In the summer cafe was not crowded. People were going home, autumn comes and the evening became cool enough. Sergei looked at his watch.
- No, do not come, do not come ...
He thought about it, but for some reason, looked at the girls have fun laughing at the next table. Yesterday, he met a beautiful girl, she appointed a meeting, and it ...
At a table in front of the girls laughed loudly.
- Perhaps a student, went to college, - Sergey thought. Then he stood up and walked over to a stranger.
- Can you at the light? Do not banish?
- Why, you are welcome, - said a pleasant kind of blonde.
- Sit down, - added full ruddy beauty.
Sergei sat down beside him and asked.
- Students?
- Students, students ... - once through clenched teeth said the third girl of Asian appearance.
- Perhaps it is their elder, - Sergey thought.
- Did not come ? - I asked smiling plump.
- How do you ... Yes, but it does not matter, it does not matter
- Do not worry ... you are so blonde stood up and straightened her skirt, slightly pulling her to her knees. Sergei saw nice legs which seemed edge fishnet stockings.
- All women - play, understand, - she said. You just do not fall into its game. Would you like a cigarette ?
- I do not smoke...
- And women too, like, no, no, - said Asian and girls laughed. Conversation ensued and they were oblivious to the cold evening sat for about an hour.
- Listen, it's late, may continue to have, - I have proposed that the blonde named Julie.
- Yes, you do not hesitate, we charge a separate two-bedroom apartment in the center. There are even phone - fatty Masha smiled.
- But I'm not ashamed ... Why do not you go ...
- Well, that's great ... you hope today no one is waiting? - Oddly I asked Asian Gulya.
- No parents in the country, left for a week to myself, enjoy yourself as much as you want. Sergei was glad "the continuation of the banquet". Is depression with these taratolkami tomorrow call her - he thought.
They stopped the car and pretty quickly got home.
- Sit at home. Sergey, like homemade wine? Gul poured wine glass and handed it to the guy.
- Thank you, I will not refuse.
Sergei was examining the apartment. Plain panel treshka, only one bathroom for some reason it was closed. Girls something chirping in the kitchen preparing a snack. Sergei sat down on the sofa, sipped wine and dizzy.
- It is necessary to tie with alcohol ..., - the last thing he had to think.
Sergei woke in the morning. In some dark room, body ache and headache. He wanted to get up but could not. Something did not give him move hand or foot. He wanted to raise his head, but it did not work.
- Paralyzed or something, - flashed through his mind. But he immediately dropped these stupid thoughts, and tried to have stronger twitch. Nothing.
Then the lights came on, and he saw that the top of his head wearing something like a plastic pot for small children and the review is limited to a radius of the seat.
- That's what the hell - he thought. Who me so?
-Uh-uh somebody ... Help me, - he said.
- We can help you, help you, - he recognized the voice of Guli. She leaned over him and said with malice. How are you feeling ?
- Release me silly ... What you done to me?
- Released, but not now ... Babbling leaned closer and whispered.
- Baby you got. We have been looking for the boy himself in the room. And you went as well as possible. Lie down and do not twitch. You firmly prikovan.I long time, well, if you rebel ....
Gul took in his hand the eggs and much Sergei passed them ..
-A ! Let creature Sergei shouted.
- For the creature otvetish..proshipela Gul, released and continued. We have you chained to a special bed. His one friend we built carpenter. You can with their physical needs without getting out of the crib, arms and legs, and torso encased in steel bracelets, and so you are less looked around on the head of you ... Well, something like a chamber pot. You are now our ... our three years. That's how much we have left to learn, and we will use your best. Soon you will meet with your close by Ms. She stood up and Sergei whined softly.
- I got some Shalashovka like a moron. He tried for a long time to twitch, scream but nothing helped. Again, the lights came on, and he saw three girls already.
- Here he is our hero! - Masha bent over nim.Uti-pusi - prosyusyukala it. Gulya and Julia stood by and smiled.
- Girls, let's introduce it with our pussies. Mary lifted her skirt and sat on the pot, which covered the head of Sergei.
Sergei saw a white panties. Behind them strip ran in the ass girls. She was almost at the guy's nose. Maria stood up and took off her panties and suddenly sat down again on the pot. Now his eyes stood up huge unshaven pussy and ass girl. Strange, but the pot had covered his head made it possible for all to see, the light did not disappear completely. Mary shifted in the pot and suddenly dip. The girls laughed, and laughed the hostess herself urine. Sergei began to choke feces girls, and he had perforce to make two or three sips of nasty urine.
- And now, lick, lick my kisulya - ordered Masha, and you'll get a portion of shit on his face. The girls laughed again and Sergey was forced to lick the girl crotch dryness.
- Here, quickly realizes bastard. Mary got up, pulled on her pants and unzipped his fly guy.
- A-ah, so we are also excited ... She took a cock and literally straddled the still captive. Girl raped him for a long time, then forced back to lick the entire crotch and ass.
- Listen to me, said Gul. Now we're going to class, do not try to scream and escape, - it is useless. The room is a good sound insulation. Better to relax and get used to it. My advice to you.
The girls quickly pulled off Sergei pants and put him in diapers for adults.
- And this is not to wake up, get used to them, - said Julia. Then the girl rubbed gasket face Sergei and left. Only now he realized how hard prikovan.On still pulled and fell silent, because I realized that all attempts are useless.
Students did not return, and Sergey wanted to drink. Just then he saw a thin tube, hanging near the mouth. He clung to his lips and began to suck for her. It was the iced tea. Sergei realized much to drink that you have to pee in a diaper. He had long suffered, but suffered and relieved. Soon there was a sound opening ... the castle and came into the room Julia. (**** **** Continuation of the author)
In childhood, I have not flogged or pervasive nature, so sometimes slapped a few slaps in the edification, but no more ...

According to the present as I began to punish after ten years.

My parents worked in different hours. And in the evening there was a gap vremini at three o'clock, when I was not skem leave. Sometimes to me was our neighbor across the courtyard, my parents are with her friends and trusted her to me, his eyes closed, but when I was a little grown up on - the evening I already began to leave one to two to three hours until my mother went to work, and my father still did not come. I could watch TV, read, and are compulsory to make the lessons, at least the part that I could do on their own. If I did not carry out any homework, my mom came in the evening, late from work is very angry and screaming at me and made me do my homework lo late. And sometimes, without warning, in an instant, I found myself in her lap to have a bare ass, which has already been burned or my mother's hand, which was very painful, or rope, and in very rare cases of large fault, usually the longest for me was walking Dad's belt with one hand ... my mother was holding me, that I had not jumped, and the other is actively processing the mine, always bare in such cases ass ...
I first tried to keep quiet and behave heroically, but after three - four beats, I forget about my pride and began to shout, to cry and beg my mother to stop and promised that I would do all the lessons, but my mom was not umolima and ... I gave out the full program. Once when my mother prkraschala my punishment, she put me on my feet and sent in a corner for an hour.
And zar¸vannaya I walked into the kitchen and continued to roar and frantically rubbing his ass soundly whipped in the ugdu. Kitchen neutral place and as I stood in the corner of his backside blazing reds, all who came into the kitchen and came to my parents certainly have seen my ass ist¸gannuyu. If they were guests or our neighbor, they sat at the kitchen table and my mother told them in detail what she had me whipped.
If it was Dad, he sat down on a chair next to me for a long time to explain to me what I am a bad girl and that her mother still felt sorry for me, that in fact I had to pour more pain above that spanking is useful, and that poryat they me because they love and want to make me a man ... If I snapped the pope abruptly got up and walked into the room at his belt, and in that one motion put me on one knee .... and then she gave me a piece of that mother It seemed tiny. Clinging to the father's leg, I prayed: " Daddy s-ah, dear, forgive-and-and-and I'll no longer-at-at". Dad gave me about twenty, fast, one after the other strikes, burned my butt! and slap dad drove me back to the corner where the voice continued, and my father went into the room.
When passed an hour, my mother came back and already standing has added to me several blows that I had not too relaxed, I immediately started to cry, and close ass hands after that, my mother, threatening weapon of the beating, warned that if in five minutes I will not be at the table to do homework, then flogging again .... usually remind me it was not necessary, the lessons were ready in ten minutes and I asked for forgiveness from the mother of SNAP and went to sleep.

Such things happened rarely, but regularly, at least for the reminder ...
Basically, I smacked my mother, but once I got a severe thrashing from his father ...

I was twelve years old, the parents were not at home, we just put the phone had a wire through all the rooms ... I was bored, the lessons do not like, and I'm just staggered around the apartment, and then went to her room and began to consider tellefonnye wires and zamnetnodlya yourself from boredom rakovyryala hole in the wall ... and hitting broke postings ..... I saw it frightened to build departed, in my heart I know that whipping me today can not escape and began to rub the ass ... .and waited silently when the Pope comes, internally preparing himself for execution, as he warned me that if anything happened to the wires through my fault, my ass will get this belt, a first not received and will be a very long time to be ill ... .

Father came home, I was lurking in the room, the sound of footsteps, the father opened the door to my room and said - "Hello daughter." Seeing my eyes up, his father immediately understood that I Skoda and snapped -" What have you done?" I said nothing, but he looked on the evil and on the wall ..... .... see what I've done ... " Ta-a-ak ... " - Stretched, the threat in his voice told Dad and began to take out of the trouser belt ..... putting the belt on the couch, Dad sat up and took me by the shoulders summed up to him and sat on his lap and said - "Daughter, I want you to realize how expensive our cost phone installation, you know that?" . "Yes dad " - I said quietly, sniffing ..... He hugged me - "We will have to pay huge amounts of money to the master, you ponimesh it?"- "Yes dad " - I said softly, and tears rolled down from my eyes ....
"I warned you?" - "Yes dad"
"Do you agree that there should be punished?" -"Yes"
"Do you agree that this is true?" -"Yes"
"Then we will not waste time, take your clothes off - all the way! and start!"

And so began the worst, with patience father waited until I take off all my odezhdu.i golysh¸m here I am standing in front of my dad and already plachu.otets arose, and took the belt in hand, told me to lie down on the sofa, but that would be the upper part my body yavisala down that is what I would put her hands on the floor and knees in bed, I stared into the belly side of the sofa railing ... at the moment, my ass was I could not the highest point of my body ... even her cover as the hands rested on the floor that would keep body.

Father patted me on the ass and said - "Ready?" and not waiting for an answer swung and stabbed. I immediately cried out: "Ah-and-th!".slezy streamed down my face.
Then came the second, third ... tenth ..... thirtieth ....
The pain was sharp and stinging, belt walked by me uttering a whistle.
- Ah-ah-ah! Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Please do not! I do not anymore! - I begged the pope.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! hurt me! Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Forgive-and-and-and-and-and! ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!
But Dad's belt rhythmically fell on my butt.
I wagged booty trying uydti from shock but they collapsed on me touching the sickest point ... flogging seemed would never end .... I already nebylo no voice or strength to resist .... I just wheezed ....
