We walked once in kafe.Otmechali I think 7 noyabrya.Ya was with my wife, her sister was with her husband and three friends with their muzhikami.Nu as it should be drunk again, drank dva.Potantsevali.Muzyka was alive and so all ordered slow dancing as all were navesele.Ya noticed TEENS from neighboring communication stolika.Kogda she danced her ass so cool that my member stood up and rested in shirinku.Da and not clever one, I uveren.Ya sat at a table, I drank vodka and could not take my eyes off this gorgeous popki.akkuratnye buns, which are so like mash, but also in order better to stick between our nih.Chasa three women were already pretty drunk, especially my zhena.I then her sister invited me to dance We are dancing close to each other and I decided to see how she will keep, if I allow myself a little bit to it popristavat.moi hands slid below the waist and grabbed her buttocks and pressed it to her belly sebe.Ona put her in my risen member. and nichego.Ni disturbances or threatening litsa.Tolko gasped and clung even more, and with one hand grabbed me by the end of and squeezed it."I want you"she whispered to me uho.Ya ofigel honest from such neozhidannosti.Ya did not know that it can me hotet.Devka she simpotichnaya, figuristaya.poluchshe my budet.No then the music stopped and we like nothing had happened back at the stoliki.Opyat played fast music and freer space left one with a chic zadnitsey.Ya missed a couple of stacks decided to go to smoke on the street, looking for a breath of fresh vozduhom.poka cigarettes, the ladies began to fall asleep from sitting vypitogo.Vobschem a sleepy chicken.
I go out into the street and see one on e.Sidit perilke and drinking vodka from gorla.Ya asked her what it is she alone and vodka from the bottle lakaet.A it back (too drunk):"I holodno.Muzh skunk drunk and fell asleep and I mrznu".Well Here I am without any ulterior motives came up to her and hugged and said,"That's better?"She turned back to me and began to rub his ass on my dick Opa Wow, dumayu.A it is!:" And you better?"I silently grabbed her arm and dragged her to the toilet, the benefit of the people were already drunk and have no one paid vnimaniya.My locked themselves in the toilet and there she just pounced on me.I want you, she moaned when I freed her breasts from kofty.Lifchika her not bylo.Ya biting her nipples, and she undid my belt and molniyu.Nakonets she coped with it and my fool stumbled into her ruki.Ona immediately fell down and began to suck me as a member, I will never sosali.Ah not you mad bitch say, while her husband was asleep, you're then aspirated as I suppose he never sucked? And she began to make it even faster and yarostnee.Takogo blowjob I have not yet bylo.Ya zastonal.I Then I pulled out a member of her every rta.Ona offended at me.
I picked it up from her knees, turned, bent crustaceans, pulled up her skirt and torn panties, poslyunyavil finger and drove her anal. She gasped, cringed at first, but immediately began to twirl ass, nasazhivayas on my finger. When I designed it this hole, I asked if she wanted me to fuck her in the ass? She just moaned, according golovoy.Ya wagging spat into his hand and smeared prick, put a dick in her chocolate hole, waved the little and with force vsunul.Ona yelled obscenities good, but I did not stop until he drove it for the most yaytsa.a member I must say is not small, 25 centimeters in length and 6 shirinu.Ya many women in peretrahal.No gave each pussy with pleasure (have more) but in the ass is not slozhnee.Zhena davala.Govorit you fuck me porvsh .and I began to have her with such force that she growled in pain and can not by its boli.Mozhet in bylo.ne buzz remember I honestly govorya.Terzal her ass decimal minutes, then went out, rinse under water, and a member of the lifting her limp body planted it on his kol.Ona only gasped and opened his eyes wide begged me that I fucked her as the last suchku.E mad eyes burning with fire, she writhed beneath my powerful and violent udarami.Ya felt that will soon be over, and decided that cum in her mouth, that's what she zasluzhivaet.Ya took it from his end, made to kneel and sent directly to the trunk rot.Ona ponyala.Ona sucked me with abandon, helping himself with his hands and playing with yaytsami.Ya held her head in his hands and almost fucked her in her mouth, pulling up gorla.I so I exploded a fountain of sperm so that he udivilsya.Ya finished three minutes and she choked semen, but I would not let my head up until she swallowed everything. that's it bitch, I said to her, buttoned his pants and left her on her knees, bare-chested, mangled and holes with the sperm on litse.A she was in prostration, so it looks like no one before me and b.Ya returned to the table and Half an hour later we got together and went to the house to continue gulyanku.Nu home, of course, and the people added razbrlsya home but his wife and her sister muzha.Moya has long subsided, and my sister's husband was snoring too far in komnate.Tolko I and Ella ( as it was called) sat in the kitchen and then she vodku.I finishing their smooth but precise movements peredomnoy dropped to his knees, done already known procedure for the release of a member of his pants, and before I could say anything, I have done minet.Uh you think me lucky today, girls and throw my dick.
Suck mine five she silently pulled off his pants and panties and sat on menya.I jumped on me as a rider, biting her lip and rolled glaza.E boobs jumped in front of me and I tried everything uhvat their mouth, but I poluchalos.Tak not like I was drunk, I could not finish sorok.A minutes she came again for razom.I every time when he had finished she froze for a few seconds, and then galloped furiously to mne.Skolko it lasted, I do not remember, but do not less than polchasa.Ona says you're going to finish or do you suck? I say that is certainly better to suck, and good to me, and she was pleased and polezno.S reluctantly she released me from my pussy, but willingly began to handle my long-suffering member of the mouth. and of course I soon finished and also rapidly and long, as in kafe.Ona sucked the last drops out of me smacking postanyvaya.Potom however vchem indifferently dressed, poured into the glasses of vodka and said:"I hope this is just the beginning!"We had a drink and went to sleep, she said to her husband, and I have to zhene.Vot so I passed this day-"Harmony Day".
Anatoly I celebrate birthdays at the same time odnoprostranstvenno. Usually a lot of people come, get drunk, and in the morning forget present what actually happened. This year we decided to do something about the daily ... Anatoly called two girls - the first (IRA) to communicate with us for a long time, and on the other (Eugene), he met on the Internet.
First of all, a good eat. Ira began to suck me right at the table. At this time, Anatoly told me that he had an affair with Eugene on the network. Presenting, how was the show, I'm welling fruit, washed down with wine ... Ira did not stop. Anatoly put her on all fours and lifted her skirt, took a special tube and, after some manipulation, planted in a chubby pink ass. Ira could only mumble that the plant Anatoly even more ... he was shouting spells and worked at a furious pace.
Jack sipped a glass of wine, climbed hand under her skirt, and continued to watch us. I barely freed from the sharp teeth and picked up the guitar. Very handy new song with the chorus ... "fuck me in the ass" .
Ira moaned Jack broke down and pulled from her purse a simulator. Here he was invaded by red fishnet panties. The situation escalated - I crept up to his wife. Boomed call, we did not react. Trezvon increased, it was necessary to open the door ... Peter and his girlfriend, Danish, staring at my cock, I apologize for the sudden intrusion ... "we do not for a long time".
