drink fresh wine,
The wine that pours out of the slots
From all of us in the world ripe!
I would like a bitch again,
To my sadness to the dogs stopped,
To drink and drink and not get drunk,
That heart was singing blue bird!
I Want hymen not fucked,
A joy to become stronger,
To the young living juice
I helped the youth to return!
Vulgarity and I'll throw
Give this girl chudscho,
Do not defile Yunny fervor
I'm romantic, sweet!
I'm not a rapist, to take
Hope Yunna grace
As a traveler, I cling to the stream,
I do not want to sacrifice!
I have many called and asked to continue my story. But until recently, and tell me it was nothing. Ivan I, as promised, got a good job at first he often required to satisfy their fantasies, but little by little it poissyak fervor and he left me alone. I moved to another office, and almost with him vizhus. But the case which recently came to me and I want you to tell. I know that many people consider it a sick imagination unsatisfied nymphomaniac, I myself could not imagine that it happens, but it's true.
Who among us does not make mistakes? So I made a mistake and nearly flew into a large sum. There was no exit. Most likely I would have to resign and return to his Petrozavodsk and all my sufferings - all in vain. From bezishodnosti I went to confess to his boss. Marina was imposing a woman 35 years old, very active, real biznessvumen: As she screamed at me! Nightmare! I swore and bozhilas that will do anything to keep his job. Marina was first nepristupla, but then relented and said:
- Well, go to work. I will try to settle, but I can not promise anything.
I went back home with bowed head, and was already preparing to pack, when suddenly at the end of the day for me includes Marina and sat on the edge of the table he says:
- Well, cuckoo! We decided your problem. So warm up had!
I was ready to rush to kiss her feet. Marina turned already looked empty room (it was Friday and all left early) and pododvinuvshis leaned closer and lowered his voice beginning:
- You know what you owe me? ...
- Yes, yes of course - anything !!!
- Wait you. Well, I think in the light of all this, you refuse to spend the weekend with me:
With that, she reached out and stroked my hair and cheek. God: she was a lesbian. That damn hit, will now have to lick this pervert all weekend. On the other hand, it has saved me from dismissal: There is no choice in any case. In general, not the worst-case scenario.
- Of course. - I said, trying to make his voice more gentle, but not beat at the same time.
- Clever! - Marina again looked around the office. - Go shut the door.
I ran and locked the door cabinet, came back and was about to sit down on a chair, but Marina stopped me gesture, took over pizhdaka sleeve and pulling on it, made it clear that he wanted to I went down to her knees. I obeyed. Marina netoropyas removed pantyhose and panties, she was only wearing a skirt to the knees. She lifted her skirt and opened my eyes overgrown with neat blonde hair crack.
I must say a woman I never excited, although there are pestered me with harassment. I felt like a complete geteroseksualkoy not doubt it even once. I decided to close my eyes in the current situation and do what they want from me forget all like a bad dream.
Marina took me by the hair and pulled my face to his crotch. I began to lick. Though I did it the first time I did it seem to be nice and Marina began to moan. I decided to take the initiative (as well as to quickly put an end to this humiliating conscription), and began to caress her clitoris with a finger.
After a couple of minutes, Marina came. She sat on the table, caught her breath and said:
- Good, now get up, take off your pants and lie on his stomach on a table.
What does she want more from me? I thought I was pulling jeans. Did she want to lick? Strange. Meanwhile, I lay down on the table, and
Marina began to caress my pussy and feet.
Not stopping to massage my lips she reached out and took my table with a pencil. The next moment she was stick it in my ass. I realized that fell. My ass is only oklimalas of entertainment with my former boss - and here again! But I decided to accept. I relaxed and tried not to think about what's going on. Marina also has propihnul pencil in my ass and now I fucked them taking out almost completely and inserting up to the fingertips. A few minutes later she took a pencil, and his place was taken by a finger. The finger went back and forth with double speed, and soon he was joined by a second. My ass has managed to wean itself from intrusions and tightened when the fingers began to stretch the sphincter. I shamefully ran and Marina smeared my ass by my own juices. The hand, which she caressed my cunt already was drowning almost entirely in it. Kokda rhythmic hand movements merged into a single rhythm, I start to finish.
Marina took sweaty fingers out of me and unceremoniously wiped them on my skirt.
- Tomorrow you come to me in a short ubke, thong, without tights. Come to 12.30 and zapromni - if you think about stubborn, I can always turn to your missteps.
She took the panties and pantyhose and left the room, unlocked the door and leaving it open wide open. I slowly got up from the table, pulled on jeans and gathered went home.
The following day, I dressed as stated on padded feet came to the marina. She met me in her robe over his naked body and connections in the room. In the middle of the room stood a chair. Marina sat in it, razkinula robe and slowly began to stroke her pussy. She told me to go to the chair, stand in front of her and put one foot on the arm.
- Raise your skirt, show me your panties.
I raised my panties I wore simple cotton thong, they fit snug my lips.
- Ok, now show breasts.
I unbuttoned her blouse, livchika on was not for me.
- Fingered nipples.
I had to start to caress her breasts. I did this until the nipples are not hardened and swollen.
- Another thing, now caressed herself through her panties, I want to see how you namoknesh!
Namkatya did not want to, I rubbed myself through the panties this way and that, but did not succeed.
- Something you schlock: Okay, I'll help you. Get your hands off my hole. - With these words, Marina protinula hand, held her panties on, between the legs unbent towards the thin strap and put his finger to my anus. Push down and began to push through to me.
- Look, how lovely!
I looked at her panties - for it was to spread a wet spot. Penetration in the ass, though it was not pleasant, but incredibly excited my body.
- Now let itself - skazada Marina removing finger and leaning back in his chair again start masturbate. - Finger fuck yourself in the ass.
I had to insert his finger into the anal. I fucked myself not too usserdno - sorry for yourself. Still, all pants were soaking wet.
- Do not stop a fuck, bend and make me come.
I have not been able to easily without removing the fingers from the ass falls to his knees and began to lick her kitty. Marina soon finished and allowed me to take out a finger.
- Now I want you to clean up, follow me to the bathroom ....
In the bathroom I was stripped naked and subjected to pouring cold water to it put me on all fours.
- Rotten back, bitch!
I got up as Marina ordered. She stroked my crotch, took a shower and unscrew the head, then she took the hose end and put in my pussy. Water flowed. Soon she stopped me and placed in streams pour out. Marina took prepared beforehand brush, ordinary brush for washing bottles, ECTS and scratchy, rough and inserting it into my hole, began to wash it as any pitcher. It was very unpleasant and even painful! Even before the torture was over, I realized that my ass is waiting for the same fate. And so it happened. First Marina filled me to bursting - my anal broke down and fell out of the hose, and the water flowed from the holes. I struggled restrained water inside, and drove my tormentor brush in my ass and poke them.
- Okay, I run to the toilet - she said, pulling the brush.
I was relieved freed from water and trudged back to the marina. She took me into the room, dragged a large ottoman and put me on him, on his stomach. My ass has risen high, legs parted.
- Now we will work out your ass, did you get such Sensitive: Valium.
Marina brought from the kitchen long cucumber, he came up behind me and to my sphincter braced the cold end of a cucumber.
- Well, hold on, my dear, right now, I love you so fuck: - With these words she began to shove a cucumber in me.
I screamed obscenities good, cold barrel seemed tore my ass. Marina to push it to the full, until it rested on me somewhere inside, causing pain, and took out almost completely. She pulled out of his priests and with the new thrust force. Pain and excitement mixed up, I was dizzy. When Marina cucumber learned my ass for a while and remained open and convulsively reduced. Marina hand fingers stretched sphincter region and began to push through in his hand.
- Do not! - I groaned - I hurt you I will tear:
- Nothing I saw in the film - it was part of a free hand, and then you go down.
She shoved his hand, and that all would not fit. I began to think that if my ass was broken it would not hurt so much. But here is the widest part of the hand slipped into me and sphincter tightly clasped hands. Marina began to fuck me with his hand. In my bowels hodilo something huge, spreading all around. I chuvstvoala that pour out of my slit just flows. Finally, the hand began to appear out of me.
I lay vyebanaya with sore ass, unable to move. Marina also took me by the shoulders, lifted her to her feet. Then he went back to the kitchen and brought out a stool. She turned her feet up, put on a condom and told one of them:
- Come on, sit on top! Ass, so she does not relax until I go to a neighbor for surprizom.
I was so cold cuts, I'm not interested in absolutely no surprise, nor a neighbor. Marina dragged me to the stool and napravir foot hand sat me on top. I was squatting in the middle of the room, in the ass, I had inserted a stake, ass throbbing pain.
Marina looked at me, picked cucumber and particularly unceremoniously shoved him to the refusal of my slit. Now he and foot stool with my every breath rubbed, causing tingling.
- Do not go anywhere. - He quipped Marina and retired.
Not ten minutes later she was back driving on a leash rather large dog Giant Schnauzer.
- I read a lot about how women and dog fuck me something hard to believe, try? Lord, not again !!! I tried to resist as she could. When I took off the stool, I began to kick, even bite trying to Marina. That apparently was ready for such a turn, and his hands in his pocket pulled out a Taser. The next moment I ached and I fell to the carpet. Back pain, in the region of the hip. I screamed and froze.
- You something is not understood, bitch - his voice sounded Marina threat, but there was no malice. - You're my toy, you will do what I want, okay? - And he shook me shocker.
- Yes.
- That's clever. Now you stand with cancer and be submissive.
Then it was all as in some nightmare - yastoyala cancer on the carpet, and Marina parked on me dog. With the move she did not work - he was growling gut-wrenching and certainly not excited. Then she decided to go the other way. She sat next to him, soothed and called me, ordered to poke his nose in the crotch rizena. It helped - cable brightened and began to lick me. Soon Marina without too much trouble put it on me. His cock, meanwhile, leaned out. He began to poke them in all directions, moving so frantically that did not got me. Marina herself disdained to take up his hell, and forced me to take his instrument and paste. Went Fucking.
Cable just walked shaking - first there was nothing special - his cock seemed thin, but suddenly he was swell, and soon it fills my hole. Another minute and my bosom fill it with seed. The dog got off me and went into the kitchen, where there was a bowl of food. Marina, who stared at the whole scene came to me and slipped me a bowl, nadovila on his stomach and poured out of me like a dog juices. After collecting all you can put Marina vase in front of my face and the male lead once again. He was fed up, and it seemed ready for a fight.
- Now we will please him your ass.
The operation was repeated, only now I put a tiny dick in her ass dog. When he began to swell, Marina pulled me a bowl of dog semen
- Eat! - She ordered.
I began to lick begins zhidet weight and my poku already tearing male member. This humiliation, shame, pain and excitement, I have not yet experienced. I felt so dirty whore, that was ready to sink into the ground. I wish I was back in Petrozavodsk.
When the cable is finished, Marina took me into the bathroom and gave a wash.
When I came out she said:
- Okay, you've been a good girl today, and I will have compassion, you can go home and not come tomorrow, will continue next week. Today Tuesday, Marina came to me and said that on Saturday I will try to horse! I'm a little afraid. But I hope through Marina I can please you with a new story next week.
I do not know whether that well, what happened to me, to bear on the people ... Maybe there is no need ... I do not know. But what happened ... so unusual ... for me, anyway ... what I'd like to share weathered even with someone. And who can I tell you about it? !!! Who? How not to you, because I do not know and do not know you ... And You are a me. That's why I decided. A judge me or not- your case.