Finally -That dad stopped .... I was standing in the same position and sobbing hysterically, I did not even realize that spanking is over ...
"Well, that's all you got a well-deserved spanking, you can get up and go to the corner" - Dad told me. but I have not heard and continued to cry loudly all standing in the same ...
"What, you want more? to get ..."- He said his father and began to whip me again, but this time for the buckle .ja roared -A-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah -a-ah !!! and while he added beats screaming voice not his own .....
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! ... !!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
father gave me ten more strokes -A-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
When he finally stopped, I still wailed
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
"Well, now you want to get up, or do I add?"'I asked Dad.
"Now get up and go to the corner!"
... I immediately tried to get up but on di kaya pain in the ass, and the whole body pinned me ...
"Dotty Okay I'll help you" and suddenly followed by a powerful blow that I no longer stand, I yanked ssiloy backwards and just fell bp floor ... in the ass again screamed in pain .... then Dad took me by the hand and led into the kitchen ...... in the corner ...
This was the most severe spanking I got what Dad thought I was but I was wrong .....

It's been eighteen years old and I was thirty years .....
estevstvenno father had not touched my finger ......

I lived not podol¸ku from parents and hung them no longer young several times vnedelyu ...
But in one of the visits, a strange thing happened ...... the thing is that I started to learn a very expensive courses and my parents paid for them.
to some of the moments I began to skip, it was very difficult and the tired and I just decided not to poydti .... and did not go many times ....
and then my absence was noticed by my advisor and he sent a letter with a request to start attending the course and do not skip as much as possible.
I got a letter to my parents .... read it they were in nesebya ..... and very angry at me ....
but I have about this is that does not know .... and that's one of the free days, I called my mother and said that I was going, I was delighted and said that they are waiting impatiently! When I entered the house I embraced as usual ... and casually said that they want something that is very important to ask ....
we sat in the lounge .... and then Dad brought me a letter .... and asked me to translate it.
As soon as I read the letter from my blackened eyes ..... it became clear that the transfer of that does not already have to .... I looked at my mother and all SNAP realized ....
father silently stood up and called me to him in a small bedroom ... I lowered my head to follow him while still could not believe that I will smack ... mom went with us to the bedroom and sat down in the chair when we went into the bedroom I horror noticed that my father's parent's bed is a wide belt the same which he smacked me over the phone .....
"Undress and stand on all fours on the bed." - Mom said, "Can you help?"
"No I myself" - Mumbled apologetically downcast eyes, I ...

I realized that resistance is useless, and yes, they're right ..... I was completely undressed and stood to me as ordered on the bed ..... dad took the belt, folded in half, swung .... I heard the whistle and Clicking - hit by the belt my ass and then felt dikuyubol ...... I bent forward and jerked in pain and opened his mouth, but not for the screaming ...... I immediately hand automatically covered his ass ....."Take your hand off! oblakotis and elbows!" - I heard the voice of the Pope.
I prognulasi kneeling down on his elbows .... my parents have not seen me naked for a long time and I was very ashamed of my ..... tears rolled eyes .... but I was still standing in the same pose humiliating me, sing to the top ... rastavit widely legs .....
immediately followed by a second blow, even harder than the first, and I could not stand screamed: "Ah-and-th!".
Then he fell fast stupefying strikes but this time my father hit me the second end of the folded belt with buckle ... I jerked forward and shouted to endure -A-ah-ah-ah-ah! It hurts me!
father continued to smack me in silence ......
blows rained down on my ass, and I only leash wagged his back in the dance and asked my parents about poshadee .... - Ah-ah-ah! Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Please do not!
I do not anymore! - I begged papu.-A-ah-ah-ah-ah! hurt me! Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Forgive-and-and-and-and-and! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! but his father's belt rhythmically fell on my butt. no longer able to stand, I fell on the bed and did not even tried to twitch .....
father whipped me and lashed ......- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! !! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
- Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Forgive-and-and-and-and-and! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Forgive-and-and-and-and-and! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
- Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Forgive-and-and-and-and-and! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
- Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Forgive-and-and-and-and-and! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-I do not anymore !!!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! ... !! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! -A-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!

When he finally stopped, I was still crying .... father threw the belt down on the bed and she and her mother left the room, leaving me alone that I could cry in pleasure at what I was doing and did not get up for a long time after the dad graduated to smack me ...... I was hurt and offended and ashamed that I have flogged as a gray goat in the thirty-one year .... but the anger of his father but I did not, I knew I deserved this no less severe spanking in dusche I was grateful dad ... but he beat me very much ...
Through NONCOR time and not left in tears odevshisi and whipped into the cabin ..... and stood in the corner .....

An hour later came mom and horror of horrors! with a rod in his hand and would add another twenty strokes ..... Now I whipped my mother, right in the corner ... .... Again I cried for a maximum I could afford it did not cry out loud after each stroke! I tried to cover up the wounded hand back, but next stoyavschy lightning father grabbed my hand and held until my mother has been flogged me ....
Then my mother turned to the Pope "vsyp ka it a couple more belts that our daughter remembered that a good spanking ..."
Dad came over and gave me a dozen blows with a belt but such painful!
What I am again for screaming obscenities good, I jumped up after each strike but this time with a sling slowly, giving me a shout at will ....
I jumped up and clutching at the ass, screaming -Papochka-ah-ah-ah! Forgive-and-and-and-and-and! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!
-Daddy-ah-ah-ah! More is not necessary! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!
-Daddy-ah-ah-ah! Forgive-and-and-and-and-and! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

Suddenly he stopped and told me to go take a shower and dress for dinner and then ...
This is my spanking was over. I did when her forget. !!!
In the shower water burned my wounded ass .... Snack vymovshis I got dressed and went out.
Then I asked for forgiveness on his knees from mum and dad after my promise any more when you do not shirk have forgiven me, hugged, and we went to eat ...
I was sitting on poduschechke carefully prepared for my mother ...

With regard to the study, I will no longer play truant and graduated with honors from the course ....
But this was not my last spanking my ass needed a dozen more belt reminders ..... and my dad reminded me readily belt ..... and then my mother whipped me and my father always ends a reminder and I was whipped into a corner .....
In the city, after the heat of the day, the evening fell. The sun gilded the roofs of houses, trees covered with foliage evening blue. I slowly walked along the boulevard, enjoying the cool of the evening. His head swarmed thoughts passing day. Somewhere played light music, young people sat on benches along the park. Elderly couple walking, whispering about something close. Sun zakotilos over rooftops and down the streets mild evening. Tabloid lit lanterns. Opened its doors to street cafes. In the air, the smell of roasted coffee and brandy flavor. I could not help but be tempted by this fragrance. After a few minutes I was enjoying a beautiful bouquet of old cognac in prikusku with Arabic coffee. In the depths of a cafe, but rather a summer porch, I noticed a young guy. On the face of an ordinary man, but his face was something unusual. Courageous features a meandering line of the lips, beautiful, expressive eyes and hair dark hair? perfectly complement the Portet. I could not tear his eyes. Sometimes our eyes crossed. I felt awkward and I otvdil your eyes to the side. And then, as an afterthought, he translated his eyes on this guy.
Time passed. I finished my coffee and konyak, got up and headed for the exit. And he thought to himself that evening turned out to be just a success. With this feeling, I went down the street, taking me farther and farther away from the cafes and handsome guy.
The road wound, wound and led me to a dark alley. A more accurate to say quite dark. Probably you forgot to turn the lights on here. Perhaps this was done intentionally. But since it was the only option the way, I decided not to stop. Passing the house, I noticed a lone silhouette of a person. Having caught up with him, he came up to me and held out his hand said hello. I did not even realize what was happening. It was so dark that only the timbre of voice I was able to determine that it was a guy. I did not immediately respond to his greeting. But a moment later, the guy said that he was the same stranger whom I was staring insolently at the cafe. In my mind instantly flashed the thought that today I would be beaten face. Mentally I was going with the spirit. I can not say that I was a weakling, but a broken face I do not really like to have today. Especially because everything is going well. But the guy somehow lingered with his fists. Vice-versa, he approached me and asked if I had a cigarette. But I, too, was no fool, and realized that it usually starts all street conflicts. Fortunately for me I had a cigarette, and I handed him a pack.
He took out a cigarette, struck a lighter, lit, and gave me a light. We made a pair of puffs. In the air, there was silence. The guy handed me his hand. I stiffened. But his hand fell on my waist, and slowly began to slide on the thigh. Then he made a circle and approached the fly. My heart pounded as if something is going to leave my body forever. His hand stopped at my cock and began to violently crush him. Another moment and my dick seemed to tear my pants trousers. This went on for several minutes. Then my hero night, knelt down, undid my pants and pulled my cock and began to suck. I've even taken aback by this turn. But I was so pleased that it is now scattered over the body shivers of pleasure. He sucked furiously. His hand continued to knead my balls. He worked as a language, as a shovel. A little more and I was ready to finish. He he broke the passionate mission. Got up. And continued their actions, showering me with passionate kisses without letting me say a word. I also decided to get into his pants. I must say that there was burning the fire of passion.
I did not think that there are such kinds and sizes. I myself not a little. But such instances I have not yet met. After finishing a prolonged a hickey, I escape from his lips. Kneeling, I unleashed this beast. Leo, it was a lion. With a huge mane and large eggs. He kept trying to break outwards. But I do not mended his escape, holding it with his hand. Then he began to push me hard, trying to break me of my wall of the pharynx. His balls barely keep up with him, hitting rubber balls on my chin. Grabbing his cock stronger your hand, I made it clear that I wanted to get some rest. We began to fondle each Druck hands, showering waterfall passionate kisses. The idea that we are here someone could find was poured into each of us a bucket of adrenaline. At the bottom of the groin have raged element of passion. My mouth was full of love juice. And the language is already numb from the passionate dance. Tension has reached the limit of my penis, and I whispered to the guy that I wanted to finish. He gently took my cock in his hand. And he began to tickle him bridle his jazuka. Then he plunged my cock into the mouth of his volcano with such force that I could hardly keep his indescribable ecstasy. Then his hand was a little push my waist to her. And I began to move my body like a piston in a volcanic crater. In my bowels matured fiery magma. And when I could no longer hold back the pressure, I shot his sperm on the wall of the house a warm stream. We came together. Only his love cocktail fountain splashed on my shoe. But do not worry. The most important thing in this business full confidence in each other.
We even smoked a cigarette. We exchanged impressions of the evening. And continued to every man his way.
I have long remembered the warm evening. We have met several times, but that's another story.
dick is, Gandon torn -
Sasha with Yurkoyu fuck,
sperm fills her mouth ...
here on puzu really flows.
spray fired back,
Drops of sweat pour,
body ... in pairs passion goes -
in the joy of the soul sings.
feet, hands ... like vines -
braided each other - drunk.
in the ass ... just a mess,
and brains - no way, no syak.
lips, whispering something tenderly,
teeth, swinging heartless,
dick, headlong rested belly -
sp¸rtym spirit still carries.
have twisted and turned,
nasopelis, we have suffered,
nadrochil, Shchekotov,
Now tired, they fell,
after the shower on the bed
and hugged again ... Again!