Throwing something I had guests in the hall. Dane did not understand anything when we filled a hundred of vodka and winced. Then another. Anatoly disappeared. Peter was irresistible ... sprinkled toast, and we almost fell on the table. I seem to have lost consciousness.
I woke up, leaving the toilet. Anatoly fucked in the hallway a Danish, carrying bookshelves. She resisted, but was silent. In the room, Peter was lying under the table, holding his pants; Ira Eugene satisfy completely stripped. I initiated this picture and I began to masturbate. Then Zhenya pushed to the wall, lifted a thin leg and powerfully planted. I hammered since half an hour, then it was the turn of Ira. Again she wanted in the ass. This thick bitch bully proved more difficult .. Anatoly Dane retired with a walk ... still my friend - an incurable romantic. I tore up, tore and tore. Peter woke up and took out a package of vodka ...
I've been married 5 years. And my husband and I are living in peace and harmony. Before him, I was nobody. As a nation we Kalmyks and raised in eastern customs, when my husband told me what he had seen members in the bath, I could not believe it, as a member of he himself was about 11cm. Every year we go to the sea, but this year it is, in relation to work, could not go with me, and the two of us with a married girlfriend Julia flew south. Staying in the hotel we went to the first day of swim. The new bathing suit I looked spectacular, growth 170cm, long legs, breasts third the size and bulging big crotch before when traveling to the south, I noticed on myself covetous glances southern men on my intimate places, but I could not even imagine myself still with someone else. And at this time on the beach, I felt my eyes undressing (sometimes even desirable than ever to hide behind). Especially stared at me kebab seller. Julia and I went home, bathed and dine. She got to the room, and I sat on the bench and fell asleep in the setting sun, I suddenly felt that someone sat next to me, it turned out that the seller kebabs, posing Aram, 5th year student ped. Institute, he asked if I was Japanese, because for the first time sees a gorgeous asian, word by word Aram after a while was sitting right next to me and casually put his hand on my knee, I would ubrar, but I grabbed something, I decided to see what would happen next. Stroking my knee Aram began to slowly lift up my skirt, right hand at that time embraced me. Reaching, I saw with horror my pubes his trousers interesting place lifted the hill.
He stared at my lips and stuck out his left hand edge of the bathing suit and stuck his finger inside my holes, the benefit she was already wet. When Aram plunged three fingers into me, and your thumb to stroke my clitoris, I could not help it and glared at his lips, at which time he right hand has massaged my chest, and I began to unbutton his pants, then I saw scared me black dick about 25-27 cm thick, three times more than my husband, but I could understand nothing, and she sat facing him with one hand and steered him a monster. My lips began to diverge medleeno under his head, resembling a mushroom boletus, and he grabbed me by the waist, he began to push his monster. It was uzhastno painful and pleasant, as the walls of my recording for the first time began to feel a member, like a doctor's sausage, I once poprabovala a stick. Having absorbed all his feeling and uterine head, I involuntarily and my vskliknula pisya threw another Partsa my fluid.
10 Minutes was the similarity jumps, Aram finished a long, growling and biting me. Neozhedanno his sperm hit the poor of my uterus and I once finished. Dressed we say goodbye, say nezabyv your room. The next day, Aram invited us to dance. Sneem was his friend Oleg, tall and strong man, seeing me which immediately flared nostrils. We went to see him he was married hospitable host to the guests. Supper with them and include music, Oleg invited Julia to slow dance. A few minutes later, clutching her ass, he pressed it to his member, Julia was terrified, began to struggle but Oleg lifting it began to enter into it through the hem of her pink panties, minutes after three Julia was ready, she began herself podmahivat him, and I He began coming closer to see how wet a member of Oleg, twisting shameless sponges out of it. Aram could not stand, coming up behind me thrust into the wet hole my cock and when I saw the white sperm Oleg flowed from Julia, we finished with Aram. After a dizzying night after sperm on the lips, after the pain of the pope, after taste Yulia's clitoris and simultaneously konchaniya two members on the outside, we all fell asleep. Two weeks passed quickly. And Cape Julia decided our trip to the south and continue on together.
To be continued...
In the past, his story "A visit to the ex-girlfriend" I said I changed my girlfriend with my ex-girlfriend Olga. They sent me a few emails asking to continue, and tell what happened next in our relationship with it. And now, I'm doing this request. If you have had a similar history and you want to share them or you have any comments and suggestions please write to [email protected] I will be happy letters.

After the story, when I in such an unusual way seduced Olga, it took several months. In place of the winter came spring, and then summer. Girls in the street began wearing much less clothing on the body area and the guys have become closer look to see off their tanned legs. Not spared this mood and me. After the event somehow subsided, and I was thinking that finally got rid of the craving for change and Bizarre.
One day I was sitting with friends in a cafe and sipped beer. Past us an endless stream of people moving stream, and from time to time among them slipped some kind of stunning girl in tank top and shorts, more similar to the panty, they were so narrow. At the same time my cock react appropriately in shorts a way that it is not surprising at all. Suddenly I remembered who they remind me - of course, Olga, she is constantly in the summer walks around the house in this outfit. By the way, the street is in such a frivolous garb does not allow himself to go ever. I unwittingly became mentally scroll through the memories of how she looks great in this dress, how cool narrow little white shorts suitable for tanned legs. When these memories my cock felt cramped in shorts, but my head began to spin a variety of fantasy about Oli. I remembered how we had fun last time, and realized that once again madly want Olu. And I want to do so, to be put before a choice: yes or no, and does not give time for reflection. The last time I got it just great.
I started to think how to do it. It was necessary to find out whether it is at home, and whether the parents' home. I gave a friend a mobile phone and asked him to call Ole and ask her mother. While each dialed the number I thought how suddenly put her in front of goal.
- She said that the mother is not present, - Igor tale.
- Thank you - I said.
Everything went pretty well. It remains to find out if she had guests at this time, but on reflection, I realized that it's so easy to find and impossible to have a chance.
He finished his beer, I said goodbye to friends and went toward the unknown.
Finally, I have her entrance. Heart deafening pounding in the chest and very dry throat. It seems to me that my reared under clothing dick seen all around when I was here. Consciousness is noted in passing, as it were, and to me it is indifferent. Only in this state of extreme excitement, I could come up with such an option, which is now going to tell you. In a normal, calm state, I would not even occurred to him that, and even if it's - I would have found a thousand, a million reasons why it is not necessary to do so. When the decision came into my head, I almost fainted, he gushed wild excitement. A member in shorts was just painful, so hard, he rushed out. In this state, I instantly slipped a few flights of stairs that separated me from the door Olya's apartment. I took a deep breath and listened: on the stairs was quiet.
Then I quickly pulled off his shirt, then took off his shorts and panties and finally stuffed it all in a package that I had with him. Then he straightened up and rang the doorbell. The tip member leaned into something cold and I looked down - he was buried in the door trim, and when I pulled away from her - left her slippery trace of grease projections. Why consciousness clearly noted this fact - I do not know. Behind the door, the sound of footsteps, and then there was her voice:
- Who's there?