When my husband and I separated, I was 27 years old and Dime - 10. I loved my husband and I continue to love him, even though it was hard to forgive him for the fact that after all the good that we had lived together for years, Sasha went to the other woman. And yet ... I wish him only happiness. And I ... Well, I have remained, as a pledge of love Sasha Son, born of him. Born in love. Probably because I am so fond of Sasha and son grew up like him. And the older you got, the more reminded me Sasha. I recall not only the appearance but also the habits, gait. Even the voice of Dima more reminded me of the voice of my beloved. My ... no, not my Sasha! All of what I want to tell you what happened when I was 31, and his son - 14 (I gave birth to him early, I was not yet 17 years old). I still remained attractive in appearance - I had beautiful breasts, thin waist, slim legs - the assurances of men. And the face of my God is not offended. Despite this, it so happened that ...
During these four years, there have been men, but none of them are not even remotely comparable to Sasha was, so I did and continued to live together with Dima (the name of my son).
I thought that the girls he was not very interested in, and I do not particularly care - but just in case, I once decided to talk about it with him - if, each time, a little. The relationship we have friendship, trust, and the upcoming conversation does not bother me. I started from far away ... slowly approached the relationship with the girls. Then Dima gave me, that they are not interested in him at all! I was surprised. Then I had an idea .. that my son-blue! But when I do. Confused, I asked about the boys ... "Well .. you know what I mean?"... he laughed. But then he stunned me even more. "Mom, - said the son-do you remember as a child I was often told that I am, when I grow up, marry you? Do you remember?" "Of course I remember"- Laughing, I said, feeling relieved at heart because he did not blue. "I remember, my dear! You insisted on this rather often. Do you remember the morning you climb into our bed and went between me and my dad. Even pushing it! What would you like, is not it ... and you ... sleep with me". Dima smiled slightly and continued to memories ..."Do you remember the evening I asked to you in bed? But the father did not allow ...". I laughed ..."I remember ... And do you remember how my father went on a business trip, and you say that I'm sorry you cold in your room. And I understand that you just want to sleep with me. And I felt sorry for you .." -" Yes, Mom - continued Dimulya - and you are allowed. You do not know how happy I was then !!!!" And in the eyes of his son, to my surprise, I saw really glow of happiness. "And then you began to speak. What I have a great, and I can not sleep with mom" - Dima continued sadly. And he paused. So do I. I think I began to understand something ... And then I heard the words of his son ..." But then I, as a child, telling the truth. I really wanted to ... to ... you ... ... became my wife!" I'm confused ... "But this is a child ..". Son has seriously looked at me and said ... "Yes. It was a child ... But I ... and now ... I LOVE YOU! More than anyone in the world! - The voice of his excitement suddenly zadrozhal- And I do not need any girls! And I already ...- embarrassed, but also passionately completed on-I want the same ... ... as a child! Especially because my father left you". -"Stop it!" - I cried, trying to hide behind a perturbation smuschenie.- "Do not you judge it!" - "No. To me!"- Also I shouted Dima.- Because I LOVE YOU !!! And he did not like! Otherwise he would not have left you!" And suddenly I felt so sorry for myself, because I have nothing to object to his son.
After Dima- right! His throat caught the insult. I hid her face in her hands and wept. I suddenly felt so cold and lonely! It's a shame and bitter! And suddenly ... ... I felt like my shoulders embraced male hands! Gentle, but strong male hands! That I lacked the last few years! Dima hands gently stroked my shoulders. And I became even more bitter by this, I do not know why. I began to sob loudly. "Mommy! My favorite - I heard the excited voice syna.- What are you? !!! Do not Cry! After all, I'm with you!" And from it came a feeling of warmth, tenderness, and strength ... ... love ... YES! LOVE !!! What I trustingly reached out to put her son ... his neck ... buried her wet face in his chest ... And already smiling through her tears, she whispered in a trembling voice ... "My boy!!! No ... no longer a boy ... my favorite !! Dima !!! You- alone I have !! YOU-my protector! My support! My hope! And my sense of life !! After all, I do not need nobody but you! And no one but you, not like me !!!" I lifted my face, no longer ashamed of her tears ... Dima looked into the eyes, shining really love ... put her head on his shoulder, his nose buried in his ear ... and more tightly clung to him, as if seeking warmth and protection ... breast clung to his chest and his heart ... I heard the rapid rattle of his heart !!! And his heart could not lie !!! I heard it in one part of the impact ..."LOVE! LOVE! LOVE !!!" And my heart began to pound in response to the same thing !!! And it could not be otherwise! And when I felt like Dima hugged me gently but firmly ... and my chest, even through the robe felt heat coming from his chest ... my head is spinning with excitement and happiness !! And I, like a drunken, softly whispered in the ear of Dime ... "... My favorite ... MY !! You are only mine!!! MY!!!" And I heard in response to his trembling voice of happiness ... "IS YOURS!!! Mommy !!! IS YOURS!!! DARLING!!!" I trembled with happiness, feel loved! And the excitement and confusion ... because ... felt a woman's instinct is something much more than love ... ... son of a mother !! But when he buried his nose in my hair and gently ... .. ... uncertainly kissed them !!! I felt like my head was quite dizzy !!! Feeling that I'm losing it ... I overcame myself ... ... gently pushed Dima got up ... and looking away in embarrassment, said ..." Well, we talked". And out of the room to recover.
Over the last year Dima really grew up, became taller than me, came in the shoulders and has already begun to shave. Outwardly, it looks like my husband, inherited from him a very pretty face, charming smile and good nature of the figure, with narrow hips and broad shoulders.
Then came the end of the week was Friday. I came home in the evening after work, dreaming of a hot shower. In passing, noting that Dima sign up before exercise in the section home - on a chair in his room were his jeans and futbolka- and hence will not come before ten, I went to my bedroom. Quickly he undressed and left in shorts. House was cool, and I was cold almost immediately slightly from what my breasts nipples stiffened and stood up. I picked robe and hurried to the bathroom to poblazhenstvovat under a hot shower. And in such a hurry, she did not notice a burning light in the bathroom ...
Popped into the bathroom, I felt like I breathed damp heat wave as if someone has taken a shower before me. I did not have time to be surprised that, as a slightly stunned by another - in the bathroom and stood naked Dima wiping head with a towel. I've closed the door from the inside, and in fact, the first thought was to get out. I did not expect to see him now, and even in such a situation. And my hand was groping behind him latch to open the door. At this point, the son took the towel from his face, he saw me, smiled first ("Hi, Mom"), Then his eyes fell on my bare shoulders, bare breasts with protruding nipples ... the cold, bare feet and visibly embarrassed. Still would! For the first time to see his mom ... ... stripped almost naked! But at least I had her panties. And Dima was something completely naked! The situation ... We were both taken aback and froze in surprise ... not taking his eyes off the same time from each other ... I could not help admiring slender, sturdy figure of his son. The figure of the young man, in which man already guessed. From embarrassment filled his cheeks a bright blush, who made Dima ... even more beautiful! And he looked around me ... all over, from head to toe ... and I was surprised that I felt .... it's nice! Yes, to my shame! For a few seconds that lasted, like clockwork, we looked at each other in silence ... Then, recollecting himself, I raised my hand with a bathrobe and closed chest ... because a son very much for a long time did not take his eyes from them. And the son dipped his hand with a towel covering the bottom of his stomach. Once again, I began to try to open the door ... I also have to get out! At this time Dimulya suddenly licked his suddenly parched lips, swallowed, and said ...
- My God ... mommy ... how beautiful you are, it turns out !!!
I felt that I, too, begin to burn his cheeks, and cold at the moment I do not feel it. On the contrary, I felt a wave of heat over me. The heat of shame! Thoughts galloping. What to say? ? ? .... And at the same time I am .... through shame, embarrassment, awkwardness felt ... that I ... nice ... Dima's looking at me! And he looked ... with delight! With excitement !! With love!!! I was already a thousand years no one is watching !! But could not I stand so infinitely ?!
Then the son said some hoarse voice ...
- Mom ... you have such beautiful breasts !!! ... Can I touch it? ..
I was startled by his words and trying to prevent it, he suddenly wanted to, she said, but not so confidently and firmly, as if it was necessary at a time ..." Dima ... shameless .. you're not a kid .."But he interrupted me ... "I just touch, Mom! Oh, please ... For us ... no one sees ...". And ... gently took my hand and held the robe ... I suddenly felt with surprise that ... I can not ... no ... !!! Do not even want to fight ... .. !!! . Son gently lowered my hand down ... and bared my breasts !!! My heart beat loudly from such a shame, what I had not experienced in my life! Never!!! Because this was such a shame ... sweet !! So faint heart! SO ... Well, I can not put into words, really. Only experienced it can understand ... I froze, unable to even move .. I looked at the face ... Dima is from such a friend was suddenly not the same as I used to ... excited .. .. blush suffused with bright eyes it shone with love ... and at the same time were covered with some languishing lips parched ... ... his chest heaving from frequent breathing ... his excitement and excited me even more !!! With burning impatience I waited ... what's next? !!! And my favorite ... my home ... my ... Dima reached out a hand to my chest ... and I saw his hand tremble !!! When his warm fingers touched .. still cold skin of my chest ... and I felt my face fills the thick blush of shame !!! And Dima ... I spent on her fingers gently, gently, why my heart suddenly began to pound harder. And then .... then Dima made an incredible !!! ... ... He bent and gently touched his dry lips nipple! ... I stood Dumbfounded and speechless with surprise. I did not think that it comes to this !! But still ... I am waiting for what he will do next ...
She waited, burning with shame! And saw my swollen nipple ... I plunged into the parted lips ... and a son ... began to suck it !!! And I was surprised suddenly felt that I ... it's nice! But ... this is NOT !!! After Dima - no longer a child !!! I tried to pull myself together. " Dimushka ... - I said, feeling somehow my voice trembling. - It can not be ... ... what are you doing .. is impossible. Stop. Do not! Enough! Well, do not need the same ... please ... stop ..." But as long as I kept telling her, Dima ...... my favorite ... began to suck not have as a child ... not as a kid! I felt all my feminine creature that it opened my chest! And Dima ... began to suck more swell in his mouth nipple with such greed and tenderness ... ... with so much love ... and at the same time awakens a passion ... I have breath away! I did not expect ... SUCH !!! And taken aback ... I lost the ability to counteract. Moreover ... I with shame and embarrassment felt .... that I .. I ... ..TOZHE is excited !!! A wave of shame washed over me hot! What is it with me? !! I filed ... ... my own son !!! The boy, whom I carried and gave birth to today ... worried about me, like a man !!! I had no idea ... what could be! ... Dumbfounded and did not know what to do. Shame made me immediately stop all this ... But at the same time ... I felt ... PLEASURE !!! Yes! Yes!!! I yearned for four years for male affection, SO yearned that only a woman, held it, will understand me. And me ... shame struggled ... and enjoy!
unclenched my hand ... and the robe fell to the floor ... My hands were on his son's head .... and then I pushed it off my chest .... then, clutching his thick hair, clutching him to her. I heard Dima in such moments of breath, noisy breathing, but do not let my nipple. "Di-and-and-my-oh-oh-PFA-and-a- I whispered pleadingly parched with excitement gubami- well-at that-about-you s-s from the set-oh-oh-th de -e-eating-a-ag-e-wb? Are you ... mad-as-a soshe-ee-ate ... in-ah-to-oh ...." and follow " Ma-ah-lchi-and-ik mo-o-oh! Up-of-the-oro-oh-oh-oh !!! Liu-th-th-jubilee-and-Clamps-s-st mo-oh-oh-oh !!! Co-o-olny-s-SQA-of-the mo-o-st!" And then my sunshine ... gently, but firmly, bite my nipple !! Sweet ... no, unbearably sweet pain like electrical discharge, pierced me all! From the tips of the toes to the crown. And I involuntarily screamed drawl ... groan arched her back ... ... threw back her head and closed her eyes in shame and pleasure ... It is SO kissing my chest Sasha !!! He knew that sosok- my weakest point! I felt Dima let go of my chest ... and heard his excited voice ..." Mommy! You ... hurt ?!" Stupid! I smiled ... and, without opening his eyes in shame, whispered ... "No ... do not hurt me ... ... GOOD !!!" Dima froze for a while ... probably looked at me and now he is completely unfamiliar. After all, he suddenly opened ... in me ... in my mom ... WOMAN !!! I waited ... burning and trembling with shame! I am aware ... ... that should immediately stop IT! And ... I could not ... could not push my favorite! And felt again, as Dima ... touched his chest, which is kissed ... and began to gently caress her! And then ... ... touched his lips nipple breast ... the second ... And he began to suck it as well !!! ... Suck and gently nibble !!! Here I completely lost his head in delight! Tilting his head, I hugged her son by the shoulders ... became passionately caress it !!! Presses to its already hot and shivering body !!! And through the groans of pleasure and cries ringing whisper trembling voice growing desire; "Liu-th-th-jubilee-and-and-Clamps-s first mo-oo-th !!!" I fell as if in slumber ... The whole world is gone ... gone ... shame I was not aware of anything ... except the unbelievable pleasure! And ... the desire ...