Pushkin - fucked ... ti ... your mother ...
I have been married for several years. I can not say that it is our wife intimate life satisfies me, my attempts to somehow change this situation much success did not bring, so I never indulged in small pleasures on the side, but the main subject of my worries at the same time it was our health wife . My wife had a girlfriend, they worked together and we often visited her at a party. The younger sister of a friend, her name was Eugene, was low plump blonde with a nice ass, strong chest and lively little face. She was only 16 years old and I have not looked at it at first, as a sexual object. However, in the course of our conversation the floor so that my wife with a friend talking to their professional issues, they were teachers, and we were forced Eugenia to communicate among themselves. To my surprise I noticed that despite almost 13 years difference in age to me it is very easy. At home, she always dressed simply, in the evening she was in a tight-fitting T-shirt and short tight shorts. Myboltali, fooling around, I jokingly put his arm around her ... she did not even opposed to this ... can be anything and would have passed unnoticed, but came short pause, during which I felt her breasts pressed against my loktyu.Bolee in order. ..I saw on the second breast clearly hardened nipple bump ... I spoke at the taut fabric. I gently touched by this miracle of nature ... it touched me so excited that a member of the pulled fabric trousers ... I held her close to Eugene so that she could feel it.
She quickened breathed without saying anything. I bent down and touched his lips to the nipple ... she grabbed my hands down ... it was the overall impression that she did not know whether to push me or hugged her ... It was madness, her sister and my wife sat in the next room, I had the good sense to stop this. The next time we went for a walk with the dog ... it was in the evening, until Shepherd Alpha ran through the bushes, I hugged her and kissed Eugene, she did not resist, just as her lips turned out to be free, I kissed her neck, shoulders, cleavage between breasts, she whispered all sweet stuff that she has great respect for my wife. At the time, we are also able to break away from each other. The third time turned out quite crazy. I can not remember, but something led Eugene to my apartment. We sat on the couch, chatting about various trifles, I suddenly pulled her to him and kissed her. She replied to me with all the fervor of an increasingly m.
Somehow unnoticed Eugene was left without a blouse, then without the skirt, then without a bra. Her young body was delightful, gentle elastic chest with large ranges light brown nipples, the soft curve of the abdomen with a touching dimpled navel, hips smooth line with full cheeks and a light fuzz of pubic hair, which I saw moving in the direction of her panties. I touched her virgin vagina finger, causing shivers throughout her body ... she moaned something, but I was not listening, I fell down to this miracle, felt its taste and flavor ... my head was spinning ... woke up I've Eugene shuddered and went limp, her orgasm was quiet, which gave her an indescribable charm. I undressed, my dick, which by that time had stood like a rock turned out to be near her plump lips gentle, I have not had time to say anything, these jaws closed over my head burgundy. A few minutes later, I stayed on the border between reality and fantasy ... words to describe my feelings at that moment is simply impossible ... Sperm was so much that all the angelic face, shoulders, chest and stomach were splattered swallow everything ... she just did not have time .
Then we kissed for a long time, I was already a little crazy inexperienced caresses her, I put her on her back, legs spread and gently brought his head to a member of her sex lips. She was a woman and because of her groans was difficult to understand her wishes, but I think they were Vesma contradictory. I parted the lips and became head gently on the ball does not penetrate deeper into it. Eugene moaning, it took about two minutes, and I was surprised to come off from the sweet-painful process found that all my cock disappeared into the vagina Eugene, she did not even cry. I began to move all the more ... Eugene moaned ... her orgasm was stronger than the first, I had the good sense to ensure that before the ejaculation pull the dick out of her vagina and pull in the belly ... she smiled blissfully and rubbed semen on her licking her body with his hands, I offered her head, it is also oblizala..Tak we have a little secret ...
"Lo hesitantly reached for the fluid on her legs, apparently to touch her very much, she clung to me thin little arms and clutched tighter to him. I realized that it was time to explore its lush bosom. I placed a pillow under her neck, so Lola could see everything he wants ... I parted legs and put them on my neck ..."
To me still comes this gentle image. It was great to do 18 year old girl from a woman! Before meeting her, I just pyalil street girls in the smoke-filled porches. Well, who would have thought that she would be a virgin ?! I remember seeing it for the very first time ... when she was loading bag in the high of the truck, a gust of wind lifted her skirt to the level of the nape, revealing a delicious ass, panties, shorts veiled with pink ruffles. I felt a terrible itch in his pants. My dick was telling me ... "This is the place where I should be, seven days a week!" I fell in love at first sight in her ass! As for her face and entire body - an angel in the flesh. That evening, I asked drugana (who knows all the girls in his house) about this Spillikins. In that response, I got ... "Bitch! She moved here just last week, and has already made all the boys chasing her! I have this annoying woman! Bitch ass turns, but does not give anyone!" According to him I knew that he, too, she refused.
Three days passed, a terrible itch does not pass, the local heifers and no longer wanted. "If only just to see her without clothes, and better and feel, of course ..." The roof gradually slid from the usual place, and I decided to shatter a little at a nearby bar, remove the girl, who is ready for everything, if only to treat a glass of water. But none of the girls did not help, I tore them as Sidorov goats, but the hole seemed to me cold and nasty. I am for the night with a terrible hatred fuck four heifers, but the itching did not pass, but only intensified. Out of desperation, I got drunk, woke up at home with a terrible headache, I decided to go to her, because she is, after all, just a girl, like all! But it was much easier to think than to act!
I waited a long time outside her door, and lo, it came out! Even more beautiful than it was last time ... a light silk blouse gently fell on her whipped complete, but very firm breasts (this is the first place I looked), a skirt made of light material fluttered at her feet. As soon as she came down the stairs, I noticed that her stockings. "Ooh ..."- Buzzed in my pants. Plucking up courage, I went to her side, but could not catch up, it was necessary to speed up the pace. "It is strange - I thought - why it goes in the direction of the landfill? " In any case, I began to go so that she did not see or hear. She wrapped him in the most remote place in a landfill. I decided to wait, I heard loud cries and rushed to the other side. She lay there, hugging the stone, and wept. I always hated the woman's tears, but it seemed so bitter that I did not stay, ran up to her, grabbed her shoulders, pressed her to him. To my compunction she did not resist, but only stronger pressed to his chest. I felt her tender body was shaking, it was necessary to do something.
- Come on, do you want a cup of tea and warm.
- And you .. you .. who?
- Anton, I have decided that you now can not hurt companion.
- I - Lola ... you are far away you live?
- Do not worry, we quickly arrive.
I caught a taxi, and we instantly got to my house, where I live alone. When we arrived, I still really like her, but did not solicit. I made her a bath with relaxing oils and foam, gave a large towel and a soft bathrobe. Patiently waiting while she takes a bath, I made tea. And then I went to take a shower, drying room, she suddenly became ...
- Anton, how to use ... A-ah-ah! - She jumped back, turned away and leaned against the wall - I'm sorry, I do not know, I .. I ...
- Yes, everything is fine.
Suddenly I heard her giggle.
- What's so funny?
- Why did he hang you, oh, do not answer, I .. I .. so just ask, do not answer that ...
- What??? - I like lightning pierced - you - a virgin ?!
But she turned and ran into the other room. Entering, I saw that Lola is sitting in a corner, hugging his knees to his chin, his eyes looked so frightened that I was taken aback. I felt like a beast, if I raped her.
- Come on, I'll put you to sleep.
I ceased to hope that Lola will be mine, but when I hid it, she suddenly whispered ... "caress me". It sounded so strong that I immediately obeyed. Do not turn off the light, I slowly undid her gown and freed her from it. Before me lay a beautiful girl with a very well-groomed body. Her legs were half-bent and crossed, so that has not let me into the most sweet and wonderful place her calf. Hands were stretched, and those with slow I started kissing and licking her every finger. It seemed to me that she stopped breathing, but when gently podgadil her breasts, she strongly arched back. Chest Lola was so supple that it seemed that held her, she crunched. I kissed her eyes, her forehead, she, like, fell asleep again, and I watched as her chest slowly rising and falling. Large pea nipples were so seductive, and I eagerly dug in their lips, so that Luo published the most agonizing and languid moan that I've ever heard. From this moan my hot dick could not resist, and I finished it on his knees from sweet convulsions, I hugged her legs. And every time I feel a pulsation in the term, I strongly trembled and clung tightly to Lola.
- What? All right? Oh, it's on my feet ???
- You ... You that, never saw porn?
- No ... I grew up with my grandmother in the village ...
Lo hesitantly reached for the fluid on her legs, apparently to touch her very much, she clung to me thin little arms and clutched tighter to him. I realized that it was time to explore its lush bosom. I placed a pillow under her neck, so Lola could see everything he wants. I parted legs and put them on my neck. I kissed every centimeter ... is biting clitoris, just licked it, then gently kissed her lips, then drew them into my mouth. Her juices seemed to me incredibly tasty. Luo shook ... "Come to me, most probably ...". Responsible moment has arrived ...
(Notes from the diary of Lola)
"When he lay down on me, I felt the weight of his strong beautiful body. For the first time in my life I longed for a man, wanted to feel it in yourself. His huge cock rested against my lips, and for a while Anton was lying motionless. Then he began to lick and nibble my ears ... I heard, how often he was breathing, I again strongly bent back ... all the beating in me, fear and passion boiled and hold for a minute. He slowly, but very surely sinking into me. Every millimeter brought me pain, and joy at the same time ..."
...I realized that it is very painful, so that sharply until it was impossible to move, then that's what has taken ...
- Lo, my dear, in your hair some fly!
- A? Wh-wh-what?
She sat up and completely forgot about the pain, while I, I ... gently took her by the hair, so that she could not twitch, and quickly introduced the term in virgin vagina to the hymen. Lo cried, tensed and tried to free herself from under me, but to no avail.
- Hush, my girl, you're so smart, my beauty, sweetheart, now it will take place, I promise you, my darling ...
These words calmed her pretty quickly Lolochka and I pushed a little harder. We both felt the torn hymen, it made her cry again. Infiltrating into it all the way, I did not move for a moment, all whispering to her gentle words. Later, she began to move her hips, I caught her movement and moving faster, easily slipping into her narrow vagina. She moaned into my rhythm. And suddenly strongly she clung to me, put her feet, vagina greatly reduced - she began to cum, while she screamed loudly and struggled, but I did not stop for a second. She started for the last time ...
- What was it? What happened with me?
- You're finished, and this is not the last time, I promise ...
For a long time I could not speak, her vagina so sweet decreased, I began to finish, abundant squirting in her his sperm, which in a moment began to flow out of it, leaving a huge wet mark on the sheet that morning reminded us of the great moments in our lives .