- This I learned? - I replied.
After a pause, he heard the noise of the lock is unlocked and the door swung open.
This was followed by a silent scene, which viewers behave differently. When I saw Olga in seductive topic and something vaguely reminiscent of shorts, but more certainly panties fell into a state of near-stupor. Olga when she saw in front of him completely naked young man for the first time made the move, trying to close the door. But after going a few centimeters and she stopped the movement of the door - she recognized me. In place of her fright came embarrassed, and she immediately began to blush. She slid my eyes, chaste pretending not to notice the huge and bloated my penis and stopped on the face:
- You ... you .. what .. - she faltered.
- Hello Olga, - a hoarse voice I asked - allowed to enter.
- Of course, of course, faster - she said. In her voice could be heard clearly notes an upcoming panic.
- Faster, and the neighbors will see - with growing dismay she said.
I bent down, he picked up the bag with his clothes and stepped inside. Olya noisily slammed the door.
- Are you completely crazy? - Evil she said.
- Olya Calm, calm down - I said.
- I just want you I made a blowjob right there in the hallway, and I'm gone.
- Are you out of your mind - I have a friend in the room sitting. - Get dressed and go faster - she whispered.
- Here take in her mouth, and I will go - I said. The piquancy of the situation has got me even more. You do not want your girlfriend found out about me?
- You're crazy, crazy - she repeated. But she stole a glance at my swinging member.
I saw that her eyes began to appear that shine, I've already seen. I am seen before we had had sex for the first time. I realized that it's the excitement and the desire for it. Then I took the initiative in their hands.
- Olya, shout girlfriend that you're busy with a couple of minutes and then we'll go to the kitchen.
Olga shouted something to her friend, and we moved into the kitchen.
I began at the table and sat on a stool Olu. Taking the left hand member I brought the crown to her lips. At this point, the girl looked so confused that I could not resist and said:
- Do not be afraid Olenka, everything will be fine.
Then I started to drive a member of the head in her mouth and slowly immerse it in her mouth. Her lips glistened with grease, which was abundantly covered head of the penis. Therefore, the term is easily slipped into her mouth, and she began to suck. From pleasure I let out a low moan and Olya up from frightened members said:
- Hush, hush - hear.
Olina lips tightly wrapped around the penis and tongue began to tickle her inside. She remembered as the fastest make me come! I took her head in his hands and began to direct its movements. From her soft lips and tongue I started to feel dizzy and make noise in the ears. I felt a growing excitement from within and from somewhere the tide rises, which consumes me whole. Member began to throb and Olga felt it. She released a member of his mouth and at that moment I began to finish. ... The first jet hit her on the cheek and flooded the ear, the second hit in the left eye. I closed my eyes and groaned. Before his eyes danced a spark, and ringing in the ears. Finally, the last drop of semen has fallen down somewhere, and I opened my eyes. Olya sat on a stool, and a drop of sperm dripping from her chin, nose and dripped onto her top and shorts, leaving them wet spots. One of her eyes and ears were plastered with sperm and she began to wipe his hands eye, causing even more smeared her face. I took her top and turned up, revealing nothing of any protected breasts. She pressed it to his face and began to wipe his sperm. I pulled out of the bag clothes and pulled her panties, T-shirt and shorts. While I was engaged Olga tried to clean up, and it almost succeeded.
- Thank you, Olga - I said.
- You're crazy, surprise, but at the same time, she said softly. - You know - it was very good too, I did not expect.
- I am very happy, Olenka - well, go to her friend, and she was tired of waiting - I said.
- Okay, I'll take you - Olya said.
We walked into the hallway, and she opened the door. In parting, I looked back and saw that Olga is slightly crazed views, and does not see that her hair ear glisten sperm droplet and the whole topic and shorts in the wet spot. I wanted to tell her about it, but then changed his mind and left it to its fate.
- While Olga, goodbye - I said.
- Goodbye - she said, and closed the door.

I still have a few stories from our relationship with it, and I can tell them if someone is interested. E-mail me, and I am pleased to describe them in new stories.

April 2003.
I want to make a reservation (which I in Fig author, if I will not have reservations, and slips ochepyatok) was not going to mow underneath Leo Tolstoy, although writing a trilogy "Childhood. Adolescence. Youth". And this is not a trilogy about early years Vovochki, but about the tricks of his dissolute popes.
"Physics lesson at school. Teacher:
- Children, that is the easiest on the ground?
No one knows, one Vovochka pulls his hand. The teacher suspects that Little Johnny blurted something indecent, but do nothing.
-Speak, Little Johnny.
-X ...!
-Because it rises by thought.
-Okay. And what is the most difficult in the world, children?
Little Johnny pulls a hand, everyone is silent, the teacher there is nothing left.
- Well, tell me.
-X ...!
-Why again ?!
-Because if he fell, no force it will not lift.
-Okay. Kids, here's another question ... And you, Little Johnny, shut up, you tell me and so all of physics reduced to s ...!"
This anecdote is the best talking about the school's Vovochki. If you read about his childhood, remember that his father was a rare womanizer who only thought about how to plant someone. And its harmful genes are transferred apparently Vovochke. He, too, was thinking about something when pigweed Ivanna bent down, dropping the chalk. But so far only I thought, though often expressed thoughts aloud. This is about his statements pigweed Ivanna once and called his father Vovochki school. It would be better if she did not. Although, who knows, maybe she liked it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
So, Vovochki father came to the school, found pigweed Ivan, they greeted each other
-I do not even know where to start. A delicate topic.
-Yes, you do not tushuytes, pigweed Ivanna. Cut plain truth.
-That's it, you are actually in the topic he said. The fact that your son is often a harmless word from trying to identify something erotic, perhaps even pornographic, shorter obscene. For example, the plain truth. Little Johnny immediately begins to capture the attention of the class is the word of the uterus. Or, the main part of the sentence. Little Johnny with a smile begins to repeat the word, members, Members, Members. Again: monomials, binomials, polynomials, arthropods. In addition, the girls repeatedly complained that Little Johnny is trying to retire with them (though at a time, rather than all at once), and, alone, trying to pinch for breast and buttocks. And one girl, speaking for her, he almost climbed into cowards. She just noticed it, although it is very dreamy. And what he writes essays! It's a continuous corruption. For example, "Masha and Dubrovsky fuck through the hollow". Come on, this class is like a storage room to store class property. There are notebooks on the shelves, I'll fetch Vovochkinu and show what he writes.
Pigweed Ivanna climbed onto the ladder, pulled a notebook from the shelf and began to descend. Vovochki father, Alex, not allowing her to go down on the floor, climbed hand under her skirt, pushed aside panties, stuck his finger into her cunt and wiggled them vigorously several times. The woman gasped in surprise and blushed, but the notebook is not released. Alex took her notebook and threw a pile on the table and unzipped his jeans and pulled out the device and brought him back pigweed Ivanna, allowing it to go down to the floor, but pinning a woman to the ladder. The teacher was panting, flushed even more, but she was docile in the strong arms of men.