Yes ... DESIRE !!! ... rises from the depths of my female awakened nature! I wanted to bear ... close !!! Right now!!! Everything seemed forgotten arose in me ... making me again ... in a passionate woman who I was before the divorce !!! And I ... like a dream ... suddenly it seemed ... that is ... SASHA !!! Again caresses me !!! Incredible joy overflowed me !!! And happy I dug her nails into his shoulders ... Sasha ... and groaned even louder !!! More candid !! And she began to bend his body, shaken by delight !!! And he ... put his hand around my waist ... clung to me ... .. and his lips and his teeth become even hotter ... caressing my nipple ... And the other hand ... he was not ... stroking and kneading .. !!! Tiscali !!! Squeezes my swollen breasts desire ... tweaking her nipple !!!!! And now I've gone mad !!! What was going on with me !!! I was trembling ... trembling ... moaning .. came moans and cries ringing ... in no way ashamed ... and through the whispering moans ..." Liu Yu-jubilee-and-Clamps-s-st ... Ca-a-asa-ah !!! How I miss you ... for you !!!
CA-A-ase-e-Enko-ah ... I ... ho-oh-oh-OFDM-at-TE E-ebya-Ya-Ya !!!" Sasha caressed me even hotter ... incensed me ... like before ... to bring to a frenzy ... lay on the bed, pinning her hard and hot, desirable body ... and I ... I spread, bent in the knees and burning with impatience, her legs ... and feel the unearthly delight ... how hot ... hard ... big ... dearly beloved by me ... ... a member of Sasha finally pierces my body !!! Forcing emit a groan ... languid and loud moan of delight and pleasure !!!! Forcing favorite entwine arms and legs ... and hide with him in the same rhythm together ... going to the delight, shocking both in the enjoyment of each other !!! I'm sick of desire ... I moaned so ... so ... so buckle shaking ... this heat is already filled in the bottom of my stomach !!! ... I'm not waiting patiently ... now he. .. raise me on their hands ... I cling to him ... and he will carry me ... in the bedroom !!! ... We collapsed on the bed ... and I- enjoyed it !!! And on-me !!! But suddenly ... ... I rang sharp and loud phone ... !!! I opened my eyes ... misty eyes looked around ... ... saw standing next ... still hugging my waist Dima! I do not ... Sasha and Dima !!! I'm all flushed with shame ... from what happened! Slowly coming to himself, he took his hand and suddenly felt touched something. We both looked down and also at the same time, probably blushed even more !!! In the heat of affection ... my son dropped his towel ... like I- bathrobe. Now it was my turn to have a nervous swallow. I touched ... member ... my favorite ... He was such a great !!! As an adult male. Nalivshiysya tensions, he was stubbornly directed at me ... !! Yes, at me !!! The idea that I not only ... but also ... Dima wanted to close !!! And ready for it !!!
Dima ... my favorite ... my son !!! ... like ... ME !!! His favorite mommy !!! So, not only do I ... ... we both lost their heads! From embarrassment ... shame ... and from stihshego has not yet wish ... I could not utter a word. As if spellbound, watching ... on dick son saw what he was tense and trembling slightly, even I saw a tiny droplet on the tip ... and I could not look away. But what I am, I thought ... we must pull yourself together !!! Finally, I came to her senses, and how at ease you can say ... "Dima go ... just take the phone ... ... and I have to swim .." Son also like ... woke up quickly lifted my robe towel ... ... took her clothes ... .. I unlocked the door and went out. I locked the door behind him and finally left alone to recover. Open water in the shower ... undressed and got into the water. Basking under the jets, I felt like they washed my excitement. I might have to think ... And to think it was about! How do I keep myself now ... .. with my son? How to live on? After all, we live together ... Yet I was a little worried about coming out of the bathroom ... Dima is already fiddling in the kitchen, warming dinner. When he saw me, he looked down in embarrassment .... I also ... I then began to help his son ... I asked him why he was not in training. He spoke about the section of the school. Gradually we began to talk without any of the tension that was in the beginning. Over dinner, I'm already regained consciousness. And, meeting with the spirit, how serious can be said ... "Dima. Let's agree on the future. What happened, let's forget. As if it was not. Why, I think you know yourself. And I ask you ... to more of this does not happen again! Promise me! Like a man!" Dima looked up, looked me in the eye and said ... "I promise". I calmed down. Although the son of a voice I have not heard of the hardness of what awaited ...
Write if you are interested, how will develop our relations. And if someone would like, too, write).
When I was 12, I trudged from the Sherlock Holmes stories. Films about the detective, too captivated my attention. If you remember, the actor wore Livanov for Mr. Holmes, a long gown with satin sleeves. Mom sewed me then the same.
One morning, as usual, I took a shower, ate breakfast, and when the parents went to work, sat down at the lessons. I then went to the second shift, and therefore in my possession was only a few hours to learn the physics and geometry.
But I performed the work in physics, the doorbell rang. Opening the door, I saw on the threshold of his classmate Inna and her friend Irina.
Inna passed to us from the next class only this year. She was a tall pretty girl, which I have often drawn attention, but a closer look, and friends did not dare. Irina was small and homely, I was with her from the first grade, and he sat at the same desk, once even tried the scissors to shorten her nose. For this I was very punished, so many years I have not talked with Irina and generally stay away from her.
The girls came in and asked to rewrite their homework on physics. I noticed how they curiously examine my robe, offered to go into the apartment. As the weather two months of spring was beautiful, on the Inn today was a short skirt and a light blouse. Irina was in jeans and a T-shirt. When Ina village to the coffee table, on which I put a notebook with just what to do physics, I saw from under the skirt seemed white pants with blue flowers. Second delay my sight was not lost on Irina, who whispered something in the ear of her friend, she sat down beside him and start to write off too physics. I went into the kitchen to look in the refrigerator: if there is something to offer unexpected guests for tea. On the way, I think accidentally fell on standing in the cupboard a bottle of brandy, which my father brought home from work the day before. I do not know where I got the idea to offer the girls a drink, but now I do not regret it. Irina, quickly moving the pen, the first answer is yes, as if casually, as if she drinks brandy every day. Ina threw a surprised look on her friend, but said nothing, continued to write off the hard-won me physics.
When the work was done, we drank a glass of brandy, biting cucumber found in the refrigerator. After the first glass girls cheered and began to make fun of me and my favorite bathrobe. At the same time they looked at each other with each other, as if they knew something that I did not know. It occurred to me that they have somehow figured out how I am today once took a shower, I decided not to wear panties under the robe. After we drank a second glass, Irina suddenly dropped to the floor plug, which flew under the table at my feet. Mechanically I bent over with a fork, but when turned on a half under the table, I saw that there, where I saw a half-hour ago, white panties, there was nothing else. Ina was sitting, lifting her skirt, under which in the daylight clearly seen something he had seen before only in porn magazines. Because her legs were spread wide, I was able to carefully consider all of the anatomy of her crotch. When I finally got out from under the table, my animated by what he saw cock suddenly dived between the sexes robe, it turned out. Irina escaped. Both girls stared at my cock, which I would like to thanks to Inna, cover not in a hurry. I got up and completely parted robe, and then offered to Irina remove his shirt. Inna supported my request, saying that it would be not fair, if the accomplished after our striptease Irina remain in clothes. Irina took off shirt, under which, of course, as I thought, there was no bra. When Ina took off her blouse, she took minute pause. We are silent, remaining in their seats, staring at each other. I'm cutting the muscle between his legs, he began to move up and down a member, that the girls amused. Inna, without waiting for my initiative, poured into a glass of brandy and approached me. Holding in one hand a glass of brandy, she grabbed my cock another.
Then she typed in his mouth brandy and sat down next to squat, plunged my cock into his mouth. I felt the sting of my cock, especially in those places that today I rubbed in the shower, doing masturbation. Soon it passed, and I felt his cock nice movement of the lips and tongue Ina. Ginny licking my cock and balls, swallowing saliva and the remnants of brandy, which she was very drunk. Irina at this time already took off her jeans and sat on the couch in shorts, watching us. One of her hand was in shorts and a second nipple on the breast. I do not know why, but I suddenly had a desire to suck Irinin chest. I asked the girl up and get closer. As she approached, I began to kiss and suck her breasts, his hands stroking the buttocks classmates. We stood for a few minutes before I realized that I'd better lie down. When I was in a horizontal position, both girls began stroking, kissing and massaging various parts of my body. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensations. On the chest there was a series of kisses, the foreskin of my penis was moving under the action of a vacuum now created already Irinin mouth, in my anus, I felt someone's finger, advancing deeper in spite of the obstacle of my muscles. I felt the approach of orgasm, which moved his hips in time with the sucking movements of Irene. A few minutes later along with a groan escaped me bliss jet of sperm flew into the throat of a classmate, from which she nearly choked. Startled, she began to spit cum on my stomach. Inna, laughing, began to smear it on his body, and Irina ran to the bathroom to rinse his mouth. We did not notice that two hours passed. Prior to the beginning of school was very little. We began to gather and decided to go after school, walk in the park. Quickly taking turns shower and a bite sandwiches, we were ready for school. When I began to wear trousers, Ina asked me to go today in shorts, who with her words very exciting. I followed her request. In a few minutes the three of us walked toward the school.
When Alia became pregnant at age 15, parents kicked her out of the house. Then there was a brief marriage to an employee of the city administration, who, knowing that the girl, in general, nowhere to go, he married her in order to make it an ornament apartments, and do all his desires.
After the birth of her daughter Ira's husband, tried to restrain allochkinoy during pregnancy, immediately ceased to be a loving husband and turned into a domestic tyrant. Alia was in the position of servant and sex slave in one person. My husband could not forgive her that she gave birth to another man. But especially hard he hated it when it was discovered that she can not have children. Therefore, he never missed a chance to humiliate his wife.
When Ira grew up, the husband began to make Alia daughter take their marital bed and raped his wife in front of the girls. First, he made her take a suck his dick, and as his body was almost six centimeters thick, it is difficult to placed in the mouth by Alla. Move a few minutes his phallus in his mouth, and his wife enjoyed her resignation, he crossed to the other "procedures". Sometimes he used her vagina, in this case, Alia had to get up on all fours on lying on a blanket Ira, and he entered her from behind. But mostly he preferred to fuck Alia into the anus, because it caused her great pain especially. Having laid his wife on his side, he is tagged onto her behind and plunges the phallus in her delicate ass. Ira, at his request, was nearby and watched as her mother writhing as he skewer her over and over again to your body.