Hey. My name is Denis. I am a student, I'm 15 years old. I live vdovolno happy family, because my father was the director of commercial firms. My mother does not work, because we have enough money, that makes a father. My parents were still quite young: 35 years old mother and father 40 and very nice. That's how my parents have sex, I vidil several times, but they do not know about it.
I want to say that I very much like my mother and the beauty and character in other respects. Basically, I'm with her provodzhu longer than his father, because he was all day at work and come late at night. I do not know whether satisfied in bed mother's father, but she often likes to masturbate. This was her occupation I secretly watch almost chetiri years and all the time in this masturbates, even finish is up to 4 times. Basically it mastrubiruet bath. We in the bath under the ceiling has small window and I was there when my mother is almost always spying. My mother simply delightful body. I really like when she undressed. And when she mastrubiruet I would like she is within easy reach and caress her, but for now it is impossible. I do not even know what she would say whenever I uidela her spying? A month ago, when my father was in komandyrovki have spoiled the TV and my mother brought Uncle Peter - the husband of my mother's older sister, we fix it, since he is well versed in this. To tell the truth I never Uncle Pete did not like, frankly I thought his old man as he already was 53 years old. And he in his life did not try to make friends with me, I preferred to stay away from him. Uncle Peter to repair the TV prishol after working somewhere at 9pm and fixed the TV for about a half hour. Mom as usual start to treat Uncle Peter, on the table, put a liter of vodka (uncle was fond of a drink). At first I wondered why so many vodka because my mother is drinking very little, she gets drunk very quickly. Admission delayed.
It was late, I wanted to sleep and went to his room leaving talk mom and Uncle Peter, which my mother said was just as well stay the night in a long time since we dobiratsya to him, and to us it is closer to work. Mom peredzvonila his sister - Aunt Vale and warned her about it.
I woke up around 12 am, so how much wanted to use the toilet. After I went on their need to the bathroom, I decided to go to the kitchen to ask, why do they still do not go to sleep. When I went to the door of the kitchen I saw that from what just zakamyanel. My mother, almost naked (she was wearing only panties) was on her knees in front of Uncle Petya who was sitting on a stool and sucked his penis great big. Uncle Peter, apparently with pleasure, tipped back his head and muttered something. From a liter of vodka they drank almost nothing left. Apparently they were quite drunk. Because my mother staggered sideways and esle-Uncle Peter would not hold it with both hands behind his head probably would have fallen on the floor. I did not know what to do. I wanted to go, but decided to look to the end. How would you like to okazatsya while in place of Uncle Petit - this nasty old men, to her mother's lips caressed my cock and that I baldel, not him. After a few minutes of my observations uncle jerked in convulsions and from my mother's mouth start rolling sperm, which she must have not had time to swallow. I heard Uncle Peter said: "Oh, my dear Helen I love you, you gave me such a naslozhdenie that my cow never succeeded". Under the cow, he probably meant his wife, and the mother's sister. In turn, my mother barely going over the language said: "Come on ... uh, honey into the bedroom, I'll uh ... you still do not get such a pleasure when we uh .. now Fuck". I was shocked. I did not know whether the mother acted as on alcohol, if she really loves potrahatsya, although doing this other than I and dad it is not with anyone caught.
They started to climb, but my mother could not stand up, but Uncle Peter, too, was still quite drunk, but it is not so swayed like a mother. I quickly hid, I did not have to be seen and decided to see what would happen next. Prior to the bedroom from the kitchen they walked for about twenty minutes, these were drunk. Uncle Peter barely dragged his mother and after she lyagla on the bed began to pull off her panties. It is at this time much laughed. Uncle said that it was quiet as it can wake me up, but she said that I was fast asleep. When she was completely naked Uncle section in its entirety, and he climbed up on the mother. I nearly broke down and not rushed, that would be all over, but I was wondering what would happen next. And then my uncle introduced his penis between my legs and my mother began to engines, but I think it turned out he is not very good because of that LP Tago was very drunk. Mom fell asleep sometime after two minutes of these movements, and Uncle Peter worked somewhere else four minutes, then with a sigh stretched out his cock, pulled his hand several times and finished my mother's belly, lie down near the mother and immediately zahropel.
Honestly, I do watch them in the kitchen and the bedroom he had finished three times. I do not zanl what to do. As the story itself in this situation ?. And I had a cunning plan. First, I decided to sleep until they do some photos to have at least some evidence of all that had happened to me. I took a few pictures and then went into the bathroom, took my father's Gillette and went into the bedroom. I first came in and decided to check whether the mother is sleeping and Uncle Peter. I started at the top of his voice to call them, but in return they have heard only drunken babbling. Then I touched the mother, but there was no response. Then I started to climb with your hands on my mother's body, my dream came true, I touched all of my mother's charms. I began to masturbate and somewhere for half a minute had finished my mother's face. Then I took a bath brought razor and started shaving my mother crotch between the legs. When all shaven, then the machine in hand vklal uncle Petit to mom thought it. Then he took a little glue and poured uncle between his legs, that though it is revenge for what he did to my mother. When I did svoei evil plans, I decided that the sin is not vospolzovatsya imagine a situation and not to fuck his mom. I took off his pants, climbed on the mother, stuck his cock in her pussy mom and began to move like Uncle Pete. It was the first case in life, when my cock was in the women's n ... de. I finished quickly. Then he went into the kitchen, I picked up a piece of smoked sausage and put my mother in her n ... do, and went to sleep.
When I woke up early, the mother and Uncle Peter has lunch and mother all the time grumbled that she did not expect such odes uncle Petit. When I entered this grumbling stopped and I never knew what it was she was unhappy, so she fucked with his uncle, or the fact that as if he shaved it all between his legs, and put a piece of sausage. I went with a view as if I had not seen anything and calmly sat down to breakfast. They also did not submit any kind. Uncle Peter had breakfast and went to work, and my mother said that she was ill and went to bed, and I'm in school.
Now I do not know if my mother is to admit that I have seen and I have the evidence (pictures) and that I have not told my dad she has to fuck with me when I want to or not. To be honest I was a little afraid to start a conversation about it, because I do not know what could be the reaction.
Much to ask if anyone had a similar situation to email me and share experiences. I believe that it is better at this age potrahatsya with someone her than what that whore from the street from Cator can be picked up any infection. my address [email protected]
I am waiting for your letters.
Luda looked around, her eyes did not change after she saw a lot of tools and instruments of torture. As before, she was determined. Her eyes burned with bold brilliance. It's obvious that she is ready for the most severe tests. Marina looked at her with fear and, at the same time, with respect. Person of handcuffs hands were clasped behind his back. She was dressed in letnee6 easy dress and white shoes. March went up to her, and gazing into her eyes, spoke:
- Frau Savostina, I have long been waiting for the case to meet you
- One hundred years you could not see - the evil Luda said.
- In vain you are rude to me, the girl - said with a smile nemka- because for this you can pay.
- I'm not afraid, you're a fascist bitch
- In vain you so Frau Savostina, really nothing - Luda continued to smile.
Shulke, what then quietly asked Martha, went to Luda and undid her handcuffs. She rubbed her hands, wrists, and looked again. After that, it unexpectedly struck Shulke in the face with his hand. Do not expect such palachessa fell to the floor on his back.
- I'll kill you bastard - Luda shouted and rushed toward Martha.
Marina and Lena did not understand what happened, but somehow elusive movement in March evaded Luda and she abruptly collapsed on the floor froze. It came a Shulke, jumped to the girl and wrapped her hands behind her back, pinned to the floor with his knee. Luda has issued a heavy long sigh, and tried to regain his breath.
- No need to be so nervous, my dear young lady - again with a smile, said Martha, rubbing his right hand.
Marina and Lena, were simply stunned by everything going on, especially amazed agility and Education Martha. Martha said something Shulke and she raised her, did not resist girl and led her to a pole, standing in the middle of the room. Luda She tied back to the post, hands behind the back post, and both legs by the ankles pulled to the post.
- Well, calm down, Frau Savostina? - He said with the same smile of March.
- Bay, torture me thing, not like a whore !!!! lybsya - I yelled Luda
- Well, you, Frau Savostina, you got me so many times offended, although I will not say bad and words - in March continued to smile.
- And we have decided to punish abuse - continued in March, as a mocking smile - for such insults can get hundreds of batons on the soles.
- I spit on your punishment !!! - Shouted Lyuda- you bitch and beast !!!! And as for spitting ??? - The girl spat on Martha's uniform, not once in the face.
- You that, in this pioneer detachments learn - maintaining a smile asked the German - you are all as one spits, and behind it, I think, a hundred rods ass.
- Come on, pig fascist, I'm ready !!!!! - Said with a smile Savostina, ive her eyes determination appeared again.
- You are in such a hurry - continued to March - we have a lot of time, I still check your stamina.
Martha said that the Shulke and she came out of the camera in the corridor. March of last in the chamber and approached the frightened women. Those looked at her. Luda could not see what was happening in this corner of the cell. March girls patted her cheeks and went to Luda.
- But for the fact that you raised her hand to the German officer in charge will have to seriously - she said to the girl.
- Yes I spit on you - with a grin said Savostina
- Let's see - smiled March.
The room ran Shulke and stretched to attention, something reported March.
- Someone was not delivered to the office - quietly transferred Marina Lena.
Martha stood looking at Luda, then he walked over to a table in the corner cameras and sat behind him gave what that order.
Shulke stretched and clicking heels, nodded and left the chamber.
- Punishing will - said Lena
- Whom! ?? - In response to quietly screamed Marina.
- Do not we calm down
The girls fell silent March sat at the table, staring at the wall, on which hung instruments of torture.
After 15 minutes, the room went two guard and brought five women and one girl, age 14. They were placed along the wall, facing the wall. Hands behind your head, feet shoulder width apart. Went Shulke and Basil. Germany's put on the table in front of Marta, which is paper. Martha got up, said something to the guards, and those clicking heels left.
- Well, make a slip, swirls dirty - Marta said, passing along the wall facing the prisoners - we will educate.
- What is the name - German asked, poking his stick, which was in her arms, the girl in the back.
- Katya Zhukova - the girl said softly.
March came to the table and pulled out a stack of one leaf.
- Come to me, Katya - she called the girl.
The girl approached. March lifted her chin with his cane and looked into his eyes.
- Stealing?
- No, you, Frau officer, never slandered me - the girl began to cry.
- It is good that it is not stealing, and who slandered? - He said in March.
The girl pointed to a complete black-haired woman, 40 years old, standing against the wall.
- She, Frau officer, she steals damn gypsy and dumped on me - the girl said with certainty in his voice.
- Ah, even so - with a smile, she continued in March - well, that's too bad.
- Basil - said Marta - her on the bench - and pointed his cane at the gypsy.
The woman fell to her knees, wrapped her arms around the legs and at the beginning of the Germans lament.
- Pretty, gold, mine, I did not steal, I saw how a small bag kidnapped your officer, I told the truth, darling, why? - Begged the woman.