-What are you doing?
-Let's move on to you. I tear you a sort of goat.
At this time, the door to the classroom opened. Lesch and teacher froze.
-Pigweed Ivanna, Where are you?
Some people like the class, and when libertines thought that the danger had passed, Nadezhda went to the pantry, the director of the school. In her hand was a bag, the contents of which will soon get to know present.
-Hello, I am a member of the parent committee ...
-Yes, I see that you are a member. And, Mary, I'm glad that you fuck!
Nadezhda moved closer, put her hand between the bodies and felt nature Leschi.
-Oh, let me talk to you, too, as with the members of the parent committee. I'm just going to close the door to the classroom to talk to you wishing not to have tumbled down the shaft here.
Director of the closed class and asked the pigweed Ivanna:
-What you gave me not even once, though I repeatedly asked? I remember that in your closet should be sleeping, you're after a hike because it left here. I took it when the tea Inspector Fleece poila. Then freezing it, poor man.
-And what are you, gay?
-No, I'm bisexual, and now you and you will see for yourself.
-And that, Nadezhda, we are already on you?
-Once we're all fucked here, in another not. I - Nadya, she - Masha. You- ?
-I like cunning.
They found a sleeping bag, spread it on a table in the classroom. Headmistress Lesha helped undress Masha and put it on top of the sleeping bag.
-And I, with your permission (or without it), sit, watch, I love this thing.
Lesch, an experienced seducer, Masha first kiss on the lips, and his hands roamed over her body, caressing his chest, abdomen, thighs.
-Something you long, my dear, planted it more deeply, please.
Alex Nagy made a little shifted in his seat impatiently, then performed her request. Masha screamed, then headmistress came up and covered her mouth with a kiss. Poterzav teacher for a few minutes, Alex forced her to finish, and finished himself. Headmistress stood up from his chair, stripped to the waist and below the village, is widely parted thighs.
-I am pleased with what he saw. But your Vovochka terrible bully, and I'm not completely satisfied. Make nice to me, I pray, be a gentleman.
She stood up, took Lesha's arm and pulled him toward himself. When he came closer, she sat down again and, placing his hand on the man's shoulder, gave him to understand that knelt. When he sang it, Nadia pressed his head to her neatly shaved, sweet pussy, and whispered:
-And kiss me everywhere, I'm already an adult.
Alex earned a language. Headmistress soon arched and moaned. She checked Leshina readiness, his cock hardened.
She lay chest on the table and stuck her ass. Alex entered her easily. The battle was merciless, soon lye headmistress was wet juices.
Nadia pulled from his bag a towel, and gave them podterlas wipe another. Then out of the bag were removed panties with dildo that headmistress put on yourself.
-Well, Masha, now you're mine.
She sat down on a chair, and Masha sat at his large friend. The two women began to move, moaning and kissing each other. Alex ... I excited by lesbian games. Barely waiting until Masha finish, he took her to Nadi knees, put a towel between her legs, threw the sleeping bag on the floor, put the cancer Nadia and stabbed her. To drive his cock in her short time, he forced her to come, and he discharged it.
Men and women put themselves in order.
-Thank you very much, Alex.
-Yes, Alex, thank you very much for the fact that you took time to address the issue of the education of his son. We, for our part, will do everything in our power. And you continue to try to give us a little time. Well, at least once every two weeks or once a month, at the worst. But it is better not to lean, and a full-fledged such juicy end, here today.
They laughed and went, pleased with each other. That is how come some of depraved parents some hooligans students resolve the problem with the school. What can be learned from their crumb-son, who came to his father, a vile, dirty daddy? Only rowing, rowing and rowing again! But everywhere there is such lewd headmistress and pliable such great ladies! Or I'm wrong? And you ... he knows.
Here is the number! Of course, I thought about this before, sometimes even want to try, but not yet on the same day, and even the three of us! Houses I insert myself in the ass candle, bottle and so masturbated. A Member? I think it hurts?
Sasha member ran into my anus and moved forward, but somewhere beyond and above. At this point, Kolya began to cum in my mouth.
- Swallow! All swallow! You do like it. You are the best sosalka! - He murmured in ecstasy, and I really swallow and I loved it. Finally, my mouth is free, and all gathered at my ass, which tried unsuccessfully to enter Sasha. Showered with tips:
- Tanya, relax!
- Put her first finger.
- Wet dick, dry it will not fit.
It was a true observation. I was told to slaver Sasha member, then he licked his finger and tried to insert it into my anus. Finger quite easily got inside. For example, a member of the now ...
Wet dick went easier. Here in me head, that's even deeper ...
- Hush hush! It hurts, pull! - He stopped me and went back. Then slowly forward again. And so gradually entered into me completely, his crotch pressed against me. I reached up from below and touch: Yes, exactly, it's all in me, that his testicles between my legs. Sasha began to move, it really fucked me, not even fucked, fucked in the ass very young naked slut in front of two friends.
Lesch again shoved in my mouth now had two members in me in the mouth and in the ass! I again rubbed her clitoris with your finger, bringing yourself to the next orgasm. Sasha strongly grabbed my half ass and began to cum right into me. I finished almost simultaneously with him and collapsed in exhaustion on the ground. More from me now it was impossible to achieve, I was completely satisfied, I got what she wanted. Nick and Alex, of course, also like my ass, but I was so hurt that they spared me.
It was time to gather back, before leaving I gave only her shoes and was forced to go naked, dressed only allowed at the camp.
- Did you like it?
- Highly!
- You want to have a toy? - I nodded.
- Then we'll call you Tanka-Toy. No, better to Tanya-Toy.
- Toy, the evening came to our room, more play.
Chamber have quadruple, so apart from them to me would be more fun, and Dima, and their neighbor. Well, fine, but in the ass today, I will not give them more let heal.
After hanging up, I cautiously crept to the boys in the ward. I have been waiting and immediately began to undress and grope. Especially I am trying to Dima, who was not with us during the day.
- Tan, posossh me? - He asked bluntly. The boys, of course, everything he had been told about me. Interestingly, only to him or half the camp knows?
- Suck. - And clung to him.
They put me on the bed and Dima stood above me so that his cock was in front of the mouth. I grabbed his lips one more new member for the fourth today. Nick and Alex jerked off, staring at us, Sasha, meanwhile, touched my pussy and suddenly I was extremely pleased: he licked my lips and clitoris language. I twitched and moaned with pleasure, Dimka from it all there and then finished in my mouth, and I'm already accustomed to swallow his cum.
I begged to lick me still, Dima said he polizhet me if I'm in this to tell what happened today on the shore with me.
- I shared with the guys, and we swam ... I was completely naked ... I was their plaything. Then I sucked everyone in turn - I was ashamed to tell it, but at the same time and very pleasant. And Dima really licking my pussy. So he pulled away from me and asked:
- So what is next?