All this seemed to him a little, and he was put in the house mistresses. 3nakomya them with his wife, he would say:
- Sveta, meet! This is my little slut. It fulfills all my desires. If you want, she'll polizhet? Well, slut, show me what you can do!
The woman smiled lasciviously, sat down in a chair and raised her skirt. Alia was arranged on the floor between her husband's mistress legs and pushing a narrow strip of panties, she started working tongue. The woman immediately the factory and finished, after which Alia had to get up in the middle of the room and masturbate using a dildo thick. Then her husband forced her to look at his intercourse with his mistress. He never finished his passion into the vagina, and, having called his wife, forced her to take him in the mouth and swallow his semen.
It ended all unexpectedly: my husband was in a car accident and died. Widowed twenty Allochka not too grieved: she got rid of humiliation, and in addition it has got all the property of the husband and a bank account that she would not have to work until the end of his days.
Soon Ira went to school. Alia was glad the first successes of the daughter. However, it drew attention to the fact that Ira is not interested in a girl's game. She prefers to wear short hair, dressed in trousers and a shirt, and almost no makeup. In many perceived it as a school boy.
When Ira was fourteen, her mother noticed that for some time the girl surreptitiously watching her - looks, how it goes, says, preparing. Ira did not take her eyes off the long legs mother. Alia is embarrassing, but somehow she did not dare to start a conversation about it.
At 29 years old Alia looked very sexy. Her black hair, large gray eyes, full lips attracted the glances of men. Elastic ass, small waist and chest nearly a quarter the size of that little skryvalo low-cut dress, forced all members within a hundred meters make a stand.
Alia could afford to buy the most expensive underwear and the most expensive cosmetics. She always went to the fitness club and swimming pool. It has almost no men. The late husband long repulsed her desire for male intimacy. Sometimes she used the services of the boys on a call. But most of all she loved to masturbate, which in a secret, she thought, the cabinet drawer there were all sorts of devices - artificial members of different sizes, vibroshariki for priests, butt-plugs and so on. Alia experimented with all this, as a rule, at night in bed or in the shower, not knowing that the IRA has long been spying on her.
Once Alia came home too early, I went into her bedroom and saw her daughter, completely naked, sitting on her bed fucks herself with dildo. The girl was lying with his eyes closed and drives a dildo. Alia wanted to rush forward, to take away the daughter enjoyment tool, but then heard her whisper interrupted:
- Mom, I love you so much! Fuck me, please ... Still, my dear!
Ah, well ... Now I finish ... Ah-ah-ah ... Now!
girl's body arched, and Ira, the last time filling his bosom dildo, cum, opened her eyes and saw his mother. Alla silently walked up to her and took her cock. Ira looked at her and said nothing.
- Do you really imagine that love to me? - Alla said softly. - Yes, Mama, - the girl said.
- And why do not you meet with some boy?
- I can not stand them!
- But ... in fact you can get acquainted with some girl and love her?
- It was. I met Natasha month from the 10B. Then she was transferred to another school. Never mind. I love and will love only you, Mom!
- But this is wrong. That's incest! You do not have to think about it!
Irina sat up on the bed, took her mother's hand and said:
- Mom, I love you very much. If you ottolknesh me, do not let me be with you, then I swallow tablets or shall open his veins.
Alla anxiously looked at her daughter, saw her as if for the first time. Ira did not cover their nakedness. Her body was almost perfect. Il inherited from the mother's narrow waist, wide hips, and beautiful breasts, which are now in need of a second size bra. Alia wanted to put his hand between her daughter down and caress her there. The woman's panties was wet, and she realized that she no longer needed men. Ira pulled her by the hand, and Alia obediently lay down next to her daughter. Hand girl penetrated under the skirt mother, Alla involuntarily squeezed his legs, but Ira, clinging to her whole body, both hands spread her knees.
- Ira, my girl ... Please do not! - Alia whispered, knowing that she would have to give way. Ira pulled down her panties, unbuttoned her white blouse. One girl's hand caressed the full mother's breast, and the second persistently explored the wet crotch. From the excitation Alia completely lost his head, and she began to tear off his clothes. Left completely naked, the woman realized that nowhere to retreat. She was lying in bed with his daughter, and make love to her. The shame has disappeared. All bans have failed.
From the first seconds of Allah I realized that Ira has taken an active role, and gladly obeyed her. After half an hour caresses and kisses, from whom Allochka swam before his eyes, Ira jumped out of bed, she went out briefly and came back shortly. Alla saw that her daughter strapped to his belt light pink strap almost fifteen centimeters in length and about three in thickness. In his hand was a girl with a jar of gel. Alla realized that her daughter carefully prepared. While not objecting and not thinking about the resistance, Alia ... lay on his back, Ira climbed on top of her and abruptly entered her. Alia screamed in pain. He hesitated a few seconds, Ira cautiously beginning to move in the vagina threesome mother. Several motions - and Alia had finished, nails scratched the back of his daughter. Ira pulled out a strap from the vagina and sat on Alla chest, put a member into her mouth. Alia with pleasure sucking dick, licking it with their lubrication.
Then Ira's mother forced to lie on his stomach and began to lubricate her anus gel. Alia involuntarily shuddered when irochkin finger delved into her ass. As it was unlike humiliating copulation with her husband! While Ira was preparing his ass mom to take the strap, Alia managed to finish twice. Finally, Irina went to her, put his head strap to the anus ringlet partner and press down firmly. Alia was hurt, but not as a member of a powerful husband. To help her daughter, Alla began podmahivat, nasazhivayas on the strap. Soon the head was already inside. Ira stopped giving my mother used to, then again began to advance into the member popochki Alla. A woman moaning in pain and pleasure, asked her daughter not to stop ... When a member entered into it to its full length, Alia had finished again almost lost consciousness.
- You okay, Mom? - Asked Ira.
- Yes, beloved, - he whispered back Alia. - Do what you want with me ... Fuck me, please! After all, I'm yours, all yours ...
Ira began to move, Alia podmahivala her, trying not to miss a single centimeter strap. Looking like a mother winds, enjoying the sweet pain in his ass, Ira finished, pressed against her back and squeezing her breasts. Half an hour later, completely exhausted, Ira, without removing the strap from Alla simply undid the straps and got out of bed. Alla fondly looking at her, realizing that the old life is over.
- Mama - Ira hesitantly. - What did you say to me ... You said "I'm yours"... It's true?
- Yes it's true. I'm yours. I'll be your slave, if you want.
Ira hugged his mother and kissed her on the lips, repeating that he would love her always and never give up. Alia began to cry, but also smiled through her tears because she knew - they found each other, and it's really good.
"Hello, come, Anastasia, is not it. Can I take your coat? Could you get up in the middle of the room and just slowly turn around. Very well, your snapshots is not fair to you, you're really very, very beautiful. Now let's deal with the necessary formalities and remove them from the road. Did you bring your birth certificate, is not it. Sorry, well, you understand that I can only work with adults over 18 years. So, all right, if I had not held him in my hands, I would have thought that you no 16. Are you sure that it does not belong to your senior SISTROM? Just kidding, just kidding, really. So now sign this form. It is simply said that you agreed to pose for erotic pictures and Me that will own all rights to the photo. So, right, sign here. And one last thing, I shut the door with a key, but not to keep you here, and not to let outsiders enter here. The key is in the lock, and you can leave whenever you want.
Well, let's start by looking at the lens, slightly above the face, legs crossed, hands on his knees, that's so good, now do me a seductive look. Excellent Nastya, now just unbutton the top two buttons on her blouse. No, I'm sorry, we need to unbutton another. Well, Now run inside his left hand and put it on the right breast. Oh, please, it's for the camera. Well, now look at me directly, and easy to portray displeasure. Super now pull up her skirt a little bit up, a little bit more and a little bit more, well, come on, let the camera see the edge of the gum on your stockings, you're wearing socks, is not it? Clever, super, tights look much worse than in the film. And the belt to stockings? Terrific! Now, just unbutton the last two buttons of her blouse and release it over the ends of the skirt, come on, the camera requires you to look tempting. Well, now open your blouse and pull the ends to him behind his back. So, I'm sorry, I just replace the film in the camera.
Okay, now turn your back on me. Look at me over his shoulder, and now just come down blouse and bared one shoulder, just below, come on, it's for the camera. Now on the other shoulder and down to the middle of the back, super, and now smile, you know you have a very charming smile. Now go down to the bottom of her blouse, so that it is kept only on the palms, come on, you're a big girl, what kind of erotic if we do not see a little bit of open body? That done, simply drop it on the floor. Now look at me, come on smile. Well you look simply fantastic.
Now, just unbutton sconces, come on, it's just for the camera, no need to do this kind are concerned, do not worry, in the end, you stand back to me. Okay, now just take away the straps from her shoulders, fantastic, look up, and crooked smile, super. OK throw bra top blouse. Oh, come on, there's just you and the camera, no one will see. Good girl, now the smile, just put your hands on your hips and look straight at me. Sorry, we need to change film.
OK ready to continue? Just turn to me a little bit, even a little, no, do not close, keep your hands on your hips. Go on, come on, just you and the camera, remember? no one else here. Come on, continue to turn, even a little bit, and still, well, that's all. Well, you see, that's unfolded, keep your hands on your hips. Shrugged, no need to hide it. You know I'm not mistaken you're really very, very beautiful, for your complexion such large breasts, perhaps the third dimension? No? more! nearly a fourth, 32D just right? amazing. With such a physique such excellent form. And how many in your growth? 164 cm fine. She is delightful and perfectly keeps its shape, the most beautiful creation of the nature of what I had just seen. Now a little smile, come on, for the camera. Your teeth are ideal, you must constantly smile now, just unbutton her skirt, well done, unzip to the end, remember, you are one with the camera. Super now pull the skirt down a bit, so that the camera could see your belt. And now even lower, just show the elastic of her panties from under her skirt, and now even lower and still lower now put her down to the knees, remember only you and the camera. Now just let it fall to the floor, and will remove leg to the pile of his clothes. Wait so a couple of seconds, it is necessary once again to change the film.
You do not often wear a belt with stockings, do not you? No, I do not think so. You should skip braces on the inside of her panties, so much more convenient if you, for example, it is necessary to use the toilet, and so they look more natural. Could you just detach them and skip inside, come on, it will make the picture much more erotic. Great, now we can go on, do not hesitate, come on, now, just turn your back to me. Right now podden thumbs gum panties and pull them slightly down and still down, and even slightly down, no, you should keep your knees divorced Arrange the legs, even a little, remember you're here alone, just you and the camera. Below, rotten ahead and let them down to the knees, and smile. The OK, fantastic, now the damage to their ankles, so now pull out one leg, and continue to bend down. Ok, now just Establishments hands behind his back and put them on the belt. Super. Now take their buttocks, fine. Well done, now just a little pull buttocks apart, there you have to keep your feet apart, again and again. The OK, super, and now just need you to be pulled in different directions halves, stronger, come on, even stronger pull, so stand still for a few seconds. Well, relax, we have to change film.
OK, ready to continue? Let's do the following, simply sit in this armchair, no, we must not close his hands, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Come on, smile. Now spread your legs apart. I know, I know, it's your first time and you are not sure whether you want it, but you know, you're really very beautiful, and I think you're just divine in the pictures. Okay, spread your legs, clever, and now a little bit more. Now BOAD left leg on the arm, clever. Well, now your right leg, come on, just you and the camera. Now put down the down the right hand and shove your index finger in the crack.