Basil and Shulke approached the gypsy raised her from the floor and dragged him to the bench. Bench was exactly the same as in the upper chamber. Within minutes, a gypsy woman lying on her obgazh¸nnaya, undressed and tied.
- Well, Kate, because you say that the gypsy's lying? - March turned to the girl.
- Yes, yes - Kate said quickly.
- Take the whip and punish her for it - continued to March.
Girl, extremely quickly agreed, and took the whip from the hands Shulke approached the gypsy.
- How can you? - Screaming woman - you little bitch, you thief !!!
The last words ringing drowned out the sound of whips buttocks hit the woman and her cry. Katya, a rare frenzy smacked gypsy. She beat on the back, buttocks and thighs. Woman screaming, shouting curses against girls and pleas addressed, Martha. After about five minutes, when the whole back buttocks and thighs of women covered with the multitude of red, swollen ... bands, Martha stopped the execution.
- So you're telling the truth - she leaned over the face of the howling women.
- Yes dear, yes, rodnenky - lamenting woman.
- Basil, ask-ka you, but through the heel - said in March, with a smile.
It is, as usual went to the victim's feet, sniffed them and nodded Basil. The executioner took a rubber stick and began to peel heavily gypsy heels. Woman loud screaming and writhing as she allowed the shop. Every five strokes, Martha Basil stopped and turned to the woman with the issue. She's lying or not. Gypsy replied that does not lie, and do not deserve a bit. After 25 strokes the woman untied and she slid to the floor. She got on her knees and sobbed, rubbing his hands to smack back and broken heel.
- And now there Katyusha - March pointed with his cane on the bench.
Kate began to shout and hang back, but Shulke with Basil, laid it on the bench for a few minutes, and tied completely naked. March said that the Shulke and she took a rubber stick and began to beat Katya's feet after they sniffed and patted German. The girl squealed like a pig.
Lena and Marina, watching everything that happens from the corner. Already accustomed to such scenes, they are not so sensitive to respond, as the first time. And tied to a post Luda, frowned at each stroke, looking for hapless victims. After fifteen punches that caused by Katya Shulke heels March went up to the girl and asked:
- So who stole the bag from the officer?
- It is she - bellowed Katya ,, looking at the gypsy.
- Bullshit you snake - screamed a gypsy.
March Shulke nodded and continued execution. A few minutes later, Kate admitted that she stole a bag and the bag in the attic of her house. March gave instructions to search the attic, and she took a thin bamboo stick and pour unfortunate thief 50 strong blows to the soles of the feet. Girl, dip, twice lost consciousness, but it brought to life and beat on. Katya's feet were completely covered with thin purple scars. In two places the thin skin below the heel broke and on the soles of thin streams of blood flowed.
After the beating, Martha sat down and looked the paper the other women. The girl was untied and placed on the floor, she was almost unconscious. With the rest of March ordered as follows, she told Alexei call and gave him one of the women. After receiving the order, the young woman executioner tied to wooden goats, add to her 50 lashes on the back and buttocks. Then in March he ordered her to pour another 30 lashes on the soles that Alex immediately fulfilled. Another, lean high, red-haired girl, Basil inflicted 100 lashes on the buttocks with rods 25 and stick on the soles of his feet. The third involved Shulke. It was a slender, beautiful hol¸naya woman with beautiful feet. Martha ordered to tie her to the machine of torture for the feet, which she loved to be punished, and licking her feet told Shulke pour miserable 75 strokes with a bamboo stick on the soles. The very same gypsy hanging by the feet of the big toes, beat her heels and feet short leather whip. The room was filled with the sounds of blows, cries of four severely battered women and their prayers and lamentations. 40 minutes later, all five accidents lay in a semiconscious state on the floor of the chamber.
This was our second date. We sat in one of Tel Aviv pub and drank a third glass of whiskey with ice. It certainly was not beautiful, but powerfully built body, and the impressive size of the breast, under a tight-fitting T-shirt and mini skirt did not leave men indifferent. From her and exuded a healthy sex. We were fellow countrymen, around which the first and got into our conversation, but then he is free to spread to the theme of relations. For the fourth glass, I offered to play a game '' The question - the answer '' on the condition that the answers will be honest. It was assumed that it asks but the first thought, and probably not finding podhodyashego question, she gave me a turn. '' Do you want me? '' - I asked, as to lose it was nothing special. In the nascent love our relationship is clearly not pulled. She thought a bit and said the following words: '' You know, surprisingly, yes. ''. Her yes of course I was flattered, but for some reason it had to be surprising, but it has already launched into an explanation. It turned out that it has been 8 years sex exclusively with local, in the sense of Israel, and to the Russian (so-called Israeli immigrants from Russia) she feels aversion, since I was violently thrown somehow unworthy representative. I why that awakened in her the passion is already asleep and, as it turned out, she wants me since our first meeting, even the most surprising. The situation continued to evolve by itself - we kissed at the front of the bar, finishing his whiskey. Errektsii not long in coming. His head flashed the thought - '' One more drink and I did not go out of here. '' She saw an equal footing with me but remained quite sober. '' And if we do not go for a walk? '' - I said and staggered, we moved towards the car, every three steps stopping to kiss. Overcoming this way about a hundred meters, I decided to tell her the stunning news: '' You know, I probably should have half an hour ... '', to which she calmly replied: '' That's what I always act on men. A typical reaction. ''. The next time you kiss my hands themselves have climbed under her skirt revealing her panties there. As I found out during our conversation in a pub, they should have been red. Of course there was a natural desire to verify this information, as I said, and immediately the action. The people around were a bit and sat down, a precise movement, I moved the red rag to her shoes through which she immediately crossed. We went and kissed my hand and squeezed her panties. Knowing that under the mini skirt she had nothing incredibly exciting to me. Flashed the thought - so go with a woman, and you never know that under her skirt.
Once we got into the car, my hand was between her legs, and did not get out from there. We were in the heart of the city, but the streets were relatively deserted. That part of me that was not occupied by the knowledge of the machine and controls the movement of the right hand tried to thrust a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, for some reason she could not invite me. We sat in the car, in the center of the city and kissing. My tongue moved quickly in her mouth and the middle finger between her legs. The situation grew tense. I offered to relocate back, but she said that it's too much, although clearly not to leave in a hurry. I once again moved the cock inside jeans and finally she became interested in it and unbuttoning buttons let him out. I was sitting on his knees on the driver's seat, and my stone body, all wet from the secretions, swayed before her eyes. I said something, such as - how rapidly emptying streets this summer, and she kept her eyes on the penis. Just look without leaving it for a second, she said, '' I'm sorry I can not tear myself away. So many years have not seen Uncut '' member. I thought it was to say something like: '' Of course, of course, do not deny yourself the pleasure '' but refrained. My next move once again led to a slight wiggle. She watched him as if hypnotized, and suddenly, glancing put on his mouth on me. Her face lit up at this point such a pleasure, even passing by Orthodox she would envy, if certainly noticed. Do you want it inside, I asked after half a minute. Without letting go of his mouth she looked at me like that, the answer is beyond doubt. Without long negotiations we moved to the back seat and she straddled him. I was lying in the back seat, to the extent permitted length. Her skirt was on his belt, and she was moving quite actively, exposing the bare ass out the window, then dropping down. I could not stand it long, and finished, but the inner excitement did not pass. We talked a little bit on the fact that that's how it turned out, she had not had time to enter into the taste and has everything and I kissed her on the neck from behind, from which, for reasons unknown to me she got cancer head bowed down on the seat. Her ass is clearly waiting for the second call.
The car shook as potholes. The upper half of her body slid to the floor between the front and rear seats. She rested her head on the floor sticking out his ass up. I held her by the hips, spitted on a member and trying not to pay attention to the people passing by. Fortunately, people have got tactful and passed by without stopping, but when podehal car headlights illuminated us, I broke down and began to change its position. '' You see '- she said -' 'I can fuck in the center of the city is much better than you.' ' Of course, I thought, why do not you fuck, took the position of an ostrich and forth. But I was wrong. We pushed back one seat all the way forward and I knelt on the floor. She was sitting in the back seat pulled up the legs to the shoulders. Finally I saw her genital organ, although nothing special but it was not observed. Our kiss smoothly into the more as my cock entered into it deeper. Here it passed by a rather noisy group of teenagers spotted us through the window. I unconsciously suspended movement but she continued, grabbing my buttocks. So we continued to not paying attention to the world around us.
1 series
There is still something subtly delicious stuffed in these cars, which are now stopped at the subway station "Komsomolskaya" and opened its doors dirty. "What exactly is a sophisticated refinement?" -- you ask. And the fact that young people navrode Taras having an erection twenty-four hours a day, it can relax in this environment, and cling to his girlfriend not only for its fiery heart, but also his equally ardent fly. And if a girl loves when her mind is not only a trifle, it may well touch and have their chosen one, to take in hand, so to speak.
"How lovely - thought Taras. - How fortunate." This is Metro, these people, the girl he loves, and which is now squeezes his pants, looking off to the side. However, sometimes Taras cringe, not good to do, even bad. Because today ... Today at work ... This Ingoldovich Alexander, the head of it ... To think scary, imagine impossible. He saw he caught them, for ass grabbed, you can tell when they are in the closet ... Oh the horror! Taras possessed confusion. And though his term is not lowered at the touch of Natasha's fingers, he still turned to stone, and his heart was embarrassed.
Well, judge for yourself. This pyatidesyatipyatiletny man, Alexander Ingoldovich, walks into an office suite that would think, maybe, something good, and sees his young inexperienced slave squeezes his lasciviously shaking hands is not a computer, not a contract with a new company, and bare ass as young and inexperienced as his collaborators. What should be the insult was inflicted Alexander Ingoldovichu. And he's not just an abstract squeezed her ass. He fucked her. The most obscene way fucked her from behind, and she held her hands over this unfortunate washbasin and moaning. What if Alexander Ingoldovich watched them for a while? Here and so I stood at the half-open door and watched? "What mistake"- Taras thought and sighed, glancing at Natasha, who, among other things, showed real courage and heroism, not chiding Taras nor a single glance. She probably just wore shorts and went out. Alexander Ingoldovich - hard man, relentless, unwavering, utterly hysterical. And that Taras had to expect from him? Dismissal. Massacre. Threats and torture. But everything turned out this way. Alexander Ingoldovich after Taras on his eyes hardly pushed his hard cock in jeans, said:
-- Well?
And measured Taras look cynically offer to his crotch.
-- Well? - He repeated again and looked into the eyes of Taras.
-- Sorry, - Taras said huskily, and his ears burned even more.
-- Shame on you?
-- I did not mean to.
-- Well yes. In the men's room with the girl you were not on purpose. Just walking past the men's room. Dai, think, look, and suddenly there is an employee of Natasha? Suddenly she stands there and waits without panties? And I do not look so do not look. Rude man that I am, it turns out, yes and looked. And there is really no panties girl Natasha. What a coincidence. What devilish game circumstances.