- Then I put the cancer ... Oh, lick, do not stop! Oo-oo-oo ... And Sasha fucked me in the ass. Ltd!!!
Here I am, all arched and finished. Guys really piqued my confused story. They were on the verge of orgasm.
I was told to kneel down and open your mouth, and the children stood in a circle and each in turn fed me my sperm. They jerked off and I prepend open mouth for the one who kills.
Now I have started a new life, almost every night I came to see my children. During the day we too often retreated to a secluded place. My Ass soon completely stopped hurting after the first time, and I agreed to try again. Especially the boys got hold of Vaseline.
In the evening I, as usual, came to him and undressed.
- Tan, now we fuck.
- In the ass?
- Well, if you want, you can and pussy. Only in the pussy you're not you give.
I obediently got cancer on the bed, and the boys crowded behind. Immediately I felt someone lubricated finger at between the buttocks, and then inside. Finger walk easily, it was even pleasant. Here Nick fell in behind me and began to gently push his penis into me. The rest kept me, so I do not twitching. Past, again by ... Oh, do not be hit in the pussy ... Well, now exactly in the ass!
- Painfully?
- Nah, but you are there still careful! Do not rush ... - I gradually got used to his cock.
- Wow! I put it!
He really put in and started to fuck me. The remaining enthusiastically looked at us and continued to keep me. Grease has done its job: I was a little hurt, I even started to have fun.
- Come quickly, we also want.
So, it looks like I have today vyebut all turns ... Maybe suck the rest? I opened my mouth and reached for the nearest term. Dimka gladly gave it to me in the mouth. At this time, right in my ass cumshot Nicholas. Taking out his slippery dick, he's pretty muttered:
- She's there so narrow! Full kicks!
He was replaced by Lesch and suspiciously easily stepped inside. I realized that my anus has been developed by its predecessor, and it will be easier. To get even more fun, I began to play with his hand clitoris. I sucked Dima, I fucked in the ass, to Nicholas twisted my nipples - I was happy!
Lesch very soon finished: prevozbuzhdenie affected and unusual situation.
To open my ass Sasha was selected, but it was ahead of Dima:
- Wait, let me, and I in her mouth and did not finish Now fuck. You did it have on the banks fucked.
- Come on, just a quick and easy! - Dimka and I plunged into my anus. He is the third today. It did not work to get rid blow job ... My poor ass ... While there is nothing wrong, they fucked me long ... not bad if so many sperm in the ass? After all, more and Sasha then surely finish me ... I again want dick in my mouth ... I now also finish it, right now! Yes...
These thoughts flashed randomly in my head, that's someone else's dick rested on the lips. It's Kolya! It is certainly in my poop! No, this is too much! Although, for some reason too?
- Open your mouth - I shook my head ....
- Open! Suck it, clean, because you feel like it! - Prosekli guys already that I like when I was humiliated. I opened my mouth and let him fully to himself, moving language. Nothing, not so disgusting ... and how delightful a shame!
- And me too! - It is Lesch. I lick his penis, no longer resisting. From all this I immediately came, at the same time I finished in the ass and Dima.
I rested, I felt good, but still remained Sasha. He turned me on my back and lifted my feet to the head itself. On the back I have not fucked, is something new. Gouging for the evening ass easily let him in, but the fourth act to thirteen girls - it's still a lot, I was already painful and unpleasant. To numb the pain, I again began to rub her clit, and others asked to suck my nipples. Fortunately Sasha also ended rather quickly.
When I crept back to his room, sperm flowed out of my hole and trickled over the bare leg. I was not wearing panties, she was in a skirt and shirt. To get rid of the sperm, I went to the bathroom on the toilet, and there issued from himself all that I could. Then he dobrela to his bed and slept like a log.
Generally we do not sleep enough, all five of these our nightly games. Yes, once I was asleep in bed at Dimka. We fell asleep we are all, I accidentally woke up just before the ascent and rushed to him. Can you imagine what would happen if I was caught naked in the morning sleeping in a bed in the ward boys? Girls from my chamber also began to notice that I was always somewhere to go away and guessed that to the boys.
But change has rolled to an end, soon had to return to the city. I was happy and scared that Sasha and Dima lived near me and went to a nearby school. I wanted something to stop after the camp at the time of their fun.
That's the last days, the last outing on the river. Bathed as always naked, then fucked. Today the guys take turns long kiss me on the lips. Then knocked to the ground and began to tickle. Two held, and two tickled my heels, soles, toes on the feet ... I squeal and squirm. From laughter and screaming, I could not stand it and describe in front of them.
- See, she pissed!
- Tanya, pee in front of us, we want to see.
Here it is, a new humiliation. I sat down and spread her knees. Urine zazhurchal between my legs. Sasha caught his finger and brought his last drop of my lips. I understood everything and licked. All laughed.
- And let obossym our toy? Together? A? She will like it!
I knew that soon we will all leave here at home, we can not hesitate and finally to experience more and it is. I obediently lay on her back and spread her arms. And this is the first fragrant hot jet hit me in the chest and passed through the nipples, neck, hand ... The second came in the stomach for a long time to beat the navel, then sprinkled pubis, legs ... More - more. Here I have already written on the cheeks, lips ... I closed my eyes, curled, pulled his legs to his stomach and spread them. Here am I pissing pussy and ass. It was delicious! I am delighted opened her mouth ... The last jet filled my hair and mouth. Swallow me, of course it could not. Moreover, I almost threw up.
I is a pitiful sight: wet, naked, pissing up and down the little girl lies on the beach and laughing over her four boys. But I was happy, I got something to strive for, I am fully satisfied.
The guys picked me by the arms and legs, swung and thrown into the river. And then he jumped me themselves into the water and began to rub and wash me. Still, they are good, good! And I seem to them like me ... I guess I'm even a favorite toy.
The next day, the buses take us home.
- You are the best. Neither girl is not capable of this - the guys told me good-bye.
It was sad, but our adventures were not over. In the city, we continued our game, someday I'll write about it. Or maybe not.
.... Then went on vacation in the spring, an island in the South of Europe. On the week. During this time there were only three, but what !!!!!! no one compares to the south this holiday.
First day - "Bar acquaintance", Portuguese - young such neat - my favorite age 18 .... !!!!!!!!! she screamed, my God, I think we will break her bed (single), and wake up the whole hotel .... she fucked me in full, and had finished so rapidly and was so wet inside that I wanted to drop everything and steer in Portugal .. ..ugostila bottle of whiskey and asked to show how they drink in Russia, for which he has been subjected to an attempt of anal sex, but both lack the time desire of a member, and the complete absence of a cream or ointment attempt failed, but finally mentally licked my genitals . I like the professionalism, especially at that age. Believe me, I have not seen anything like almost here. The next day I lick their wounds ... :-)))))
The next day I drove to the girl-in manageress gostinka she sucks know Inglish, but smiled and shot eyes. It was plain curious, and perhaps for the first time saw the Russian. I invited her to drink a beer after work, she refused, I invited pogulyat..ona was almost a head taller than me, a blonde with small breasts (sorry) ... not all at once, and after two hours of festivities on trezvyak (already dark) I poukromney chose the place and climbed under her skirt, she began to break down - there's nowhere to retreat - either the Kings or blow up ships in the harbor (it happened that break off and short-lived, but then worked cleanly). Without lifting his right arm - I had almost reached her cherished goal, he left abruptly turned his back and began to knead her breasts (Fu, well, I do not like small) .... lo and behold - she stopped the resistance, a few moments later began to breathe (I catch IT breathing ...) and threw her head back, exposing the neck and parted lips (also did not like me) !!!!