Sorry, Nastya, but nothing happened. You're really beautiful, but you have there is just too much hair. No, I'm sorry, but we can not continue with all the hair down there. I think you should get dressed and go home. Sorry, but I just do not have enough good pictures to sell them, which means that it makes no sense to me to continue and pay you your $ 500. No, of course, if you want, we can remove the hair and continue; Yes, I have the necessary equipment in the studio. OK, so unless you really want it. Have you ever used to shave down there? In this case, you need my help. The easiest way is if you stay sitting as you sit with your feet on the arms, let me just put this towel under you.
Now, first of all remove all the long hairs, this elektrotrimer just perfect for this; I'm sorry, it will vibrate, but it did not take long. Sorry, but I have to touch your cunt, I need to be able to move your lips to remove all the hairs. So, I'm sorry if he pulled a couple of especially long hair. Now rise up, turn around, stand up knees on the chair so that I can get to your popochki. Well, get up on my knees and spread your buttocks as widely as possible. Oh, sorry, that made you jump, but I should be able to touch the back of your holes to remove all the hairs.
Well, that's fine, now again ... sit in a chair, put his feet on the armrests, so that I can shave off the remaining stubble. I just squeezed the foam in the required places and vzobyu bit. Sorry if the process seems to be too intimate to you, but it's worth it and it is necessary. I'm sorry, but I need to be able to touch your private parts to shake up as it should. Come on, do not look so scared shave one of the most common processes in the world, millions of girls do it every morning. You see, that's not so bad, do not worry, I'm going to use a new blade and I promise you I did not hurt you there. Now I need to push your lips and insert there a couple of fingers to allow the blade to capture everything.
You see, not all that bad, especially if I'm doing like this, no, do not be clamped, just relax, just let it happen. You see, it is not so unpleasant, I see, you begin to like it, especially if I start to get a finger from time to time. Well, just let me continue to thrust and take it out, and now a little faster, and another finger. Come on, do not limit yourself, just let it hold you. You know you want it, just relax. Well, I like it when you scream with pleasure, I'll just continue to do that, but a little faster. No one has done this before, is not it to you? No, I do not think, but I'm sure you would get such pleasure often, clever, you have got after today, and now chill, otdyshites, I slow down and even slower. Good. I see you've got your pleasure serving, now once again turn your back on me, we need to finish.
You know, it really looks great, now just need to lubricate all massage oil to remove the redness and give the skin shine, the photos it looks great. So let's all good ... smazhem. I'm sorry I scared you, my finger just slipped into your own ass, and by the way, have you got there everything is so natural, and not crowded. Okay, okay, relax, I'm just going to use your other hand to lubricate your Kisochka ... and the clitoris, just so they do not feel deprived attention. No, do not pinch, oh I'm sorry, I thought you uncomfortable, I did not realize that you started to enjoy my massage. For now, just let me stick my first, well, and the second finger a little deeper, you see, I knew you'd like it. Now let me add there is another finger, relax, there is still plenty of room. See, I told you, there is still room. And you really started up from my massage, and you like it do not you? Now, with the addition of extra lubrication ... Ya think. I can. To thrust. In your. Ass. Another one. Thumb. But I'm inside ... I know, I know, now there are actually several tugovato and your ass a little bit uncomfortable, just relax and discomfort is reduced, while I'll work on your clitoris. Well done, umnichka, come on, stop, just let it happen. And even faster, and more, come to an end. I bet you have never cum so good and sweet in your life. Keep shout. A. So far. I just. Want. Stick. It. Yet. Hardly. Farther.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know it hurts, but I've already finished my hand inside to the very brush. Yes, I know that I fucking bastard, but you just relax and decrease pain, and you may be able to cum again. I know, I know, it's not something for what you came here, but you've already finished a couple of times, did not you, and if you relax I'll help you finish again. Okay, just relax the muscles, and I will fuck you hand. Well, no, of course I'm not broke, I used a lot of grease. Come on, just relax, I promise you'll like {someday, may be}. Clever, you see, she relaxes, now I can move my arm again. No, I swear I will not shove it on, I'll just be a little move it back and forth. Yes, I know, I know, I have done for a bastard, but you must admit that you are once again excited and I think again you are going to come, is not it?
See, I told you, you can scream if you want, I'll just add a little oil. This very strong, much stronger than the previous ones. I knew you'd like, just let me go a little faster and do more long broach, I want a little bit more to bring you to the final moment. Well, cry and make a noise like you please, just keep ending. OK, i'm not going to rush, relax. Mother of God, my hand got into you almost to the elbow! Okay, okay, just relax, I stop, I'm sorry, maybe a little bit sick, I just. I'm going. Get. His hand. Okay, well, that's it, just relax. Well, you have a hole there! Five centimeters less. Yes, I know, I'm sorry, I just could not resist. Yes, yes, I know that you can call the cops and tell them that you "In my ass stuck his hand up to the elbow"An hour later it will know the whole city, all your friends and neighbors, in addition you also sign a release form, which among other things you have agreed to participate in sexual acts.
Just sit here for a while and rest, until I make your cocoa with milk. Here, drink this, you should just get better. No, no, I promise, no damage for life. Yes, of course, you have a hole there now, but all recovered, she was just three centimeters in diameter. By the way let me make a few shots, they will sell like hot cakes, and you will earn a few extra hundred. That's right, and so, now turn around to me popochkoy, cave in the back, smile, well done. Now put your hands on your buttocks, just push the them stronger, you have a great hole there turned out. Buyers like the young and seemingly naive angels with rastrahannymi asses. Now shove your index and middle finger of his left hand into his hole, removed. Now push the jaw with his right hand, well done, now added to his crack a couple of fingers of the right hand, clever. So, now sit in a chair, feet on the armrests, and then shove two fingers in the ass, and now in the pussy, massage the clitoris, clever. Now let a couple of shots standing. Turn back to me, Arrange the legs wider, look at me now rotten, lower hands on the buttocks, divorce, more broadly, clever, now again two fingers in the ass, and now two fingers of the other hand there, pull, we need the space between fingers, pull, pull, do not forget to smile, I know, I know, it hurts, but we also have professionals clever. The pictures doubly hole will look awesome. Everyone can sit down to rest.
Do not worry, it is not so big and is not used to you it seems that it is a huge, think four fingers. Do not worry, your ass is completely closed in an hour and a half or something like that. Just next time you will be much easier to take away the palm. Yes, yes, I know that right now you're thinking, no next time, never in my life and all that. But when you reflect on everything in a calm head, you realize that such a comprehensive orgasm you never get with the help of only one member. Wait, I have, by the way, there was another little idea. No, no, it has nothing to do with your long-suffering ass. Just sit back, BOAD feet on the armrests and push the jaw wider. No, no, what are you, I promise, I'm not going to thrust his hand into your pussy, only a couple of fingers. You see, you're excited once again, ready to cum again? Relax, do not hold back, just let it happen, you can moan. You see, once you have finished, but the truth is it was not as bright as compared to hand in your ass, do not you? No, I promised that I will not shove your hand there, just push the its jaws wider, while I thoroughly grease the it. Sorry, it just chilly ... I had to heat it beforehand, but nothing, now it will heat up inside. Come, kindle your lips even wider, relax, relax, just let's do it. Well, you can yell, almost inside, and a little bit more, a good girl, we are in now, just relax and it will go on as it should.
No, it is not the hand, and not a dildo, a bottle of beer, but do not worry because it is small, 0.33, Budweiser. I know, I know, I'm daffy bastard, but when you once again to finish, I think you're a little bit to change his mind, does not it? I think so. I am convinced that the best way to make a girl cum after a great anal fisting, it's good to fuck her bottle like this. Your moans like music, now just get on your knees, on a chair, while I take off my pants. Okay, just relax and push the buttocks, while I grease the his penis. Of course you can, there is not a crack, there is a bottle in the ass. Of course, fit, fit the hand well, no, he is not fat like a sausage, a larger than normal. No, I promise, you will not be hurt, let's put his head back in his chair, relax and push the wider buttocks. Till. I'll try. To thrust. Him. Inside. Here I am. No, I promise, if he did not stop, I'll get a bottle of your recording. Come on, relax. The head is already inside. Shit, he still intermeddle. I know, I know, my mom fucking with a horse, and I have a rare bastard, just relax, and I sneak on. Before. Himself. Grounds. Thank God. I fully inside. Sorry, I know it's a little painful, but the worst is over. Okay, just relax, I know, I know you're hurt, but soon you will start again to finish, especially after I begin to do like this.
You see, I know that you will love it as soon as i can get in, just let yourself delight grab, do not hold back. Even better than a pen, is not it? Yes, I agree, my mother was a dirty pig, but you've already finished, and in my opinion much better than when I fucked your ass handed. You know, I feel the bottle inside of you, why do not you take her and fuck themselves. I know, I know, I fucked a goat, just to please me, okay? Take her by the neck and just move it back and forth. You see, so much better, is not it? Do not hurry, do not hurry, I beg you not so fast, and then you pull it. Oh shit, you drew it. Wait a second, let me pull out his penis and stretch the entrance wider, so that you could shove it back. Well, just twisting it slightly from side to side and it will go now to move it back and forth, but I have heard many times that I am a bastard, but you're still why we continue to thrust it into itself, is not it? Well, the base is already inside, now just pull it and it will go on the same neck, clever.
Now, raise your ass higher, until I did a good grease the massage oil, let's try it again, this time should be easier. I know, I know I hurt you, and it seems that I will tear you in half. But. How. Only. Ya will advance ... Excellent. My hand is on the brush again in your ass now you become a little bit easier, is not it? I feel like a bottle through the septum. Well, you, of course, you can continue to practice with a bottle while I'll work on your anus, but this time, please do not get carried away, and then it falls again. You see, you end again, let pokrichi, if you want, continue to move the bottle, the second hand on the clitoris, come on, continue to finish while I clench my hand like a fist and try to pull it in a way that does not detract, shout, we finish, we finish , a little bit more. All. She is. I got out. Well dyrischa there with you, I told you half the anus inside out twisted. Working. Ends ... Explosion? Fly away? True cool when first so painful and pleasant, and then she was on the loose, so relieved. What? You never had it so good in my life? Unique orgasm? You are not here. Come otdyshites slightly. Lick until my fingers. This. And now this. And this one. And between them, that was pure clean, while I'll get his dick and dotrahayu your ass, I'm the same, too, need to finish today.
I'm going to cum, and I want to do it in your mouth. When I pull it out, simply open it wider. The OK, just a little, little. Open up, I'm ready. Come on, more broadly, you can, otherwise I can not shove it. I know, I know, it is thick and big, but I have to stick only to the head. Good, good girl, now do not you dare to bite me, I konnchaaaayu. Konnnchaaayu. Oh, shit, it was super, you're a real fighter. Sorry, if semen was not very tasty. It Was? Did you like it? Well, in that case let's you still feed residues, so three fingers in the ass, scoop, and now on top of the cream will gather with your breasts and tummy. Open your mouth. What do you think "chocolate pie". Delicious? I'm glad you liked it, a sweet tooth-govnoezhka. However, it is something special? Ready to repeat, super fuck again? Yes, I know that you must first come to life.
Yes, I know that I have not a member, but a monster, I'm sorry if you were hurt in the beginning? but if I did not fuck your ass fist, he would never not you climbed, so that the arm at the elbow, it was a necessary evil, is not it? No, no, the bottle was also absolutely necessary. What for? Well ... You see ... you know ... I do not know, I protect you or not, and no one nalazit condom on my dick, respectively, it was simply necessary to reliably occlude your crack, so you will not flown, but, by chance, one drop of semen has become numb and everything you also do not need it? I also think that this just is not enough, so let's leave the bottle on the ground, just in case. Just sit here and rest while I'll make you another cup of cocoa. Here you are, an excellent tonic and carefully it is hot. You look somewhat worn-out, no, you can not go home like this. I have a rug and sofa in the next room, why do not you sleep a couple of hours, and then accept a good hot shower and then you're in shape. We may even be able to finish a photo shoot. Duval Well, go on, there is a bottle should remain in place, just in case that does not fly, do you remember? Clever.