-- Alexander...
-- Die Another Day. Aren `t you ashamed?
-- I love her, - Taras said. very hanging nose.
-- "love"- Mocked Alexander Ingoldovich. - "And if I'll drive you to work? What are you going to buy condoms?
"And we are without condoms"- Taras wanted to say, but just a bit silly language.
-- You fucking nowhere, huh? But that's not the reason, this is not the reason that I, an old man, tired of life, from money ...
And then Alexander Ingoldovich started talking in some strange, foolish tone. Taras his ears did not believe. "excuse me"- Just in case, he said, when Alexander Ingoldovich paused.
-- You work poorly, the money you earn little, my secretaries seduce ...
-- And we get married, - Taras burst out immediately - we write out. We intent.
-- Listen, - further conversation took place in the office of Alexander Ingoldovicha.
-- How you got there? Taras. Silly name, is not it? Although, maybe not. You somehow think?
-- Good, - Taras said. -- Good name.
-- Well, so be it. So, Taras. If you have nowhere to fuck, I can offer you, if not strange, my apartment. You really will oppress, if you'll fuck on my purple sofas, a diamond roll on my floor? It's nice you will throw his rebellious drooling on my silk walls?
-- How do you say is interesting, - said Taras, - You kidding me before you to drive to work?
-- Well, well, young man. Your name - Taras. almost Shevchenko. And you? Straighten, pick snot!
I'll do better offer.
-- Doing this in your apartment? - Almost whispered stunned Taras.
-- It is this and it was in my apartment. And I'll be watching for you from another room through a video camera. Arranges?
-- Suddenly it all, Alexander Ingoldovich, - Taras gathered all his strength and decided in any case, do not blush, do not stutter, and if possible to joke with so honored to be discharged from this monstrous job.
-- From what. I have no time, - said Alexander Ingoldovich. - I write you my address, the time of your arrival, and please do not be late.
-- You really?
-- Yes indeed. But sex, buddy Taras, should be on the level. Do you understand? Ride on the ceiling, on the walls, it is - your business, but I have to like it. Then you can count on my apartment. As for the office toilet, washbasin ... I was there my hand. There can not be fucked.
-- You can not - consciously he repeated Taras and did not notice that the door was closed behind him.
-- What are you, Taras? - Natasha bother him when they came out of the subway. - Wake up.
-- Yeah, I woke up.
-- Your friend lives far away?
-- Friend? Ah, my friend. Close - Taras looked the note ischerkannuyu hand Alexander Ingoldovicha. - Over there, I think. And can there.
-- Come quickly, and then the parents will kill me - and she pulled him towards Taras "hotel President", Blushing in the haze of the first snow to the left of the large stone bridge.
"other apartments" It was flat oil tycoon. Apparently oil was in full swing somewhere in the kitchen, and straight from the kitchen oil magnate surpassed it abroad.
-- Wow, - Natasha said, looking around the room, which indicated in a note Alexander Ingoldovich.
-- Do not worry - for something said Taras, and hugged her. He felt like a ridiculous and this could not be excited by this, until the shaking in the knees, as it usually happened to him. Still, as luck would have it, he saw the camera, through which Alexander Ingoldovich watched them now for a while, obviously, in the other room. However, when ... Natasha unzipped his pants and touch his penis, which was the floor under his thin shorts, he decided to spit on everything and forget about the wild escapades of his boss as if it does not exist at all, Alexander Ingoldovicha.
Alexander Ingoldovich increased brightness and pulled the chair closer to the big screen. At first, they just kissed and hugged, frozen in indecision, he disappointed his biting curves thick lips and rubbed his right hand bottom of the chin. Later...
2 series
Then, when all lit up a few, and Natasha lowered her dexterous handles jeans Taras knee Alexander Ingoldovich bitten himself for a chubby finger and moved up closer to the screen. Member of Taras, that really there to hide, was large and was surprisingly good. Taras had forgotten that behind them someone is watching, he no longer looked askance at the camcorder's eye, and I must say, it is not oriented in space. Hands Taras themselves and somehow cruel Natasha stripped naked and squeezed it as an iron vise. Leaving aside the last stupid sock and left bare, Taras, took out his penis and put it in his hand. Natasha shuddered. It was already quite excited, and her shivering. They fuck, no matter what, standing in the Student as accustomed during those long wanderings on the entrances and attics.
With each new movement Taras member swelled more and more, and Taras was getting worse.
Somewhere gone soft and kind look angelic young boy. Some angry viking with a big dick and burning eyes clenched poor Natasha restless hips and pushed her with his instrument so that it is directly lost consciousness. In addition, two of them were so white, smooth, such proportionate, that this connoisseur of ancient culture would take a shiver at the sight of this picture. One word faun afternoon, that's who was Taras. But he did not sleep, and fucked with some lustful river nymph.
Suddenly he saw the bed next to him, pulled out a member Taras, he seized Natasha and a woodpile and threw her on the bed, even though she did not resist much, and do not necessarily been so rudely grab and so aggressively to push her legs knees. Thrusting member, Taras once finished.
Natasha assuming the fire of lust and semen, it is a thing of the abstraction it was no longer, in the sense that, for example, to take the exam in geography she would now just could not. But she was an excellent student of the subject. That is the extent to which it has exhausted its aggression Taras. However, having finished one time, Taras did not think to take out. He just lifted her legs higher and continued more actively to poke into it a club.
"No data - stick not by years", He noted with pleasure for himself Alexander Ingoldovich. And he always thought was always confident that this beautiful young boys have to be big members. The girl, too, like Alexander Ingoldovichu. "No, no, that young people something so worth it"He thought, pulling off his trousers and shorts. Oddly enough, if not contradictory, it looked, but his cock suddenly began to show signs of life, slightly pogoryachel, straightened once, breathing, you might say. And Alexander Ingoldovich breathing from a certain longing in his chest, bringing with him a long time has not happened, why he was limp in recent years and has become more and more to think that it is necessary, they say, to the grave to his first wife to go, flowers throw a couple, C grade, disgusting orange.
Frankly, Taras was amazing as well, he was excited, as it so he can not stop. After all, look after them, and not just any friendly gentleman navrode Santa Claus, and his own patron, his usurper, feudal natural named "Alexander Ingoldovich". Taras two weeks learned to pronounce that name without hesitation. But, however, a member of Taras, even though he finished twice, not only did not fall, but on the contrary, even now he was flying as the St. Andrew's flag at an angle of one hundred and eighty degrees. And Taras had no choice, except how to put again and to continue torturing her dearly beloved girl Natasha.
Alexander Ingoldovich sitting in a chair naked and n could even come off the screen in order to go pee. And he drank so much mineral water while admiring this unbridled couple. However, he was a persistent man and jerked off his dick, not thinking about anything. He even feared for his heart. It would be a shame to die from a heart attack at a time when he began to stir and grown rougher. He even took off his glasses with a gold rim, he even threw them somewhere on the floor, this is what he got in his unprecedented excitement. This sleek youngest member, the beautiful movement of the hips, to which it may even bring such a cynical person like Alexander Ingoldovich. "Rather they went", Thought the poor patron, and that in fact he was a pop up, how to get, how to fuck these tempters, this young hound. "Rather they went". Alexander Ingoldovich come, of course, could not, but he had enough already and this strange confusion in the understanding. He was quite happy, even just smiled when Taras, only his girlfriend went to the bath, respectfully bowed mockingly in his camera, he says "Thank you for attention" and did not hastily pulling on socks, shirt, shorts ... Alexander Ingoldovich last was touched view half-naked boy, turning off the television, also began to dress. When they left, he already dressed, wearing glasses with a thin gold rim, he got on the phone, looking away, some room and looked in the mirror, where it showed white and glossy, in fact, a pleasant face.
A woman of about forty-two, with manicured fingers and brutally beautiful eyebrows in no hurry to answer the phone rings, the peak once invitingly in a special way, and even with some nagging anguish. Elvira, was the name of a woman kissing a young friend in the painted lips and only then said into the phone, his charmingly captivating "Alo".
-- Hello, - said Elvira his deep voice - Alexander? - She smiled mysteriously.
-- Hi, - he said from the end of Alexander Ingoldovich.
-- On business? As always?
-- Not as always. - Said Alexander Ingoldovich.
-- And what? What a special boy want? It may be an orphan?
-- Stop. Do you have a young couple?
-- What is needed? - Elvira stroking the bare breasts Nastya end of his amazing nail, crowning the index finger of his left hand.
-- It is necessary that they were husband and wife. Loving, faithful, so to speak, to each other ...
-- Alexander! What happened?
-- You're laughing?
-- Well you. We are friends. Tell me in a friendly way. And I'm shocked.
-- If you're going to ask me stupid questions, I'll fuck you.
At these words Alexander Ingoldovich hellish burst of laughter. In response, it burst and Elvira, but her laughter was even more hellish.
3 series
-- Is once - Elvira said, putting the phone - I had sex with men? - And she laughed, shaking his demonic laughter fifth the size of the breast, - you imagine a baby? - She suddenly turned to Nastya, looking at it only gently and humbly. - This piebald gelding, this lustful monkey wants to corrupt innocent ... young couple. On the boys he already does not arise. Monster. Monster. Do you have anyone in mind?
-- I have, but I will not tell - this Nastya turned her back to Elvira and buried in the pillow. Nastia several days lying on this huge bed in the Baroque style, and could not get away with it. And all because of Elvira, that Julius Caesar with a fifth the size of the breast, put the poor girl on a gold chain.
-- Nastya, honey, you're upset with something, can you have a fever?
-- Yes, I was the second day do not eat anything - Nastya cried and wished she cried because Elvira's eyes were satanet.
-- Nastya, answer, do you have a loving young couple in mind? We were well paid for it, and half of the amount I'll buy you some goodies.
-- I have a friend. I can go to them.
-- And they agree? Although ... They're probably the poor - and Elvira disdainfully waved her long nails around its perfectly fine nose. He waved as if beggars approached her and began to exude obscene odors.
-- In a pinch, I'll go and persuade them.
-- And if you are raped on the way? No, you're not going anywhere. You tell me the address, and I'll go myself.
-- You certainly do not rape. You're the one who want iznasiluesh.
-- Sweetheart, well, what kind of humor? Are you in college?
-- I want to college - almost sobbed Nastya.
-- Stop. Stop. I told you as a mother. Tell me the address and how you know them. These are your friends from college, right?
-- Yes. Beggars friends from college needy.
-- Does not break my heart. Where do they live?
-- In Yasenevo. Novoyasenevsky prospect, six, eight apartment.
-- God, these sleeping areas. This haul is the den, the barracks for lepers. Surely you once lived there, my girl? You probably raped from morning till night.
-- Yeah, since childhood.
-- Godless. Godless. But you're safe now, I will not let you offense. No one, you hear anyone.
-- Someday I will save you from the world. You'll see.