Everything! ... Russian reached the final! (I was in a tracksuit with an inscription "Russia")
I tore off her panties (faster, faster, until he came back from the other world :-))), forced to stand rachkoms (oh, uncomfortable in the sand) sportivki pulled up to the knees and threw her on the same thing. Sorry, there was no gum on hand (in the pants somewhere, it was not up to ... and lass got the right kind of - checking confirmed), so finishing the (not quite managed to pull out, and pulled her skirt - probably recalled when washing) immediately ran to the hotel for miramistinom ... she did not care, she arched her ass to me, dropped her hands and lay her head on the ground and often panting ... Funny, but security is more expensive .... so do not to kisses it was .... who knew what was in it. The Long Goodbye - more tears .... Then only I realized that I was a fool and could supply it under the locomotive to the end of the week ... I looked up to her and fucked it ... It's always a good idea ... She came, violently, but almost silently, arching toward me and clasped hands my hips ... she did not smile ever again, and watched sadly as that .... When I came to be discharged to the reception desk, she defiantly somewhere retired ....
The third was Russian, the day of departure .... I just missed the Russian language as it is - very little Russian !!!! - So after two coffee immediately went to fuck me in the room ... it was about 32-35, three times finished, she "Pearl Well finally can not childish": "what did you do to me" and similar exclamations and cries during each approach, .... tried to climb a finger into my ass !!!!!!! for which he was exposed to matyugami out ....
I read this ad in the newspaper: "Young couple wants to get acquainted with pretty boys for hanging. Phone 956-xx-xx. Nastia and Andrei". I do not know why but I responded to the proposal. I called from the machine and arranged a meeting in a cafe with a romantic name "Spring".
When I got there, I immediately recognized them. Nastya kotorotkoy blonde in a skirt and Andrew, of medium height with her hands completely devoid of vegetation.
-Hey, I told them I Aleksey-.
We shook hands with Andrew's hand, Nastya I nodded.
-What he is tall, - said Nastya.
-Sit is Andrew told me - tell me about yourself.
I'm not going too much into detail told about the origin than it is now doing, etc. Andrew listened attentively, occasionally Nastia whispered something in his ear. In the end he told me that I went up to them, but what I have to go through some procedures in the clinic, so they made sure that I'm healthy as they should be confident in me and that they do not use condoms.
A couple of weeks all the tests have been passed, and I was healthy. Well, no wonder! The first meeting was scheduled for Tuesday. We sat in a cozy apartment Nasty and Andrew at the estate. I burned dim light, playing a disc Glenn Gould, some Bach. He spoke mostly Andrei, I looked at Nastya.
-We have to get used to you. I mean, she's a little shy Nastia, and she must first get used to not be shy in front of you. So first you have to just watch if you do not mind.
I agreed without hesitation. Nastya was dressed in shorts, which are closely encircled her juicy buttocks, Andrew was wearing a tracksuit. We drank more champagne. Nastya flushed. There was a strange silence. The silence was interrupted me.
-Well, you do not hesitate. As if I'm not here.
Anastasia smiled and kissed Andrew. He immediately responded to her kiss and hugged her. They rose from the couch and their hands began to wander over the bodies of each other. I just watched. Andrew took off his jacket and started to take off a T-shirt with the present, Mike stood up and exposed the large breasts Nasty. A wonderful spectacle. Then she slowly began Nastia rastegivat shorts, Andrew at this time overthrown pants (both had no underwear). Andreev circumcised dick the size of 15 centimeters was ready, and at its end has hung a drop.
Nastia slowly, as if in slow motion ten times a porno movie, filmed shorts. Unfortunately, she was standing sideways to me and I did not appreciate all the charm of her pussy, but nevertheless I was already working closely in the pants. They hugged each other again. Anastasia looked at me and said:
I quickly undressed and left in shorts, but are protruded red prick, so I took them as well. I sat on the couch.
Andrey and Nastya at this time selflessly kissing. Later, Andrew sat on the sofa opposite, Nastya sat back on him, climbed on his dick and start slow motion. I began to fondle himself, squeezing and relaxing your hand, with a slight movement up and down, I moved in synchronization with the movement. Nastya shamelessly stared at me and my eldu. For a long time it could not continue, and we finished almost simultaneously. The jet of sperm flooded my stomach, and I did not know what to do with it. But then came Nastya, easy movement feline sat me down and licked all. It was magical.
We had fun for a long time in this way, but my pussy Nasty prevented. I stayed the night with them, but could not sleep. Excitation of filmed was not, that I was totally inadequate.
Suddenly, I heard light footsteps - it Nastia went to the toilet. I got up and went to the bathroom with her, they had a combined toilet with bathroom, so there is enough space. She looked at me, I whispered.
-You have to get used to me.
Nastya shrugged and sat down on the toilet, but just could not pee. The pause dragged on, she blushed.
-Well you let me help you.
I sat down beside her and touched warm commands.
-Pee on my hand, nuc-nuc-nuc, girl.
Relief from this was a little bit, my dick was standing like a sentry, Nastya licked shriveled lips. It was getting hot.
-Let's try on dugomu.
I asked her to get up and sat down on the toilet. It is planted to face him, and tightly pressed her belly to her, our stomachs only shared my swollen member.
-Come on, nuc-nuc-nuc.
After a short hesitation, finally, warm stream flowed over my feet, pour over the eggs.
-That done, that's clever.
I raised it and planted on dick. Then she knew what to do. From our movement began threatening rasskachivatsya toilet, even a little, and came to plumbing disaster. But then I broke down and gave her all that I have accumulated over the past two hours.
She said only:
-Thank you...
She wiped her pussy with toilet paper and went to bed. I quickly got dressed and went out into the summer night. More, I never saw them again ...
It was an ordinary evening. I came home from work tired and sat down to watch TV. A bottle of beer and a little relaxed mind and body after a hard day's work. On television, as always, there was nothing. Relaxed thoughts swirled in my head and all swam to the side of pleasure and sex. In my fantasies I had to nurse my neighbor, a pretty girl of sixteen with protryasayuschey figure. I sometimes helped her in school. Something took out for her on the Internet, something is decided on mathematics and physics. I devised schemes and plans as it is put to bed. Some steps I have already implemented their plan and quite fine ...