"Serge Hi !, yes it's me, Alex, my girlfriend is sleeping in the next room with a bottle of beer is still sticking out of her pussy. Yes, yes, she says that she is 18, showed me the birth certificate, but I think it was her older sister. I think that in fact her 15 years, but can byt14 or 13. No, not less, and it looks awesome, huge tits on a teen figure, fly. He says he is D. I know, I know, I should not have to do so with a young girl. But you do not know how beautiful she is and I do not fuck for two weeks, I just could not help himself. Of course, it took me some time, half an hour before the time until she agreed to remove her panties, and even half an hour before I was able to run the first finger in her ass. After that, everything went like clockwork. She came and moaning like a epileptic, a couple of times I thought she would lose consciousness. Well, imagine her peers certainly full of assholes who do not know how to approach a girl, and she has already fully matured, I'm telling you these boobs, hormones play a full, well, seized upon the case, pulled to the full.
Well, if you're interested in the details, then listen. First, we had to do anal fisting, yes I put my hand on her ass. Of course, she was terribly hurt, but by the time she is scared she posed excited, for it to be seen, but ran like a bitch. Well, first fisting, otherwise my penis would never have crawled through the sphincter of her ass, I just had to work out and stretch it to the point ebley. No, I told her the bottle slipped after later, she even helped me to shove it, pulled the sponge in hand ... how bad. Likewise, I say, and I fucked her ass until the bottle was planted in her pussy blunt side. I know, I know, she also told me that I have done for the bastard, but you know what? When I tore up her own ass she fucked herself a bottle. No, I'm not kidding, and even more so when she fell, but no bottle, I threw aside her buttocks, and she tucked it back. By the way, I pulled her anus to such an extent that he could then stick in his hand and pull it back a fist. No, she went during this time to fuck yourself bottle. Neither want to, do not believe. Then I dotrahal her ass quick and finished it in her mouth. Yeah, I almost dislocated her jaw is stuck prick her cheek, but she was all, well, just all in the shit, and she could not care less, lapped up everything and even supplements asked, said that mixed with the sperm is in its tasty and stylish. I do not pizzhu me! Out of his mouth, I still stsal her, well, it could have been too much for the first day, although it is probably mentally was ready for anything. Yes, I think that a couple of weeks of it will be possible to make excellent whore toilet, with the makings of a girl and probably will be able to do everything, and lick the ass, and the golden rain, and chocolate cake.
After all it is, of course, he looked completely zatrahanoy and killed, I think in the end she did was in some kind of trance, and was not sure what to do. She came like a wound, it is difficult to say, but once she had finished seven exactly, very strong, before losing momentum. Yeah, she thinks we're done a photo shoot, after she wakes up. But I think that if you podedesh we can try to fuck her together again. I know, brother, but it's worth it, and so I put her bottle before otrahat in the ass, I think that it is sufficiently stretched, that would take the two of us at the same time. Yeah, you can otrahat it in any hole of your choice. No, it will not fit in the throat, but she can suck your prick and swallow the sperm.
If you want we can have sex with her hands, yes, I think in both holes at the same time, I pulled it right. No, to the elbow in the ass will not fit, I was 15 centimeters from the outside, you do not want to break her insides, otherwise we will end up with a corpse have fun. Yes, I'm sure it will have serious problems with the anus, in any case, probably he would never be able to completely shut down, and ordinary members then it will also be for anything, it simply will not feel in their dyrischah. Well and dick with it, as we will use it, what difference to us. What then? Well, I have big plans for it, I'm telling you, that girl with the makings, but the first half only for themselves. The OK, wait for you in half an hour, and took with him a little more lubrication, well, there is a massage oil, for example, and then I have almost all ended."

Disclaimer, so to speak: All vyshenapisannoe is exclusively the result of a sick imagination of the author, had no meta in reality and in any case can not be regarded as a guide to action. Using the reality of sexual practices described above can lead to irreversible physiological changes and serious injury to a partner. Reader, remember that in any case, the practice of any kind of extreme sex is only possible upon receipt of a direct and unambiguous permission / approval "risks" side.
I will remember you forever,
While on Earth the sky pours?
While freely and carelessly
In my heart I love laughing.
As long as the person does not wash away the tears,
Flowing streams down his cheeks,
While my funny dream
Do not suddenly become your dreams.
While your friends are not indifferent,
That for me is a place in the world until all that unusual
Do not become a common manifesto.
While suicide road
He goes into the sky forever,
While anxiety is singing in the shower
I will remember you forever! ..
Chapter 1. "Start"
Getting started my sex life? So just hard to remember, but what is certain is the fact that it started early. I was eleven little girl with brown curly hair, scarlet lips and blue eyes. On the dark pubic hair came down, and the breasts were designated as two hillocks with pink buds in the center. It all started when my mom caught me masturbating. The warm water while I loved to caress her clitoris with a finger, lying in the bath. One time I was so absorbed that the appearance in the bathroom mother was a complete surprise. So I lay there with widely divorced feet and dismay on his face.
-Well, what are you afraid durha? - Gently whispered my mother. - Let me help you!
At the same moment her hand plunged into the water between my legs, and his hand gently covered pussy. Circular movements she began to gently stroke my pussy lips. Then these movements gradually focused on the mound clitoris excited. The other hand at this time began to caress my little protruding nipples, twisting them slightly. After some time, her finger and gently parted lips came into my cave. A warm wave of pleasure swept through my body, up to this point I still do not shove yourself into anything. My mother managed to make a few circular motions with a finger inside me as I arched from all falls on me to orgasm.
-Well, that's slavnenko! Come on, dochechka, domyvaysya and will have dinner, and then very soon the pope will work with.
-Mom, you're really not angry with me?
- Of course, my doll! The sooner you know everything about sex, the better, especially if you know it from me. Tomorrow after school, I'll still learn something, unless of course you will study hard and listen to us with the Pope.
-Thank you, Mom! - I put her arms around her neck and that there are forces pressed it to her.
The next day at school lasted unbearably long for me. It seemed intact eternity before I heard a call from the last lesson. Not being distracted by gossip with girlfriends, I rushed home.
-Mama, Mama, I'm home! - I cried at the door, not even having time to take off our shoes. - Do you remember yesterday you promised to teach me?
-Of course I do, and there is no need to shout! My hands had dinner and then we will learn.
An hour later, she called me from the audience:
-Helen! Come here!
-First, let's you and I get undressed - she suggested, when I appeared in the hall. - Now lie on the couch and spread your legs.
Only now I could see what a beautiful figure was my mother. At the time she was thirty years old, and she kept herself in good shape: her small breasts sticking out in different directions, resulting in little excited nipples, slim waist smoothly into the rounded hips and slim legs, pubic present only a narrow strip of little black silky hair. Mom sat down on the floor next to me, bowed her face over me, and I immediately felt her tongue pleasantly tickled my sisechek mounds. At that time, when her tongue went from one nipple to the other finger hand gently crawl along my sexual sponges. Gradually my mother's face sank lower and lower along my body until I approached my pussy flowing already. When she entered the language between the lips, I have covered all the hot wave of ecstasy, and he just started to tremble on my clit and finger went inside, and I cried with pleasure and finished. Such rapid orgasm, I had never experienced. Mom pulled out his finger and tongue licked my juices stand out. After a while, she lay down in front of me on the other side of the sofa.
-Now my girl you need to consolidate your knowledge. - She spread her legs and my eyes opened gladkovybritaya, dripping love juice Kisochka - You have to caress her mom and give her as much pleasure.
I, as a diligent student, began to repeat all my mother's movements. To me it was easier to caress her mound, she fingers spread her labia, making it more affordable pink entrance.
-You just have done me! - She whispered eagerly, - Now shove me more finger. No, better to shove all my pen!
I put in a pinch of all fingers and slowly brought them into the mother's vagina. When all my brush disappeared inside, I felt like the vaginal walls gently cupped her. Inside, it was wet, warm and very nice. Mom grabbed my hand and began to guide my movements inside.
-Squeeze the handle to the cam. So, my dear! - Her body was moving towards my hand, helping to penetrate deeper into it - lick my mother! - With these words, she put her hand my head to the groin, and again my tongue fluttered on her mound.
A few minutes later it was all over. Mom strongly bent back, and I felt that compresses and decompresses the walls of her vagina. I pulled the wet juice from her hand and licked it. Salty taste of mother's secretions somehow strongly aroused me and I literally began to bleed.
-Mama! Again, I want to! - I pleaded. - Caress his little daughter, please!
-Well, not capricious. Now I'll work on your ass, but I warn you once, to carry out all my orders!
-I'll do whatever you say.
- Sit on the sofa and caressed herself, and I'll be right back.
My mother came in a few minutes. In his hands it was a tube of a cream, and I literally could not believe my eyes, the rubber man's penis. She ordered to stand facing the sofa, stretch it arms and legs spread apart, and then carefully smeared cream my little hole. Pododvinuv chair, it is strategically located on it in front of my protruding ass. One began to caress her hand, as well as some time ago, I pussy and middle finger of the other hand, she wiggled in my ass. Finger is coming out of me, then again immersed in my depths, then I made a circular motion inside, increasingly expanding the rear opening. Soon Palchikov added another, and after a few minutes, three fingers scurrying in my ass. But the mother took her out of my fingers and I felt in me boils down to something big and round. I realized that it was a dildo, and at the same moment my ass literally split into two halves, when all at once he entered me. I screamed in pain and tried to get rid of him, leaning forward, for which he got a good slap on the ass and a strict mother shout:
-Stop and tugging, and then the patient will be!
-Mommy! Rodnenky! It's too painful for me! I do not want any more!
-Be patient a little bit, my sweetie, everything is good now. - With these words she sank to her knees behind me and snapped her lips to my clit.
Rubber member powerfully moved my ass and, oddly enough, soon I really felt a surge of pleasure from these movements. My orgasm lasted probably forever. Mother freed me from the member, and I literally collapsed on the sofa. She did not bother me, knowing my condition, and she put a member of her vagina, strong shock will drive it as before to drive it into me again until finished.
Since then, day by day I began to comprehend ... the sweet science of sex. My dear mom was a huge collection of dildos of various sizes and colors. As it turned out, my mom was a nymphomaniac. She always wanted to go and she always excited by. By becoming her and were her friends, which I always thought how Decency ladies until they joined in their narrow circle. This happened a couple of months after my first sex lesson. That evening dad left on a business trip for three days. Mom immediately phoned her friends and invited them to visit us, promising to make it a huge surprise. As you might guess, I was surprised. First came Aunt Tonya - thirty-five beautiful blonde with protruding ass and big breasts. Behind her came Aunt Val and aunt Nadia. They were the same age as my mother. Both were burning brunette, though that's where the similarity ends. Aunt Val was a magnificent woman with a huge butt and Aunt Nadya was a figure of a boy with a little ass and flat chest (she later undressed, sticking out forward only swollen nipples). My mother led them into the hall, where he was served a festive table with wine and snacks. I have all this time was in her room and sat quietly, so as not to spoil the surprise. My room is right in front of the hall, through the open door so I watched everything that happens there. Emptied two bottles of wine, my mother and her friends stripped down naked and moved to the sofa. When they are already inflamed, my mother stood in the middle of the room and announced that it will now be the promised surprise. Then she led me out of the room at the center of the room. Minutes lasted dumb: three naked women sitting on the couch and stands naked teenage girl, which is on the head stroking her naked mother in front of them.
-Girls, do you know my daughter Lena. - I decided to take the initiative in the hands of soybean mom - she was old enough girl, and a very capable student of what you currently make.