-- Ah - Elvira clasped her hands to her chest. - You kill me with an ax?
-- I want to eat. I have two days ...
-- Calm down, calm down. What if I give you the whipped cream?
-- Again cream ... - Nastia ached.
-- Well, well, the last time was chocolate, and now will be strawberry. Elvira went into the kitchen. While she was in the kitchen, Anastasia trying to saw a gold chain nail file, which she concealed from Elvira. But escape is not successful. Nail file was not under force to cut the chain of pure gold. Nastia sobbed.
-- Well, my child. I hope you have no panties? Throw a blanket.
Anastasia took off the blanket and lay in front of Elvira completely naked. Meanwhile, Elvira, too, revealing their body proportions are not lacking, watered her feet whipped cream aerosol bottle. Nastya otorachivalas vain, gates nose, Elvira still not calmed down until the cream smeared themselves from head to toe. However, the present moment tormented hunger, and she was even embarrassed that drooling right flow directly pouring out of her mouth. When Elvira approached, Nastia was ready to eat it all.
-- Honey, are you excited?
-- It is - and Nastia rushed on the heel of Elvira, who suddenly appeared from under her nose. When she licked all the legs raised above the knees, Elvira brutally grabbed her lovely long hair and became the most terrible way excited. Her breast heaving, his hands trembling, his mouth shouting some affectionate, deeply humane words, such as: "love". "I can not live". "caress me, caress"From their last it sounded like a threat. Nastya licked between her legs and moaned, obviously, groaning men on a sinking ship, the ship is sinking, they are choking, but still continue to sing their revolutionary song. - You, Peter, stupid and do not understand that I love even this, - I said Sasha neck standing at the window Pete.
-- What is this? - Pete is offended, and finally turned.
-- Well, what, what! Financially unsecured. You say yourself.
-- You never know what I'm saying.
-- You know Peter, I marry you yet because you're poor.
-- And to you wooed millionaires, right?
-- Well, there have been proposals in general. But I rejected them. - Sasha directly from a conclusion that there was some misunderstanding between her and the wall Petya, as they say psychologists.
-- So go to your millionaires. Let them you will cook noodles. Cheese potrut.
-- Petya, but it's not, I want noodles, and you. Besides, you love nautically. A meat we have left. Do you want me through the wringer proverchu?
-- Get away from me, huh?
-- How it leave me alone? Where I lag behind? - Sasha cried, sitting on a chair in the corner of Grandma's kitchen.
-- I'm sorry - Peter sat down next to her on another chair grandma. The guys were nice, pretty, but poorly dressed and, in addition, the poor students was printing them on the forehead.
-- Is it possible that we will never have children? - Sasha said. - Are we ever be rich?
-- Once you start?
-- You started himself.
-- Well, - he said Peter softly and kindly. - The main thing that was a member.
-- Splayed you, Petya, boy!
-- But she had something, Sasha? - And he clasped her, began as a joke to climb under her shirt. A joke in it was not enough, as Sasha immediately razomlela and began to give him in the kitchen, but there it was not fate, they could not forget this time sexual intercourse. The doorbell rang.
At the door to intelligent thin Sashenka was most Amazing Elvira. She was in some kind of coat shimmering diamonds and black wide-brimmed hat.
-- Hello - she said, and went, displacing Sasha out of the doorway.
4 series
-- You are likely to Sasha? - Elvira, without looking, gave her his coat and then turned to Pete, who at the sight of this lady was ready to run to the phone and call the district precinct in order to protect himself and his young wife.
-- And you, it seems to me, Peter? - She said to him, and seeing his confusion, patted him on the shoulder. - Come on, wake up, young man, I do not eat you this minute, I at least want to talk to you, to offer you can be a profitable business. And you look at me like a wild boar. Oh, excuse me, - she said to Sasha, who has trotted toward her with slippers in hands. - Excuse me, Sasha, because I forgot to say that I'm from a girl Nastya.
-- Ah! - Stupidly razulybalsya Petenka. - And I ...
-- ...And what do you, Petya. Anyway. It was found out that I am not a wild boar, get down to business.
-- Yes, you do not pay attention to him. He was just incredulous people - said Sasha Elvira back, which is without any invitation has already passed into the room.
-- So that's how he lives intelligentsia - said Elvira and was about to sit down on a neat bedraggled couch, but squeamish, and sat down on a chair.
-- Maybe you want some tea or ... - Peter hesitated and almost huddled in the corner of embarrassment.
-- What you have, in addition to tea, gentlemen students? Potatoes in a coat? Or, as it says there? The uniform? Oh, I have lost the habit of this gangster jargon. I'm kidding. You, please, do not be so depressed - thus destroying the guys once and for all, she set to work.
-- I have a job for you - said Elvira has no pretensions of Hitler, and that her voice became some purring, bland, amiable cynicism. - High-paying job. rather it is only a suggestion, I would like to make sure, in some way, take a closer look ...
-- Match or not we? - Pete said, stepping forward.
-- Petya, I beg you not shoes that fit or not fit.
Peter was embarrassed and silent forever. Elvira satisfaction rumors.
-- Now I'll give you a hundred dollars. Take - she handed Sasha a hundred dollars. Sasha wildly looked at this untold wealth and pulled away, struck by some religious fear. Peter went up to Sasha and comradely arm around her shoulders.
-- My darlings, consider that I have an employee assistance fund starving students. Oh, I do not explained. Look, I'm going to sit in this chair with his hand on his hand, and you do me one trifling service. I am a woman old, forgetting what love and sex, and unbridled you are young students, trampling, so to speak, morality, shame, in general, all that is human. Young people think, I do not know you, you do not know me, that's a hundred dollars, a lot of money. You also costs nothing to entertain the old lady?
Guys dumbfounded. But Elvira his long pause forced them to wake up and said:
-- I add another twenty dollars and I beseech you to start quickly, and then leave my tram depot, I will stay at the bottom of the street, and I was raped by a pack of wild teens. You do want?
Peter Sasha retired to the kitchen, we stayed there a minute and came back and said they agree. Elvira moved away to the wall.
-- Petya, I ask you, undress Sasha, and you, Sasha, then undress Pete, okay? Do not be shy.
The guys have done so. With some difficulty, of course, overcoming an innate sense of shame, they undressed each other and become a chaste kiss, barely clinging to each other.
-- Oh, yeah, guys, well, just that the Petya's, kneel in front of Sasha and make her cunnilingus. Can you guess what it is?
Peter smiled Elvira. He knelt and hugged Sasha's waist, he first kissed her abdomen, thighs, and then got to the perineum, and stared at her lips. Sasha opened her mouth and closed her eyes. Since Peter was kneeling with his back to Elvira, Elvira and it was important to know the value of an excited member Petya, she asked them to turn one hundred eighty degrees, and personally asked Petya masturbate. Member Petya was big enough, and she looked at him sourly, longingly staring at Sashenkin ass, which was convex and boyish strong. Sighing, Elvira asked them to go to have sex while taking the usual posture called the people "a sandwich". The boys lay on the bed, spread her legs Sasha and Pete stuck. In general, they kept bravely and even excited.
-- Petya, did not finish, okay? - Elvira asked.
-- And I still can, do not worry - said Petya and finished.
-- Now, let's standing - Elvira said, devouring eyes naked Sasha. God, how she despised men. How much she thought for their complete eradication as a class.
-- Sasha, - said Elvira strumming disgust - to caress his lips a member. Like this. Strangely.
Probably, if I was an orphan Sasha, Elvira would be killed on the spot and Petya seized Sasha, despite the grief that Sasha was obviously would embrace, seeing the cooling corpse of her husband.
-- Anal sex, you did not try? - Elvira asked. - Sasha, maybe you agree?
-- Anal? - Sasha was confused.
-- Well yes. And what's so special about it? Petenka try.
Thus Elvira revenge poor, innocent Sasha, in which the passport was even printed on marriage. "God, I'm a monster" Elvira said to herself, and continued to insist on anal sex. Peter, hesitating, unable to find any words, Sasha bent and tried to put a member of her ass. Sasha, of course, cried, but did not resist. Then Petya turned to Elvira she said apologetically.
-- I can not, sorry. This is very painful.
Elvira touched to tears by this passage, it is said that they stopped to do this wickedness and dressed.
-- What - the beginning of Elvira, when they have dutifully sat in front of her on the couch. - I could come to you often, you do not mind?
-- No - I said guys exchanged glances.
-- In addition, I have another interested person, which would pay you five times as much. How do you look at it?
-- I think that this is acceptable, - said Peter courageously and huddled close to the friendly shoulder Sasha.
-- But that person - a man - like the way Elvira said.
-- No, I do not agree - immediately cried Peter.
-- What's the difference, Petya? He's impotent. And it is also the road memories of his distant youth, when he had a lot of sperm, a lot of women. Now he has nothing left. Did you not tear apart sympathy for this rich gentleman? He asks nothing. Just look. And then a crack in the door ajar. Imagine how miserable he is. Be merciful.
-- Maybe you, Petya, awaiting the same fate - she said, taking his coat of arms Petenkinyh. - Do not be so strict.
-- We think, Elvira, thank you very much - said Sasha and Elvira held the elevator. In parting, Elvira kissed Sasha and disappeared into the elevator.
-- I will not go for it - Peter shouted. -- I do not want.
-- Peter - Sasha said humbly - he will pay five times more, in addition to the crack ... you did not even see.
-- I get a job. Are you not believe me?
-- I believe, Petya, I believe. But until you got, let's try?
5 series
Naked Alexander Ingoldovich sat sprawled on the soft purple chair and throwing his head back, then looked down at his fingers, then on the lips, then a member of the young dark-skinned boy named Vitaly and who massaged ... Now Alexander Ingoldovicha overlooking the old seasoned Tibetan wolf medicine. Alexander Ingoldovich looking at this Greek statue, then sobbed bitterly and hopelessly, then was moved and suddenly struggled to stand up for grab Vitalik member. When Acne uvarachivalsya, he slapped him on the ass and a solid smooth, sighing, wailing like an old granny.
-- Oh, my erection! Oh my flame! Oh my predatory masculine! Where are you? Where are you? Ay! Why is this charlatan, a greedy young man can not excite me. Acne, dear, you're lazy, you began to think about the benefits and not about my poor penis. Oh, how I humbled as I humbled.
-- Alexander Ingoldovich - thoroughly explained Vitaly massaging his scrotum - I can do that. Believe me. I even have a dead lift can.
-- On the meanness! Oh, not knowing pity youth! For my money, he calls me dead. The boy - Alexander Ingoldovich Vitalik ruffled his blond curls silk. - Well, do something, you freak. Why did you decide that you will ever fuck me in the ass? Now I'll fuck you and myself. Why you are not afraid and do not run away?
-- Ingoldovich Alexander I as a physician, which gave the Hippocratic oath, I must tell you, you never let anyone will fuck your ass.
-- Oh heart. I did fuck you a couple of times. Have you forgotten? Do not you remember those minutes? ..