Every time I helped her, I tried to at least a little, but carry out his plan ... She always came to me as a computer at her sister was not - it was just me ... First, I accidentally touched her feet, then playfully hugging, kissing on the cheek goodbye ... then he began, as if accidentally forget to turn off the porn slides on a computer ... porn sites on the Internet. And noticed that she did not hesitate, but on the contrary showed interest. And while I went for a beer, she tried to look through the slides. Then I showed her where I have them in a computer lie. One day I came out of the store with beer and saw that she was instead of what would have to type essay looks porn photos. When I entered the room, she looked at me, her cheeks were on fire, his eyes gleaming. Julia was excited. I'm an old bachelor and eerie Lovelace this look familiar. This readiness to continue ...
- Beer will be?
Julia nodded, and I offered her a bottle of beer. She took it, and, without looking, half drunk.
- I like to watch porn?
- Like.
- What is most like?
- Yes, like all ...
I was sitting in a chair on the side of the computer table and side saw her sitting on a chair. Short skirt, T-shirt, which is guessed for pretty breasts.
- And I want you to take a picture?
- Naked?
- Well, you can not bare naked ... slightly ...
Julia thought, perhaps a minute, then said ...
- No, not yet want ...
She turned to the screen turning off the porn. Then we wrote the essay, and when she went to her sister, it turned out that I decided to kiss her on the cheek, and she either accidentally, or specially deployed head and I kissed her on the lips. We froze. I'm in no hurry to step back, and she was not in a hurry, too. Then she gently touched again until my lips and went away, leaving me alone with my thoughts ...

It has been almost two weeks. The neighbor and her husband went to the country. Go for a visit not to whom. And now, on Friday, I was sitting at home in a chair, he drank beer and stared blankly at the television, while wandering in his fantasies. Looked in the bottom of his pants, smile, trousers of my fantasies and memories visibly bristled. Suddenly the doorbell rang. "Who could it be?" - I wondered. I stood up, straightened protruding member and went to open the door. When I opened it and stood with wondering eyes, and with a bottle in his hand. Julia stood there and smiled.
- I came to you. I have something to be done on the computer. Can?
- Of course, come in.
Today it was hot outside and she was wearing on the beach. Short skirt, short top and sandals. She kicked off her sandals and walked into the room. She went to the computer and turned it on.
- You holodnenkoe beer there, and then the subway duhotischa?
- There is a refrigerator.
When I got back, she was sitting at a computer and something opened up on a floppy disk. I sat back in his chair and stared at her. It was just beautiful. She looked at me, smiled slyly and again became something to fill. I have an idea. I took a digital camera, and again sat down. Then he began to take it off. First there were words like "enough". "..nu Come on, come on", Then began to turn and smile coyly. Then I went back for a beer. Brought several bottles at once, he would not run again. One gave Julia. I looked at the screen and a little surprise inside. On the screen it was now porn pictures again. The street was getting dark, but it was not yet dark that would turn on the lights. I turned on the desk lamp, closed the blackout curtains and returned to his chair. We talked about almost everything. At the same time, I photographed her, and she watched porn. Unbeknownst to us, we moved on to discussion of the photos. I offered her a little lift topic. She laughed and lifted slightly. Became a prominent lower part of the chest, I took a picture.
- Now turn around to me and raised on both sides.
She took a sip of beer and turned. I got up and took off. So we have made a few frames.
- Now show me the whole breast ...
Whether beer is affected, whether she was mentally ready for it, but she lifted her top and showed the chest. Two lovely ball around the second issue, his nipples looked at me. Julia smiled, and I took this shot. Then she said she will soon, and went to the toilet. I sat on a chair in front of computer. When she returned, she came to the table, took the beer and drank the bottle.
- Move.
- Where do I Move? Sit on my lap.
Julia, without hesitation sat on his lap. I felt her baby her elastic ass, and he began to inflate. We have looked through pictures, discuss them. My baby rested in her ass, and I knew that she would feel perfectly. She began to fidget a bit on it, causing me joy and torment.
On the screen appeared a picture where the man was holding a girl on his hands and sit down on his cock.
- Cool - escaped Julia.
Then with the words "so it is not convenient" she got up and sat on top of me, his back to the screen and to face me. For a moment there was silence. Then our lips met. We kissed for a long time, and I was so excited that he was ready to burst. I began to gently knead her breasts, pinching her nipples through the fabric, which have already been hard. She closed her eyes, and it was evident that she enjoys. I tried to pull up a topic that would take it off, and she raised her hands. Topic fell around his chair. I looked at her breasts and did not believe that my fantasies become reality. I kissed her breasts, and she moaned a little and rubbed her pussy on my hump. Outside it was almost dark, and the room lit only by a lamp and a computer monitor. I stroked her back, down below, walked hand on the ass and lifted her skirt. My hand was on the elastic ass. "It has no panties ... wow ..." - Thought flew like lightning in the head, and a new plan of action was prepared.
- Wait - I said, and, lifting it, she began to pull down his pants.
- What are you doing? - Her voice was low, husky and a little frightened.
- Do not be afraid ... trust me .. - I whispered in her ear.
She fell silent and waited for what I do. I lowered tights, skirts and my boy broke out and slapped on the ass Julia veiled skirt. She shivered slightly, and again fell silent, waiting to see what will happen next. ... I corrected him, pressed to her stomach and began to lower it at him. We both shuddered a little when our bodies touched. I felt what it is wet.
- You're so hot - I heard her whisper.
- And you're so mokrenkaya.
Then I took her by the hips and began to move them back and forth slightly. She began gently rubbing her pussy mokrenkaya about my baby. I heard a groan. Then her arms wound around me, and we met in a long kiss. Under his hands, I began to feel that her movements are independent. I took his hands away. When I noticed that her pace quickens, and amplitude are becoming more and more, I whispered to her ...
- Just do not move much, and then I get inside.
First, it has slowed down, but then again returned to this rhythm and after a few moments was the finish. Her body arched, jerked ... she tried to move again, but she could no longer - the orgasm swept it all. I hugged a beautiful girl, which rapidly had finished sitting on me ... Then she fell silent. My baby was moaning with impatience and I had a desire to get into it and enjoy its depth and warmth. A few minutes later she lifted her head from my shoulder and looked into his eyes, said ...
- Kaif ...
I smiled and, finding the clasp on the skirt, I began to unbutton it.
- Take off the skirt Now we have nothing to be ashamed of each other.
Her smile widened. She got up from my knees, glanced at a number of sticking member and lifted her skirt. Before me stood a goddess. Her body was just perfect. She saw I was fascinated watching her. Gave me enjoy this spectacle.
- What are you sitting down? Take off your pants.
- And you yourself from me, they take off.
Julia sat down to pen me on my knees and began to pull my pants. When the pants were taken off, she looked up at me, then looked at the cock, sticking out like a bayonet, and touched him.
- What is it you got big. Let's measure.
- What to measure it? I'm Meryl.
- And how many?
- 20 centimeters.
- Wow! - It was a cry of delight. - And I want to kiss him?
Just the thought that these young lips will kiss him, my whole body groaned.
- I see what you want, - she said, lightly stroking it - close your eyes.