She pushed me back towards the sitting. I walked over to the couch and knelt down in front of sitting in the middle of Aunt Tonya.
-Girls! Enough to be ashamed! Come quickly pushed his feet! - I commanded mom.
The order was immediately executed. I immediately buried in the crotch of Aunt Toni, and while caressing her tongue excited lips, hands free, I started rubbing the clitoris at the sitting on each side of Aunt Wali and aunt Nadia. Mom left the room, and when she came back with her collection of dildos, we were quite excited. My tongue gently fluttered Aunt Toni on the clitoris, and my hands were deeply immersed in the vagina of women sitting next. I myself just flowed juice that ran down the inside of the thighs moss. Mom put "toys" on the table, and she climbed onto the couch and legs spread wide, was the person in front of Aunt Toma, who immediately launched a tongue in her vagina. After a while our figure broke up and formed new. Aunt Nadya laid her back on the sofa, I umostilas from above so that we can caress each other tongues. Aunt Val lifted her to her feet and pulled her boyish introduced in the ass huge rubber cock. From this aunt Nadia moaned heavily and deeply stuck in my tongue. A few inches from my face huge cock literally tore the little ass, and I could not understand how he was able to penetrate at all. At this time, my mother picked up the two-way crotch dildo, one end stuck in the vagina itself, and the other, perched behind the vagina aunt Wali. In this way, it is often fucked me in the ass, give the most violent orgasms. At such moments, she imagined herself a huge, hairy guy and very excited. Then I felt two fingers penetrated my ass protruding. This Aunt Tonya decided to take me. After a while she replaced the fingers on the vibrator, turning it to a maximum speed from which I instantly came. Aunt Valya pulled out of ass aunt Nadia rubber member, and I saw at the site of the anus huge hole around which muscles throbbed excitedly. We all needed a rest. Not dressed, we sat at the table, animatedly discussing the incident. I was told that they each play in meeting slave. Each of them in turn becomes a slave and fulfills all orders of their girlfriends. Today was a slave fragile aunt Nadia, well, as I arrived back and all under a lot, I'll be a permanent slave. After resting, they were ordered to go back Aunt Nadia on the table and spread her legs wide. Aunt Tonya picked up the empty bottles of wine and put her first one in her ass and then another in the vagina. Alternately moving them, she began to fuck hard aunt Nadia, who grabbed hold of the edge of the table and bit her lip, trying not to scream. Mom climbed on the table and sat down on her face, forcing her to lick the perineum from the anus to the clitoris.
-Helen! Come here. - He called me Auntie Valya. - Take the bottle and shove it in himself. I want to see you, little whore, you will fuck yourself.
-But my mother does not allow me to shove anything in pussy. - I tried to argue.
-Why so?
-She says that this will be a gift to Pope for his birthday.
-Sit down at her ass and that's enough to argue! - I cried to my mother.
I put the bottle on the floor and spread her half and slowly sat down on it from above. The neck is easily entered my ass, but more in any way. My ass was still too small and not developed. In front of me were the tears of pain.
-Okay, do not suffer. - I took pity on me Auntie Valya. - Come here and shove me better in a lovely pen.
I did not have to beg twice, and my hand disappeared into her wet depths. There was much larger than my mother, so I ventured to put in the hand of another. Aunt Val literally howled with delight and began to move forward with my hands in such a fury, that they were almost to the elbow into her vagina. A few minutes later I was joined by my mother and put her greased palm something, aunt Vale in her fat ass. I felt my mother's hand through the thin partition, and it is somehow much excited me, so when Aunt Tonya stuck me in the ass three fingers, I immediately came.
For the next two days my mother asked to go to school, so I instead learned to humor my precious mom and her friends.
In the next chapter I will discuss this with my mom dad gift of birthday.

Chapter 2. "Day dads birthday"

Birthday my dear daddy was four months after described in the previous chapter events. By this time I realized the joy of gay sex and just languishing on the willingness to feel within themselves a living and a huge male member. Once parents spent guests mom to a predefined scenario retreated to the kitchen, and I sat next to my father on the sofa.
-Daddy, I want to give you a gift. Can?
-Of course, dear. - And here I'm not giving him time to recover, deftly she unbuttoned her pants on him and grabbed his lips a member.
A member was small and full of some wrinkled, I was surprised, but after a few moments he was the impetus to grow in size and soon did not fit in my mouth. Father tried to push me away, but I firmly grabbed his waist. He soon abandoned his attempts to free himself, and even began to guide my movements, grasping his hands behind his head. Papin was a member of a specific ... salty flavor that excites me greatly. I sucked strongly moving his head to the members to his head fell into my throat. Soon Dad growled, strongly pressed my head to his groin and finished. A powerful jet of sperm hit my palate. It was so much that I almost choked, but still swallowed it all without a trace. At this point my mother came into the room.
-Did you like honey? - She asked. Dad was so stunned that I could not utter a word. - This is only the beginning! And now our dochechka will give you the most precious thing she has - her virgin pussy.
I sat on the sofa, with his legs apart and wide to be clearly visible my already swollen pink lips. My finger plunged between them oozing pink depth and began to rub a pea clitoris. Mom knelt before his father, took in his mouth his limp dick and began to initiate his tongue. The first time I masturbate himself before men and that burning gaze turned on so exciting that soon I literally shook in orgasm. Moisten fingers in his grease, I began to caress her ass brown hole with his back first one and then two fingers. Our mom efforts have paid off - my father's member took fighting shape again. Now I could see it well. The impressive size literally shook me: about 25 cm long and in diameter - five centimeters. Shiny red head is very large, and the veins bulging on the barrel makes it enjoyable rough.
-Take me Daddy! - With these words, I parted fingers vagina, opening his eyes full depth of my languishing pussy.
-Yes, dear, fuck it for the full program, see how she was tired of waiting !?
It was no longer necessary to persuade my dear daddy. The head of his cock parted my lips sex, push, and he half walked into me. A sharp pain, as if from a burn, shot through my body, but that member was moved, and instead the pain came a pleasant feeling of fullness, which I never could reach the fingers. Pope acted very carefully and plunged into me only half the length of its members understand that need to develop my pussy slowly. Mama hastened his face to my pubis and began to process the language of that part of my father's trunk, which did not fit me. I, in turn, podmahivala Pope hips as she could, and our efforts were not in vain: after a while I felt like a member vibrated in me, jerks vbrasyvaya sperm. It was so wonderful that I strongly arching his back, too, I came. When a member has gone out of me, out of the vagina began to flow a cocktail of a mixture of my juices, blood, and my father's sperm. I ran to the bathroom to bathe, and her mother, seated father prostrate on the sofa, washed away his body language and the scrotum. When I returned from the bathroom, my mother continued their occupation, working hard with one hand on the penis, and another - between your legs. She was very excited, because the three of us did not she just finished. Seeing that I came in, she was not letting his mouth a member, fell sideways on the couch and spread his legs. I understood her without words. Kneeling in front of her by a pussy flowing, I soaked in the juices of her hand and put it into the vagina. The walls of the vagina gently clasped my hand, and I began to move it forward - backward, while still scrolling through the brush to the left - right. Mom's orgasm is not long in coming. I felt the pulsating wall of her vagina and grease generously allocated. Now dad took the initiative in their hands and began to guide our actions as the real director of porn films. He forced my mother to stand up "cancer" on the couch, turned his head to the back and putting us on a review of two hungry holes. I'm standing behind my mother, put her in her pussy, first one and then the other arm. Thanks to the abundant lubrication, my hands were moving quite freely. His father climbed onto the couch and straddled his mother, a member of turning to me, so that I could handle his tongue, which I immediately complied. Squelching and smacking sounds filled the space of the room, which will soon add to the groans again graduating mother. He pulled his hands out of his mother's vagina, I began to liberally lubricated secretions brown ring her anus. At first I operated with one finger, then two, three, and soon I gently immerse the entire brush in Mamochkin ass. When I put her second hand on her vagina and began to move them one by one, my mother already cried with delight. Dad was at this time a number of hard and masturbate watching my manipulations. Soon he could not resist and asked to pull his hand out of his mother's backside and scope scored once during the entire length of his handsome in extended red hole. His huge cock furiously earned in her anus, and I stroked his hand through the thin partition that separates us. Before my eyes open a beautiful picture in my mother's ass scurrying member. Dad often his bobbing and throbbing ring anus is not had time to completely close, drives the back. Soon, he pulled out a member, quickly turned to me and put it in my mouth. Strongly pressed my head to his groin, he finished. Sperm was no less than the first time, but it was more salty. I was not taken by surprise, as in the beginning, therefore with great pleasure that swallowed it all without a trace. Mom has not yet finished, therefore, not removing his hands, I ducked under his mother and began to caress the tongue strongly bulging between the spread apart jaws clitoris. After my mother came, we all showered and tired but happy went to sleep.
The next night my mother called me into the parents' bedroom, where they have a large bed, completely naked, lay with her father.
-Yesterday your dear daddy did not have time to enjoy your ass - my mother said, stroking my breasts with one hand, and the other - a small hemisphere of my ass.
-Yes, my little girl, bring us pleasure again - said the father.
-Suck his stallion, and I will prepare your hole to go.
I quickly took off her dress and panties and hopped into their bed. The father, with his hands behind his head, lying on his back, and his already excited member, trembling, hung over the stomach. I settled down on all fours between spaced father's legs and began to caress his handsome. I first drove his tongue over a rugged trunk, pausing slightly on the head. Then, alternately licked the testicles, swallowing them whole, caressed the wrinkled ring anus, and only after all these manipulations plunged his hungry flesh deep down his throat. Gliding along the barrel, I gently poddrachivala member at the base, sometimes sticking out of his mouth and tongue caressing the small hole at the tip of the head. At this time, Mom intensively farmed both my holes tongue and fingers, paying special attention to my ass. She first developed her two, then three, and after some time, adding a little more of my discharge from the pussy, began to attack all five fingers. My ass was still small, so the fingers are immersed only to the knuckles and my mother tried to shove me brush, helping himself with his other hand. It was very painful, but I bravely endured, knowing the imperious character of his mother. (Then, in a separate chapter, I will discuss how to punish my mother, when her father was not at home.) The Pope at jerking my head knew that my mother's insistence I did not bring happiness and, as always, stood up for me.
-So, dear, leave the ass of our little girl alone and better substitute my own. I want to fuck you first, and then, for dessert, our Lena.
-Well, dear, how do you say. - Mom only with other behaved imperiously, she bent under his father unquestioningly.
-Lie down on your back, and Helen will be on you so that you can caress each other out ... language.
I got up at four points, mom was under me and started licking my clit, sometimes thrusting his tongue deep into my vagina. I responded stuck to her pea. Pope knelt in front of my face and waved his penis very close to my mouth. I spread my mother's legs wide, exposing her swollen labia and tied with pink anus, then took in her mouth cock and smeared it liberally with his saliva. The Father sent the wet from saliva member on her anus hole and gently pressed his head back. Mom little tense. He pulled the head out of her ass, but only for a moment to re-enter into it, but deeper .. With each time deeper until his dick is not plunged into her ass completely. And she took it with pleasure, now that the muscles were stretched. She started to move toward him, toward his cock, which had already fucked her in the ass so hard that it seemed only to prevent further penetration of the egg. Sometimes he would put out a member of my mother's ass, I thrust into my mouth, took a few deep movements and again insert it into the stretched hole. Once a member starts to move in the mother's ochke, I again worked her clitoris. Mom put her in my anus and two fingers resumed raiding his tongue in my clit glassy. Our joint efforts with the pope soon led her mother to a strong orgasm. She brought her legs so far back that his father was forced to pull back on its steep. I, to his delight, lapped up from the surface all the sperm and suck his dick so vigorously that he again hardened.