-- These seconds, Alexander Ingoldovich. It was so fast and small. But have no fear, - said Vitaly, seeing that the customer is going to cry and did not give him money. - I have one more secret ...
-- Animal - howled Alexander Ingoldovich. - What other secret if yesterday I got, really, like in the movies, you know? Got up. About Taras! About deity with a huge phallus! What sacrifices do you want from me?
-- What are you talking about there? - Acne worried.
-- Ah-ah-ah! Animal. - Alexander Ingoldovich rejoiced. - Taras, a boy with divine penis I had yesterday and I almost did not finish on the screen, almost broke his cock this smelly monitor.
-- You are spying again? Oh, you old man unbridled! - Jokingly said Vitaly and immediately got in the face. Big Paw Alexander Ingoldovicha so imprinted in his right cheek, as if it was a KAMAZ, not had time to slow down. He fell to the floor and immediately jumped up, he did not even dare to look into the eyes of Alexander Ingoldovicha because once he had wished he looked into his eyes when he was in a rage. That was when Alexander tried to fuck Ingoldovich Vitalik for the first time, and it did not work. Acne now stood guiltily lowered his head and covering his little penis.
-- Bad joke? - Alexander Ingoldovich said quietly.
-- Poor, - said Vitaly. - More so I will not.
-- Come here - Alexander Ingoldovich smiled and gently put his arm around her waist Vitalik. - I love you, ungrateful creatures, love - he patted Vitalik cock, and when he shone with happiness, sent him home.
-- Elvira - sang Alexander Ingoldovich in the phone. -- It's me. I want to talk to you, I want to appeal to your conscience. Where are you, old lesbian?
Elvira picked it up with two fingers and held it to his lips haughtily aloof. The fact is that at the moment it fills a jacuzzi, and transparent pearly foam bathed on all sides, that is, the mood she was dreamy, and talk to someone she was for the scum.
-- Alexander, these are your soldiers' jokes ... It is because of them I did not give you as long as a student. However if you have already been held in connection with the student Golubushkinym. What do you want from me now?
-- Elvira...
-- I found everything. Just what you need, timid, faithful member of his nineteen centimeters. When to send?
-- Tomorrow, my angel, tomorrow at twenty-three hundred hours. Be so kind.
-- Goodbye, Alexander. I'm taking a shower. - Elvira and hung up on a thick leather ottoman, standing next to the bathroom.
Elvira love. It was two o'clock before represented a naked Sasha, tossed electrocution. She shuddered as the powerhouse. Sashenkin hips so narrow with beautiful pubis. And her ass! This is a crime of some sort, it is fascism! How can you torment an old lady passionate? Elvira languidly massaged her breasts, love and tears rolled down her cheeks. Rather it was water, but Elvira imagined that this tears, mentally and sent Sasha sorts of frank admissions. But Sasha seemed Elvira, did not react to it. And then she mentally wriggle her hands, she took off her panties and started licking between her legs. Sasha, of course, immediately lost, covered with a delicious thrill, then, and her hands were softened, became tender, hot. About hydroelectric Dneproges can you compete with that deity militant lesbian love? Elvira jumped suddenly and, without drying, rushed into the room where lay chained Nastya chain. Nastya saw excited aggressive Elvira, first started and somehow haggard, in anticipation of violence. Then, when Elvira spread her legs and frantically about like a roaring lion, he attacked her vagina, Nastya dispelled, because it inevitably aroused, it would have captivated the imagination of the most sophisticated whore. Elvira was in shock. If we consider that it has always been in good form, and always ended for Nasty bad, that is, it either thrashed at the end, or choked iron collar, now, when Elvira forgotten ecstasy so deep, it could be assumed the most cynical, the most heartbreaking consequences . But Elvira suddenly stopped. Catching his breath, she lay down on the pillow beside Nastya and stared at the ceiling.
-- Love can not be trifled with. She bites. However, Nastya?
-- She also fights.
-- Come play the fool, sweetheart. I'm crying soul.
-- Like this? - Nastya laughed. It is the first time she had seen the ghostly Elvira in this state of mind.
-- Pain and despair are now my friends. Oh, nymphs love, cruel scoffer. And what, honey, if I wrote a Greek tragedy. and I send it to Sasha?
-- What Sasha?
-- You fool, I fell in love, I have now lost my head.
-- A - nearly choked Nastya. - And Sasha fell in love?
-- Do not be angry.
-- In Sasha? That's my fault. Now you her deceit bringest home prikuesh to bed and you ...
-- Sneer, sneer, little soul. I can now I will cry and you laugh at me, laugh.
-- Are you serious, Elvir? - Nastya eyes sparkled merrily. - And let me go?
-- And you, child, will be our servants. - At these words Nastia collapsed on the pillow, and, it seems, has ceased to exist.
Episode 6
Alexander Ingoldovich was in festive bright. His heart from something touches, and he smiles shyly, looking at a beautiful silver tray, which he lovingly made some cups, a sugar bowl, a vase with posted Cake, figurine put some work Foberzhe. But then removed and, taking from his pocket some powder blame poured it into two cups of tea .... Vile course, but he is old and infirm, it is possible to forgive some cowardice. These he brought to the curtained dark room, where the bed, lit from above, lying naked Peter and Sasha. At first they looked like orphans, which whips the master in the stables because they stole his crust of black bread. But eating embarrassment for two cakes and drinking all the tea, they cheered, came to life and began to kiss Petenka Sasha lying on it from above. Sashenkin pen touched his buttocks, but still uncertainly. As for Alexander Ingoldovicha, he froze, like a hunted mouse in the dark of the room and was afraid to move. Only sometimes he held his pants and was nervous that his sighs can be heard by young people. However, the lull will soon come to an end because the guys suddenly felt a strange excitement as if someone tickled them inside. Member Petit, who had already entered the Sasha several times, somehow suddenly straightened up, swollen and began to require more frequent Petit movements. Peter jerked ass like raunchy singer of Mexican dances.
And Sasha at the same time clinging to his ass so hard and so demanding pressed her to him, that he was just confused. How is it, Peter thought, looking at them, they buy for the money, and they are so happy, so excited. "This is not a man", He was furious but could do nothing with the fire, which burned so badly at the end of his penis. Being in such a humiliating position ambiguous and seeing ourselves Ochumelov Sasha, who as a nymphomaniac snapped his mouth for all parts of the body and cried, he among other things, also heard from the darkness of this pandemonium of hell hear men moaning and heard kakoe- then stir. "Did he would masturbate", Confused Petenka, "but he seems to have Fingering". "already Fingering". Petya felt bad that to his dismay did not affect any of its member, nor Sasha. Both of them are still receiving this spontaneous, immoral pleasure right in front of the uncle. But the uncle did not masturbate, uncle behaved modestly, while puffing like a steam engine and spun in his chair with all my wet inflamed body. Uncle, by the way, it is worthy of respect and veneration of all, because the other in his place would have long fuck these peasants, useless children. Ass their white, red lips, and like Alexander Ingoldovichu first slapped him on the ass, and then paste them something firmer. That they then came to his parents in a log hut poor, we sat on a bench and cried "nurse, he says, we have a gentleman nurse hug and fuck. What should we do?" A nurse behind it as zaderet their shirts - they in fact went without panties, the peasant children, - as a thrash them with his paws and even sends sleeping on the stove.
That's why he and his master to fuck someone wants. Enjoying a sort that's ugly paintings of peasant life, Alexander Ingoldovich got exhausted completely by his passion, but not his pants and unbuttoned. A Petenka the meantime because of their distrust of the peasant continued to think that Alexander Ingoldovich Fingering, having lost all conscience. Thinking and seeing ourselves mad, re excited Sasha, he decided. "He will avenge it by anal sex. It finds itself in her ass and fuck her will, as if he had not cried". As I decided and done. Sasha, of course jumped up and wailed, clutching his teeth in a silk pillow and fingers on her hands numb, how much she squeezed his fists. Fucking of course it was not easy, because the ass she was a little girl, a virgin, and would not let a member of more than half. But Petya, in spite of the difficulties to push through and push through. member head ached, the skin stretched on it, but he shoved and shoved. There was no way to drag it in front of this bloke. Houses for some reason, she had not dragged. Sasha cried. These big tears rolled down her cheeks, and Alexander Ingoldovich almost gasped when I saw them. So it was exquisite, fresh, a peasant innocent. Well, who can still cry bitter tears as transparent? Who else is capable of this frank humiliatingly beautiful act? Ah, thought Alexander Ingoldovich, he still goes to the village and will lead his serfs, a little, at least a couple.
Sperm was already on the way, when Peter suddenly saw that out of the darkness to the left of the bed, Alexander Ingoldovich. At the same time as it was not a trouser or pant, and something lifted from the bottom of his shirt. Peter looked closely and almost fainted, it was a quarter of a member who gets Ingoldovicha Alexander, his manhood, to put it cynically. Peter continued to fuck Sasha wildly regardless of how Alexander Ingoldovich coming to his wife as lifts her hands on her chin as she gives in her mouth and Sasha, his wife begins to suck. Not ohotku, of course, maybe I am doubting something, but it sucks, and this becomes a dinosaur himself with pleasure. "Sasha"Silently cried Peter. He continued by inertia even fuck Sasha, but his mouth opened wider and wider with horror and despair. Finally, as if waking from a deep sleep, Peter jumped out of bed, she rushed to the silver tray, grabbed it, and with a strange throaty sound thrown in an accident excited Alexander Ingoldovicha. He was bewildered, he breathed heavily and spread his hands. Genuine happiness shone on his face, "how good is your young wife sucks" could read it Petya, and, obviously, read it and did not find any arguments against it, he grabbed his pants from the floor, shirt, trousers, something else that came to hand and ran out of the room. Sasha immediately rushed after him. But then Alexander Ingoldovich grabbed her and threw on the bed, not even waiting until the door slams behind Petya.
Immersed in a certain state of violent insight, he did not understand and only acted as a true samurai. Sasha struggled in vain and bite. Obsessed Ingoldovich Alexander was a strong man, his hands were palms blacksmith. It quickly spread her legs, how to held her hand and shoved her into it, fully risen, for the first time in many years a member. Sataneya from his unprecedented ecstasy, he tormented her teeth, chest, shoulders, neck. He held her slippery burning buttocks, and generally does not remain in Sasha is nothing that he had not squeezed and do not bite. She even could not scream, so aggressive and confident, he made short work with her very young defenseless body. Sasha was shaking, and Peter, and dinosaurs, and this terrible woman in a wide-brimmed hat, all mixed up in her head, and would be better if she lost consciousness, not to see this heartbreaking sight called "dinosaur ejaculates". When Alexander Ingoldovich finished, he almost devoured her with his own hands, he certainly left footprints on Sasha from his cropped nails. When he had finished, and pulled some more, he stood in the same place and in just a few seconds with the tears of his victim, which seems to have gone mad and this was humble and quiet.
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