I for what would my baby was in her in her mouth was ready for anything. I closed my eyes. Soft and gentle touched the head of the penis. Then his lips closed around it, made a timid movement of the trunk. I opened my eyes. Painting, which opened me the mind of the nebula. Young, beautiful goddess made me a blowjob. She closed her eyes and tried to do, as seen in the photo and video. But then her movements changed. I began to notice that she gets pleasure from this. Opening her eyes, she saw me looking at her and smiled.
- Like?
- You just do not know what you are amazing!
- I wish that you were my first man.
- Are you still a virgin?
- No, - she smiled - he found his sister faloimitator and deprived itself of virginity.
I reached out, she filed. I picked it up again and pressed his penis to his stomach put it on top. My body felt again the moist heat. Our eyes met.
- Are you sure you want this?
- I for a long time want to.
Again I lifted it with one hand, while the second has fitted his fellow to her pussy. He began to lower it slowly and felt like my cock sinks into her. Her breathing quickened, she tightly hugged my neck. And here I was all into it. Let sit and get used to it. And then I heard her whisper.
- Seryozhenka, oh how cool you are ... so ... so ... I want you ... I want to, and ready for anything ... he's so ... so ...
Again, I took her by the hips and began to gently lift and lower it ... no more than two minutes it again huddled in orgasm, but now ... I did not stop. I raised and lowered it, as could no longer hold. In the climax I lifted her so that my fellow jumped out and began to fly sperm from my powerful jets on the carpet. When I stopped to finish, Julia has already come to himself and kissed my face ...
- Congratulations, you've become a woman.
- Your woman - she said, and hugged me.

Ahead were two weekend .....
In the summer I decided to go with a group to rest at sea.
In the evening I went at the appointed time for the train. When he saw her at the station, I timidly approached and asked her name. Her name was Katherine.
She looked at me incredibly blue eyes and asked where I was going.
When he learned that I was going to rest on the sea she smiled. Coincidence or not, but we went to rest in the same group. The group, in which we were traveling, was of about 30 people, where some 10 girls and 20 boys. When we boarded the train accompanying the group, went to bed, and I was offered, as it start to relax and got a beer. After drinking a fair amount of beer, we went to smoke in the vestibule. During conversations in the corridor, I found out that Kate was 2 years older than me (she was 20), as it is the first time I was going to rest with the group, with her riding her younger sister, who was fairly similar to Kate. somewhere around 3 guys went to bed the night someone alone, and someone, and not alone. I did not go and sleep now and then I went into the lobby to smoke, leaving the vestibule, I was faced with Katya, she took me by the hand offered, to stand with her. I noticed that it was wearing only a top and shorts, under which as it turned out, then, too, was not wearing panties. We were 5 minutes, embracing, and looked out the window. I felt her hand down between my legs. The response to her movement is not long in coming. Being a virgin, I was embarrassed erection and tried to pull away but she hugged me to her, her lips eagerly dug into me. I started to play a big boy, and began to kiss her neck, my arms wrapped around her large breasts, I felt that I still boils between his legs. The first time I told her that I want her. Kate laughed,
- "He could not speak, and so I can see !!!"
I blushed. She saw my embarrassment, kissed me,
We went to sleep together. In the morning the train arrived at the place of our rest. When I opened my eyes, Kate has long been awakened she lay nearby, her hands caressing my body. I said that I would do well to go to the toilet, after yesterday's beer! But Katya kissed asked me to suffer! And now we are in a rest home. I stayed in a room with a guy from my city to see if it would be then easier to negotiate! During dinner, Kate did not take her eyes off me, as in other matters, and I! Getting up from the table, Kate came up to me and whispered in your ear, so I was waiting for her after the disco! When she left, I did not consciously looked at her lovely ass, memories of last night, awakened in me the desire, I felt that the pants in my erect member area. I got the girls sitting at the next table looked at each other and giggled. When he came into the room, I asked my neighbor condoms!
He smiled, handing me two things. I asked why so much ?!
- You're a virgin ?! Then you know why !!! I now do not wait for the night!
He laughed and walked out!
I began to prepare for the arrival! Spread a bed and tucked under the pillow Gandon, I imagined the coming night.
The knock on the door! I opened the door, and was speechless. Kate was still sexy, translucent blouse through which her nipples were visible, and a mini skirt opening my eyes, her lovely slender legs!
"Can I come in" - Demurely she said, and without waiting for an answer she kissed me.
"I see you happy to see me" - She whispered putting his hand in my pants.
I eagerly began to kiss her neck, unbuttoning her blouse, I feel her rapid breathing.
- Let's close the door, you do not want to arrange a free video on holiday ?!
Closing the door! I went with her to the bed. Taking off from itself "clothing remnants." She put me on the bed, caressing it stripped me! The first time I saw a naked girl so close, and he was first completely nude in front of a girl. Her hands so tenderly touched me, that will not will I put myself in the full disposal of Catino. She began to lick my nipples, I did not expect even that it can be fun.
I groaned as she gently bit me. I felt that the abdomen is wet.
"Are you finished ?!"- She giggled - "Well, not that, it happens! Continue can ?!"
Oh sure! - I said, sheepishly wiping cum belly!
After 30 seconds I was petting her back in the ranks!
"Let the condom" - Sorry, I thought, she said.
Wearing a condom, she became immersed my cock in his, has long been wet cunt.
She moaned, more quickening pace! I began to realize that it's the moment of truth when you lose your virginity!
Throwing her head she moaned even louder, I felt like the walls of her vagina are reduced, these feelings made me come. Kate paused, lowered her head on my chest she said she wanted me to fuck her like a bitch!
I was a little taken aback, I asked: "Like this?!"
- You that have never seen a dog fuck a bitch ?!
She got off me and got on all fours on the floor! Such a picture with even greater force initiated me !!! I changed the condom, mentally thanking the neighbor! Fell in behind, I alone entered his penis.
Kate said that she wanted me to caress her breasts. She arched allowing me to freely massaged her tits. Fucking her in this position, I could see that Katya gets one orgasm after another.
Her hands caressed my testicles, at one point redirected wet with grease member to another hole. Kate squirmed more and more himself spitted on my dick, I want you to come on my chest, she demanded imperiously.!
She turned to face me, pulling a member of the condom she became furiously masturbate him on his chest. Cum flying away came over her face. I fell exhausted on the bed and closed his eyes. Kate went into the shower. Returning it to the brow near the bed, began to play with my weary limbs, I felt the warmth of her mouth on his scrotum. Then she began to suck my dick swallowing it all faster !. She takes in my mouth! In my head I was going indescribable, I wanted to thank Katya, I told her that have never lick pussy, and I want to try it. Kate laughed again! She sat on my face so that her mouth continued to respond to me. I touched his lips to her vagina, I do not when you do not forget this bitter taste, it is hard to describe! We licked each other ending time and time again! Kate swallowed my sperm, thanks me for every drop!
All the rest of the night we spent together! Kate has taught me a lot to know about sex! Eo it was like a fairy tale!
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