Dad really wanted to tear off my ass, and I physically feel his lust. A little after watching how mom licks my pussy and my leaky point fingers, he clutched his hands over my buttocks and spread them widely, providing better access to its members so desired hole. He pulled out of her mother's fingers probe and offered to his impatient cock. My mother grabbed him and pointed to my swollen pussy sweating, demanding that his father first fucked me there, and then in the ass. He began to tear the soft and juicy depths of my pussy and my mother again began to lick my clit until I was faced a wave of powerful orgasm. Mom grabbed member, installed it on my ochke developed, wider spread halves and Dad drove it for the most eggs. I was seized with an unforgettable sense of pleasure when his hot huge cock began to gently rub on my colon. I do podmahivala him, helping as much as possible to penetrate deeper into me. Mom put her in my pussy and two fingers stuck to my clit. I felt like it massages their father's penis through the thin partition wall inside of me, lowered her head and shoved his tongue deep into my mother's vagina. Soon I felt my father's dick twitching inside me and poured it pushes warm sperm. By the time I finished twice and barely held on to keep from falling. Dad, supporting me under the arms, arranged over my mother's face, as if I was going to pee. My fuck holes were located just above its mouth. Ring my anus gradually shrank by acquiring an initial size, forcing out papa "stuffing". Mom eagerly catching mouth arising from my ass cum and swallowed with pleasure. Then she licked clean my two holes.
Dad told me to sit on the edge of the bed, and he stood in front of me and put his limp dick in my mouth. Mama is located behind him and deftly licked his father's ass. She captured the testicles mouth, then moved apart his father's half, trying to shove the language as deeply as possible into his hole. Soon tremors in my mouth heralded the resurrection of my father "fighter". A little fuck me in the mouth, Dad lay on the bed, legs dangling, and drew me to himself, seated knackered pussy on his dick. I started to jump, which was led by his father, clutching my hips with his hands. At this time, my mother went to the closet and pulled out from both sides to the crotch dildo. Reaching into one end of her vagina, she fixed the straps around the waist and crotch, ensuring reliable determination dildo in her pussy. Then he came up to us from behind, stuck in my point the free end of the dildo and slowly guided it into my anus, trying to accommodate all twenty centimeters in length. The feeling was simply stunning when my parents began to move synchronously in me. It seemed to me that I simply turn inside inside out. Dad sucked my little chest and drive in my eyeballs and my mother, my arms spread wide halves, thoroughly was operating in my ochke. We finished this time we both fell asleep quite exhausted all together on the big parent's bed, which is now, rightly, become my own.

Chapter 3. "executions"

As promised, in this chapter I will talk about the punishment that I subjected my loving mom. Until that moment, she caught me in the bathroom, the most severe punishment was this: I lay down on his stomach on the stool, lifted her skirt and panties dangling, and my mother whipped me with his hand on the buttocks. Sometimes I strongly battered and had to sleep on your stomach, as ass literally burned by fire. After my mother took my sexual education, punishment took brightly colored sexual character and began to occur much more frequently than before. A little later, I realized that making fun of me, she got a strong pleasure and could not resist it. In time, I also had finished some executions, and the feeling of pain and describe the buzz is simply not possible. Most of all, I had finished, when my mother thrust her to me in the vagina with a mop handle and made in such a way to clean floors. I walked around the apartment with a mop shoved in pussy and my mother periodically changed her cloth. Mop penetrated quite deeply, bringing a sense of pain and buzz at the same time. When she wanted to punish me stronger, mop inserted in another hole, ie, in the ass. It was much harder, though somewhere in a year, my holes so designed that the mother ebala my ass has a baseball bat. Ring anus before it had narrowed when from there with cotton jump out a bit, and in the place of my ass gaping big hole, which puts all sorts of items.
In 13 years, I fell in love with his friend and classmate Olga, and she answered me in return. I often lingered in her, and my mother, knowing from my holes designed that we do there is not learned always cruelly punished me for it. One time I came home long after midnight. What are we doing in Olya's apartment, I'll discuss in another chapter, but now that I have received for their nighttime adventure.
My mother opened the door and silently retired to her room. I'm glad that she has a good mood, and I got off easy. How wrong I was! The next day I remember all my life like a nightmare. At seven in the morning my father went to work and my mother pulled me more sleepy out of bed and dragged by the hair into the hall. There is roughly laid me back on the table and widely spread my arms and legs, tied them to his legs. I tried to apologize, but she did not seem to hear me. About fifteen minutes she was prepared, bringing all sorts of items in the room and putting them on the coffee table, and then the nightmare began! For a start she took off her panties and they stopped up my mouth as a gag. Then, firmly tied with a rope, and my breasts Prischepa on each nipple clothespins. Almost immediately, swollen nipples and doubled. A sharp pain shot through my lower abdomen - this mom Prischepa clothespins on my labia. Then she opened my vagina, pulling to the side of the clothespins and shoved to get a huge cucumber. With one hand she delayed the ... my nipples, and the other - was operating roughly a cucumber in my pussy. Mom did not use specifically during faloimitator punishment, because they are very similar to a real penis, and she wanted me to fuck and make fun of me, so in the course were any means available. When it was the turn of cucumber beer bottle neck and if it somehow belonged to me, then bottomed forward not climb my mother I did not try. Realizing this, she decided to change my posture, placing me on the sofa and tied my hands and legs to the ends of the squeegee. I was lying on his back, with his up widely divorced his hands and feet. In this position, my holes are more available for penetration, so a bottle, with difficulty, but still was in my pussy. Thrusting my ass a couple of candles, my mother retired to the kitchen, leaving me on the couch. My two lower holes just bursting with pain, nipples, I almost did not feel, and scored cowards mouth breathing very difficult. In the end, I fell into a state of some kind of prostration, from which I was led strikes, hail sleeping on my feet in no way protected, buttocks, abdomen and pubic area - a mother, freeing my holes, thoroughly processed my father's leather belt. The most severe pain was when the belt gets on swollen lips sex.
- You will know how to not obey their parents! - Mom kept saying, carving strap red stripes on my body - Take that! The little slut!
Once tired of whipping, it set me free from the ropes and as I gave way feet and I could not go, literally dragged the me in the bathroom. There she sat me in the bath, and she became me so that her vagina was right in front of my mouth. I hard earned his tongue between her sexual sponges. After some time, my mother strongly pressed my head to her, and then hit me in the face a strong stream of urine.
- Keep licking! - She ordered, and then covered her powerful orgasm.
She was shaking all over, continuing to urinate on me. Salty stream flooded my nose and mouth, making it difficult to breath. Finally, it dried up and I was able to breathe freely.
- Vymoysya well, - she said, getting out of the bathroom - and it will soon be a father, and you stink like from the bucket.
That evening, Dad came back tired, and so the band from the belt on my body, he noticed the next day. He did not say anything, but I soon saw the same band at my mother's feet. She never flogged me, but I scored a hole thoroughly.
This year I turned 15, my family moved to my mother's mother in another city. We lived in a small, cozy town. Until we moved, I was very, very happy, I had a best friend, Olga, and the guy Misha. Everything was like in people: he was waiting for me at the door, always with a bouquet of dark red, my favorite and the most expensive in our city, roses. We went for a walk on the evening city, just walking, or going to the movies, or in the ice cream parlor, or to his home. His mother, Margarita Stepanovna friendly, very fond of me, called "daughter" and "Babe". We had tea there and watched tivilizor, fighting pillows ... One evening, as we sat in his apartment and drank tea, and MS was not, he said:"Sveta, love you more than all the world! I thought a long time, but we can try to make love? I do not insist, I'll shy of his desire, but still ... Nurse No, she does not come soon, nu..reshaysya, Svetik!"
I blushed. We never spoke on such topics, and then suddenly ... In general, I agreed, and when he broke my hymen and I screamed a little pain in Picea and descendants through the second, when the pain is gone, and excitement orgasm ... I entered his mother. I dressed quickly, trying not to look at her, and ran to the door to escape, when she grabbed my zaruku. "Sveta and Mishutka you're my, what are you doing here ?! That's right now, I'll call your mom and tell her all about you! You're a dog, a creature as you dare to deflower the Light? And you look like a whore! He did not insist! What for?!!!!!!!!!!! We'll have to teach you guys!" And she took the rope, and I will not go into details, vyskla us, so much so that I cried, maybe the first or second time in his life. Misha kept. He got three times more, but he only zazhmurivalsya, but said nothing, as a hero. He looked very manly. I continued to roar. Then he rang mine, and they, in turn, whipped me, both twice, the first time in my life! I go to sleep in the day could not. In the morning they gave me tea with a bun and sausage, and pulled by the scruff of the apartment door, the bag has already been collected, and I guess where we're going: my granny. I hate her! She kept complaining about my mom when I was little and lived for three years with her. She often gave me the cuffs and put in a corner. And I deprive me caroling with her friends, sweets, and the frequency of dinner for the poor, in her opinion, the behavior. She also put me in a corner and shouted so that all the neighbors know what is happening. Well, my friends, and friends knew about her character and feared, and less like to be friends with me, with me, with the girl, which nothing is impossible, and if it will fit into a puddle, she gave a slap and three days were not allowed to walk , shipping adult books, which she had to know, and be able to retell.
When we arrived, I wrote in a boarding school for girls, and I came home only on Sundays. They put me in a room for five girls. Their name was Natasha, Yulia, Katya, Masha and Nastya. They were my peers. They looked tired and fearful of life, and I immediately thought, nuns and boarding monastery. In general, it was, we did not pray the truth, but were added subjects: French, German, French liter German (in French and German, of course), philosophy, and psychology, training (so-called!) And mysterious OMMID. Which translates:"relationships between boys and girls".
The rules were terribly stringent: Players, fotoparaty, books and food are not allowed pringosit from his home, and the book can be taken only in their library. On the first day I examined it, there certainly were classics on Rusca English and French, and German, but most of them were on the subject of education and the benefits of physical punishment.
I was surprised. Brad some, and decided to take one such book. It describes in detail the methods of physical education, the picture whipping, as well as the pros taih porok.Kogda I looked textbook on education there was approximately the same! I thought that teachers and directors are in the boarding explicitly advocates spanking children. HERE my mind ka if struck: I will be here exactly smack, and very often ... I closed the toilet in a stall and I became hysterical with fear. I pulled his hair and yelled, shaking with sobs and beat her head against the wall ... On why they are clogged! Yes, here they are beaten! My crying stopped when I heard "tsokone" heels and then, like a key in the lock and push the door wide open to the booth, and I remained on kortachkah on the toilet. Mascara, certainly, swam, his hair disheveled, his eyes red and swollen. aunt was thirty-five years in front of me, she grabbed me by the ear and dragged behind him. Then he threw me on the bed and shoved the book that lay on the table in the portfolio. Then he took out a notebook from his pocket, with yellow leaves and asked the name, and write "Light Chermushkina"And then set the date and closed her notebook. Then he followed her to go and wash my face and comb your hair snachala-. I did it, picked up the bag, and went to her aunt. There have been lessons learned, and learned again, and exactly two bell rang, and everyone began to gather. I wandered into the room where I now lived. All the girls undress and told me to change into her nightgown and quickly go to bed, and I did. There came into the room is the same woman with a notepad and looked and left. I asked how much we sleep. I skazali- to five. I asked about the schedule, Julia, lying side by side, said: "Six lift and an ice shower, in the seventh-floor breakfast at half past seven starts lessons finish at two, then to three lunch (just their room being punished for what they were talking during quiet hours, "quiet Time" to five, then dinner at the half of the sixth to the seventh floor, and then whipping up to eight, the ninth-floor -to bed ... Thus began my life in a boarding school.
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